And back to where we left off…

“(sigh) Alright then in that case, I’m gonna have to go with…
They both were looking at me intently and I couldn’t help but smile.
“IT’s not gonna hurt your feelings if I don’t pick you is it?”
“Oh alright”
“I think Ryan was better.”
He got THE biggest smile on his face. I couldn’t believe how happy he got. He smiled at me, then at Dylan and then at me. Haha, I loved it. And so did he.

“Haha, Ryan it is not that big of a deal.”
“Yeah it is now what did we bet?”
“We didn’t bet anything.”
“are you sure?”
“Well I’m not”
“Ryan we didn’t bet anything.”
“he’s right.”
“Did you want something?”
“What did you want?”
“I don’t know.”
“yeah ya do, what do you want?”
He yawned heavily. Which made me and Dylan yawn.
“even with a nap your tired.”
“Well then I suppose we can take one.”
“Or. Or. Or we could do something else.”
“Like what?”
He laughed and went into the bedroom. I looked at Ryan and he smiled at me. Ryan Loved my and I loved him. I just couldn’t believe I had fallen in love with someone five years younger than me. What made it even weirder was the fact that Dylan was okay with it, and he and Ryan had been doing things for a while. And that Dylan was gay. But I just knew it was going to end differently.
“Are you coming?”
“Yeah ryan go on in, be right there”
I thought it was going to be awkward. But I was wrong, way wrong. I stood in the kitchen for a few minutes going over that past 24 hours in my head. I couldn’t believe it all. It seemed so fake. Like a ridiculous dream, or a bad sci-fi channel movie. I heard them whispering for a minute and then it stopped. So I figured I would go join them. I walked in and they were both fully naked, and fully hard. Both gorgeous. I shot up like a rocket in an instant. Fastest boner I had ever gotten.
“So what did you two have in mind?”
“We were thinking we have some good ol’ fashioned fun.”
“What kind of fun?”
Dylan walked over to me and planted his lips right on mine. A passionate love filled kiss, one of the best I had ever gotten. Ryan just stood there watching me and his older brother make out. I don’t know why he was so okay with it. But he was. He was not going to just stand there and watch. So I called him over.
“Hey Ryan, come here.”
He came over and got down on his knees, looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and wrapped his mouth around my dick. And it was fucking fantastic. This kid had experience, from his older brother, and I found that strangely hot. Then when he let off and went his brothers dick I lost it. I told Dylan to bend over, He got a smile of his face. He bent over and rested his arms on the bed. I was just about to lay into him when the goddamn phone rang.
“aw shit, I’ll be right back.”
I ran into the kitchen, picked it up and answered it.
“Hey bud, how are things going?”
“hi dad, yeah everything’s great.”
“What have you guys been doing?”
“Oh ya know just hanging out. We went to the Grotto, been hanging out and stuff.”
“Anything else?”
“Nope that is about it.”
“Okay well I am just checking on you guys. Have fun.”
“By dad.”

I went back into the bedroom and Ryan was sitting on the end of the big bed swinging his legs, boner sticking up. Dylan was leaning up on the window sill, with his ass in perfect position for my dick. Watching a raccoon pick through the trash can. Ryan looked up at me and smiled. Unconditional love in his eyes. All I could do was smile back. Then Dylan turned around, a large amount of lust in his eyes. He didn’t come out and say it but I knew what he wanted. I went into the adjoining bathroom and came out with some Vaseline. Ryan scooted back on the bed and laid down on his back. He put his hands behind his head and took in a deep breath. Because Dylan went down on him and sucked on him furiously. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but regardless, it was hot. So I just put some Vaseline on my dick, lathered it up all good, put some on my hand, and stuck my three fingers right into Dylan’s ass. He jumped but he kept sucking his younger brothers dick. I worked my fingers around and he started to moan. Ryan was going crazy after only 2 minutes I thought he was gonna loose it. I pulled my fingers out and I rammed my dick up his ass. He let out a loud moan and at about the same time Ryan started convulsing obviously having a huge orgasm. After about 20 seconds he came down, spent, but Dylan kept going. All the while I was fucking him. The dry heat of his ass was driving me insane. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much longer I could last. Ryan looked like he was going to pass out from the pure pleasure of his brothers servicing him. I felt like my balls were going to implode the pleasure was so great. Ryan became convulsing about the same time my dick started twitching like crazy. I shot 7, 8, 9 hot sticky ropes of cum into his ass. Ryan lost it again and convulsed, his eyes rolled back into his eyes, and he screamed in pleasure. Dylan jiizzed all over the end ot the bed and the floor. He collapsed on top of his brother, I collapsed on him spent. I got up off of him, he got off Ryan, I picked Ryan up and put him in the bed, I climbed in on one side, Dylan on the other, we leaned in for a kiss. And laid down to go to sleep.

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