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just read, you'll like it
ohhhhhhh, such a long day you've, work, running errands. Time for a nice hot shower. You get undressed and check yourself out in the mirror, yup sexy is definitely dripping off of you. The bathroom steams up slowly, as you climb in the shower. You moan lightly, enjoying the soothing heat of the shower, soaping yourself up as you rub, your nipples get hard. Tingles and naughty thoughts start to run through your mind. Thoughts of a nice big cock in your soapy hand, in your mouth. Thoughts of being fucked hard and deep like you like it. As you start rubbing your clit and sliding a finger into your pussy, you moan in time now with the speed and intensity of your fingers. Wishing you had a hard cock, any cock right now to just fuck the shit out of you, nothing feels as good as cumming with a throbbing cock inside you. You cum quietly, it takes the edge off, but you are still hungry for cock.

Watching you from the shadows as you towel off, bending over to get your legs..mmmm damn your pussy looks so good. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. Can't wait til I have you tied up, running my hot wet tongue all over your tight little body. Scaring you with the blade of my knife, scaring you into submission. I watched you for a while today at Yoga, you didn't notice me. I also watched you while you were jogging, same time everyday almost like clock predictable, so perfect. Rubbing my cock in the darkness as you dry off, your pussy is so tight and puffy, it looks like it needs a good long hard fucking. Maybe if she is a good girl I'll fuck her tight ass as well and give her a thick cum present in her tight ass. hmmmmm have to work on it. Damn the lips look amazing, bet she sucks a great cock, love to shove it down her throat..maybe after she is good and scared and thinks I'll hurt her if she bites me. hmmmmm yea, that's it..fuck her mouth and cover her pretty face with a big thick load of cum.

as you dry off and enter your room, you throw on some tight little sexy shorts, no panties..mmmm a sports bra and nothing else..time to get comfy as you walk thru the house drying your hair with a towel..not a care in the world. No idea you are about to get attacked and raped in your bed all night long.

as you walk thru the house to go and watch TV and study a bit before bed. Something feels off to you. Too late, an arm clad in black, with black leather gloves on wraps around your throat. You struggle and remember what a friend told you. you snap your head back hard, only to find a head turned down and you thunk your head hard enough to bring stars to your eyes and make you a little woozy. You try and swing your elbows to connect with miss both directions as the figure moves with you, just out of reach. The grip on your throat gets tighter and lifts you off the ground a bit. "Stop fucking fighting", you hear a voice whisper as you see the long black blade of the knife wave in front of your face. You stop and realize this is serious. Your eyes get wide, Your pulse races. you try and fight one more time, thrashing around wildly. "Keep going, your just making my cock harder." the voice whispers in your ear as you feel a hard, throbbing bulge against your ass. as you are dragged back to your room, you try and get a look out of the corner of your eye. Black, full face mask. nothing but eyes.

you get tossed on the bed. and crawl up and away. The figure in black looks menacing, big knife in his right hand. Breathing heavily, turned on by your fear. he comes around the bed and grabs your arm. Ties that wrist to the bed, climbs over you, putting his weight on your chest and ties the other wrist to the bed. You start to get loud, demanding to be let go, A random tee shirt will suffice as a gag as it gets stuffed in your mouth. He slides down and put the knife to your throat and whispers,"You had better be a good girl, or else bad things happen to naughty girls." You can feel the edge of the knife pressed against your throat as he looks at you intently. Sensing your fear is real now, he flips the knife over and lightly drags the point down your neck and down your chest, you can feel the point gripping the fabric of you sports bra as it drags along, you can feel the scratch that was left by the blade. As you watch feel the blade slide under the sports bra and cut through the fabric effortlessly as you watch the blade slowly coming upward, slicing thru the fabric.....

Mmmmmmmm, the fabric slides away from those nice tits as I finish the cut, your nipples are hard as hell. As I drag the flat edge of the cold steel over one of the nipples and lean down and suck it for a long time. Your can feel my hard cock pressed against your hip as I suck and lick your nipple. I drag the flat edge of the blade down your tummy now as I find the fabric of the shorts and slice thru it effortlessly. "Holy Shit!", I think to myself, maintaining control of myself as I see your freshly shaved, tight swollen pussy. I know what it needs, I heard you in the shower playing with it. It needs to get eaten well and fucked good and hard. As I slide down, you slam your legs shut, I laugh quietly as you feel my big hands grab them and spread them wide and hold them are protesting thru the gag, so it doesn't matter, you don't want me to touch you or eat you, let alone fuck you, but its all gonna happen tonight.......

As you feel the fabric of your shorts slide away you feel exposed, and notice my look look at your pussy before looking into your eyes with hunger. you know its completely wrong, but you just felt a small twinge of being turned on. as you watch him slide down, you close your tight legs and the sonofabitch just laughs and opens them back again. Fuck this guy is strong. You can't say anything ,you are gagged and want to beg him to stop, but it's past that point now.....

I peel off my gloves and shirt and pants..nothing on now but the mask. Standing at the edge of the bed, chest heaving, again holding the knife as a reminder to you what can and will happen if you aren't a good girl like I told you to be. Cock hard, and throbbing, and raging with a desire to fuck you long and hard. I climb on the bed and spread those legs wide as you protest more before I plunge my hot tongue deep inside your wet pussy and start eating hands still holding and prying your legs apart as you moan, uttering something completely useless as I grab your clit in my mouth and start to suck it. I'm straddling one of your legs as I start to grind my hard cock into your legs as I Eat you. Its so hard and is begging to fuck this tasty little pussy in my mouth. Soon enough, soon enough....

You watch in wide eyes disbelief as he gets up and starts to get undressed. gloves, shirt, and pants all gone, just that damned mask is left on. You can't help but think, "Niceeeee cock!" as you shake your head and remember, this isn't of your own choosing, nice cock or not, you didn't chose to have him here doing this. as he slides back onto the bed and straddles your leg, you can feel his cock grinding into your leg as he starts eating you. Sticking his tongue into your pussy and fucking you with it. You still are in protest mode, but you hate yourself for starting to think it feels good. This motherfucker is raping you and it feels good. As you feel and see his lips clamp around your clit and start sucking on it as he looks up at you. Any other time this would be welcomed and rewarded with a great fucking blow job and amazing hard fuck...."Damn, this fucker can eat pussy good!" you think to yourself as you catch yourself getting lost in his mouth and tongue. Its been so long since someone worked your pussy over with their mouth, and the one asshole who is doing it right and about to make you cum hard is a hooded laugh to yourself,"This fucking figures" and resign yourself to the fact, that whatever happens from here on out is gonna happen, nothing you can do about it. If the guy can eat pussy this well, might as well enjoy it a little bit, just can't let him know you are getting into it. "I hope he knows how to fuck me with that big cock of his." You say to your self.....

As I'm eating you, getting into it more and more..I slide two fingers into your pussy and start fucking you with them, working your "G" spot over. I look up at you and catch a look in your eyes, a long blink as you turn your head slightly. "She's getting into this." I think to myself as I smile inside and start pumping your pussy harder and licking your clit with more fervor. Listening to your moans, either way; in protest or pleasure, its all the same to me. I slide a finger from my other hand in your ass and start working it as well, you immediately cum, flooding me...lapping up your juices like a thirsty dog, savoring every drop of your sweet cum as you pant and are most definitely moaning. I stop to change positions, this is getting uncomfortable for me. I get up beside you, head facing down, a 69 if you will without me on top, just beside you as I start again. Fingering your pussy with two fingers from my right hand as I lean up, your chest heaving, eyes glassy from a great orgasm. as I spank your nipple with my cock and rub the head all over can feel that hot precum sliding all over your nipple. I lean back down and start eating you again as I finger your pussy and ass mercilessly as you moan now, definitely moans of pleasure...I look back up at you and you have your head turned looking at my cock, throbbing and jumping in anticipation of fucking your tight pussy hard as I can....

"It feels so good." you moan, but he can't hear you since you are gagged. he slides two fingers into your pussy which you love and really starts working them in and out, rubbing your "G" spot, "I hope stops so I don't cum!" you think to yourself. Soon after the bastard finds the one thing that will make you cum the hardest, he slides a finger in your ass.."F U C K, I'm cumming!" "Fucking eat my pussy you bastard", you say through the gag. He can't hear it, he got me off, fucking bastard, made me cum HARD. he moves and slides around on the bed and now his big fat cock is just inches from my mouth. You hate yourself now as he starts eating you again mercilessly, you may have shown your hand too much, he knows you are enjoying it now. "FUCK" you exclaim thru the gag as you stare longing at his juicy precum glistening cock....

"If you bite me, I'll fucking gut you like a fish." Nothing in reply..I reach up and smack your cheek with my hand..not too hard, just to get your attention, I'm sure it stung a little bit though, she snaps back and glares at me. "If you bite me, I'll gut you like a fucking fish. You understand?" I say to her. she nods her head in compliance as I wiggle the knife at her, just to remind her its still there. The gag comes out of her mouth as I straddle her face and start hungrily eating her pussy again. Listening to her moans now of pleasure instead of protest is amazing. This woman needed this badly. As I eat you, I feel your mouth engulf the head of my cock, then teeth for a sec as I stop eating you. Then the amazing feeling of your head thrusting up hard and swallowing the whole length of my cock in one long deep gulp as I moan loudly and start eating you mercilessly again...

"Ouch, fucker just smacked me." you glare at him and he tells you again, "if you bite me, I'll gut you like a fucking fish." you nod in definace and agreement. He straddles over you and his big hot cock is throbbing over your open mouth as you comtemplate biting it off, and think to yourself,"That would be such a waste of a great cock." and shake your head as he starts eating you again, just the way you like it, uncontrolled sexual desire fills you up as you take the head in your mouth and push your mouth all the way up as far as you can and swallow his big meaty cock. "Damn, I must really need to be fucked good if I'm getting this into being raped." you think to yourself as his big cock swells up even further in your throat....

After a few minutes of him eating you, and you sucking his fat both amazingly cum at the same time..which gets you off even further..knowing you are draining his cock into your hot waiting mouth and throat, as he is eating your pussy so well as to send your body into spasms as you cum hard and he laps up all of your juices.

He climbs off, both you panting as he grabs your panties, sniffs them and shoves them into your mouth. You can see his fucking smirk as he leaves you tied to the bed and leaves the start to struggle to try and get away. He pops his head back in the room..and wiggles the knife at you,"Be a good girl, i'm not done with you yet." as you lay still. After a few minutes he comes back and gives you some water, you drink it down. "Why are you doing this?" you ask him. He sits there and leans over and starts sucking your nipples, pouring some cold water over them, they get hard instantly. The sensation is amazing, his hot mouth, then ice water, then his hot mouth again, as he starts rubbing your clit softly. Nothing you can do about it, just take it. "This guy is in this to get me off, not just get his cock off.", you think to yourself.

He grabs your thighs and picks them up. You clamp them closed, you can feel his cock between your thighs as you look down and can feel it getting harder and harder as he slowly thrusts between your thighs, the shaft pressed against your clit with the help of your clamped thighs. It feels soo hot and getting harder by the second, pressing against your clit. Just then he grabs your tight clamped thighs and spreads them effortlessly as he smiles that smug smirk at you. "Valiant effort hun, but still no good, you're going to get fucked, and fucked hard." He says to you.

You look down at him and his cock, standing out, hard, and can see it throbbing up and down just a little in anticipation of fucking you. he grabs the base of it and spanks your pussy with it. "damn it, this fucker knows what I like, or he is just damned good." you think to yourself. Almost as soon as the thought is done you see and feel his big, thick cock slam into you fully and completely as you moan loudly. Filling you up completely with the thick head and shaft, feeling his tight balls against your ass..he savors that feeling, the tightness of your pussy, the wetness that is there, the heat. Then he pushes your legs back over his shoulders and leans into you and starts taking long hard deep can hear his moans as he starts, and feel his breath on your neck..hating yourself for liking how his cock fills you up. You are trying not to moan as he start pounding you hard and deep, just the way you like it. Finally you just give in, its too good, too good to waste,"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" you moan. he smiles inside and obliges you and pulls his feet under himself and starts fucking you hard, letting you watch him just punish your pussy like it need to be. Using you like his little fuck toy. Feeling you are about to cum again he stops and gets in your face.."You fucking better not cum til I say you can, you understand?" you nod your head in compliance, "Yes sir." you whimper at him. as he starts pounding you again, leaning back and lightly rubbing your clit as he fucks you now. NOT FAIR, he is trying to make you disobey him now. He leans down,"Are you having fun yet? You liking my big cock in you, fucking you hard?" You nod yes, like a good girl. "If I untie your hands, do you promise to continue being my good girl? I want to fuck you more." You nod, panting as his cock is sawing in and out of you still,"Yes Daddy I'll be your good girl, I need your cock, and cum." He smiles and unties your hands. You immediately wrapyour arms around his back and neck and pull him down on you,"Please, please fuck me hard, I need this big cock of yours pounding me!" you beg and moan at him. He hops off, of you flips you over doggy stlye with such force and almost no effort at all and plunges his cock deep in your pussy doggy style, and starts fucking your tight pussy again. You feel the hot sting of his big hand on your ass. It catches you off guard and you cum uncontrollably, remembering his admonishment about not cumming yet, too late.

What started out as a rape has now turned into pure, unadulterated, animalistic carnal fucking. I don't want to control you, just have you. feel you, be in you. You don't care that you can't see my face, you can just see and feel my hard cock in you and want and desire that thick hot cum reward deep in your tight wanton pussy. Flipping you back over on your back and taking one leg and holding it high so we can both watch me fucking your tight pussy hard and deep. you grab my arms and dig your nails in, and beg me,"Cum with me, fill me with your hot cum!" as you look at me wide eyed. AS I feel your pussy start to clamp down and your leg shake, you cum hard, your head tosses back as your pussy quivers, then you feel it, that thick hot cum you've been wanting, thrust after thrust it pumps int oyu deep, filling you, warming you. As we are both panting, and tired from cumming, I lay on you, we start to kiss..ok, thats it, you've had enough of this mask crap you have to know who has fucked you so well, eaten you amazingly, and will continue to fuck you the rest of the night..after a nap first...You start to grab and remove the mask, you see his eyes get intense and close sharply as he doesn't resist, he must like it as well...the mask slips off as your eyes get wide. "You asshole!" you exclaim. "Hi baby, i'm gonna be in town for a couple of days, is it cool if I crash here with you?" I say smiling..."Only if you fuck me like that the rest of the time you are here." you tell me. "DEAL!"...I lay beside you and you turn and snuggle up to me, leg draped over my leg, arm wrapped around mine and other arm across my chest, playing with my chest hair. I kiss your forehead,"Lets take a nap babe, mmmmmmmm" We drift off...............................................

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this is insane.. I really love it. I feel his cock. lol

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So hot!!! I want this exact thing by my husband

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God freaking dang it, I want a cock right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

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I also agree with myhotass... my fantasy completely.

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