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Just to align everything together before we start this chapter-- I still have Jamie's little yellow frog panties, now hidden in my bedroom closet, that never made it back in her overnight bag before she left to go back home. She hasn't come back over for a few weeks, and now her calls are getting fewer and farther between. I was worried she knew someone had gone through her bag.. I was really mad at myself for fucking up a good thing. I thought she wasn't ever going to stay over again..

I was having a real bad day at work this particular day... I woke up running late, I had to get gas in my car, and I had lost my cell phone charger cord.. My phone was dead before I even got to work.  It was a super busy day, and I couldn't wait until it was over...

I kept telling myself that tomorrow would be a better day, which had now turned into today-- since was just a few minutes past midnight... I was right... All my stress and frustration left my body in an instant, when I drove down my street and saw Jamie's car parked in front of my house.. A strange feeling of guilt stabbed my chest.. I had to get a plan together in case she asked me about the panties... I had hoped she didn't know, and left it at that...

I got my stuff together and carried it up to the house, unlocked the door, and walked in to a dark room-- dimly lit from the light coming from the TV screen.. Jamie was cuddled up under a blanket, facing the wall.. She was asleep.. 

I came in, took off my shoes, and ate my dinner. After I was done, I took a quick shower. I got out and Jamie was just walking back in the front door. She had went outside for a smoke... "Hey stranger" I said to her in a joking way... I guess I had woke her up... She sat down on the couch, and started telling me about how her boyfriend got locked up in jail, and how she was trying to sell some stuff off to get him out. He was an idiot who got caught with a loaded handgun and drugs in his car... He was going away for a while.... She started crying, so I sat down next to her and pulled her gently towards my chest. "it's gonna be ok". I said as she hugged me and laid her head on my shoulder. The smell of her hair, my arms around her, the helplessness in her sobs-- I don't really know what it was, but a weird feeling came over me. Tonight it was going to happen.. 

"You want a beer?" I asked her. "Yea sure."she answered back, wiping her eyes and trying to get herself together. I got up and went down the hall to make sure all the bedroom doors were shut. I didn't want any distractions, and have my wife or one of the kids roam out into the living room.. Somehow I knew in advance I was going to have my way with Jamie that night. I went back across the living room, walking towards the kitchen-- She had propped up her pillow, and she was sitting up changing channels on the tv. With the dim light in the room, and the angle from over her shoulder-- I could see right down her cami night shirt. I quickly grabbed 4 beers, and sat down next to her on the couch. "Sorry about all this." she said. "I just needed to get that out".. 

We drank our beers, and talked about all her problems for about an hour. She was loosening up, laughing and getting more flirty... I was determined to make this happen, right here and now... I moved closer to her on the couch. Then something happened that stopped me in my tracks. "I was awake the last time I stayed over." she innocently looked up at me. "I heard you unzip my bag, I heard you pleasuring yourself, and I heard what you whispered out to me-- thinking I was sleeping." I was in shock... I couldn't believe she knew I was jerking off just inches from her face, when I thought she was sleeping. She heard my whisper, "oooohhh Jamie, I want you so bad"... I was at a loss for words, I was clearly caught. "I went through my bag when I got home, and my panties were gone-- what did you do with them?" she wasn't mad, just curious. "I have them in my room" I said... "No silly, what did you do with them right when you took them out of my bag? Why did you take them in the first place?" I just decided to come clean and tell her the truth. "All the talks we have, you know-- they get me really excited... I was going to put them back." She made a motion with her hand for me to tell her more. "I sniffed your panties while I was jerking off." I told her. "Added in with the thrill of watching you sleep, it really got me off.." I couldn't believe she didn't lash out at me, call me a perv, or something like that. "So why didn't you put them back?" she asked. I couldn't tell her I used them as a clean up rag, after I jerked off in her face when she was sleeping... So I told her I imagine having sex with her all the time, and I get her panties out and sniff them every time I jerk off. "Really?, you want to have sex with me?" ...she looked surprised... "Well I thought...." -- I stopped her in mid-sentence, by putting my finger over her lip, "Shhhh, just let it happen...." All her stories about how good she was about taking her birth control pills on time, the sex positions she had tried, that sexy little hair flip off her shoulder she did as she would talk-- it all ran out of my mind, straight down my spine, and right into my cock. 

I leaned over and started kissing her neck, holding her around her shoulder with one hand-- the other hand exploring her tight young body.... I grabbed the side of her pajama pants, and gave them a light tug... "Let's get these off..., I want to taste you..., I want to make you cum with my fingers and my tongue"... I whispered in her ear as I licked and sucked on her neck and ear lobe...

Her hands reached downward, and with one sweeping motion-- her pajama pants went from her hips, down her legs, and off the ends of her toes. She sat up on the end of the couch cushion, leaned back, and spread her sweet young thighs open... I could feel the pre-cum soaking the front of my boxers, as I kneeled down to make all my imaginative thoughts for the last 2 years finally become a reality... Her panties she was wearing were little orange cotton thongs, with yellow stitching, and a little yellow cartoon duck on the front. I had my arms around her hips, holding her sides with my hands.. I pushed my face into her panties, and sucked in as much air as I could through my nose... She smelled so good... So young, So innocent, So fucking Hot.., just lying back waiting for me to ravish her pussy with my tongue...

I pulled back her panties to one side to see the most beautiful, clean shaved pussy I had ever seen. It was so tiny... I mean the whole length  was maybe 4 inches total. She was already wet from kissing her neck and running my hands over her body-- I gave her pussy a light lick from bottom to top, pushing in slightly and flipping my tongue upwards as I touched her clit.. I felt her inner thighs tremble slightly, as I entered inside her with my tongue... She let out a soft moan, which was all I needed to put me over the edge. I pulled off her panties, and gave them a real good sniff-- reached down around her hips, and pushed my face into her tiny, bald pussy... I licked, sucked, and tongue fucked her pussy for what seemed like hours... I would alternate from licking her hole and teasing her clit with light circular motions with the tip my wet index finger-- to sucking on her little clit-- lightly on and off, teasing her..., as I slowly fingered her, with a perfect motion-- touching her G-spot as I curved my finger just right, up under her pelvic bone. At first she was pulling back when I fingered her just right, saying that it felt like she had to pee... "just relax.." I told her. "The feelings are very similar, you don't have to pee-- trust me. You're about to cum harder than you ever have before.. Just relax and let it happen, ok?" She nodded yes, so slowly eased back into touching her G-spot on the peak, as I glided my finger in and out of her-- slowly building speed and force. She started to try to wiggle away again, so put my hand across her stomach just below her belly button--  pressing down ever so slightly. "Lie back, and take some deep breaths-- like you're relaxing to go to sleep..." I was coaching her, and I knew what would happen if she did exactly what I told her. She answered, "ok, ok-- I'm trying.... It feels so good, I can't sit still.." She laid back, and let me have my way-- fingering her pussy, sucking her clit, and teasing her G-spot randomly with the thrusts of my middle and ring fingers.. By the sounds she was making, I could tell she took my advice. Her body was fully relaxed, and she was slowly pushing her hips upward now-- to meet my fingers on the way inside her. Her first G-spot orgasm was finally building now.. I could feel the inner parts of her pussy opening, as I curved my fingers inside her. "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck......" she kept saying it faster and faster, until she held the last one.. "Ohhhh FUUUUUUUCK!" she let out as she filled my hand with sweet pussy juice... She squirted, just like I knew she could...."Oh my God!" she said as she was catching her breath.... "That was unbelievable."

I smiled as I was licking her girl cum out of my hand... "You were perfect, and you taste so good..." 

Stay tuned-- Chapter 3 coming soon!

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