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It all started when my mom met this guy in an online chat room. Next thing I knew he was at
The house and staying the night. Within a week I found out that he had two daughters, Katie
Was 8 years old, and the other Beth was 6 years old. I was at the time 12. I have been
Masturbating for months before I met them. About a couple of weeks before I met them I
Found that using a vacuum hand held hose on my dick at just the right angle got me off. When
I met his two daughters Katie and I were the closest in age, so we started playing with
Each other like all kids did... games like cars and stuff mostly guy stuff because that’s
What I was playing with at the time.

During the summer after we all met, David, the guy my mom met, got his daughters like a
Month out of the summer, so they would stay the night at our house, and since in our house
We didn’t have central air; we all slept in the living room where we would pull the mattress
Our of my room and lay it on the floor in the living room. We also had like a little pallet
That would go from a small couch to a lay on the floor mattress; we would put all that on
The floor. My mom and David slept on the blue couch thing and me and Katie slept on my
Mattress next to them. Well the first night we were laying there and I was feeling horny
Like all boys my age are and I just got the idea that I would just touch my foot on Katie’s
Foot and after doing that touching her soft girl skin, I got a little hornier.

So I looked at our digital clock on the VCR and it said 12:04, I thought I needed to go to
Sleep, and then Katie got up and used the rest room... I moved a little closer to where she
Was laying and I acted like I was asleep, when she go back I felt her get in and rub on me
To get comfortable again, I don’t think she meant to but she did and I got even hornier,
So I reach out in my sleep and put my hand on her. She moved a little but didn’t take my
Hand off. After a few minutes I moved again and my hand went up and landed on her flat

She turn towards me and my hand slid off of here and I felt her leg on mine, I moved in my
Sleep again and I put my hand on her pussy and she immediately took my hand off, I don’t know
Why but I laid there a few more minutes cause I was acting like I was asleep, then I moved,
This time I turned my body and put my hand on her stomach, she didn’t move it she didn’t
Move at all, I thought she was asleep. The next thing I know she moved a little and my hand
Went down a little to the waist band of her shorts, I could feel when she would breathe and
Katie sucked in and there was a gap between her soft skin and her shorts, she pushed my
Hand down and I felt the waist band of her panties.

I didn’t know what to do; I was so happy that I was even touching a girl, much less touching
One where I was!

I tried to move my hand down a little further, but no such luck, she took my hand out and
Held it between us, where I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning my mom and David were at work and the girls where awake
Watching TV, saw them and said good morning, "good morning" they said.

I went and used the rest room my dick still a little hard from remembering what happened
Last night. I finished and went back and sat on the couch next to Katie, she asked if we
Could go play cars in my room, sure I said and we went and started playing.

I will not bore you with the details of the day, but needless to say nothing happened.

My mom and David get home from work they cook dinner and now its bed time.

Tonight I am wearing shorts and a t shirt, Katie and Beth took a shower right before bed
And both put on panties and a long t-shirt, I was thinking that tonight I would feel what
Her pussy felt like tonight for sure! I was excited and could barely hide my hard dick. We
All got in bed in the living room once again and watched TV for an hour and one by one
Everyone fell asleep, I only acted once again, I was laying there and when the TV went out
Katie imminently found my hand interlocked our fingers we held hands for a few minutes
Until I felt her 8 year old smooth little legs rub my legs. I got hard within two seconds,

She grabbed my hand and put it on her legs; I didn’t know what not to do so I wouldn’t scare
Her and make her ruin this. So I just let her makes the moves. The next thing I know she
Turn her body and backed up her butt to me and felt my hard dick against her butt, she
Started moving and rubbing up and down. She turned again and put her head by my ear a
Whispered "stick your lounge out." so me acting like I was asleep, I moved and turn my body
Towards her and my mouth opened and I licked my lips, where I felt her soft lips on mine
And her tongue in touching my tongue a little here and a little there.

Part 2

I stuck my tongue in her mouth, she backed away I licked my lips, still acting like I was
Asleep, I rolled over towards her and put my hand towards her touching her smooth stomach.
I noticed that she didn’t have shorts on, her panties were on I felt the top of them with
The tips of my fingers.

She moved a little closer to me and my hand moved down on top of her 8 year old pussy. I
Could feel how smooth it is through her cotton panties. When she moved again, her hand went
To me and push down on her pussy and rubbing it a little. And stopping in-between her smooth
Legs. My dick is so hard at this point that it hurts; I feel her hand on my stomach moving
Down towards my dick, she touches it and backs away real fast, I felt it again and she
Holds it in her small 8 year old hand squeezing it.

I move and turn on my back; I open my eyes and decide I need to go to pee. Walk the
Hallway to the bathroom releasing what I had and returning to the living room where we all
We’re sleeping; I pull back the covers and notice that I pulled her covers back as well
Exposing her back, I moved them a little more and noticed I saw her butt crack, I moved
Into bed and over the covers and pulled her close to me felt her naked skin with my hands
And her pussy is moist.

I stuck my hand between her legs and noticed they were a little more wet than I originally

She turned towards me and her mouth falls open, seeing how I just went to the bathroom I
Figured she knew I was awake, so I put my lips on hers and stuck my tongue in her mouth and
She opened her eyes.....

I thought that she liked this and wanted me to do this stuff to her, she didn’t... she
Backed away and whispered "no, stop. Go to sleep." I just looked at her and said "imp

Nothing else happened that night needless to say.......

The next day was just like any other... we all woke up and played and watched TV, I went
Into my room and told them I was watching a movie, having the only VCR in the house Katie
Asked me "what movie are you going to watch?" "Star wars" I said, "can I come watch too?" I
Got an exciting feeling and just about yelled "sure!!" we walked into the hallway were we
Were almost walking side by side, touching her smooth arm was enough for a tent to grow
Down there.

We get in my room and she says it is cold, I get a blanket and we share it and sit on the
Floor, I then notice that she is looking at me but I don’t let her know I know she is
Looking. It’s almost noon and she asks" can you pull the mattress in here? I want to lie

"Sure" I said to her and she smiles, I have the mattress and put it on the frame and we
Both lay down, I noticed as she was getting in the bed her blue jean shorts were unzipped,
Not thinking anything of it we lay down and a few minutes later she turns over with her
Eyes closed, I knew she was faking, I went along with it and her hand fell down and touched
My hand, I interlock our fingers and we hold hands and she moves again this time turning
All the way towards me her body up against mine.

The next thing I here is her sister Beth, asking how the movie was, Katie wakes up and
Scoots away from and said well I have never seen this movie before.

Beth whispers something that I couldn’t catch and they walk out of the room... they came
Back and Katie said “Beth wants to know if you will show her your pee and she will
Show you hers" I sit up and noticed Beth has her blue jeans shorts unzipped and I can see
Her pink hello kitty cotton panties......

Part three to come soon.... hope you like it! Comment please.

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2012-01-06 13:06:06
Please more more more

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2011-12-11 02:22:42
Agreed npt bad for a starter. Suspense is good but you will need some action soon.

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2011-12-10 21:03:09
That sucks not 2 good story no action at all

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2011-12-10 14:48:36
you need to get to the action and quit fooling around.


2011-12-10 12:55:07
Though the writing is terrible, the story is sort of cute and keeps my attention. This could play out well.

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