Seduced by an older woman
For those who judged the story line BEFORE it was really developed, I hope you'll look at this series in a different light. Wait and see where it's going, don't guess . . . Fantasy turned into reality. . . 1 is titilating, 2 is intro and this is the next step.

I awoke often that night and kept looking at the clock as the night dragged on. I kept thinking about Celeste, her beautiful long dark hair, her fantastic tits, her slender figure and most of all her pussy. When I first saw her naked it was great but when she was across the kitchen the patch of black hair was hiding her secret. Never having seen a REAL pussy it was sort of a disappointment. But she was naked and my dick didn’t really care. Then, when she spread her legs and let me see her close up, wow! The patch of hair stopped at the top of her pussy and her clit and lips were exposed for me to see.

I ended up getting out of bed very early, put on my uniform and went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. Mom came down a little while later and said “My, you’re up early! What’s going on?”

“Nothing really, just slept great and wasn’t tired anymore.” I lied.

“Have you had enough to eat or should I make the usual.”

“Mom, you know I can always eat more.”

Then my dad came into the kitchen and started with the same stuff. “What the hell? What is this world coming to! What is my son doing up so early in the morning? Should I be worried, should I be happy, or . . . ?”

“Nothing to worry about dad, I’m just excited for a new day!”

Into the kitchen comes my older, and in the eyes of my parents, perfect sister, Allie. Although today is no different from any other, except for the fact that I was the first one in the kitchen, I looked at my sister in a different light. She’s quite nice looking, long straight hair framing her face, slim, quite lovely to look at. Why haven’t I noticed this before? And all of a sudden I’m not so opposed to our schools uniforms. Her white blouse and kerchief aren’t much but that skirt she wears really makes her legs look nice. Especially when the girls roll up the waists to shorten them when they are not near parents or school. I really hadn’t thought about that before, but now I couldn’t wait to see more of her legs as we walked to school.

“I’m sorry mom, what did you say?”

“I said what are you two going to be doing after school?”

I said “I’ll probably go to the ball field with the guys.”

Allie said “Hannah and I are going to get together here and work on our science project.”

Hannah, my sister’s best friend, has always teased me to no end! She is a beautiful red head with amazing blue eyes. Her figure is wonderful, just the right size tits, not too many freckles, and wonderfully long legs! When she is with my sister and I am around she says things like “If you weren’t Allie’s little brother . . .” and “When you grow up . . .”

The day dragged on and on! Classes were so fucking boring and to make matters worse I walked around all day with a hard on just thinking about Celeste!

When the school day finally came to an end I rushed out of school so that I could avoid my friends. I didn’t want them to hang around and maybe mess up my afternoon. I headed to Ray and Celeste’s house as quickly as I could without running. When I reached their stairs I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I walked up to the front door and saw a note that said “Come in, bring this note and lock the door when you are inside.” I took the note, turned the knob and the door opened. Once in the hall I closed the door and locked it. I looked towards the kitchen and saw Celeste sitting at the kitchen table. She was wearing the same dress that she wore yesterday. I dropped my book bag by the door and walked towards the kitchen. When I entered she said “High handsome, I’m happy to see you.”

“Hi Celeste, I’ve been thinking about you all last night and all day.”

“Have you really? And what have you been thinking.”

“I’ve been thinking about how much I liked fucking you and how much I want to fuck you again.”

“You little prick! Didn’t you learn anything yesterday? Go back to the front door and come in again. And this time think about what you should say!”

I was confused and turned back towards the front door and wondered about what I did wrong. I stood looking at the door for a moment and turned back towards the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen Celeste said “Hi handsome, I’m happy to see you.”

I said “I’m happy to see you to. I’ve been thinking about you and couldn’t wait to see you again.”

“Good!” she said. “Tell me why?”

Oh shit! Another test . . . “I’ve missed being able to . . . “

“That’s a good start, now really think about what to say next.”

I thought about yesterday and today and for some reason Hannah came to mind. “I’ve missed being able to look at you, being able to see your long hair as it frames you face, being able to look into your beautiful eyes, to see your lips and want to kiss them!”

“Oh baby, that’s what I want to hear! That’s really good . . . come with me now to the play room.” She stood up and held out her hand. I took it and she lead me towards the door to the playroom. We descended the stairs and just like yesterday the sleeper sofa was open and ready for action. She walked me to the bottom edge of the bed and stopped. I put my arms around her and pulled her close and began to kiss her.

She stepped back and said “Take off your clothes!” As I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants I watched her seductively slip her dress off and drop it to the floor. She didn’t have on a bra or panties! I pulled off my shirt and moved to her.

I tried real hard to remember to make my tongue hard and use it to fuck her mouth. Everything was going well and I was getting so excited so I reached down to her crotch and started to grab her pussy and grope it. All of a sudden she pushes me away and says “Fuck! You get it and then you don’t! You are supposed to be seducing me, not raping me! That fucking little head of yours is making a mess of everything! Go into the bathroom and jerk off! I’m not going to condone your behavior like last night. Get your rocks off and then maybe the big head will be able to do the right thing!”

Like a puppy being scolded I walked into the bathroom and heard her say “And close the fucking door!” So I did and as I tried to decide what to do I noticed that the left side of the bathroom wall was mirrored, so I could lean my backside against the sink and watch myself jack off in the mirror. I was already hard enough to drive nails and wanted so badly to fuck the shit of Celeste so I grabbed some TP and began to beat my meat. I watched myself in the mirror and attacked my dick with just a little bit of aggression! I wanted to get at Celeste’s pussy now, not later. So I stroked my dick and as I watched myself in the mirror I didn’t take long and came and tried to catch my cum but there was so much that I got some in the TP and some dropped to the floor. Who gives a shit? Now I want to get at Celeste . . .

As I leave the bathroom I see Celeste at the foot of the bed, facing the mirror. She looks over to me and says “Is the little head ready for the big head to take over?”

I looked her in the eyes and said “Yes, I’m ready to listen and learn.”

She looks away from me and as she faces the mirror she is staring at her image as she starts to rub her pussy. She turns her head in my direction and asks if I’m ready to make her happy.

I look her in the eye and ask “What would you ask of me? Please, tell me how I can please you.”

“Oh, perfect my love, asking me what I want is what I want to here.”

She stood up and said “Now, let’s start again.” I moved to her and slipped my arms around her, with one arm over a shoulder and the other around her waist. I pressed my lips to hers and turned my head to the side as I began to explore her lips and mouth with my tongue. I felt her hands go around me and we held each other close. I broke the kiss and began to kiss her cheek, then her chin and as her head tilted back I started nibbling and kissing her neck. I started to break the embrace as my lips were making their way to her breasts. I brought my hands slowly around her sides, gently brushing her skin as they made their way to the sides of her breasts. As I left her neck I used my tongue to tickle her skin as I headed between her cleavage, trying to decide which nipple to assault first. As my head moved to the left my right hand began a “gentle” massaging of her other breast. My mouth had reached her nipple and began the tongue and teeth teasing that she had taught me. She indicated her pleasure by running her hands through my hair as she moaned and purred. She moved my head away from her breast and had me begin the same process on the other.

All the while I was trying hard not to assault her cunt like I had before. I really wanted to stick my fingers and then my prick in her sweet, sweet pussy! But I didn’t want another time out so I concentrated on the task at hand, or mouth, as it were. Then she said “That feels so good! Oh baby, now you can touch my pussy. But use your finger to softly tickle my clit. Rub it between my lips to get it wet then tickle me. . .”

I used my middle finger on my right hand to slip easily between her cunt lips a few times, man was she wet, and then slid it up to her clit. Het nipples were really hard and while nibbling on one I was tweaking the other. She was making me work! My mouth and both hands were busy pleasuring her. My cock was hard and ready to fuck but I knew I’d have to earn it by making her cum, and maybe cum some more.

“Kneel before me . . . I want you to make me cum and I want you to do it while I watch us in the mirror. Now, using two fingers, I want you to use them to reach into my cunt and feel forward and find my most sensitive spot. And, while you are looking for it, lick my clit like I showed you yesterday. Nice and slow with a stiff tongue, now try it.”

So now I’m looking at her beautiful pussy, just like I saw last night when I couldn’t sleep . . . her clit is so stiff, sticking out at the top of her lips that are so wet that they are almost dripping! I can’t wait to taste her juices . . .

I followed my instinct and used my pointer and middle finger to reach into her cunt while I licked at her clit. I tried to go slow as she has been very clear about me making sure that I am supposed to be making her happy as opposed to just me getting off. I’m now searching inside of her pussy, looking for I don’t know what, while lightly and slowly licking her clit. I hear her say “Oh baby, that’s really good! Keep those fingers pushing towards where you’re licking, yeah baby, just like that. You are doing great, yeah, nice and easy, yeah, slow, oh, oh, oh, that’s fucking perfect, yeah baby, yeah baby, OH YEAH!” and now I’m having trouble just holding on! She’s bucking and bending with her hands on the back of my head and moving all over as she’s having what I believe is a huge orgasm!

“Oh baby, that was really, really good. Now, I want you to do the same thing, but while you have your two fingers in my cunt, use your little finger to do my ass.”

“Um, I’m not sure I understand. You want me to put a finger in your butt?”

“Am I not making myself clear? What part on in my butt didn’t you understand? Look, just put your clothes on and go home! I’m tired of having you question everything I’m trying to teach you!”

“I’m sorry! I don’t mean to be disobedient, I’m just trying to be sure that I know what you want.”

“Okay, then think about what I’m telling you and just do it! Put your fingers back in my pussy and use your little finger to fuck my butt!”

So as I knelt before her I reached up and put my fingers back into her pussy and used my little finger to slide into her asshole. I could see her watching herself in the mirror and she was saying “Oh yeah, I love my boy toys! I love to have them suck me, fuck me, and do my ass!”

“Oh, that is so nice! But I want more! Let me go so I can get on the bed.”

I watched her turn towards the bed and crawl forward on her hands and knees. She looked back at me and said “I want you to eat my ass! Stick that stiff fucking tongue in me as far as it will go and do it now!”

So here I am a horny fucking teenager with a beautiful mature woman on her hands and knees in front of me and I’ve learned not to question or hesitate. I climbed up behind her and went right for her asshole. I didn’t hesitate as I stuck my face between her cheeks and tried to fuck her asshole with my tongue! I thought it would be nasty but she was clean, she obviously planned this. I decided to use my fingers to fuck her pussy and was rewarded with her saying “Yeah baby, that’s it, fuck my pussy and ass! Flick my clit! That’s it baby boy, make mommy cum!” Within just a minute or so she started to moan and I feel her pussy tightening on my fingers! “Oh Yeah baby, keep it up, yeah, yeah, oh yeah!” She leaned forward and rolled over and said “Now work mommy’s clit with that tongue! Oh you can be a good boy when you want, can’t you? That’s the way, flick that clit! Lighter, lighter, yeah, like that . . . oh baby, almost there, almost there . . . aaaahhhhhh Yeah!” Her hands were pushing my head hard into her crotch and it was hard to breath with my nose in her pubes. She lay there breathing hard and then she lifted her head and looked at herself in the mirror at the foot of the bed and said “That was fucking fantastic!”
So as I’m thinking about how I’m going to get off I hear Ray say “That was fucking great!” I looked to my left and there’s Ray looking at us laying on the sofa bed. He says “You two are fucking great, brilliant! My lovely Celeste is a great horny MILF and you are one obedient little fucker! This should be worth a lot!”

I didn’t know what to think or say. Ray had not been visible or said anything about me having sex with his wife. All of a sudden he shows up after I’m finishing licking his wife’s pussy and I’m thinking “Aw fuck! I haven’t gotten off yet! And what does he mean that this should be worth a lot?”

Ray walked over to the couch on our left and sat down. Needless to say, my erection diminished as I was trying to cover up and to figure out where this was going.

Ray said “So my young friend, I’ve let you have your way with my lovely wife and I think it’s only fair that you provide me with a trade. I want you to watch some of these short movies and then we can talk.”

He has a remote in his hand and he says “Here’s some very nice film I’d like you to see . . .”

I had no choice so I watched his big screen and was really surprised to see Celeste fondling my dick. I was confused because I was seeing what I had seen looking at the mirror yesterday as she was playing with my dick. Then the view changed and I could see me and Celeste on the sleeper fucking yesterday, first from the foot of the bed and then it was a view looking down on us. I could see me fumbling with her and finally fucking her before I got up and left. Then the scene changed to a moving camera, going towards Celeste as she lay there. I heard Ray’s voice say “So you like your new toy, eh?” Celeste was smiling and said with a little more training I think he’ll work out nicely.” Ray says “Watching you play with him has made me very horny.” The camera points down and focuses on his hard dick! Celeste can be heard saying ”Well bring that over here and let me help you.”

As the camera pans back to her she is reaching under the bed and when her hands appear she has a little tube. She opens it and squeezes something into her hand and after putting the tube down she moves to the edge of the bed and the camera follows her hands to Ray’s dick. She begins rubbing it, stroking it making it slick. Then the camera pans up and Celeste was on the bed getting on her hands and knees presenting her luscious backside to the camera. She reached behind herself and stuck a finger in her ass. She pulled it out and rubbed some lube around her brown eye and then stuck 2 fingers in! Then she stroked a couple of times and pulled them out. “There you go baby, take what’s yours.”

The camera moved to a point above her and then I watched as Rays cock pressed against her and slowly penetrated her ass. A few short strokes and then he went deeper and deeper . . . then he was balls deep! None of his cock was visible! Then the screen went blank.

“So my young friend, I have been very giving and have let you fondle and fuck my wife. I have some more video I want you to watch and then we can talk about making a deal. “

I watched as Ray fast forwarded through some film which showed me and Celeste making out and realized that this was just a little while ago. Then I saw me from the front while I was jacking off in the bathroom. It looked like what I saw in the mirror and realized that the scene that I was watching was taken looking directly at me!

Ray said “I’ve got a little movie making company and this whole playroom area is surrounded by two way mirrors. So now that you know that there are no secrets I want to make a deal. I have given you my wife, her pussy and now you’ve even eaten her ass and if you want more, like sticking that dick you’ve got into her again, pussy or ass, your choice, I want you to give me the same.”

“What is it you want from me?”

“Well my young friend, just like Celeste I like them young too. I want you to find a girl, bring her over here and use our playroom. I want to watch you kiss, fondle, strip, suck each other and then fuck. Simple as that.”

“But I don’t know any girls that do that.”

“Oh I bet you do and you just don’t know it. Think about it . . . think about the girls you know . . . I bet you’ll think of one. When you do, tell her you want to meet after school and bring her here. Ring the bell 3 times, and wait. After a minute, reach into the planter by the window and you’ll find a key. Let yourselves in and come down here and party! That’s it! Do that for me and then we can talk about you and Celeste getting together again. Deal?”

“I’ll try.” I watched Celeste slide off of the bed and crawl over to Ray. She reached up and started to unbuckle his belt. “Fuck me Ray!”

Ray said “Okay kid, you’re done here. Get dressed and get out of here! Hope to see you soon . . . let me get the camera baby . . . ”
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