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A few years after my husband and I were first married, we got the wild idea to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball for Halloween. I liked to dress sexy and my husband liked to parade me around in low cut or high slit dresses and we had been to nude beaches before so we made our plans, not knowing exactly what to expect.

We decided that we should both be vampires and he found me a very sexy black dress on the internet. It didn’t close completely in the front and the opening went at an angle across my front with one clasp holding it together at my tits and one at my hip. The clasps had rhinestones to make it look a little classier and I bought some two inch heels with rhinestones on the straps and a rhinestone collar for my neck. I put my hair up, added a black cape with red satin lining, blood red lipstick and I was ready to go. My husband was dressed similarly in black with a white shirt that was open most of the way down his chest.

It was cold when we got to the ball and had a long walk through the parking lot. When we got to the entrance, everyone had to open their coats and be examined. My “inspector” had me open up my coat then he opened up my cape to check me out a little more thoroughly, brushing his hands against my bare leg a few times then let me in. We checked our coats, got some drinks and started to wander the premises, which were huge with at least three large rooms with music and dancing and exhibits.

The costumes were great. Most were exotic/erotic showing a lot of skin, some were very elaborate and creative and a few guys were completely naked. We danced a lot and he started getting very adventuresome on the floor, slipping his hand through the slit in my dress and caressing my increasingly wet pussy. I was getting hotter by the second. My husband left me for a minute to refresh our drinks when a tall dark “sheik” came up to me and said “you can bite me anytime, would you like to dance”. He was gorgeous, with dark complection, taller than my husband by about two inches and a very muscular chest which he barely covered with a colorful vest.

He took me on the dance floor and twirled me around a few times, put his hands on my hips most of the time as we gyrated to the music. One hand was on my dress, the other had made it inside to my bare skin, occasionally finding its way to my bare butt cheek. My hands were exploring his muscular chest, admiring his smooth ripples. He quickly turned me around and brought my body up against his. His one hand moved up to caress my tits and slip inside the dress so that he could play with my hard nipple. His other hand found its way to my bare cunt and a finger slipped effortlessly inside my dripping pussy. I opened my legs for him and leaned my head back and turned it to look up at his face. I brought my arm up to coil around his head and brought his face down to mine for a long deep kiss. He then moved down to start kissing and licking and nibbling on my neck (I thought I was supposed to do that since I was the vampire) and slipped my shoulder strap down, exposing the top of my breast.

The music stopped and I suddenly became aware of the crowd around us watching our scene, including my husband with two drinks in his hand, a grin on his face and a huge bulge in his pants. I quickly turned around to face my sheik, put my arms around his neck and planted another deep kiss on his welcoming mouth. As he started fucking my mouth with his tongue, both his hand found there way through the slit in my dress, one to my bare ass the other was furiously fingering my clit. I began to gyrate on his hand and gave out a huge groan as he brought me to a climax. I heard whistles and clapping in the background as I slowly came down, my hands slowly working down his chest as we parted slightly. I smiled a little sheepishly, went over to my husband, grabbed the drink he had and downed it in one gulp.

He put his arm around me and said “that was one hot performance, you done for the night?”

“No way, that was just a warm-up. I’m so horny now, I could probably fuck a train.”

He laughed and we started to wander the halls a little more. After my performance, men were constantly coming up to my husband and asking if they could have their picture taken with me. He always agreed and all of them made sure to feel my ass through my dress in the process, which just kept me hotter. Even some women wanted their picture taken with me. One, a tall black girl dressed in leather straps covering her strategic areas, grabbed my arm and pulled me to her to plant a very erotic kiss on me. She then looked at me and said “love your dress!” then placed another kiss on me and quickly unsnapped the lower clasp of the dress. This completely exposed my lower body and she pushed me up against a wall and started kissing her way down my belly to my cunt. Her tongue parted my pussy lips then started flicking on my hard little clit. I raised one of my legs up and put it over her shoulder. She would lick my clit, suck on it and fuck me with her tongue and fingers. I erupted with a scream, and grabbed her head hard against my pulsating pussy. Another crowd had formed, now some of them began to feel my bare skin as she administered to my wanton needs.

After I came, I found my husband again who had taken a lot of pictures.

“Now are you done?” he asked.

“No, close but not quite”

We wandered a bit more until I found what I was looking for. In the middle of one of the rooms was a big black guy. “Dressed” like a pharaoh. Actually all he had on was a pharaoh headdress and sandles, completed naked except for those few items. This time I wanted my picture taken with him. I walked up to him and asked if I could have my husband take our picture, shifting my gaze from his face to his impressive brown cock. He put his arm around me at the shoulders and I posed sideways against him, one hand on his chest, one on his naked muscular ass, and my knee raised up rubbing his penis. We took several pics like that and I asked him if we could get one of me pretending to bite his prick.

“You bet you, can, little lady, but be careful what you get started. I’m not here to get cock teased by some rich white bitch.”
“Good” I replied, “I’m not in the teasing move.”

“Well then take that dress off and get naked like the little white slut you are. If I’m going to get my cock sucked, then you better be naked.”

I loved being called a slut and quickly undid my dress, handed it to my husband and walked back to this huge black guy. I flung my hands around his neck and we locked lips. His giant hands grabbed my ass and one finger began exploring my bung hole.

He then pushed me away, put his hands on my shoulders and forced me down to his hard cock. I bent down and licked the head, then kissed up and down the shaft and sucked in his balls one at a time. He was hairy and smelled of musk and I wanted to have him cum in my mouth. He was maybe seven or eight inches long so I couldn’t get him all the way down so I concentrated on the tip while my hands played with his shaft, balls and ass. I could see my husband taking pictures of me doing my best to milk my stud. Just when he felt like he was going to shoot his load, he pushed my head back, lifted me up and drug me off to the side where there was some railing. He pushed me forward so I could grab the railing, pushed my legs apart and unceremoniously shoved his thick black cock into my hungry wet hole. One shove and it was all the way in, I was sooooo wet and horny. I had never felt that full before. He started slowly, then quickened the pace, one hand playing with my nipple and tit, the other holding me at the hip. I felt him swelling inside and I begin to feel my last wave of orgasm come on as he grabbed both of my hips and buried his cock as deep as he could inside me. With a growl he unloaded in me as my pussy contracted around his man meat. He slowly slipped out of me and brought me up to him.

“Clean me up, whore.”

I quickly bent over and licked and sucked him clean. He then walked me over to my husband and said, “You’ve got yourself one hot little white cunt there, better watch her or she’ll come back to me looking for more.”

With that, my husband found me a place to sit and handed me my dress as he went to get our coats. I didn’t bother with the dress, but just sat there naked with my legs apart, my cunt dripping his cum. I scooped some up, smeared it on my tits and sucked some into my mouth. One guy who had watched the whole thing kneeled down between my legs and began to suck the juices out of my pussy. When my husband came back, he told him the party was over, helped me get up, put my coat around me and we left.

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2012-01-30 12:22:58
Damn I wish I needed to buy a house in NC. You are one hot writing horny bitch - in a very good way/

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2011-12-11 11:59:01
Thanks guys i love this cuz i cummed alot

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