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“Alright class. Put down your pens, it’s time to start the lab.” everyone sighed with relief as Mr. Lee finished notes. Taking notes in his class was like trying to draw a train while it sped passed you. He picked up a class attendance list and cleared his throat.
“I will be picking the partners for this lab.” you could just feel everyone holding back their groans of disapproval. He read off the names and I waited for my name to be called, hoping I wouldn’t be stuck with Jeremy again. He was a really nice guy…if you could get him to talk. He didn’t talk with girls so he ended up drooling for the rest of the lab.
“Anna,” my head snapped up and I paid rapt attention. “you will be with…Bethany.” I looked behind me and gave a little smile to Beth. She was really smart judging from Mr. Lee’s praises. Beth picked up her stuff and moved to my table.
I don’t know why but my cheeks suddenly felt hot. Mr. Lee’s voice faded into the background. My heart pounded in my ears…all my senses were focusing on her. Her soft fragrance, her shining hair. I clenched my hands into fists before I reached over and touched her. I couldn’t help but long to wonder what her full lips tasted like. My tongue darted over my lips.
‘No…I can’t have her…focus, Anna, focus!’ I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, calming the sudden burning in my loins. I focused on Mr. Lee’s explanation of the lab, but when I tuned in he was just finishing.
“Ok class, go get the items and get started.”
‘What the hell was that?! I’ve never felt such a hunger in my life!’ Beth was collecting what we needed and I was desperately reading the handout so I at least knew what we were doing. Beth gracefully sat down beside me, wafting her sweet scent my way…I bit the inside of my lip to fight back a soft whimper.
“Anna…are you ok? Your face is red. Do you think you’re getting a fever?” Beth’s melodic voice broke through my haze and my heart went from a quick little jaunt to full out sprint. I quickly nodded.
“Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.” I mustered a smile and she looked at me curiously.
“At least it’s a nice, simple lab this time. Doesn’t take much effort, mostly it’s just observing.” she turned to me and smiled and I swore I could hear the angels singing. Beth’s gaze dropped and I realized that I’d been so busy staring, I had forgotten to answer her.
“Oh…yeah. That last one was crazy.” she looked relieved when I responded normally.
“Let’s get started.” I smiled as bright as I could without scaring her and nodded.
Mr. Lee had boiled water in the teacher’s lounge and had given us all a ¼ cup, I reached forward to grab the copper sulfate at the exact same time Beth did. Our hands brushed and we both looked at each other in shock. I looked down and started mumbling apologies, trying desperately to hide the blush I knew was spreading across my entire body.
“Anna, Beth…is there a problem here?”
“No, Mr. Lee. I just accidentally shocked her. It was quite the zap too!” she put her hand on my shoulder.
“Gosh, I’m really sorry. I honestly didn’t mean for that to happen!” Beth smiled up at Mr. Lee and he smiled back and went to another table. She turned to look at me and smiled softly.
“You felt that too, huh?” I looked up at her in surprise, my mouth forming an ‘O’. All I could do was nod. Beth laughed. “Good! At least I’m not the only one!” She propped her chin on her hand and looked at me curiously.
“You don’t know, do you?”
“K-Know what?”
“About me…?” I shook my head confused.
‘What is she getting at?’ Her eyes sparkled excitedly and she whispered into my ear,
“I. Like. Girls.” my cheeks flushed and I turned to look at her.
“Y-You’re not pulling my leg? D-Do you like…me?” She only grinned and nodded.
“It’s been torture staring at the back of your head, smelling your shampoo wafting when you turn your head. I never knew how to tell you.” my eyes widened and it was Beth’s turn to blush.
“Did you want to come to my place after school? To…work on our Chem lab report?”
“Ok!” We shared a smile and waited eagerly for the end of the day.
After school I met her out front and we walked to her house.
“Hmm, today is Thursday, right? Mom will be out shopping. We’ll be alone until she gets back.” I gulped quietly.
‘We are going to be alone? I don’t have a clue what to do! She’s the first girl I’ve ever liked!’ Beth unlocked the front door and let me in first.
“Here we are. Home sweet home!” We put our stuff in her room and she showed me around the house. We ended up in her room, talking and writing up our reports. I heard a door slam and Beth left for a moment to go say hello to her mom. She came back and closed the door behind her.
“Did you want to stay for supper?”
“Sure, I’ll just text my mom.” After the text was sent, Beth calmly took my phone and put it on her desk.
“Please Anna…kiss me!”
“B-Beth…wha-?” my words were smothered in an eager kiss, my body froze, unsure of how to proceed…she was kissing me! My animalistic hunger in me took control and I kissed her back, matching her passion. Beth was the one to break the kiss. She grinned widely at me.
“I have been waiting for so long to do that! You really do like me for you to kiss with such passion!” she touched her lips and blushed. I blushed too and whispered,
“Of course I do! I really like you a lot, Beth.” I felt Beth’s hand push me back gently and I was looking at her ceiling. Her careful hands were roaming my body. My face flushed and I fought back a pleasurable moan…I didn’t want these caresses to ever stop.
“Mm…Beth…what…about your parents?” she answered in a soft, husky whisper…her sweet breath washing over my face sending shivers down my spine.
“They know I like girls, so they won’t bother us. Just trust me and be as loud as you want.” I looked at her and she had a look in her eyes that matched how I felt inside…she was grinning and I couldn’t help but grin back.
“O-Ok…I’ve never done this before…”
“Don’t worry, Anna…I’ll take good care of you.” she nodded her head towards the bed and I lay down on her bed, watching her every move. She walked gracefully towards me, reminding me of a leopard. She climbed onto the bed and her hands skimmed over my body. She gently pulled up my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. My skin was suddenly covered in goose bumps as my anticipation rose. I arched my back and she reached behind me to unclasp my bra. My bra was discarded onto the floor and her hands moved to my breasts. Her fingers massaged the soft flesh, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. She traced light designs on my skin and worked her way down to my jeans. She popped the button with a grin and eased the fabric off my hips and down my legs. My underwear and socks were quickly added to the pile and by this time I was craving her so badly that I thought I might explode. She kissed me briefly and stood where I could see her and she started swaying her hips side to side in an erotic fashion. She eased her shirt up her body, over her head and onto the floor. She opened her jeans and slowly wiggled them down her legs with every sway of her hips until she stepped out of them and kicked them aside. My breaths were coming in shallow gasps by this point and she knew that she was driving me crazy. She laughed seductively and made quick work of the rest of her remaining garments and climbed onto the bed with me. She crawled over top of me until our bodies were even and she slowly lowered herself onto my body. I moaned loudly when her bare body met mine. I never knew that something as simple as laying skin to skin could feel so amazing. Beth’s moan met my ears and I wrapped my arms around her, my lips searching blindly for hers and then our mouths met suddenly and I was thrown into a pool of ecstasy. I moaned against her moist lips and my body jerked upwards against hers. She broke the kiss with a throaty chuckle.
“Can’t contain yourself, can you? Did you want more of me?” I barely managed to nod and croak out,
“P-please!” Her warm body lifted from mine and I felt her parting my legs, revealing to her the most intimate part of my body. Her long, gentle fingers traced my lower lips and my hips bucked against her fingers. She pulled her hand away and laughed.
“Anna, Anna, Anna…we must practice more self control than this.” I couldn’t help the hungry moan that escaped me. My body craved her, needed her. She brought me to the edge of pleasure…and with a few more simple touches, I would fall over into the pools of ecstasy. Her fingers came back to my core and she slowly eased her pointer finger into me. I gripped her sheets and moaned loudly.
“B-Beth! Ahh…” I heard her soft chuckle and then she started to move her hand, thrusting her finger into me. My inner walls throbbed around her digit and the feeling made me become lost in pleasure. I thought this was the most pleasure a single body could feel when I felt her add a second finger. She reached deep inside my body eliciting loud moans from me. I didn’t care that her mother was home, the only thing that existed now was Beth and I. I could feel her fingers pressing around, searching for something inside my body…she must have found it because my body gave a tremendous jolt and I shouted her name in sheer pleasure.
“Ah, ah, ah…don’t cum yet…there’s something else you should feel.” She pulled her fingers out of me and I whimpered, wondering what she was doing. My brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening, everything was foggy with how aroused I was. My leg was lifted and I felt Beth’s soft thigh under mine. Her voice was soft and throaty with anticipation.
“Are you ready, Anna?” I nodded and I felt something wet and warm pressed against my core. I almost screamed with how amazing I felt. I shouted her name loudly, my own voice echoing off the walls. Beth held onto my leg just behind the knee and she started to move. Her slick core was rubbing against mine causing me the greatest feeling of pleasure and satisfaction ever. Our moans mingled in the air, our bodies shone with sweat, our juices mixed together creating our own concoction of arousal and love.
“Beth…what’s…this feeling?!” She laughed and only moved faster.
“Don’t fight it! Let your…body do what’s only…natural!” I closed my eyes and focused on the amazing sensation between my legs. I couldn’t wait a moment longer, my body responded to my concentration and I felt my stomach clench tightly.
“B-Beth…I-…it’s all…tight!” She ground hard against me and moaned.
“I am too! Don’t stop it…Anna…cum for me!” I threw my head back into the pillow and cried out her name loudly and I felt something bursting forth from me, releasing the tension coiled in the pit of my stomach. Beth’s body jerked against mine and I felt something warm landing on my thighs and crotch. I moaned and my entire body relaxed. Beth slowly slid out from under me and crawled up to the head end of the bed. I rolled to face her and wrapped my arms around her gently. Our lips met and we kissed, lovingly and sweetly. When the kiss ended we stared deep into each other’s eyes and I whispered.
“I love you, Bethany.”
“I love you too, Anna.” I smiled and leaned against her happily when I heard a soft knock on the door. A gentle female voice spoke to us through the door.
“Girls, get cleaned up and come to the kitchen for supper.” Beth grinned and sat up. She gave me a sly wink and whispered,
“After supper…I’ll show you a few tricks with my tongue.” I blushed and watched her put her clothes on. There was no doubting the chemistry between us and we would have the rest of our lives to keep experimenting. I can’t wait.



2011-12-13 14:55:15
I still love reading this one and I agree with Anonymous reader 2011-12-11 05:10:07 about wanting to read a sequel.

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2011-12-11 05:10:07
A great story in all its detail.

Would greatly appreciate a sequel.

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2011-12-10 03:19:07
very nice love making love story

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