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A fantasy about a plane trip
ok, we are on the plane, getting ready and situated and comfy..hubby is groggy from two Dramamine and getting a pillow which forces us to rub and touch each other..the sexual chemistry is thick between us. as we look at each other and look each other over quickly and exchange sly smiles.

he snuggles down and leans against the wall and falls to sleep. the plane hasn't even left the ground yet and he is out like a light. I'm reading a Cosmo that someone left on the plane before me. I catch you checking me out a few more times and you catch me checking you out and looking at your cleavage. you are in a skirt and button up top, and I'm in comfy cargo shorts and a dark green tee shirt.

as we start down the runway, faster and faster, you instinctively grab my hand,"Sorry, not much of a fly." I smile and pat your hand and rub it with my fingertips,"its ok, no worries at all hun." We smile again.

you see me using my pen in the magazine and look over at it as I turn it toward you to read. You see the words underlined in the article I'm reading,"You'" you look at me and unconsciously bit your bottom lip and smile at me. you take my pe after a couple of seconds and decide to play along..and scan the article and underline for me,"You...too" I smile and take the pen and the magazine back and flip through it quickly to a different article and scan it quickly and underline a couple of words in it. " me or,...Sexual" you read it and underline,"yes" as I look at you we both smile and you flip a couple of pages and underline a few words and hand it back to me..."Nice...package" Without knowing it I got really hard from all this flirting, but you noticed it and have been eyeing it, you can see the full hard length of my cock pressed against the fabric of my shorts. You can see the outline of the head, and the relative thickness of it. I smile a little and get a little embarrassed as you take the magazine back and the pen, and underline a couple of words and slide the magazine back over to me as you make sure hubby is still sleeping. "I have to scan a couple of pages to get your full message. "I'm...wet...and horny as hell." I look at you and you nod your head.

with all of this going on I slowly slide my hand under your blanket and start with my hand at the inside of your knee and slowly slide my hand up the inside of your thigh midway and give it a good squeeze. You can feel the strength in my hands and it makes you quiver. you bite your lip and check on hubby again quickly as you lean your seat back a notch and slowly slide down in your seat a bit and take my hand and slide it slowly upward, coaxing me. I can feel the heat from your pussy as I lightly brush my fingers over your panties and let out the tiniest moan and deep breath. I rub slowly and gently on your you look over and can see how hard I am..the fabric is straining from the pressure my hard cock is putting on my shorts. You wonder how it feels, how it tastes, how it would feel inserted deeply and fully into your can tell from looking that I'm considerably bigger than your husbands cock. You think about it in your mouth and throat and feeling it throb as you suck it hungrily and deeply.

then in one quick move my finger is past your panties and sliding into you as you look over at me your eyes filled with lust and wanton desire as you enjoy the feeling of a strangers fingers in you, and that hubby is so close is really turning you on as you start to cum, quietly..I can feel your legs start to shake as you grab my arm and turn your head down as you come up and I remove my fingers from your pussy and pull them out and look at you and seductively lick and suck them so I can taste you, that turns you on even more. You watch me clean your cum from my fingers and savor every wet drop. you take a quick look around the cabin and reach over and down and grab my cock through my shorts and squeeze it and rub it a couple of times. you grab the pen and the magazine and quickly scan and hurriedly pick some words and push it back to me as you slowly rub yourself and writhe in your seat. "" I look at you and you look down at my cock and back up to me and nod your head.

Again, you take the magazine and scan a few pages and quickly underline some words and hand it back to me, biting your lip. I can see how horny you are now, and you can definitely tell how horny I am. as i read the words you've chosen..I look over at you, and you nod and quietly say to me,"Its not a request, I NEED your cock now!" you underline,"! I...need your...come" I get what you meant by the last word.

You reach over again and grab my cock and squeeze it again and whisper to me again,"take me and fuck me!" luckily we are close to the back of the plane, as I get up you are behind me, we head to the back of the plane and by the galley is where the bathroom is..I open the door and head in and you quickly slide in behind me and lock the door. Like rabid horny animals my hands are pulling your skirt up and your hands are pulling my shorts down to get to my thick hard cock as you grab it and squeeze it as we kiss deeply, passionately. "Fuck me!" you beg me,"Fuck me now!" as I spin you around and I sit on the toilet with the seat down..I grab your hips and pull your panties to the side as I thrust my cock into you deeply and fully, putting my cock in your deeper than a cock has ever gone bite my arm and moan loudly. I can feel your pussy throbbing and squeezing my cock as you cum instantly. as you lean back against me, my hands go up your shirt and squeeze your tits as you grind on my fully hard throbbing unrelenting cock. you turn your head and kiss me hungrily," Your cock is so much bigger and better in all ways than my husbands."

As you are fucking me in the bathroom..we didn't notice in our haste that in the galley area of the plane the cute Stewardess that noticed us entering the bathroom..She knows what we are doing and can kinda of hear your moans. The other two flight attendants are serving drinks and have a ways to go before coming back. hearing us fucking is turning her on, and she knows we are both married but not to each other..she checked the manifest. and she knows your hubby is sleeping against the window right now as his wife is getting filled completely and fully by thick hard cock. she slides over and knocks on the answer from inside..she knocks a little more forcefully this time as the door cracks open a few inches and can see a woman fully dressed, skirt up, shirt open sitting on a magnificently hard cock deep in her pussy. She smiles and wishes she could join them. "You guys got about 10 minutes before they get back here with that drink cart.", she says as she smiles and closes the door and wonders about our chemistry and how strong it must be for us to risk fucking on a plane with her hubby that close by. She decides she is gonna try and talk us both before we get off the plane, we would be a fun night of fucking on her lay over. Her pussy is throbbing and wet after what she just saw, she wants to get fucked and eaten now. She is married as well.

We hear knocks on the door,"oh shit" you say as I keep thrusting my cock.."Its the flight attendant" I tell you, "Couldn't be anyone else. Open it" my cock buried deep in your pussy as you grind on it now as you open the door, both of us a mess from fucking hard. "You guys got about 10 minutes before that drink cart gets back here." the flight attendant looks in and watches for a second. She likes what she sees. A hot wet pussy getting filled up with a nice thick cock. You and I both can tell that she wants it and would love to join us. How hot would that be, in that position your back to my chest, your legs pulled up, getting filled with cock and having your pussy and clit eaten and sucked by that cute little flight attendant who is also married. She was watching and smiling the whole time she closed the door. "She wants to fuck us both." I tell you as I grab your hips and start fucking you hard. You moan loudly,"I know, she wants your cock too. Its mine right now. Talk to her when we get out of here and see if we can all three get together once we get there." The thought of that get us both off starting to cum hard as you feel my cock throb hard and can feel that cum racing up the shaft of my cock and exploding deep into your pussy. Each hard thrust I do another eruption of cum filling you up completely with my cock and thick hot cum. My hands still squeezing your tits as I pant in your ear,"I'm Adam by the way." you turn your head and kiss me hard and deep."I'm Liz and thank you so much, I needed that so badly, I've never had anyone in me that deeply." we both smile and you open the door after getting yourself together as best you can..your panties soaked with my cum, you can feel it in you nice and deep and still so hot..aftershocks of orgasms hitting you as you walk and think of just getting fucked.
"You turn to me as I come out,"talk to her I want to play with her as well in a big bed. We are going to fuck your brains out!" as you smile and walk back to your seat, just beating the drink cart, you slide in and look over in disbelief and almost disgust..hubby still sleeping, not aware of anything that just happened. You look back and seem him talking to the flight attendant, she is smiling and talking, it looks promising for sure as you see her hand, "Adam was it?" you think to yourself. She is being coy, but you can tell she liked what she saw by her body language, and she glances over at you and smiles and winks and nods her head in an emphatic yes. "I can't wait to fuck him with her." you think to yourself and that thought has you going again as your pussy begins to throb as you lean back in your seat with your blanket and think back on the last 15 minutes you were flirting and getting fucked in an airplane bathroom. Still feeling that hot cum inside you, you want more of it, this time you want to suck his cock and drain him down your throat take him deeper down your throat than any cock has ever been.....You drift off to nap as you feel Adam sit beside you again and he has his blanket as well now as you reach under his blanket and just place your hand where it feels safe and wants to be..on his cock as you look at each other and smile as he squeezes your thigh and nuzzles your arm and forehead with his..both of you thinking about after you land you'll both be fucking again in a hotel room..and you both drift off to sleep......

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2012-06-14 01:58:39
poor story badly written but still about a cheating wife, fucking women are all alike cheating pigs who will fuck any other guy behind their husbands bak............ I wish here husband had woken up and caught her then kick the shit out of her cut the guys cock off and make her eat it,

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2011-12-10 18:31:01
The style of writing is too poorly executed, so as to make the reading very difficult. Re-write this using proper structure and punctuation and it will be a reasonably good story.

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