My first time with another guy, and his Girlfriend!
Sian and I had been friends for years, she had lived beside us when we were growing up, but had moved away when she was about 13, but we always stayed in touch on msn and bebo.
She was just a few years younger than me, but i always had a crush on her, and at times I felt the feeling was mutual. she always had a well toned body from playing hockey, long dark hair and small but pert tits. They were the first pair of tits i actually paid attention too, mostly because I was able to watch them develop over the years. We were very close as kids, and as part of stayin close as teens we always talked to each other about our bodies and how they were developing and talked about who we fancied, and all that sort of stuff. Then it started to get more intimate, she would ask me if I thought she should shave her pussy and stuff. So we became very close!
We always talked about our sexual experiences, but never shared any between the two of us, which i often dreamt about! Until one day, or should i say one weekend when i was about 20 and she was 17!
She had been dating Marcus for about 6 months and early into their relationship he had confessed to her that he was bi. Sian was a little wierd with it at the start, but after talking to me about it, she actually started to come round to it, and realised that hey, he prob wasnt gonna be the guy she marries, so what the fuck! At about the 6 month mark, Marcus suggested that he would love to have a 3sum with another guy, and Sian wasnt so keen, until Marcus told her that she could pick the guy! That brought her round, and she immedately said she had only one guy in mind, the only other guy she wud ever let join in with them, and thankfully that guy happend to be me! I had met Marcus a few times, and he knew how close me and Sian were, he also knew she told me everything about everything, so sometimes he seemed a little awkward around me, but he said it was cool if she wanted me to be the other guy, and Sian then approached me about their little 'idea'.
I was straight, that was that. However I had always been able to appreciate whether a guy was good looking or not. I had never thought about doing anything with a guy, but the idea never repulsed me either. Some times even when i was watching porn i found myself checkin out the guy possibly a little more than a straight guy should, but i never htought anything of it, and put it down to just 'comparing him with myself. So, when Sian first came to me about it, knowing that Marcus was bi, i was a little apprehensive, because i thought, he'll probably want to do stuff with me, so I said i would think about it. For the nest two weeks I found myself on, clicking on 'bisexual' tags, and watchin mmf 3sums all the time! It was really turning me on and it wasn't long before i was on the phone to Sian saying 'yes'!

Marcus had his own place, and Sian stayed there most weekends, so we arranged the date for a Friday night. I was really nervous, but really looking forward to it too. Marcus was really fit, so i made sure i did a bit of extra work in the gym and loads more swimmin in the run up to it, had a good shave too, as i knew Sian loves her men shaved down below. Then the big weekend arrived.
I arrived at the house about 7pm, and was welcomed with a big manly handshake from Marcus, Sian was in the kitchen gettin dinner ready. It was all very civilised and we had a nice meal, chatted round the table about all osrts of things some dirty, some not. When dinner was over, Sian got up and annouced she was getting a shower and would be back in a few minutes, so Marcus and I headed to the sofa. As soon as she was gone, he got really dirty, asking me what I wanted to do with her, and telling me what he would like us to do to her too. I was really starting to bulge in my boxers. I oculd see he was too, as he was only wearin jogging bottoms, i could already see he was massive under them!
I know this is a very slow build up, but just to put it into context. This is where the fun really started! Marcus stood up and went to the TV, and put on a porno DVD, which was so fucking hot it was unreal. It was of course, of a mmf bi 3 sum, of 2 hot, fit guys banging a tasty little blonde thing on a weights bench in a gym! He sat back down and said he 'thought this would get us into the mood' - as if we weren't in it already. Within seconds he had his cock in hand pumping it hard whilst watchin the porn. I didnt know where to look, at his massive cock or at the screen, either way i needed mine out and in my hand too. I undid my belt and jeans and my thick hard shaved cock burst out and it felt amazing just to get my hand round it and have a good tug at it while Sian's boyfriend sat beside me doing the same. After about 2 minutes Marcus started to get undressed, pulling off his tee-shirt to reveal what was quite possibly the best chest and abs i had seen. Even his legs looked hot, and fit. There he was, totally naked with his 9 inch rod in hand waning away, still talking to me about how horny he is for the fun we were about to have.
Without warning, Marcus then came right over to me and grabbed the bottom of my jumper and pulled it off over my head, then the same to my tee-shirt. By this stage i knew what was going on and had started to get out of my jeans. I was physically trembling, and Marcus could see i was nervous. Once i was naked he sat down beside me and said 'don't worry Steve, you look great, and i won't do anything with you that your not comfortable with'. I was partly relieved but also partly sad. by now i wanted him to do stuff with me, i was getting really curios. I plucked up my courage and just said, 'that's one massive cock mate, and very impressive.' He smiled and looked down at mine, 'yours isn't that bad either', and with that he let go of his own and reached over to grab mine! his hands were rough, very manly, and a feeling of intense desire flooded through me in that second. I instinctivly reached over and put my hand around his pulsating rod! I couldnt belive it, but my hand just barely made it round!
I was starting to wonder now where Sian was and then i heard the bathroom door and some footsteps on the landing, so i knew she wouldnt be long now, even though i was quite enjoying myself. WIthin just a few minutes Sian came in, wearing just a towel, and was actually quite angry to see me and Marcus wanking each other, angry because we had started without her!
She dropped the towel to reveal her very hot, firm body! she was about 5foot 7 inches, with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a very sexy size 8 body. Her tits were just perfect little firm b cups and had very sexy dark brown nipples that were as hard as bullets! Her pussy was shaved bare, and looked divine form where i sat, the soft lips tightly held together, her long legs were perfectly shaped and she had gorgeous cute little size 5 feet, with cute little toes, french pedicured. I could have just sat there looking at her all night, but i didn't get much of a chance after that! She threw the towel to the ground, and squeezed between the two of us, grabbing a cock in each hand, she leaned over and kissed Marcus on the lips, then leaned to me and did the same. When she stopped kissing me, her head dived down and started kissing my bulging head! I thought i was going to explode, then before i knew it, she was pushing my hard thick veiny cock to the back of her throat! I was stunned at how fast she deep throated me, I knew I wasn't massive, but hardly any girl I had been with was able to get it all the way in, and Sian was balls deep in seconds. I just ran my hands through her soft brown hair and grabbed the back of her head, as I looked down at her bobbing up and down on my throbbing rod I knew I would be cumming in seconds if she kept up that pace. So i pushed with all my force down on the back of her head, forcing my thick cock right to the back of her throat, she didn't like it but I knew it was what had to be done to stop me cumming so soon. She was obviously starting to choke so i released my grip and her head flew back, my rock hard cock springing out of her mouth. She didnt shout, she just wiped her face with her arm, smiled, then turned to Marcus who had been brutally slapping her arse while she had been deep-throating me. Now with her head banging down on Marcus' big cock, her firm, now red ass was staring me right in the face. It was an amazing sight! What made it even more hot, was the fact that i could now see the bottom of a rather large butt-plug that was lodged up inside her! Now i knew what had taken her so long in the bathroom! Instinctivley I just reached over to it and started to tug on it. It really must have been big I remember thinking to myself, as with a good sharp tug it barely moved!
My cock was seriously about to burst, and at this stage my nervousness had long gone! I was so into it. I jumped up off the sofa, got on my knees behind Sian, and buried my face into her soaking wet, freshly shaved pussy. It was dripping wet, but to my surprise, didnt really taste of anything, which is something i do tend to worry about when going down there. But that was great, so i just ate and ate like a wild man! I ran my hands down each of her thighs, down her calves to her cute little feet, and played about with her toes as I continued to munch on her gorgeous flaps, ramming my tongue in as deep as it would go, she was tight, and even tighter with the butt-plug pressing on the wall!
I decided i wanted inside her, so got up straight on my knees, grabbed my cock and started to rub the throbbing head up and down her beautiful wet lips just to tease her. Sian started to wiggle her bum, signaling that she wasn't happy with my teasing and instead wanted me inside, so i obliged, and with one hard thrust, forced every single inch of my thick veiny shaved cock deep into her tight but extremely wet cunt! As I looked forward I could see her head come up for air and heard her sexy moan as I leaned forward, pushing all my weight onto her, forcing my cock deeper still. Marcus looked up at me, our eyes caught each others and we just smiled! He grabbed her head and told her to get back to work and as she resumed her deep-throating I could see she was pushing her right hand underneath Marcus and I'm sure she was fingering his ass, the look on his face confirmed it!
As I pounded away at her tight cunt, I started to play again with the butt-plug, and I could see, and feel that Sian was trying to squeeze it out with her muscles, so on the rythm of her pushing, I started to pull and eventually the massive plug popped out, i grabbed it, and quickly fixed my gaze on her now gaping ass hole! It was to date one of the dirtiest things i had seen, her quivering ass hole trying desperatley to close back up to normal size. I spat down into the hole, and stopped it's reduction by sticking my left thumg into it. In my irght hand was the large butt-plug which I decided to suck on, so I put the whole thing in my mouth and then was able to stick my right thumb in beside the left!
Marcus looked up and let out a cheer of 'good man, fucking good man!, then stood up, as if Sian wasnt even there, came round behind me, pushed my body forward, got on his knees and spat on my puckering, tight hole. In less than a seocond i felt his hot toungue rimming at my ass and it was electric! My balls tightened and I thought i was about to blow my load inside Sian but i pulled out and squeezed the head till the feeling died a little, then as I went to stick it back in her pussy I changed my mind and pulled my thumbs out of her ass and replaced them with my cock! I spat down on it and slowly started to push it deep into her back door. As I did so I could feel Masrcus starting to tickle at my ass with his fingers and I reached round to reassure him it was what i wanted, then i felt them enter me! wow it was so hot! With teo fingers now fucking my virgin ass, and my cock in his hot girlfriends ass, I was the most turned on i had ever been! I could feel Macus reaching under and grabbing my balls with his free hand, and at that I spat the butt-plug out of my omuth and moaned so heavily! Marcus laughed as he picked up the plug, sucked it, spat on it, then spat on my hole, and slowly and gently then started to force it into my very tight hole!
Once it was fully inside me I actually thought I was going to pass out, the feeling was so intense, so I pulled out of Sian and sat back down on the sofa and lay back cock in hand! Sian seemed worried and got down on her knees beside me and held my hand then asked if I was ok. After a few minutes I was more than ok, and my cock was now raging hard, at which she was now staring and smiling. As I ran my hands through her hair and told her how amazing this had been so far, she gently took hold of my throbbing cock and asked me if I would like bj from Marcus. I guess they knew from my smile, and the ever increasing throb in my tool what the answer was, and soon Marcus was on his knees on the other side of me lowering his head towards my thick veiny rod! The feeling was like nothing else, unlike any woman that had given me head! Within seconds he was balls deep and sucking me perfectly as if somehow he knew just how I would like it! Looking down at my best friend, naked, holding my balls, while her boyfriend deep-throated me like a pornstar i knew it wsant going to be long before i blew. that moment came when Sian's hand moved from my balls to the butt-plug still in my virgin ass, and without warning him, i blew my first load of the night straight into Marcus's mouth. As I lay there drained of a massive load, I watched as Marcus moved to Sian, and spat the load slowly into her mouth, he then stood up and wanked his cock furiously till he exploded into her mouth with his own string of sexy cum, mixing the load with mine. Sian closed her mouth, and I htought she was going to swallow, but instead she got up, sat beside me on the sofa, Marcus told me to open my mouth and then she spat both our loads from her mouth into mine!
I loved it! The two loads filled my now bi mouth and Sian then told me to share it with Marcus so he got the same treatment from me, but he dribbled some of it down his chest, then swallowed what was left. Without thought or hesitation, I leaned over and licked it off his chest, swallowing all i could.
I'm sorry this has been so long, and its not even the start of what happend that weekend! This is the first chapter, comment me your thoughts, and if they are good, and you want me to, i will wrtie down the rest!

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