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Note: This is what I wish was happening between me and my best friend. I’ve changed our names etc. but our deions are real.
Blood pulsed through me with throbbing intensity as Tristan’s eyes met mine. We held the gaze trying to work out if the other person was serious about what we had just said. My heart pounded against my ribcage and I stopped breathing.
‘OK.’ I said, it was all I could squeeze out.
He nodded and undid his trousers. I saw a flash of dark skin and a deep blue vein through the gap.

Me and Tristan had been best mates ever since I’d moved to Shaftesbury, 8 years ago when I was 9. I had been scared, timid and lonely on the playground when this short, plump, black kid walked up to me and asked to play with me. We’d always just gelled after that; we listened to the same music, played the same games, liked the same films and we were just as awkward as each other around girls. Tristan had never had a girlfriend and I had only ever had one (which was a disaster as she dumped me, went out with someone else, left the country and, the last I heard of her, she’d become a lesbian). Admittedly we were both quite sexually frustrated. We were always making dirty jokes, and we often talked about girls we’d like to screw. Sometimes we even joked about having sex with each other. But they were only jokes, at least I thought so anyway.
I went round his house every day after school and we would play on the Play station for hours on end. But today, we had spent more time talking than we did playing Fifa. As we were choosing our teams, Tristan turned to me and said, ‘I really need a fuck.’ I laughed and went back to what I was doing.
‘No, I’m not joking. I can’t bloody wait anymore.’
‘Yeah, I know what you mean. But what’re you going to do about it?’
‘I don’t know.’ He paused. ‘How do you feel?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well, do you need one… you know, a shag.’ I laughed again and told him that it was a stupid question. Who doesn’t want a shag?
‘I mean, like, right now.’
I couldn’t work out what he meant by that. Then I realised how he was looking at me: straight into my eyes. He had his poker face on, trying to see what I would make of his question. It seemed like I spent ages looking back at him then but when I think back on it now, I’m sure it all happened in a heartbeat. That’s when I said it, that magic word.
That’s when he got his cock out. His was as dark and as big as he was and already hard. There was no question as to what roles we would assume, he would be in charge and I would do what he wanted. It made sense as he was strong, big and black while I was lanky, skinny and white. I got down on my knees in front of his chair and put my hand around his cock. It’s weird touching someone else’s for the first time. It felt rougher than mine and it was definitely thicker. My mouth had gone dry so I quickly slurped some Coke before turning back to his prick. A quick glance up showed me Tristan glaring down at me, waiting. So I licked it from the bottom to the top and then put my mouth around the top. I was worried that my mouth would go dry again from the salty taste, but I threw that thought away and started attending to this amazing dick in my mouth.
I slid my head up and down, wrapping my mouth around as much as I could. Tristan’s breathing had gotten deeper and I thought that I heard a slight groan. This encouraged me so I got more adventurous. I took it out of my mouth, made direct eye contact with Tristan and stuck my tongue into his slit and wiggled it about. This made him shiver. I took just the head in my mouth and kept tickling the end of it with my tongue. Then he definitely groaned. I took it out of my mouth again to look at him but he pulled my head down again. I reached my gag reflex but tried to push back but he kept pulling down with his hand on the back of my head. I was now choking on cock.
Tristan shivered again, my retching had obviously pleasured him. He lifted me up before sliding me down again, I let him do what he wanted. At the moment he was only doing it slowly but then his hips starting moving up and down as well. He slowly got more and more forceful, picking up speed as well. His hands moved onto the side of my head so he was now gripping it. He was holding it in place while thrusting in and out of my throat. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. I was struggling to breathe but I did nothing to stop him. I was actually being fucked now!
I could only take it for so long though and I had to get it out of my mouth. But, just before I pulled away from him I felt his cock swell. I knew what was happening and tried to leave it just a few seconds longer. It was worth it as his cum splashed down my throat. He dropped me on the floor and I fell backwards coughing and spluttering. Tristan gestured for me to kneel in front of him again so I clambered back up.
This time he plunged his tongue into my mouth, wrapping his lips around mine. While he was kissing me he was also taking some of the cum off of my face. My tongue was already tired so once again I let him dominate me. Exploring my mouth as he saw fit. Then he let go.
‘Step two,’ He whispered as we panted into each other’s faces, ‘Your ass’.

I just had to right my feelings down. If you like it then I will write more :D

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