Father Has Sex With Son's Gilrfriend
Goth Child

This is a true story of something that happened to me when I was in my late thirties. My son was sixteen at the time and his girlfriend was fourteen. Although they were different ages they were in the same grade at school. My son was one of the oldest in his class and the girl was the youngest. Rumor had it that she skipped second grade. But they were as different as night and day. Where my son was a jock she was all about the goth scene. Where my son had an athlete’s build she was borderline anorexic. Where my son worked on having a nice tan her skin was so white I don’t think the sun’s rays ever touched it. Where my son had styled blond hair with curls she had straight haired dyed as black as possible. Where my son dressed in loose fitting clothes most of the time her attire would be black jeans so tight I couldn’t she how she could get them on. They didn’t even seem to be interested in the same things. But she was cute and I thought that might be the only reason my son was attracted to her.

She had been to the house on a few occasions she came across to me as being shy. She did not speak much to me but when she did she spoke in a very soft voice. I think she only talked to me because I was her boyfriend’s dad. One day though I came home mid-morning during a school day and found what they did have in common. What happen was that I was in a hurry to pick up a work file I had left at the house. Instead of using the power garage door opener and entering the house through the garage as normal I decided to use the front door instead since it would be closer to the file. To save more time I didn’t even close the car’s door. I opened the front door and walked quickly to the study where the file was. Along the way I thought I heard a noise upstairs but it was not loud enough to concern me. But after picking up the file and walking back towards the front door I heard the noise again but this time much louder. I stopped and listened but could not make out what the noise was or why there would be a noise from upstairs. Slowly I made my way up the steps and determined that the noise was coming from down the hallway towards my son’s room. I stopped a listens and was able to make out what the noise was; a bed creaking. I walked softly towards the noise and saw that his door was open. I suspected what I was going to see and was correct, my son was lying between two pencil thin white legs banging the hell out of that little girl. They were in the missionary position with me behind them. I should have done many things but all I did was watch as my son’s cock slid in and out of that little body. About the time I realized I had a full erection I heard him start talking.

“I’m about to cum”

She said something that I could not make out but my son immediately pulled out of her and he walked on his knees until he was straddling her chest. His right hand started making motions as if he jacking off and then I heard him say,


He started bucking his hips and I saw a squirt of cum go over her head. Then it looked like he pointed his cock downward after that first squirt and I could only guess he was dumping the rest of his load on her face. I left the house as quietly as I could. To keep from making noise outside I did not even shut the car door or start the engine. I just put the transmission in neutral and coasted to the end of the block before starting the engine or closing the door. That night and off and on for the next two weeks I masturbated to the sight and sound in my mind of what I had witnessed. I even fantasized several times while masturbating that I was the one banging that little, tight, white bodied girl.
About two weeks after this happened my car had a flat tire during a rainstorm. I tried to change the tire myself on the shoulder of the road but all I accomplished was to get wet and muddy. The auto club picked up the car, took it a shop and then took me home. I came in through the garage and decided to shower in the bathroom besides the kitchen so as not to track mud through the house. Since there was a home football game tonight I knew my son would not be home until after the game. Thinking I was the only one in the house I did not put on any clothes after the shower and walked to my upstairs bedroom naked. But as I walked into a room I came face to face with the girlfriend. At first we were both startled and we both stepped back but then she dropped her eyes and stared at my cock.
At this point you either turn and run, cover up and say ‘excuse me’ and continue on or act if nothing unusual happen. I chose the later.

“I’m sorry, I’ didn’t expect anyone to be in the house. Where’s Chad?” I asked wondering where my son was and why was she in the house by herself.

“He went to pick up Sean”.

“Why didn’t you go along?”

“I can’t stand that jerk” she said. “Chad said I could just wait here until he drops him off and comes back here.”

“What about the game tonight?”

“It was called off because of the storm” she said. This entire time she was talking she never looked at my face, she just continued to stare at my cock. Visions of my son banging her was all that I was thinking about as I was talking to her. Although I never looked down I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I was not fully erect but enough so that I knew it was sticking out slightly away from my body.

“Will Chad ever get that big?” she asked finally looking at my face. My cock is probably only average in size but was apparently the largest she had ever seen.

“No way to know” was all that I could think to say.

For what seemed like a long time neither of us moved or said anything. Then she took three quick steps toward me until we were almost touching. She looked up in my eyes and before I realized what she was going to do she dropped to her knees while continuing to make eye contact. Without hesitation she lifted my cock with her right hand and guided it into her mouth. She brought her head forward until I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. She pulled her head back and then forward again until I hit the back of her throat again.

The feeling was unbelievable. I’ve had many blow jobs, and she was only getting about an inch of the shaft into her mouth, but I’ve never had a better blow job. The whole time she was doing this I kept thinking of all the reasons this was wrong but I realized also that was why it felt so good. The taboo of not only having sex with a fourteen year old but also doing your son’s girlfriend! About the time I could feel an orgasm starting to build she stopped, stood up and began to remove her pants.

“Fuck me” was all she said.

“I’m not sure I’ll even fit into you”

“Then force it in” she said in a tone that surprised me.

By now she had her pants off and was lying on the floor. She spread her legs wide apart and without thinking twice I knelt between those skinny long white legs. She was completely bald between her legs and as I was staring she reached between my legs and grabbed my cock. I moved forward enough so that it made contact with her opening. She rubbed my cock head up and down her opening a few time and I could feel her wetness.

“Shove it all the way in” she said as she put her skinny legs around my waist. I did just that, I drove into the opening as hard as I could. I got about three fourths the way into her when my cock suddenly hit an obstruction and stopped moving; I was up against her cervix. She grunted.

“Pound me” she said.

I did just that. As I fucked her she removed her shirt so we were both naked on the floor. I was like an animal trying to reach orgasm as fast as possible without any regards for her. But she kept encouraging me and seemed to enjoy it the rougher I became. I could not get over how small, white and skinny she was. I knew I was fucking a child. Finally I had reached the point of orgasm but was still able to think clearly enough to ask if she was on birth control.

“On my face, I want it on my face” she answered as if she was angry that I would do anything else.

So I did what I saw my son do; I pulled out of her, walked on my knees until I straddled her chest, grabbed my cock and began jerking off. It only took a few seconds before I felt the first rush of cum flow through the shaft. I pointed my cock in the middle of her face and the first squirt blasted her right between her eyes. I kept shooting onto her face until there was nothing left. I was still straddling her chest catching my breath when she calmly began taking the cum off her face with her hand and spreading over her body. As she got the upper parts covered I slid off her and she continued covering her body in my sperm until it was completely spread out and could not be seen.

I think we both thought about when my son might return at the same time because she quickly she got up and started dressing.

“We’ll tell Chad that you came home after I was already here. This never happened.” She said.

“Sounds good to me” I said.

I went up to my room and waited for my son to return home. Needless to say I was torn with emotions. I was both disgusted with myself for not only fucking my son girlfriend but also for fucking a girl who was only fourteen. But I also had to admit that was the best fuck I’d ever had! Although I knew what I did was wrong I also knew if the opportunity presented itself again I was going to do it again!

A few weeks later I noticed that my son was hanging around a different girl and asked about the goth girl. He said they had broke up and did not give a reason why. At first I was scared that the girl would tell someone what we had did and I’d end up in jail. But as the days turned into months and months into years I gradually became less fearful but always remembered what had happen that day.

About eight years later I stopped late one night at a gas station to fill up. I went into the store to purchase some beer and was surprised that the girl working the cash register asked for an ID for the beer purchase for by now I was in my mid-forties. At first I thought that maybe her boss was around and she was trying to make an impression but when she handed the card back to me she spoke to me.

“Thought that was you” she said with a big smile. I guess she could tell by my expression that I had no idea who she was.

“You don’t remember me?” she said with a laugh. I was at a loss for who she was. She looked around to make sure no one would hear and then said softly,

“I was your son’s girlfriend that you fucked on the living room floor!”

That night I did her again in the very same spot !

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2015-08-10 03:07:38
lol i would literally torture my dad for weeks and finnaly kill him by pouring a 5 gallon bucket full of a mixture of lemon juice and bleach on him if he did that to me :)


2014-02-24 06:03:24
wow, nice. Very nice


2011-12-19 22:43:04
I loved the story it was awesome I hope you continue it and tell more about you and the girl

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2011-12-19 00:03:30
It was ok but you should have told about the second time you fucked her


2011-12-18 10:53:00
nice story no long drawn out scenarion straight to the point true stories should always get to the point

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