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I will be the master
You'll be my slave
Ill tie you up with ropes
And give you what you ave

You'll feel me so much
Biting on your chest
Thrusting into your core
Tearing at your breast

Ill flip you to appease me
And enter your from there
I love your little plea
To take you in a form so rare

When I'm done with that ill flip you just because
And ill begin to kiss your "lips"
To give you that little buzz

As I enter your soft moth with a lick
I'm greeted by this constant torrent of juices
Which covers my toungue and decides to stick
Cumming and creaming, your lip just oozes

Now your tired I have got you thrice
Let's flip you again to repeat it twice

You begin to shake
Your so nervous here
No need to ake
No need to fear

Ill rid you of your worry
Ill rid you of most pain
But this I won't hurry
You'll be mine again

You will be my toy
Your here to pleasure me
I don't want you to be coy
Just get on your knee

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-30 05:02:52
decent though it could be better

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-14 10:06:55
Ooooh yes please....Mistress Susan

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