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Shelly was excited
Shelly was excited, it was her first college class. She was forty-one
and her kids were almost grown. Shelly had stared at the future and
saw that it was pretty empty. Even though her husband was not totally
supportive of her effort, Shelly had decided to return to college and
obtain a degree. This was also driven by the fact that she was getting
pressure from her management to exchange "favors" for advancements at
work. Shelly was an attractive, slender, one hundred twenty pound, 34C
breasts, five foot four inch tall brunette with hair down to her waist.
While she had performed a couple of "favors" for her husband's boss,
she knew the problems she could get into at work. Also, when she looked
close, or was recovering from a "night out," the age was starting to

Shelly was pissed off. She was on her way to school. She had had a bad
day at work and when she got home both her son and her daughter got on
her case. Then her husband had called and said that he would be late as
he was taking a client out. She had to scramble to fix supper and now
she was going to be late for her class, which ran from six to ten P.M.
When the class break came Shelly slammed out of the classroom to the
break area. She was stirring her coffee when Sharon and Doug, two of
her classmates, approached and asked if things were OK and could they
sit with her. As she bitched about her family and their increasing
non-support of her educational efforts, Shelly found herself relaxing
and apologized to Sharon and Doug. "Hey no problem," Sharon replied, "We
all know how families can turn into assholes when you need them the
most." Shelly laughingly agreed with this. After class, in the parking
lot, Sharon hollered at her to come over. When she got there, there
was a small group from her class and Doug shoved a beer in her hand.
Automatically taking a drink, she asked what was up. Doug answered that
it was just an after class bull shit session. Shelly talked with the
group and when she was done with her beer she declined another and
went home.

Shelly kept on going to the after school BS sessions. As the nights
got colder, Doug made a deal with the janitor and security team to
use and old storeroom. The storeroom had some old chairs and a sofa
from the faculty lounge and the perfect item for them, an old but
working fridge. As long as some beer was left in the fridge for them,
both maintenance and security would cause no problems.

Shelly was starting to depend on her friends at school. The resistance
to her education she was experiencing from her family had grown into
antagonism between her and her husband. She was now sleeping on the
couch and they had not had sex in a month, which was something that
had pretty much been a daily occurrence.

That night at the BS session someone pulled out a joint. Shelly took
her "hits" off of it as it came around. She pretty much let herself
go as she felt herself relax. She had bitched about her family and
had been hanging with Doug. Shelly vaguely realized that everyone had
left and it was just she and Doug. Doug set down his beer and looking
at her said' "You are a very, very sexy lady." Shelly laughed but Doug
continued. "I'm not kidding. Us guys have talked about how you make
the class more fun and visually stimulating."

Doug bent his head down and kissed her. Shelly responded and felt her
body flash with heat. She felt Doug run his hands over her tits and
when he experienced no resistance he pulled her shirt off and removed
her bra. Shelly pulled Doug's mouth down to her erect nipples. She
rubbed her hand between his thighs and felt the hardness of his shaft.
When Doug started to pull her pants off she eagerly raised her hips
and helped him remove her panties too. Once she was naked Doug placed
hand on her pussy and it came away wet. He then pulled down his pants
using his hand guided himself into her. Shelly groaned as she felt his
dick enter her. She locked her heels around his ass and locked her hands
behind his neck. As Doug drove himself repeatedly into her, Shelly
lost herself in the pleasure that racked her body. She did not notice the
guys from her class coming back into the storeroom and forming a line
behind Doug. She felt Doug speed up his fucking of her and then felt
him stiffen as his sperm shot into her. Shelly made a small moan as
she felt his penis slide out of her as she had not yet come. She felt
Doug leave and then "he" came back again. She grunted in satisfaction
as his penis penetrated her vagina. Shelly felt him drive his dick into
her cunt hard and fast. She sensed something was wrong but with the
starting of her first climax she pushed any thoughts from her mind. As
her first climax burned through her body, she again felt the dick inside
of her jerk and sperm spread trough her pussy. As a marijuana joint was
placed between her lips she took a hit as "Doug" lay down on her again
and started nibbling her tits. He rammed his hard cock into her warm, cum
soaked pussy. Shelly did not realize that she was being gang banged.
The dick that was now inside of her seemed to be larger than before,
but again as a series of climaxes coursed through her, she did not dwell
on it. She was moaning and crying out almost continually. The sexual
drought of the past month was over. As the line of men fucking Shelly
finished her on the second time around, she passed out.

Shelly woke up to the pressure of a man's body on her and his dick fucking
her pussy. She matched the thrusts of her hips to his and he rode her
until he finally jammed his cock as far into her vagina as he could
and came. When he stood up and started to draw his pants up Shelly
noticed that he was in the uniform of a security guard and asked,
"What happened?" "We got a phone call that you had fucked some of
your classmates and that you were too drunk to drive home. We could
fuck you as long as we let you stay," was the response, "You need to
get up and get going before the day shift comes around. I stayed over
to keep them away until you woke up." Shelly saw that her cunt had
sperm seeping out and her thighs were sperm covered, There were
some wads of paper towels around her where someone had wiped her
clean for the moment. She found some more paper towels and tried to
clean herself up. Then she stumbled around and found her shoes, pants
and jacket. The rest of her clothes were missing. Pulling on what
clothes she had, Shelly stumbled out of the room and down to the
bathroom. There she tried to wash herself. She noticed that she had
hickies on both sides of her throat and several across her tits.

Shelly got herself a cup of coffee and found her car. She used her
cell phone and called work. Her boss Harry answered and she told him
that she was too sick to come in today. Harry told her that her
husband had called in looking for her. Shelly said fine and hung up.

When Shelly got home she walked into the house and found her husband
Jim waiting for her. His manor was really pissed off. "Where have you
been!" he hollered, "I've been calling everyone that I can think of
and have been worried sick!" Shelly tried to push past him to get out
of the living room. Jim grabbed her and the jacket pulled open exposing
her naked and hickied tits and the hickies on her throat. Jim's fist
slammed her to the floor. He then ripped the rest of her clothes off of
her and when he saw the sperm still leaking out of her cunt he became
even more enraged. "I'm home here with your kids and everyone is worried
sick that something has happened to you!" he screamed in rage, "Then you
come home looking like the leftovers from a gangbang! You want to fuck!
We'll fuck!" He then dropped his pants and jamming his hand into her
cunt he pulled out some sperm and used it to lubricate his ten-inch dick.
Jim then turned Shelly on her stomach. He rammed his huge prick all the
way into her ass in one shove. Shelly just groaned and had an orgasm.
This just made Jim madder and he started ramming his dick into her just
as fast and hard as he could. Jim also hickied the back of her neck.
When he felt himself start to come he jammed his full ten-inches into
her ass. Shelly felt him stiffen and then the jerks of his huge cock
as it spurted his juices into her butt. He then pulled her over on
her side. He slid his body until his dick was even with her mouth
"You want to even try to make this marriage work this had better
be the best blow job in history," Jim stated as he forced her mouth
open and his soft member between her lips. As Shelly began sucking his
dick, she ignored the slightly fecal taste in her mouth and concentrated
on her task. When his dick became hard Jim pulled it out and without a
comment flipped Shelly on her back and slammed his full ten inches into
her orgasm wet pussy. He again began fucking Shelly as hard and fast as
he could. Each thrust into her brought a grunt of pain. Shelly was
starting to feel the abuse of the previous night but she also cried
out as another orgasm shuddered through her. Jim finally stiffened
and pulled his dick out and shot his cum over her stomach and breasts.
"Now I can go brag with the other guys who have fucked you," he
grated, "You'll hear from my lawyer," and Jim pulled up his pants and
walked out the door. Shelly staggered to the bathroom and managed to
give herself a quick shower. She then stumbled into her bedroom
and collapsed on the bed.

Shelly woke to find her sixteen-year-old son Rick and thirteen-year-old
daughter Lara staring at her from the foot of the bed. Lara was crying
and Rich told Shelly, "Jim called and said he was leaving. He won't be
back. He told us why." Shelly just paled and leaned over the side of the
bed and puked.

Later on Shelly came out of the bedroom. She felt so bad she could only
manage to pull on a robe and lightly tie it at the waist. Her Kids were
watching TV. She asked if they wanted supper and they both nodded but
would not look at her. After she had a light supper ready she called them
into the kitchen. They sat a the table and Rick started slamming his
silverware around. Shelly tried to talk to them about how Jim did not
understand their side of the issues. Rick exploded, "Everytime you find
a guy you like you take him to bed! This has cost me four fathers or at
least jerks that you want me to think of as fathers and you have cost Lara
two! What happens when you run into a guy who doesn't like us? Sorry
kids, but you have to get lost because the new guy in my bedroom doesn't
like you?" Shelly jumped up and slapped Rick. Rick immediately shoved her
back and Shelly slammed into the refrigerator and fell to the floor.
Rick stood up and as Shelly lay there she realized that her robe was open
and her nakedness was exposed. Rick looked down at her and felt his dick
harden. A secret fantasy popped into his head and his dick immediately
got rock hard. "Maybe if I give you some, you will have a reason to keep
me and Lara around." He knelt between her legs and as it finally got through
to Shelly what he was meaning to do she tried to scramble away. Rick
grabbed her by the waist and slid her to him. He pulled down his pants and
his nine-inch cock sprang out. He used his hand to guide himself to his
mother's pussy and unable to hold back he drove his full nine inches into
her. Shelly was horrified that her son was fucking her. She became even
more so as her body responded to his thrusts into her. She could not stop
her pelvis from moving in time to his drives into her cunt and she cried
out in pleasure as an orgasm flashed through her. Rick only lasted a few
more thrusts when his cum exploded into Shelly's cunt. He lay on her and
did not move. After a couple of minutes Shelly started to push him off of
her. She also realized that her daughter Lara had just watched her fuck
her son. She struggled to get her son off of her when she felt him enlarge
inside of her. As Rick started to drive his dick into her again, her legs
locked around his hips and her arms around his neck. Shelly had another
orgasm and passionately kissed her son. Lara observed all of this from her
chair at the table, and as she watched her brother fuck her mother she
started to feel a warmth spread outward from her pussy. She had been
fucking Rick for almost a year and she was excited by what she was watching.
Her hand drifted down to her little cunt and started to finger her wet clit.
Her breathing quickened and she started to rub herself harder and faster.
Finally she cried out as she experienced her own orgasm. Neither her mom
nor Rick noticed. After he came in his mother the second time, Rick guided
her into her bedroom. Shelly was pliant and stunned as to what had just
happened in her kitchen and her mind wandered over it as she fell asleep.

Shelly was having the greatest dream, as she became more aroused she
realized that she was not dreaming. She raised her head and saw that she
was lying naked on her back in her bed. Her Daughter Lara was between her
legs and had her face buried in her pussy, her son was behind Lara and had
his dick rammed up Lara's ass and was fucking her furiously. Shelly
experienced a gut-wrenching orgasm and she half-screamed startling both
Lara and Rick. Rick finished fucking Lara, he then slid between Shelly's
legs and ran his still hard cock into her still dripping cunt. Lara slid
up to her mom's head and placed her down soft pussy on her mom's mouth.
Shelly did not even hesitate. She immediately ran her tongue into her
daughter's cunt and started licking her clit. The more she licked, the
more excited Lara became, the harder she pressed herself to her mom's
mouth, and the harder she licked. She felt her daughter's slender body
shudder as she experienced her orgasm and her young sweet juices spewed out
of her young cunt across Shelly's face. She still had her son driving his
cock deep into her cunt and across her abused clit. She felt both pleasure and
pain. In Shelly's case the pain was just highlighting her pleasure. By the
time Rick blew his load of cum into her pussy, she had cum three more times.
As she relaxed she asked what time it was and Rick told her it was ten AM
the next morning. When she started to get excited about missing work, he told
her that he had called in sick for her. She relaxed and fell back asleep.

As Shelly drove into work the next morning, she wondered how she had gotten
into this situation. Suprisingly, she found that she did not regret any of
the sex, and given a second chance, she would not change the sex. She
mulled over the fact that she was now sharing her bed with both of her
children. When she went into work, Harry asked her to stop by the conference
room after she had settled in.

She met Harry in the conference room and he closed and locked the door. "How
are things going between you and your husband?" he asked. "That is really
not any of your business," she replied. "Well, I think it is, your husband
has been calling some people at our company and if what he says is true,
you could lose your job." Shelly felt the tears start to run. She blurted
out what had happened, how her classmates had gotten her wasted and had her
"pull a train," and she did not know who or how many. She cried as she
explained that her husband had left her, but thinking quickly she did not
repeat what had happened between her and her kids.

"The drugs and the sex and the drinking with teenagers are very serious,"
Harry told her, "The company is very conservative where its image is
concerned. As she sat in the chair unsuccessfully fighting tears she
realized that Harry was behind her. She felt his hands rub her shoulders
and then her neck. They reached down and unfastened her shirt and then slid
into it and under her bra grasping her breasts. His hands were rubbing her
nipples which had sprung erect. As he stood there kneading her tits, he
pushed his groin to the back of her neck and she felt his hard on through
his pants. SHe leaned forward so he could unfasten her bra and then she
dropped both her shirt and bra. She stood up and unfastend her pants and
removed the rest of her clothes.

Harry sat down in a chair and pulled Shelly to him. He pulled out his massive
nine-inch long three-inch round cock. He pulled her face to it and forced
it between her lips and to the back of her throat. As her tightly stretched
mouth grasped his shaft she sucked on it and used what little sapce was left
in her mouth to rub it with her tongue. He grabbed her head and held it still
while he started moving his hips and fucking her in the mouth. As he got close
to cumming, he sped up his thrusts into her mouth and his cum shot into her
mouth with most of it shooting down her throat so she was able to swallow his
wad. Harry had her continue sucking him until he became hard again. He then
laid her back on the conference table and plunged his cock full length into her
wet pussy. After a few moments she sensed the start of an orgasm and she locked
her heels behind Harry's ass and tried to get him to thrust harder as her
cunt exploded with her cum. After a few more thrusts Harry popped his load into
her wet vagina and pulled out. He used her clothes to dry off his member. He
then called someone on the phone and left the room.

Mark and Steve came into the room and they did not seem surprised to see her naked.
They hungrily eyed her body and Shelly realized that she was now fucking to keep
her job. They moved her to a corner of the table and Mark stepped up to the
table and dropped his pants. He immediately ran his cock into her wet pussy and
started thrusting for all he was worth. Steve stepped up to the side of the table
and turned her face to him. He pulled out his seven-incher and shoved it at
Shelly's lips. She opened them and took his full length into her mouth. While she
was sucking Steve off and fucking Mark, she used her hand to tickle Steve's balls.
He quickly reached his limit and pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot his
cum across her face and into her hair. He then shoved his member back in her mouth
and had her suck him again. Mark did not last long either. Fucking Shelly was
something he had wanted to do almost since the first day she had come to work.
He dumped his load into her cunt and drew out. Steve drew his now hard again prick
out of Shelly's mouth and they traded places. Mark was turned on by the sight
of cum in Shelly's hair. She had always been a stickler for appearance and her
hair was her pride and joy. When he felt himself begin to cum he quickly drew his
prick out and ejaculated over her face and into her hair also. Both Steve and
Mark used Shelly's clothes to clean themselves. Bob and Bill showed up to abuse
her next. Bob quickly stepped up to her cum seeping cunt and pushed his six-inch
dick into it. Bill pulled out his dick and stepped up to her opening mouth and
ran his seven inches between her lips. Shelly quickly clamped down as much as
she could with her stretched pussy muscles on Bob's dick. Bill was so excited
that he could not get his prick out of her mouth. Shelly was not expecting the
explosion of sperm in her mouth and she choked for a bit before getting it all
swallowed. The two switched places and this time Shelly was not spared the splash
in her face and hair of sperm. Shelly was kept in the conference room the rest
of the day. There was a small bathroom with a stool and a small sink off of the
it. Between visits of her co-workers Shelly tried to clean herself up.
By the end of the day She had fucked and sucked eight of her co-workers.

Harry finally showed back up. "You have lost your job," was his first comment,
"You can be laid off and get a severance package under the right conditions."
"Conditions?" "Yeah, everyone is gone for the day. You walk down to your office
and we get to butt-fuck you on your desk." "Who and how many." "Everyone who
has had you today." "You guys are assholes!" "We can all just leave now." "No,
Shelly replied, "I'll do it." She gingerly (her pussy was now quite sore) walked
naked out of the conference room and down the hallway to her cubicle. They rest
of the guys were waiting there. "Where do I do this noble event?" "Just get behind
your desk and lean over it."

Shelly went behind her desk and leaned over it. Harry stepped up behind her and
She saw camera's rise in front of her. Her face still had a sheen of sperm
covering it and her hair had wads of cum spread through it. She saw that they
also had a digital video camera. Harry rubbed her thighs and with the sperm
from there lubricated his massive cock. He lined up the opening of her ass and
did not hesitate. He rammed all ten inches into her. Shelly grunted and collapsed
on her desk. Every time the base of Harry's huge shaft smacked into her butt cheeks
Shelly let out a grunt. The faster he slammed his meat into her, the faster she
grunted. Harry cried out as his climax forced him to slam his full ten inches into
Shelly one last time. His member was so big in Shelly's ass that his cum was pushed
aound the sides of it. Mark was next up and as he jammed his dick into Shelly he
noticed that her hole was still open from the abuse it had received from Harry.
He quickly jammed his dick into her butt, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of
getting his nuts off in Shelly again. He was holding onto her tits and squeezing
her nipples as he slammed his member into her. When he rammed it into her butt
one last time Shelly felt him jerking as he spewed into her.Shelly laid across
her desk as the rest of them finished the abuse of her ass. She was now sore in
both of her holes.

As they finished with her all of the guys left except for Harry. "I have some papers
for you to sign back in the conference room." Once there, Harry used her clothes
to keep the sperm that was seaping out of her from soaking the chair. She signed
all the papers, noticing that Harry continued to take pictures of her, and said,
"Now what?" "You will be hearing from personnel," he replied, "And if you're thinking
of causing any trouble, some of those forms were release forms for some of the
worst web sites and sex magazines. Think of what your husband could do to you in
the divorce with them." Harry then had her blow him one last time. This time he
pulled his dick out before he came and, like all the rest, he blew his sperm into
her face and hair.

Noting that again someone had stole her underware, Shelly pulled on her cum soaked
clothes and went home. When she got there she was met by Lara and Rick. When they
saw the condition that she was in the stopped and stared. Shelly managed to stagger
into the house and announced that she was taking a shower. Once she was in the shower,
she was surprised when her naked son and daughter joined her. When Lara saw the cum
still on mom's thighs and seeping out of her pussy she dropped to her knees and
started to lick the cum off. She worked her way up to her mom's cunt and licked
sucked at the opening swallowing everything. Her son stepped behind her. "We had
a phone call before you got home," he said, "They were pretty blunt about what you
did today. If you are interested there are apparrently a lot of guys at you old job
who like the idea of 'doing' you." She turned her head and looked at her son. He
continued, "They are willing to keep you on a $1000 a month retainer for you to be
available on twenty-four hour notice. The price of the actual task to be negotiated."
Her son was rubbing her back while he was talking and her daughter was still busy with
the tongue in her pussy. She even came, though it hurt. Her son then spoke up again,
"I know some guys from the school who would pay to fuck you. And some of their dads
too!" "We can talk about it in the morning," she responded and then her son fucked
her up the ass. When he was done Lara finshed licking the cum out of both ends of
her mother and they all went to bed.

As she lay there Shelly realized that in just four days she had slid from a college
going, working, married mom to a soon-to-be divorced incestuous prostitue.

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continue story with her letting her son and all his friends fuck her when ever they want and take her to parties to be used as a bareback fucktoy-she also lets all the collage guys use her whenever they want and also goes with them to parties where she is the bareback fucktoy-she continues to be the company slut


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gr8 story more chapters if poss.


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