Let's start the story off with a bang, shall we?...
He grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the bed. Her small 15 year old body was weak and helpless against his strong grasp. Her two older brothers stood in the corner silently, not moving a muscle, or giving her any inclination that they were going to help her.

She tried to scramble off the bed, but a rough callussed hand, tough as leather from years of hard work, smacked her across the face and sent her sprawling to the floor. Blood now trickled from the corner of her swollen lip, mixing with the eyeliner and mascara that ran down both cheeks like black streams. She sobbed loudly, and then she heard the familiar sound of a belt buckle being undone, and a zipper being forced down frantically to let his pants fall to the carpet on the bedroom floor.

She wanted to plead, to beg him to stop, but she knew that it would only arouse him more, making the sex more forceful and brutal. He grabbed a handful of her hair with his huge right hand and bent her over the edge of the bed. Her nightgown provided no protection, not that a pair of pants had ever stopped him before. He grabbed the top of her panties just above her ass crack and ripped them down to the floor. "You've been a very bad girl this week" he growled. "You've had dinner ready late the past two nights in a row. And I think that permits some serious punishment".

He reached down and pulled the belt from his crumpled jeans, folding it in half and making a loud cracking sound a couple times as a warning for what was about to come next. He wound up, and the leather belt cracked over her ass as hard as he could make it, making her shriek and scream in pain. Two more firm whacks followed, and her round, full ass cheeks turned bright red with welts as she continued to scream and cry. "Please, Daddy!" she finally cried out, hoping he would find it in his heart to take mercy on her. But his heart was as black as his fingernails, and mercy wasn't on the menu tonight.

"I'll take that as 'Please punish me for being such a bad girl'" he sneered, pulling his briefs down and revealing his rock hard cock. He lowered his face beside her ear, his breath wreaking of cigarettes and whisky. "And for being so disobedient, I have something special for you tonight" he whispered in her ear. She gasped for a moment, wondering what on earth he could possibly do to her that would be worse than his past treatment. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. "NO!" she screamed, her body violently swinging and squirming in an attempt to get away. She had never had anything in her ass before, but she imagined that it probably wouldn't feel good.

"Hold her down!" her father screamed, and her two brothers obediently assisted her father, each holding a leg and an arm on either side of her, spreading her legs as far as they would go and completely pinning her to the bed. Her father grabbed a cheek in each hand as he had before, pulling and stretching them apart as he lined his cock up with her tiny asshole. Her father's cock wasn't huge, but it was a good six inches long and very thick. Without any warning he slammed half his length inside her, and a blood curdling scream escaped her lips. Tears flowed frantically over her face, and one of her brothers let go of her leg and pushed her face down into the bed to muffle her screams.

Her father grunted and moaned as he slammed his cock harder and deeper inside her, until finally his entire length was buried deep in her tight little asshole. A little bit of blood trickled down his cock; no doubt he had done some tearing with how forcefully he was thrusting into her. It was only about twenty thrusts before he finally growled "Oh...oh...oh...FUCK!" and shot his entire load into her ass. He stayed inside her for several seconds, his hands now digging into her curvy hips. Her cries were now weak and defeated, the blanket under her face soaked in a mixture of tears and blood.

He finally pulled his dick out, and it now hung limply as a sign of his utter relief. "Thanks for the help boys" he exclaimed as he put his briefs back into place and climbed into his pants. He zipped up and put his belt back on, staring at his daughter's bruised and bleeding ass the whole while. "Go ahead and do whatever you want to her" he said. "But leave her asshole alone. I want that to stay nice and tight for me" and with a wink he left the room and shut the door.

Her brothers rolled her over and laid her properly on the bed, pulling her nightgown over her head and off her firm body so that they could admire her beauty. Tavia had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She had perky B cup breasts with light pink aerolas surrounding small nipples, which had grown perky from the cool bedroom air. Her pale skin was soft and smooth like porcelain, except for the disturbing array of scars on her back, thighs, and ass. Her icy blue eyes were only made to further stand out by the black makeup that encircled them, and her full, pale lips quivered with each sob and breath that she took. Her shoulder length black hair was normally straight and silky, but tonight it was a tangled mess from her father's abuse.
She decided just to continue crying silently, rather than argue with her brothers. Any protest on her part would fuel more violence, and her brothers were usually not as rough with her as long as she complied with what they wanted. They would do the same routine that they usually did; her older brother, Brad, would begin fucking her pussy, while her younger brother, Keegan, would shove his cock down her throat. Brad was 18, and a very well endowed young man. He was nine inches long and just as thick as their father. Keegan had recently turned 16, not being that much older than Tavia, and he was about seven inches long, but not as thick.

Brad slipped out of his pants and boxers and right into his sister's tight, young pussy. She didn't enjoy being raped and beaten and thus she wasn't very wet, but her brother's oozing precum helped lubricate her walls and allow him to slide easily in and out of her. Keegan was squatting over her face with his hands behind her head, forcing every inch of his erection deep into her throat. She gagged and sputtered, but she didn't dare bite him or slack in her effort to please him. The only time that she had bit him she was briskly awarded with a broken jaw.

Between the abuse from her father and two brothers, Tavia had become impeccable at giving head, and it only took about five minutes for Keegan to reach a body shuddering orgasm. He pulled out and came all over her pretty face, his salty bodily fluids stinging as they hit the cut on her lip. She winced once more, and a single tear rolled down her flushed cheek. She was pretty much out of tears to cry now, and just breathed heavily and whimpered, bruised, beaten, and helpless. Keegan shook every last drop out onto her before proceeding to get dressed, but he didn't leave the room right away as her father had. He stayed to watch Brad and fondle and suck on her perfect teenage breasts.

Brad had more stamina than both his father and younger brother, and Tavia knew it would be about a good twenty minutes before he would finish. He thrust his big cock into her with the passion and craze of a mad man, as if this were his first time getting laid in a very long time. In reality, he had raped his sister just a couple days ago. He grabbed her shoulders to help give him leverage, ensuring that his entire length could fill her tight hole with every thrust. Seventeen minutes after initially entering his sister, Brad felt his entire body overwhelmed by the sense of an intense orgasm, and he held his sister tightly in his arms and squeezed her as each hot, sticky spurt flooded into her perfect little vag.

Brad joined his brother, and also proceeded to get dressed. Then he ordered Keegan to leave the room. "But...why? What are you gonna do? I wanna see!" Keegan whined, not unlike a small child ordered to turn off the television. "Just go!" Brad yelled, punching his brother in the shoulder. Keegan shot him a deathly glare, but left the room without any more protest.

Now Tavia was alone with Brad, who stood on the floor beside the bed, seeming to loom over her weak and broken body.

To be continued...

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2013-04-28 01:08:14
You know rapests get ideas from you. Next some one gets raped i will blam u


2012-01-10 03:15:02
there are so many positive comments here the anonymous people have taken the words right out of my mouth. :) great job! i loved it, keep writing!

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LOVE it! Don't worry about the negative comments. If they don't like rape stories, they don't have to read them. It's SOOOO hard to find a real rape story, instead of one that starts out forceful then the girl turns into a slut, likely every stroke. Can't wait for pt 2!!!

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there should be a flashback to how she got into this arrangment. really good

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