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      "You're cooking for me?" asks Hayley. She's smiling at me sarcastically, as though a man can't cook. "That's a woman's job," she says. I take out the fish and begin to skin it, not noticing her when she comes up behind me. She's as silent as a hunter. As soon as I'm done, I turn and find her taking the skin off one of the potatoes on the sink. 
     "Wash your hands first. You clearly know not a thing about hygiene, huh?" I elbow her, smiling slightly. She turns, her flaming red and curvy hair bouncing. Her smile is dazzling as she laughs, her teeth perfect white squares and her lips as pink as a pink rose's. I look away and ahead, not daring to think of her this way. I assigned Hayley as one of the investigators for an FBI case. Not because I wanted something pretty to look at—heck, I'm too old for her, anyway—but because of her expertise in homicide. She's solved more cases in half a year than I did in a year when I was just starting out—before I joined the FBI. But then things between us got a bit intense and she kissed me. 
      She ACTUALLY kissed ME. I don't know how or WHY but the only thing I ever did was give her advise on men as well as music that would 'calm' her. But all I can think of now is her malicious curves, those perky tits/ass, and those big, round gray eyes that seem to be watching me everywhere I go. 
      "How old are you anyway?" Comes that sweet voice.
     "Old enough to be your father," I reply. It was true. While I was 49, she was 24. And while I rarely ever cursed, she did it all the time. As long as she wanted and wherever she wanted. 
     "Oh, c'mmon," says Hayley. Sitting on the counter near the sink. I stare at her and then at her open legs. It's like she's inviting me to come in between them. But I couldn't. We promised we'd take it slow.
     "What? Seriously, Hayley," I say with stern. "You're distracting me." 
    "Oh? Am I?" She brings one of her knees to her chest. Her skirt falls down past her buttcheek and I feel myself stir for the first time in a long time. It looked soft, firm, more than a handful and quite round. . . "I'm sorry, you just make me so horny. . . " 
     I stop and wash my hands, kinda annoyed. "Listen, Hayley, you're very pretty and all, but I really think that we should take it slow." Her features change, become more serious. And I can't help but feel guilty for that. This was supposed to be a date. But the age barrier is still there—too intense and too hot to touch. At least for me. This was my very first time doing this. My first time being with someone so young. "We have to focus. I'm so sorry." I apologize. She bites her lower full lip, letting it come back up glistening wet. 
      To be honest, this was driving me nuts. "Okay, Agent Lynn." She gets off but her smile doesnt come back for a while. Not until a few minutes later, at least. 
     "I really want you to know that I like you no matter what your age is," she whispers low enough for me to hear. I slip a some rice into my mouth, listening to her.  "And frankly, I wish to do you at this moment. Roughly." 
      And then I begin to choke. That had caught me by surprise but god, it really is hard for me to ignore the fact that she just said that. Plus my cock keeps stirring. "You okay?" asks Hayley as soon as I stop choking. She holds either of my shoulders and makes me look at her. Then she starts to laugh. I can only look at her with an incredulous expression.
    "You dare laugh at me?" my face felt hot. I was blushing—BLUSHING! I never blush. Specially in front of women. I guess that I'm too new at this. 
     "Yes, I dare," before I know it, she's grasping my hair and pulling me down toward her lips. Her lips feel soft—like a flower's petal. They're moist, puffy, full.... I reply by slowly kissing her back, pushing her hair back behind her ears. Her fingers tangled themselves up in my hair and pull me, once again, closer to her lips. My arms link around her back. My lips open up to let her small tongue in and before I know it, we're dropping everything we're doing and I'm pulling her up on top of the counter. After gruffly pulling down her small, lace underwear and pulling up her skirt, I spread her legs out and quickly get in between them. The first thing I get is her sweet, sexual aroma. It invades the air around me and impairs my judgment. My cock was hardening to its fullest. I could feel the sperm that had been pent up for so many months boiling in my balls. I felt like I would explode any second. And not to mention that I felt like a teenager in his early years. 
     Within the second, I let my tongue snake out and lick the inner part of her labia. I was expecting for her to complain or say something but she didn't. Instead, she combs her fingers through my hair and pulls me closer. "Bet you like that, huh?" she gasped as I did it again. She tasted sweet, innocent, even. And she liked it. I could tell by the way she moaned and writhed in my arms. Who couldn't? I was practically an expert at this. As her legs widened a bit more, I noticed the way she was moving in small circles. I licked her again, this time making it last longer. Such a sweet scent and taste... It was hard for me to contain myself. I gripped her hips and digged in. Hitting her clit repeatedly with my tongue. I alternate between inserting my tongue into her small, tight place, and licking her clit, sucking on it slightly every once in a while. "Oh, fuck!" She gasps. "That feels s-s-so good," she gasps, laying back against the kitchen counter, arching her back in the process. I watch as her hands grasp her own tits. It turns me on so much to watch her do this that I begin to lick her clit faster, sucking harder. "Yes!" she moans, closing her eyes and licking her lips. "That feels so good!" she gasps out. One of my fingers keeps inserting itself into her tight pussy, feeling around the warm, wet area. I bend them inside of her and feel that upper spot—her g-spot—and stimulate it. "Ah.... Sh-shit! I'm so close! Right there!" she bends her knees and places them on the counter, spreading them out further. I have better access to her clit this way. "Oh, please don't stop! OOH!" Her back arches once again. I have to keep her still in order to keep eating her out. Quickly but deliberately, my tongue hits her clit repeatedly in circular motions. Her moans of pleasure are unmistakable ...  
     Before I know it, her body is writhing uncontrollably and her legs are shaking. She grunts. Her clit grows in size as the protective hood comes out, a sign she's had her orgasm. Quite quick. I smirk at this and only keep going, licking her faster. She's so sweetly wet, ready for my big cock to penetrate her. She sits up, breathing heavy with pleasure, thinking it was over. 
      But it wasn't. Quite the opposite. I enjoyed making a woman orgasm and experience the ultimate pleasure. The female anatomy was always a thing of interest to me and I loved to explore it. At this state, the only thing she could do was squirt and keep coming, but I was pretty sure she didn't know that or had ever experience it by the way she was screaming out for me to stop, telling me she wanted to pee. "Please stop! Oh, it feels too good..." Her small gasps and cries of pleasure had me lapping at her clit as long as I could manage. And I did manage to bring her over the edge a few more times before I stopped. I stood up and all she could do was lay back, her chest going up and down quickly. I smiled at her as she looked at me. Already her legs—and the rest of her body from what I could see—was glistening with sweat. Her hands ran down along her body. Her fingers spread out her labia and I had to take a deep breath to keep myself from doing her on the spot. Honestly, I have never felt this way before. She was seriously making me go back to my teenage years. I liked that. 
       I might be getting older, but that doesn't mean that I can't carry her or that I have no strength. Quite the opposite. I make her wrap her legs around my torso and then I pull her off the counter. She gasps in shock and begins to giggle. "I always knew you were strong," she whispers in my ear. "I can't wait to have your dick in my mouth...." I gulped. I doubt she'd be able to get it in. "... I mean pussy," she giggles again. A sexy thing. "You are a dirty, dirty old man! Oh," she breathes out, her breath hot on my ear and enticing to my cock, as she grinds the slightest bit against my cock. She made sure that our privates didn't make much contact. Probably to tease me.
     Once in my bedroom, I abruptly throw her on the bed.Hayley gasps once again in shock and then gets on her elbows. As I undo my tie, I notice the way her hip bones protrude from her skin as she lowers her skirt—something I have always found sexy. I am down to the last button on my shirt when she sits up, crawls over to me, and places her hand right on my raging hard on. Hayley looks up in admiration, "did I do that?" It's said in such an innocent tone, that I can't help but nod slightly, sliding off my shirt. Her mouth presses down on my cock over the clothe, making me sigh slightly. Hayley runs her hands over it, gripping it and squeezing it as much as she can. Suddenly, she reaches inside and takes my hard cock out. Gasping with surprise as she sees it an lets it go. It goes up on its own but age has made it go a bit to the left. She examines it with her hands again. This time, she peels the skin of the penis back. Squeezing slightly, her hands move up and down in a steady rhythm. After pulling down my pants, she tugs my cock and brings me on top of her. 
      Never once does her hand leave my penis during insertion. I have to say, penetrating her is the most amazing thing I have felt in a while. The head of my cock was engorged with blood. Her tight pussy seemed to be too small for my cock but god dammit, it felt really good. Having her thin, curvy frame and warmth under me felt exhilarating. I set my knees and elbows and pushed into her with my love spear. Her facial expression as she stared at me was one that I will never forget.
     Her mouth was slightly ajar, her nose a bit crinkled, and her eyes partially closed. An expression of pleasure, I'm guessing. "That feels so good, oh fuck. . ." Hearing her say that made me horny as fuck. As my thrusts sped up, her grip on my arms tightened. So did the muscles in her vagina; they gripped my cock tightly, as though it'll go away. I was worried that I would spill my seed into her any second. But that didn't happen. Instead, I held out and gave steady thrusts into her, always making sure my lips were busy on her neck and one of my hands busy on her perky tits. 
     "Aaagh!" I grunt, my cock still thrusting into her. I was beginning to get closer and closer to my climax. Hayley reached down and gripped my ass. 
    "Ride me hard, cowboy," and then she kissed me again. The kiss didn't last long, though. By the time she was finished with that sentence, all I could do was drive my cock into the sweet, sweet heaven that was in between her legs. I gave long, feathery strokes. My hips convulsed on their own, always keeping my strokes long and slow, fucking her and bringing her closer to yet another orgasm this way. I knew she liked it by the way she moaned and looked at me. Those big, gray eyes were driving me crazy. Staring at my face. I grunt again, loud. This tells her how close I am to my climax.
       Hayley gasps, her back arching again. Her hips lifted off the bed as my strokes begin to get quicker, harder, and alternating in circular motions, never once leaving her small tight hole. I could feel it in my testicles—the way my little swimmers were boiling and waiting to be freed after so much time. "Oh shit!" gasped Hayley. Small whimpers come out of her mouth as she buries her face in my neck. "Yes! Yes! GOD! Just like that! FUCKING YES!"  if she liked it hard, she liked it fast, it seems. I do still have it, after all. Her legs tighten around me. I can feel her nipples against my chest, only making me harder if that's even possible. Before I realize it, she makes us roll over. I sit up slightly and hold her perfect ass in one of my hands as she removes her shirt. Immediately I'm met with a set of tits that seem way too good to be true. But they are. So I grasp one with my free hand and let her ride me to my orgasm. Her body falls into a quick rhythm on top of my dick. Her hands lay on my chest for support. I feel the way her pussy keeps milking me as she keeps going up and down, back and forth, alternating between ways that could please me and please her. "Oh, yessss!" she hisses, taking one of her hands from my chest to grasp mine on her chest. She made me squeeze her tit hard. 
     "You're so good at this," I moan, sitting up to nibble on her other breast. I guess that turned her on because she her movements became erratic, uneven, hotter, yet somehow better in a pattern that I couldn't quite describe. Everything seemed so perfect. My cock grew as hard as a rock. My stomach clenched, my balls felt full... 
      As I grunted again—very brutal and animalistic but filled with ecstasy—I could feel the sperm leaving my testicles, running up my dick to the head for release. This made it tingle and grow bigger in size. I met one of her thrusts and held her by the ass in place, spilling my little swimmers into her pussy this way. She moaned loud, arching her back yet again as a sign that she was coming. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed that moment when spurt after spurt of my semen went from me to her. It was such a delicious release, that all I could do was nibble on her skin and grunt every second. She wasn't behind, though. Her moans became louder, sweeter, deeper. It was coming from deep within as her tight walls wrapped around my cock, milking out its juices. Without even thinking about it, I smacked one of her ass cheeks. She seemed to like that by the way she thrusted her butt back at my hand. So I did it again. I played with it—gripped it hard, squeezed it slightly, smacked her for as long as I could, rammed her against my semi-hard cock. 
       "That's nice," she moans, grasping either side of my head and kissing me. Her teeth caught my bottom lip. She sucked on it hard, making it hurt a bit, but I liked it. We both laughed before I laid her on her back again, cock still inside of her, and gave small, steady, slow, feathery thrusts. "We should stay like this forever," she smiled at me, breathing heavy. I knew my cock was still affecting her because, well—it was inside of her! 
     "We should," I reply. Just one word. I pull out of her. She throws her right leg over my legs., near my still semi-hard penis. 
    "So much for taking it slow," she says. We both laugh at that. "That's the best sex I've had in a while." 
     "You're just bluffing," I look at her, raising an eyebrow, as though accusing her of lying. She giggles and hits my chest before climbing on top of me again. Her wet cunt grinds slightly against my cock. It only takes that to get it going again. 
       "I will suck your cock as hard, and as long as I want to. But first I have to fuck you into oblivion," she smirks. I'm surprised by that remark but I'm very much turned on, fully capable and up.
     And she kept to her promise. And god was it amazing.

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