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Jamie was my wife's 18 year old first cousin, fresh out of high school, on her first summer vacation after graduating. She used to come over and stay the night (or sometimes the whole weekend) quite often, over the last couple of years.. She was an average looking girl to most people, but to me-- hotness is measured on how you look dressed down... Is she still hot in a pair of yoga sweat pants, no makeup, and her hair in a ponytail? Jamie (5' 2" tall, 110 lbs, little B cups about the size of an orange) had curves in all the right places... She was WAY above average to me in that category.. I had seen her several times in a bikini at the beach, cheerleader skirt outfit, tight little volleyball shorts... She had developed into a woman who had the body of a Goddess, and the face of an angel.... 

 I had watched her grow up since she was 11 years old, and had always thought she was a beautiful young girl.. She had always taken a liking to my wife and I ..., probably because we let her drink, smoke, and get high with us. Her home life was pretty messed up, mainly because her parents were divorced-- and she lived with her Mom, who had a new boyfriend living in the house. She didn't like this guy telling her what to do, she was a rebellious girl, and had been sexually active with boys since she was 15... (I'll explain the details in a few minutes)

My thoughts building up to what eventually happened consensually between us were immeasurable. I wanted her so bad. Every time I saw her, heard her voice on the phone, or even heard mention of her name-- my imagination raced thoughts through my mind of what it would be like to have my way with her,  if even only for a few minutes. I remember on several occasions watching her sleep across the room on the couch, while I was laid back in the recliner with a thin blanket over me. She would fall asleep watching tv, and I would pull out my cock and jerk off while I watched her sleep. I got quite daring once, being that I went in her overnight bag and got her panties (that she had wrapped up with her other clothes) in a towel from when she had took a shower earlier. They were a pair of little yellow cotton thongs, with green outer stitching, and a little green cartoon frog on the front. I remember watching her sleep-- smelling her beautiful young scent, holding her dirty panties across my face. My cock would get so hard just thinking what it would be like to fuck that tight little teenage pussy. I would  rub her panties all over my chin, mouth, and nose-- just trying to savor anything I could, to add to my racing thoughts of wanting to fuck her..... I also remember being so excited, I went into the bathroom and took off my boxers. I put my pajama pants back on commando..., and sat back in the chair while I made sure she was sleeping soundly... After waiting a few minutes, and jerking myself off to get my cock up as hard as I could, I got up slowly, walked quietly over to the couch were she was sleeping--- and stroked my manhood just inches from her pretty young face. 

"ohhhh Jamie, I want you so bad", I whispered quietly--  but careful not to wake her... I closed my eyes for a few seconds, gripping my cock tighter-- imagining just how tight that little pussy must be... Her long blond hair, her Irish green eyes, her cute little flirty smile.. It all was too much for me to handle at once.... I was about to explode..... I had set her panties down alongside the recliner next to the wall..  I quickly bent down and grabbed them,  and just as i stood up, my balls had that familiar tingle..... I felt it climbing..... and I drenched her sexy little frog panties in my hand with erupting hot streams of cum. I was standing about 2 feet back from her face, right in line with her tits. I had to stay quiet.... I just didn't know what her reaction would be if she woke to see me jerking my cock right in front of her...

After putting myself in a dilemma with these cum soaked panties I had in my hand at 3 am. I had to figure out a way to wash them, dry them, and get them back in her bag before she woke up... I rinsed them in the bathroom sink, washed them out with hand soap--- rinsed them again, then wrung them out. I couldn't turn on the dryer, it would wake up the whole house. So I opened them up and set them up on top the kitchen wall cabinet, out of sight....

Well, needless to say--- the morning was hectic, and I wasn't able to put her panties back in her overnight bag before she left.. I was so worried she would find out, or even call and ask my wife if she saw them... Over the next few weeks, she would just call here and there, not giving any clue if she just threw the towel with the clothes inside straight in the washer, or she directly knew her panties were missing.... Well come to find out--- she did have an idea her panties didn't come home with her from her overnight stay at our house... (more about that in part 2)

How this all came to be (building this up to the best part)-is that I used to work a 4 to midnight shift at my job, about 30 minutes away. My wife would have to get the kids up and ready for school in the morning, so most of the time she would be already sleeping when I got home... I had the whole house to myself when Jamie wasn't there.. And when she was there, we would stay up 'till around 3 or 4 talking about whatever. I would drink a few beers with her, and she would loosen up. She would talk about her birth control pills, on how good she was about taking them on time-- on how the boys she had "done it" with got to cum inside her, the different positions she had tried (acting them out with pillows).. I remember asking her if she had ever gone down on a boy, and she told me she had done that once.. "He spooged in my mouth and all over my face, It was so gross!" with the look on my face, I was trying hard to agree with her... "I told him to tell me when he was gonna......., you know?" it turned me on so much for her to talk about her sex life with me. I would get me so hard, and I would sometimes catch her eyes looking down at my cock bulging down the leg of my pants....
I was afraid to make a move on her, mainly because her and my wife were so close.... Along with the risk of getting caught. WHAT??? Did I really just say that? .....I lied to myself with these bullshit excuses for over 2 years.... The lust to fuck her grew so big inside my mind, It had to happen--- I mean, show me an 18 year old girl who sits back and talks about anything and everything, with her cousin's husband no less.... Details about how she doesn't like the taste of cum, how she shaves herself down there, what positions she has tried (which wasn't many)... I knew the offer was on the table. There was no doubt in my mind she wanted me to fuck her. She did everything but come out and plainly say it. She was dropping hints down like a thunderstorm....

Just to align everything together before we start the next chapter-- I still have her little yellow frog panties, now hidden in my bedroom closet, that never made it back in Jamie's overnight bag before she left to go back home. She hasn't come back over for a few weeks, and now her calls are getting fewer and farther between. I was worried she knew someone had gone through her bag.. I was really mad at myself for fucking up a good thing. I thought she wasn't ever going to stay over again..

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2012-05-20 19:37:03
where the fuck was the snuff part in any of this?


2011-12-14 14:05:08
classic bullshit story!!

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2011-12-14 05:15:22
Get over it.. he's setting the scene.. I like it..

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2011-12-11 16:41:39
this story is all promise and no action.if you continue please get to the fucking and sucking.

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2011-12-11 16:34:42
don't listen to all the negative comments, i say if at least 1 person likes it you should always continue the story

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