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The last chapter ends with Jamie catching her breath, after being finger fucked to her first squirting, G-spot orgasm... I was licking her girl cum out of my hand, and we were sharing a moment of pure ecstasy..

The thoughts of having my way with her, did not even compare to the reality of actually touching her soft skin, tasting her pussy juice, hearing her reach orgasm with her panting moans, the smell of her hair, watching her squirm with my fingers inside her.... This was a perfect moment.

I sat down next to her on the couch, and slid my pants off... My cock sprung up as it was finally free from being held down. "Now it's my turn.." I leaned over and whispered in her ear. I took her hand and gripped her fingers around my cock. I showed her exactly the way I like to be sucked and jerked off at the same time. I told her how you're supposed to lick it nice and wet, then hold a light grip, while you twist your wrist as you go up and down-- like a corkscrew. Her hands were so small, and because she played sports, she kept her painted nails trimmed short. She had the perfect hands-- tiny, soft, and so gentle... She was trying hard to please me, returning the favor from her first squirting orgasm about a half an hour earlier... "Is that ok? Do you like that?" she was looking up at me, down on her knees, with my hard cock in her hand-- jerking me off, sucking and licking on my shiny purple head. "You're doing a great job, Jamie" I was encouraging her... "But I'm not like your boyfriends.." she answered back "uhm hmm" (which meant I understand or I know to me).., with my cock buried in her mouth..
 "I'm going to tell you when I'm going to cum".. I was instructing her now. "you're going to let go of me, and I'm going to stand up and jerk off on your face." she looked up again, and gave me a look like she wouldn't like it, so I told her again like I meant it-- "I'm going to cum on your pretty face Jamie".. Her corkscrew hand-job got a little tighter... She licked on my balls, spin-stroked me, and spit on it as she did.. She was performing like veteran porn star. Just looking down at her servicing my cock was enough-- not to mention how turned on I got by licking and fingering her pussy earlier..

After a while I said, "Let go, I'm gonna cum!" As I stood up--I grabbed her blonde ponytail right at her head, and yanked it back with my left hand, holding it tightly there-- forcing her face to look up at the ceiling. As she opened her mouth to yell out in pain, I quickly stuck the head of my cock in there and proceeded to stroke myself, and shoot my entire load in her mouth. She made a gagging sound, and I thought she was going to spit it out. So I grabbed the front of her chin with one hand, and pushed her head back-- then with my other hand I plugged her nose. She was GOING TO swallow my load, whether she liked it or not... She tried to cry out, but my cum was too thick to let her breathe... Finally, she swallowed every drop, and I let her loose.. "What the fuck!" she seemed angry. "You were choking me !" 

Well, to tell the truth-- I guess I did.. And according to her, I was selfish, inconsiderate, and didn't care about her feelings-- listening to her bitch about how wrong I was was getting old real fast.. I grabbed her by the front of her cami nightshirt, and slammed her down flat on her back on the couch. We both were still naked from the waist down.. She was still in shock from me grabbing her, when I pulled her legs up and slid my cock into her tiny little pussy. She was incredibly wet for someone who was mad about being choked, and forced to swallow a load of cum.. Her angry reaction was a natural response. Deep down inside her, I knew there was a sex freak who would act out all of my deepest fantasies.
As I held her legs up, I held down her hands.. I pulled on her wrists as I thrusted my cock deep inside her tiny pussy. "SSSSTOP! You're hurting me!" I wasn't going to stop if the world caved in.. She wasn't hurt, she just never had anyone fuck her hard and deep like I was doing. I was comfortable in thinking she wanted me, and I wanted her. Her requests for me to stop turned into moans of pleasure, as I leaned down and started sucking on her little B cup titties. I let her legs down, and held myself up on my knees. I pulled her hips towards me, and pushed my cock all the way inside her tiny little 18 year old body. I kept building speed and force until I felt my climax-- "I'm gonna cum!.... Oooohhh I'm cumming inside you Jamie!" I shot my load inside her... It felt so good... If the world was going to end, I wished it could be right at that moment...

I'm not going to get into the details, but I never got to have any kind of sex with Jamie again... It now is nothing more that a memory that will forever live in my mind... I still have her little yellow cotton thong panties, with green stitching, and the little green cartoon frog on the front. Sometimes I pull them out and jerk off, even to this day, thinking of our encounter we had that night... I hope you enjoyed my story... TRUE to the best of my recollection...

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2014-11-04 05:53:27
and this is 'snuff' how???

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2012-07-20 23:40:26
I enjoyed all parts but felt the ending was rushed. Good job over all though.

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2012-02-21 02:54:56
If you think of it like that you shouldnt hav read all three parts

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If you think of it like that you shouldnt hav read all three parts

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