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Okay, I'm back at it again
Well I'm finally writing my next entry. I've been a bit busy lately, so my apologies for not getting back. But, it's pretty late, and I'm pretty damn horny right now. I really could go for a good penis in my mouth right now, with my eyes blindfolded, arms tied behind my back, legs tied spread apart, and another guy beating on my scrotum.

I've been in that position before, go figure. The best time, however, was my night from hell though. I had cum against my master's orders on the first night I was with him. But I couldn't help it! I had been left tied up, standing, blindfolded, my ears covered, my mouth stuffed, and incredibly horny. After some time of being in that position, wanting to cum, I suddenly felt a mouth come over my penis.

I felt his tongue run up and down my penis, from the bottom of my scrotum, to the top of my penis head. He was sucking on my penis from base to tip; I don't know how I stopped myself from cumming immediately. But, I quickly came. And then he continued playing with it. He masturbated me, he sucked my penis. He masturbated me again and again. I kept cumming like I never had before.

And then I felt an excruciating pain as I got punched in the face coming off my last orgasm. He punched me three times, and I was fading in and out of consciousness. Then I felt a sharp pain in my scrotum. I felt something strike my testicles. Between the punches to my face, and whatever he was doing to my scrotum, I fell limp and passed out.

I awoke, several hours later in a daze. I was no longer blindfolded, and I was lying down. It was daylight now, early morning. I looked down at my penis and saw it was covered in blood. I looked around and saw two men in the room: my master and someone I didn't know. My master noticed I was awake. He had a smile on his face, and he walked over to the table nearby. There was a golf club, a wood driver, leaning on it. He picked it up and walked over to me. He stood near my legs; he swung his driver like he was at the golf course. I felt the driver connect with my testicles. The pain I felt knocked me unconscious.

Sometime later, I awoke again. This time, my ears were no longer covered. There was blood on my chest, penis, and legs. My master was watching me. He said that he had administered 25 strikes of the cane on my penis for each time I had came during the night. He said that I had been erect during most of the time, and the trauma of the situation probably caused me to think I was knocked out, rather than being awake.

He told me that he was on his final 25 slashes. He also told me that he thought I had a nice penis, but that I never deserved to have one that nice. He was pleased that my penis would be severely scarred in places, as a testament to his wants and needs. Despite the lacerations to my penis, his tone turned me on. He began to whip my penis 25 more times. Each time he struck, I felt pain wither throughout my body. In my mind, I begged for him to stop. Tears streamed down from my eyes to my ears.

When he finally completed his last strike, he removed what was in my mouth, and kissed me hard. I felt his tongue reach deep into my mouth. I wanted him so badly at that moment despite what he had done to me in the previous many hours. Once he broke off his kiss, he told me that I will never be able to cum without his assistance. I said, Yes, sir. He then started to carefully bandage my whipped penis. I withered in pain each time he touched it, but it felt surprisingly good.

I remained in that position for several more hours after he was finished. He told me he was tending to some business; he occasionally checked up on me to see if I was okay or if I needed anything. I laid there thinking about what had happened to me in the previous 24 hours, and how I felt very satisfied. I wanted to be used and abused in such a way for so long. I couldn't believe what he had done to me though; I didn't know anyone who cared about someone else could do that kind of work. But I gained trust in him. He hadn't killed me, and as for my testicles, it wasn't like I was planning to have kids. So if he did any damage, it's not like that was a reason for me to care.

I kept thinking of how I watched him wind up his golf club and hit my scrotum. I kept thinking how scary, but exciting that was. I kept thinking back to what he looked like at that moment. He was wearing a green striped button down shirt, and that's it. As he cocked back his swing, his erect penis straight out, long enough for it to be seen not blocked by his shirt. I kept thinking about how I wanted nothing more than to have his penis in my mouth, how satisfying it felt when he did have it in my mouth. The way he looked as he swung that driver was such a complete turn on.

To this day, I still picture him swinging. In fact, my hard on I have right now is just for that very reason. So much of an erection I do have, I kind of wish he could be here with me right now, and do that to me again. But I'd be just as fine with a cock in my mouth.

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2013-01-30 00:05:01
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2012-10-03 10:40:23
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2012-08-09 22:15:28
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2011-12-12 12:32:41
Great diary entry keep going I'm getting wet and horny just reading don't know which position turns me on most

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