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This is the true story of how I started dating my girlfriend Jackie.

Here’s a quick background on the two of us. My name Jordan I’m 15 and 6’2” with a 7” cock and a body builder’s body I have medium length brown hair and a chiseled face. Her name is Jackie she’s 15 and 5’6” with 21 D tits and a nice juicy ass and a slim figure she has long brown flowing hair and the face of an angel. We are both German and Hispanic and we both grew up in Germany and latter moved to Texas. And I have made a fortune by investing in medicinal marijuana dispensaries, and of course I smoke a little myself. We live in a town that’s about an hour drive from Austin.

We first met in German class on about the second week of school, after talking for a bit we learned we shared many of the same friends, so I invited her to hang out with our group. The next morning she came and hung out with our group, from that moment on I knew that I wanted to date her and definitely fuck her. Me her and two other friends became best friends in about a month’s time. We remained like this until October when she started dating one of those gangster black guys (which I loathe).

After about two weeks of dating she had isolated herself and wouldn’t talk to anyone except her boyfriend. I constantly asked her what was the matter but she would never answer me and get highly defensive. I wouldn’t actually find out what was wrong until mid way through November.

(The day I found out what was wrong) I had to stay after school to work out for the power lifting tournament that was coming up. I was walking out of the main entrance to get to the parking lot; I had walked out the doors when I heard someone crying. I looked around and spotted Jackie sitting on the ground behind the gym arch way. Being the good friend I am I went over and sat down next to her, she looked up and saw that it was me. She immediately fell into my lap and started crying, I brushed a piece of hair out of her face.

“What’s wrong” I asked her sympathetically.

Her crying died down a little bit and she gave a few sniffles, “its Darrell (her boyfriend) he hit me.” “WHAT!” I yelled I was beyond mad that that sack of shit laid a hand on her. She started crying again “It started a few weeks ago, he started stealing from me to support his meth addiction and when I confronted him he hit me.” She let out another big sob and wrapped my arms around in a sad attempt to console her. “Then today he wouldn’t quit touching me and wanted me to suck his dick, and when I told him no he hit me again and told me since I wasn’t going to put out I could walk home.” We sat there for a few minutes as I continued to hold her in my lap.

She finally looked up at me “Jordan, I don’t want to go home, what if he comes by to hurt me.” “Well since its Friday you can come stay at my house in Austin for the weekend”, “Is that okay?” She looked up and nodded, I helped her get up and we went to my car. I drove her home so she could pack a bag for the weekend. We then drove to Austin; we got there at about 7:30. I showed her the guest room; after she changed I came back to the room to make sure she was okay. She was sitting on the bed wearing a skimpy spaghetti strap top with yoga pants (DAMN!). “Are you still doing okay?” I asked her, “Yeah, do you think you can do me a favor.” “Sure anything”, “I want to go to sleep but I don’t feel safe so will you sleep with me.” “Sure”, I got up and turned off the lights and climbed in bed with her, she curled up next to me and I wrapped my hands around her. It only took her 15 minutes for her to fall asleep, once that happened I knew what I needed to do next, kick the shit out of her douche bag boyfriend.

Before I left the house I texted a friend to find out where he was at, and as per usual he was hanging out getting high at these shity apartments. I quickly drove to the apartments and found him sitting on a curb getting high. I got out of the car and walked over to him he barely took notice of me, “Do you like hitting girls.” He didn’t answer me he just laughed and stood up; he came over to me and started to get into my face.

“I love hitting women”, bam the first hit and that was it I couldn’t be stopped I just continued to pound the shit out of him. I didn’t stop till the adrenaline surge wore off; I looked down and saw a crumpled bleeding bitch on the ground. I spat on him and walked back to my car, and drove beck to Austin.

Once I got home I slowly walked towards my room, once I got to my room I started to undress. When I noticed a lump in my bed “what the hell” I whispered to myself once I got close enough to the bed I pulled back the covers to see Jackie. She looked so cute the sudden cold air hitting her skin made her wake up. She looked around for a few minutes until she realized where she was at, she looked at me and smiled at me. “Where have you been at?” she asked, “I just had to run a few errands.” “Sorry for stealing your bed, I just didn’t feel safe in the other room”, I brushed her hair out of her face “That’s fine I’ll go sleep in the other room.” “No stay”, she pulled back the covers and patted the bed “Get in bed with me.” I smiled to myself and pulled off my shirt, and reached towards my pants, “Keep the pants on Romeo” she said laughing. I laughed to and climbed in bed with her, she quickly snuggled up against me and I wrapped my arms around her we quickly feel asleep.

When I woke up she was still asleep in my arms, so I decided to step out onto the balcony and smoke a joint. I had just finished smoking when I heard the balcony door close I turned around and saw Jackie she came and hugged me we hugged for a few seconds, and then I turned her around so we could both look over the balcony. She looked up “I’m going to go change” she said, “I think I will to” she ran back into the house and I followed.

I put my shirt back on and walked downstairs, I went into the kitchen to see what I could make for breakfast. I decided to make some muffins I put them in the stove, I heard Jackie coming down the stairs. I turned around right as she walked into the kitchen, she was holding her phone and had an impossible to read poker face. “Nick (our best friend) just text me, he says that you went and beat the shit out of Darrell last night, was he telling the truth?” Since it was impossible to read her emotions I didn’t know exactly how to respond “Well I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.” She continued to dead stare as she slowly walked towards me; I was actually kind of scared that she might hit me. Then she cracked she laid her head on my chest and started crying. I embraced her and started to run my fingers through her hair, “I knew I should have broken up with him the minute he started stealing from me, but he always hit me.” “I know that’s why I took care of him for you” I said she gave me a soft hit in the stomach, “Why did you do that you could’ve gotten hurt?” “He never could’ve hurt me”, “I know but I care about you” “wait what”, she sniffled a few times and smiled up at me “I care about you”

I leaned down towards her and she leaned into me and we kissed hard and long for a few minutes (this was the best moment of my life). Finally we unlocked lips and we looked into each other’s eyes, this was the best moment of my life. Then I smelt something burning, THE MUFFINS, I ran back to the stove “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”, Jackie started laughing as I scrambled to put on oven mitts and grab the muffins. Jackie came up and gave a playful push out of the way; she grabbed a towel and got the muffins out of the oven. I hopped onto the island and watched as she sprinkled sugar on the muffins, and all that continued to run through my mind is that this has to be a dream.

She finished with the muffins and turned around with a huge smile on her face she slowly walked towards me. She put her hands on my shoulders and lifted herself into my lap with her legs and arms wrapped around me. She pushed me down onto the island and started kissing me as hard as she could, I leaned back and just let her take over my body (I take it back this was the best moment of my life). It made me feel so great it was like my heart was about to explode, to help brace myself from her excessive mauling of my face, I grabbed her ass it felt so right.

Then to make the growing matter in my pants even better she started to grind her sweet pussy against my cock. We were like to animals caught in a rage of lust, we couldn’t stop mauling each other. She finally stopped to take a breather she sat there once again looking deep into my eyes, I couldn’t stop panting, and she continued to look into my eyes. And I couldn’t help but think how great this moment was; she slowly dragged her hand down my chest to grab my raging hard-on. She made a ticking sound “Naughty naughty boy didn’t you ever learn that you don’t get to use that on the first date.” She slid off my lap and grabbed a muffin, I sat up and she threw a muffin at me I caught it and bit in. We continued with our senseless teenage love for the rest of the day, not close to the magnitude of that morning.

It was about 9 that night and we were sitting in the home theater watching a movie. It was a perfect moment I was sitting on the jumbo sized chair while she was sitting in my lap with a throw blanket over the both of us. I had my arms wrapped around her beautiful body while her head was nestled in between my chest and shoulder; it was perfect enough that I could rest my chin on her head.

We stayed like that until the movie was over; once it was over she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned in and kissed me for a seconds, she pulled away “I’m sleepy, what about you?” she said in the cutest sexiest voice ever, “Sure I could sleep”, “Carry me to bed please” giving me another look “Of course sweet heart.” I picked her up and carried her to my room; I dropped her onto the bed.

Granted she let go of my neck but grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me down for another round of mauling. But it seemed like she was having second thoughts, she pushed me away I was about to ask why “go out in the hall so I can change for you.” I didn’t need telling twice I got off the bed and ran into the hall, I ran down to the bathroom so I myself could freshen up. I slapped on some cologne and pulled off my shirt and pulled my pants and boxers to show off my hip V.

“Jordan I’m ready”, she called out I immediately hauled ass out of the bathroom and ran towards the bedroom. I stopped in front of the door and checked to make sure everything was the way I left it in the bathroom; everything was good time to go. I slowly opened the door and walked in; once she saw me she gave a little giggle “I see you got ready too.” I sat there and looked her up and down, she was magnificent she was lying on the bed. She had put mascara, eye liner, and lipstick on. And she had changed out of her clothes into a lace thong and bra set with one of my suit jackets on to make a half ass attempt to cover up.

Judging by the next little laugh she let out I must have been slack jawed, I tried to recover but there was no use I was paralyzed. She slowly slid off the bed and started to walk towards me in very slinky and provocative manner. She gave me a playful push, then wrapped her arms around my neck “what do you think”, “damn” she started laughing and reached up and kissed me. “So I’m guessing you weren’t all that tired”, I asked “I think you already know that, given that you have no shirt on, pulled your pants down, and slopped on that cologne.” We both let out a little laugh “well I see you found my suits”, she smiled “I thought it might be a classy touch to a skanky look.” “I see, very deceptive, yet incredibly sexy.”

We both stood there for a few seconds admiring each other’s bodies, “So what exactly are we going to do tonight” I asked. This was the first time she looked serious all night, “I don’t know I’ve never done anything before, but I guess if you’ll be gentle we can do anything you want.” All the little whistles in my head started going off and the little voice was screaming “HELL YEAH.”

“Well I have had some experience in this field of work, so do you know some of the main styles or at least heard about them?” I asked. “Well I’ve heard about oral, and I’ve seen some porn videos that my dad has, and there’s one thing that my friend told me about that sounds really interesting but I’m not sure.” “Ooohhh my baby is kinky” I said jokingly she gave me a soft punch, “I’m kidding do you remember what the name of it.” “I think it was called 69ing?” “Oh my god do you know how much I love you right now, but I think that might be a little advanced for you right now.”

“I think we should just start with some old fashioned sex”, “That sounds great.” She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me towards the bed and then down on top of her. We started kissing really hard; she pushed me over and climbed on top of me. She pulled the jacket off so she was only in panties and a bra, she leaned down to kiss me and that’s when I noticed it. She had a fist sized bruise on her shoulder, I stopped her to take a look at it and she seemed to be ashamed that I saw it. I slowly leaned up and kissed the bruise in any attempt to make her feel better or make it go away.

That only lasted for about ten seconds then, came back down and started kissing me as harder than she ever had that day. Our tongues were locked together as we kissed harder and harder, I decided to do what I had done later and grabbed the hell out of her plump juicy ass. She finally let go of my face and started moving down my body, till she got down to my pants she looked up at me and let out a smile. She ripped off my belt and pulled of my pants in less than 5 seconds, to reveal my cock standing completely at attention, tenting my boxer briefs. I looked up at her and laughed as she stood there in astonishment, she smiled and climbed back on top of me and started grinding my cock while kissing me.

I decided since she was getting to do whatever she wanted to do to my body that I was going to do the same thing her. I took my hand off her ass and then slapped it back down, she let out a big gasp and I guess that pushed her to the next level because she bit down on my shoulder. Oh my god did that feel so amazing I almost came right then and there. She got up a little and started pulling down my boxer’s; I grabbed her hand “I believe I’m the only one not wearing a top right now.” She smiled and gave me another more kiss “Do you want to do the honors or should I” she asked. In response I reached behind her with one hand and popped the strap of her bra and ripped it off.

Once the bra left her tits dropped a little and gave a little bounce, and oh my god were they the most beautiful thing that I ever saw, the only thing was that they sagged a little bit but that was expected with her tits the size they were. She sat there and gave them a little shake as I stared slack jawed at her. That’s when the inner sex monster in me came out, I flipped her over and started going to town on those gorgeous globes. As I continued to maul her she moaned in ecstasy that just fueled my sexual rampage of her body.

She pushed me off her and let out one last moan, and then she motioned for me to stand. She reached over and grabbed my boxer’s and started to pull them down but she couldn’t with my cock holding the boxer’s in place. Since she couldn’t get the boxer’s off she sent her hand down the front of my boxer’s and pulled my dick out and pulled the boxers to my ankles. I kicked them off and I jumped back onto her, and kept licking and sucking her tits like a baby trying to nurse. This time when I stopped I grabbed her sexy lace panties, and shoved my nose down there before I pulled them down it smelt like the most beautiful flower in the world; the name of that flower is virginity.

She let out a soft moan as I continued to sniff her like a dog sniffs for drugs. Then I slowly slipped her panties down and all the way off, she smiled as I gazed down at her beautiful shaven pussy. I tore my eyes away and took one last deep breath of her panties, then I reached into the night stand and pulled out a condom. I opened the package and took out the condom before I could put the condom on, she grabbed it from me and started to unroll it then she slid it down my cock. Her hands sliding down felt absolutely amazing, I looked down at her “Are you ready for this Jackie”…“Yes, fuck me.”

I grabbed my cock and guided it towards her tight pussy, I rubbed my cock up and down her lips to moisten them up. She let out another soft moan, then I pushed in she moaned and squirmed in pleasure, I only managed to get about an inch in she was so damn tight, I pulled out and she let out another moan. I didn’t mean to pull my dick out all the way but she was tight it was nearly impossible not to. So before I went back in I moistened her pussy up again with the tip of my dick. Then I pushed my dick back in she nearly screamed because this time I hit her hymen, I didn’t go through but I hit it.

I pulled my dick out again but it didn’t go out of her pussy but this time there was blood leaking out of her pussy and some on my cock. I pushed in again and once again hit the hymen, I pulled back again. Jackie was lying there moaning and squirming in ecstasy, “Jackie this next time I’m going to bust through your hymen it is going to hurt really bad but after that it’s going to be amazing, are you ready.” Her face was stuck somewhere between pain and ecstasy she bit her bottom and shook her head as she gripped the sheets.

I did it quick like a band aid one good thrust all the way through the hymen, she screamed in pain and ecstasy. I left my dick in the same spot for about 30 seconds; she kept squirming as my dick reshaped her petite pussy. I finally pulled all the way out she gasped in relief I laid down closer to her and bit her neck she once again moaned in ecstasy. We kissed once again, then I got back into position and shoved my cock back and this time the whole 7” went in. Jackie started moaning louder, now that I had stretched her out and broken through her hymen I was going to speed things up so we could get off.

I started at a slow rate and started to speed up Jackie was moaning louder and louder as I sped up. After about a minute I got her tit back in my mouth and kept licking and biting it this only increased her moaning. That only lasted for about 20 seconds she starts yelling “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, JORDN I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!!!” “So am I baby so am I.” Another 15 seconds later I felt her cum I felt her juices run all over my cock. I was about to cum myself I pulled my dick out of her and ripped off the condom, I jerked myself for may ‘be 3 seconds then I came all over her stomach.

We both lay there panting and trying to recover fell onto my side so I wouldn’t have to lay in my cum. Jackie turned towards me scooping up some of the cum and sticking it in her mouth, “that was the best thing ever” she said. “You we’re the best girl I’ve ever been with” she rolled on top of me which kind of ruined the point of rolling over. “So how many girls have you slept with?” she asked jokingly but I could hear a hint of jealously “None of them were women compared to you.”

We started hugging each other and she laid her head on my chest, I started running my fingers through her hair. I kissed the top of her head, she looked up at me “So what do we do now?” she asked. “Well given that were both covered in cum and sweat I think we should go take a shower.” “Instead of a shower can we take a bath”, I laughed “Sure whatever you want.”

She started to get up but I grabbed her and lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom, she started laughing. I placed her as softly as I could into the jet tub and I turned on the water and climbed in behind her. She leaned back and kissed me we kissed for a few minutes. Then she let go of the embrace and she reached back and grabbed the back of my head. I reached over and turned on the jets, we sat there for awhile then I felt her shift.

She started moaning, “What are you doing”, she laughed and moaned again “are you using the jets to get off. She laughed harder “You are such a bad girl”, I reached in between her legs and started fingering her she moaned harder. I started laughing I started fingering her harder and harder, she was once again moaning in ecstasy. I was getting a hard-on again so with one hand I kept fingering her with the other hand I grabbed her tit and started twisting her nipple.

She started breathing heavy like she had before “Stop Jordan, I’m going to cum again.” That only encouraged me to finger her harder and faster; “OH GOD!” she got all tense then completely relaxed she leaned back and kissed my neck, “thank you baby” “You’re welcome.” I reached over and grabbed the soap and began to clean her off then myself, I then grabbed the shampoo and started to clean her hair it was so long and beautiful. Once we were both clean I lifted her out of the bath tub and dried us both off, then I carried her back to the bed. We climbed into the bed together naked and I pulled the sheets over us and we snuggled together until we fell asleep.

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2011-12-16 15:38:29
Starters we stopped at her house before we went to my house.

Second i own several marijuana dispecenceries and clubs and i come from a wealthy family. I drive because i have a hard ship because my mother is handicapped so thanx for skimming my story and making comments accordingly

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2011-12-14 21:28:08
yeah, and where did she get the change of clothes? they left from school.


2011-12-11 13:58:17
I will be releasing the next story around christmas this one will continue were the last left off but this one will take place at school

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Amazing when will the next one be released

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Nothing like being ENTIRELY fake...Sall good...shouldnt be in the True Story section...

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