Chapter 1

I almost stopped short halfway up the dirt road. Susan’s car was there waiting for me, but there was one other—her mother’s. This was going to be interesting—really, really interesting.

I parked the truck and walked in. Susan was seated in the chair and it was obvious that she saw her mother’s appearance as a disaster. She was wringing her hands while her mother, my erstwhile sex slave, scowled at both of us.

“Well, Sharon, this is a pleasant surprise,” I said, much to Susan’s relief. Sharon continued to scowl until she said, “What…is…my…daughter…doing…here?”

“Well, part of the time she is doing her homework and part of the time she’s eating her dinner, and part of the time she’s making love with me,” I replied with a huge smile on my face.

“WHAT?” Sharon yelled at the top of her lungs, rising from the couch as she did. Susan was cringing, obviously in fear of her mother’s wrath.

“You heard me correctly, Sharon. Susan and I are lovers, and, more than that, we are completely, totally, fabulously in love. Just think, one of these days I’ll get to call you ‘Mom.’” For the first time Susan broke a smile and when I gestured to her she rose, coming to my side. I put my arm around her shoulder. Her arm went around my waist. Sharon, however, was turning red in her anger. “Now, Sharon,” I continued, “There’s no reason to be concerned. Susan and I are definitely in love and I’m actually glad you’re here.”

“You are? What are you—crazy? Susan is SIXTEEN and she’s your student.”

“Correction, Sharon, Susan was my student. We didn’t get involved until she returned from Colorado when she was officially in the high school. There’s no rule about dating ex-students.” Now Sharon changed her approach, appealing instead to Susan. “Do you know what kind of person he is? He blackmailed me to have dirty, perverse sex with him.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Susan commented, speaking for the first time since I had arrived, “I saw just how ‘reluctant’ you were to do all those ‘filthy’ things, and don’t forget your episode—oops, I mean episodes—with the dog. You really hated that didn’t you?” Sharon stood there with her mouth open, astounded both that Susan had spoken to her in that manner and that she’d seen videos of her in action.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you, Sharon, I videoed every one of your visits—everything is on DVD.”

“Yeah, Mom, you photographed beautifully, and you are such a slut! It was one thing to be forced to fuck that dog but you can hear really clearly that Tom said you could go home—but you didn’t. You stuck around to fuck that dog three more times. You must have really loved it. You certainly looked as though you did. “

Now it was time for me to take complete control of the situation. “Sharon, I really am glad you’re here. Susan and I are more than a little tired of having to sneak around. Now that you know and approve of our relationship we can be completely open—out of the closet, as it were.”

“Who says I approve?”

“I do, Sharon, and if you know what’s good for you, that’s what you’ll tell everybody who asks, especially my principal because I’m sure he’ll ask me about it once he finds out. As a reward for dealing with him I just might delete that doggie flick. Of course, I’ll have plenty of other scenes to keep you under control.”

“So, this is going to continue for the rest of my life. I’m never going to be finished with you, am I?”

“I was thinking—maybe as a wedding present to Susan—I might destroy all the videos--if she asks me to, that is. So, here’s the way it’s going to be from now on. Susan will continue coming here in the afternoon and she’ll stay for dinner as she’s been doing these past three months. A lot of nights she’ll probably return home, but maybe not. Some nights she’ll stay here with me, and, whatever happens you’ll support it—enthusiastically.”

“And, what am I supposed to tell her father?”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something, just as you thought of something all those times you came here to be with Kelsey and me. Of course, you’ll want to invite me to dinner some Sunday as you would with any serious beau. Oh, yeah—don’t for a second forget that you brought all this on yourself by blackmailing me to fuck you. You knew I’m Sicilian. We never forget and we always get even. At that time there was no relationship with Susan so I would have gladly fucked you, but not in school. We could have come here or gone to a motel. You didn’t give a damn about me—just getting off, and at my expense. No, Sharon—it’s all on you. Now, Susan and I usually make love around this time so if you don’t mind….”

“All right, but how do I know you’re really serious about Susan—not just taking advantage of her because she’s so young?”


“No, Susan, that’s a reasonable question. Excuse me a minute.” I left the house, returning to my truck. Two minutes later I returned. Kneeling, I held Susan’s hand. Her eyes opened wide and she started to shake as I proposed, “Susan, I’ve told you many times that I love you. I’ve told you just as often that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now I want to prove it to you, and to Sharon. I had planned to do this for Christmas but now’s as good a time as any. Susan, will you marry me?” I reached into my jacket, removing a blue velvet-covered box. Susan gasped when she saw it. It was a clear blue-white solitaire that had cost me almost $15,000. She raised her hands to her mouth before returning her left to me so I could slip the ring onto her finger.

“Oh, Tom, I love you so much—so very, very much. Yes! Yes! Yes!” I rose just in time for Susan to throw her arms around my neck and give me the best kiss of my life. Then, forgetting all the tension of earlier, she broke away to show her mother the ring. Even Sharon was impressed; she came over and hugged me. “I guess this means we won’t be fucking any more.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Mother. I kind of liked when we did it with Kelsey. Doing it with my own mother has some kinky appeal, especially since I know Daddy doesn’t even look at you. What a shame. That will never happen with us, will it, Tom?”

“Not a chance. I plan on doing you until the day I die.” Everyone shared a laugh. Sharon excused herself, saying, ”You two have something to do and you don’t need me, at least, not this time, and… Susan… spend the night—I insist.” I turned to Susan whispering into her ear. She nodded enthusiastically in return. “Hold on a second, Sharon,” I called to her mother, already halfway out the door. Sharon turned as I walked to her. I cupped her left breast with my right hand. When she looked up startled I put my left on the side of her head and leaned in to kiss her. That’s when Susan cupped her right breast, following my lead. I could see Sharon’s eyes open wide knowing that there were three hands on her and one of them belonged to her daughter. They opened even wider when Susan lifted her skirt and began to rub her neatly trimmed pussy. Sharon could not suppress a long deep moan of pleasure. Susan and I looked at each other and nodded. I broke the kiss as we led her to our bedroom.

Chapter 2

“Oh, I’m so weak…I can’t believe this…my own daughter…dear God, forgive me. Please forgive me,” she cried as she followed us willingly to the bed. Susan and I quickly stripped her clothes from her body. As her bra fell, exposing her large soft breasts, Susan and I massaged and rubbed her before suckling like babies. “It’s been a long time since I did this, Mother, and it’s a lot more fun now, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, Susan, it feels divine.” When her panties hit the floor Susan headed right for her mother’s cunt, spreading her wet labia with her fingers as she penetrated her mom’s tunnel with her tongue. “Oh God, Susan, where did you learn to do that?”

“From watching you, of course, Mother. Remember I said you looked great in those videos?” Susan took a brief break to remove her clothes before pushing her mother onto the bed. “I’m taking your role, Mother. Watch out for your ass ‘cause here I come.” She began by licking all over her mother’s pussy while I dropped my clothes. I stepped in behind Susan whose butt was up in the air. I lubed it carefully before pushing my cock into her. We’d done anal maybe three or four times a week over the past three months. If her butt weren’t accustomed to my cock by now it would never be. I slid into her tight brown hole easily. As I did, Susan shifted her attention from Sharon’s cunt to her ass. She tickled Sharon by licking all around her puckered hole. Gently, she probed deeper with her tongue. When she heard Sharon moan she went further, forcing her tongue deep into her mother’s forbidden crevice. While she did this I was ramming my cock deep into her own bowel. Their constant moaning and panting told me that they were getting really, really hot so I reached under Susan to finger her cunt. She was oozing pussy juice at an alarming rate; my fingers slid effortlessly into her tight tunnel. I could see Sharon writhing and squirming under Susan’s tongue and fingers. Not surprisingly she came first—really hard and for a really long time. Susan pushed her inert body away so she could concentrate on her own pleasure. Using my other hand I pinched and rolled her clit, observing her as she started to shake and quiver. When she exploded in ecstasy her sphincter grabbed my cock forcing my semen from deep in my balls, up and out the tip of my cock to ricochet off the walls of her intestine. Still connected—my cock in her ass—we fell onto the bed with me between my love and her hot mom.

“That was really hot,” commented Sharon, barely able to speak. “Too bad… you don’t have that… on video.” Susan and I just laughed as she reached for the remote. Sharon was right—it was super fucking hot. We wrote it to a DVD and presented it to Sharon as a souvenir—and as a reminder of things to come.

Chapter 3

I led Susan to the shower where we washed off the remnants of our three-way with her mother. We soaped each other joyfully before Susan grabbed my razor and shaving soap. She spread the aerosol all over her abdomen before handing the razor to me and pointing down. As I had done so many times over the past months I knelt and carefully cleansed her delicate skin. Then she surprised me. I was about to turn off the water when she stopped me. Kneeling, she applied the soap to my abdomen and, taking the razor, deftly removed the hair on my abdomen and scrotum as I prayed she’d be extra careful. When she had finished I was as bald as a baby.

We carefully dried each other before dressing. “Let’s go out for dinner,” I suggested. “We should celebrate, don’t you agree.” Susan nodded and smiled as she ran the comb through her damp hair. “Where do you want to go?” she asked.

“Well, since it’s a celebration I think it should be someplace special, don’t you?” We left our home, knowing we’d spend tonight and many other nights together. I drove to the next town—to the huge shopping mall—where I parked and led Susan into Ruth’s Chris. We had a wonderful salad followed by some delicious sizzling filets with shoestring fries, but no alcohol—Susan was underage and I wasn’t about to corrupt her, at least not that way. Ninety minutes later we left the restaurant stuffed to the gills. We drove back to our house, stripped naked and crawled into bed. Susan snuggled close to me and I savored the sensation of her perfect smooth skin against mine. There’s something about Susan’s skin that sets me on fire. The touch of her arm, leg, or abdomen, and of course her silken breasts, does something indescribable to me. I just can’t resist her.

My stomach may have been sated with food causing me to feel drowsy, but my wide-awake cock still hungered. There was no external stimulation—no stroking, no sucking, no kissing, no fingering her cunt—but my cock didn’t need any of that; it sprung forth, hardening like concrete and growing like a tree. Susan was no fool. She recognized the effect she was having on me. “Well, well” she said with mock anger, “now that we’re engaged I see that you have lost interest, but my big friend down there still appreciates me.” I knew it was useless to argue so I leaned over to kiss her. I started it as a chaste kiss and when she pouted I sucked her tongue into my mouth, forcing her lips against mine. I hugged her tightly forcing her firm breasts into my chest. I could feel her nipples harden. Susan threw her leg over mine which, luckily for me, exposed her delicious pussy to my touch. I gently, teasingly, ran my finger over her slit. Susan moaned into my mouth and pulled me even tighter into her, if possible.

Having studied Physics I knew it was impossible for two objects to occupy the same space at the same time, but that didn’t stop us from trying. If we could have willed ourselves into one body we would have, but the closest we could come to that happy state was to make love—to join together, even if only temporarily. Susan climbed above me, slowly lowering her pussy to my eagerly waiting cock. So eager and ready was Susan that I entered that tight velvet canal easily, as if it were simply meant to be, and I guess it was. Susan gave me that special smile she reserved for me—for when we were fucking or sucking, or when she wanted something special from me. She rose and spun around on my cock so her back faced me. She aimed her butt at my face and when she turned around she had a cryptic remark, “Surely, you don’t need an invitation, do you? Finger me, please darling. I want you in both my holes.”

I licked my fingers before wiping them around Susan’s puckered hole. Then I wiped my fingers on my cock, coordinating with her motions up and down my organ. Satisfied that they were suitably lubricated I pushed one, then the other, into her sphincter. Susan fucked herself through her gyrations on my hard cock and my hand. Her movement rapidly brought her to a boil, needing only a slight touch to her clitoris to send her over the precipice. I reached around her, squeezing her clit between my fingers, rubbing it up and down as though to jerk her off and it worked like magic. Susan bucked as though she were riding a wild bronco on her aunt’s Colorado ranch. So intense was her orgasm that she squirted over and over, drenching the sheets. I pulled my fingers from her just in time to catch her as she fell back onto my chest, my still hard cock embedded in her dripping cunt.

Susan lay on me for several minutes catching her breath as her chest heaved from her exertions. I slowly moved within her hot wet pussy just in case she wanted more. That was a silly thought—she always wanted more, and I hadn’t cum yet so I knew she’d be back. Sure enough, she twisted her head to engage me in a deep long kiss, probing my mouth with her tongue as she gripped my face with her soft hands. “I love you, my darling. I love everything you do to me. You make me feel like I’m on fire.” She rose again and spun around so she was facing me, my cock never leaving her delectably hot pussy. “Now I can take care of you. I’m going to bend your cock until you cum…cum…cum. You’re going to cum so hard you’ll never stop.”

She began to rock forward and back very, very slowly, building heat at the base of my cock. As Susan increased speed and pressure on me that heat spread, moving upward and outward like magma in a volcano. It built and built until I could take no more. Like magma from the earth’s core my semen raced up my cock before erupting and exploding off the walls of Susan’s tight cunt. So much did I cum it poured from her, running down her legs, further destroying our sheets. “I can hardly wait,” I said, panting as I did, “to do that and create a new life with you. Unfortunately, we must wait, but I long for that day.” Susan kissed me as reluctantly, we climbed from the bed, changed the linens, and fell asleep, still naked and still covered with the remnants of our lovemaking--showers in the morning when we were rested, for sure.

Chapter 4

When it comes to sex people are either givers or takers. I suppose it might work when you have one of each, but both Susan and I were definitely givers. We each lived to satisfy each other. That’s why I wasn’t as all surprised to awaken the following morning to a strange but sensational feeling in my groin. I looked for Susan—she wasn’t in her usual position next to me—but there was a big lump in the blankets. I lifted them to find Susan licking my cock clean. She paused briefly, smiled at me, and resumed her work, concentrating on circling the head with her tongue. Apparently satisfied, she climbed up my body, kissing my cheek. “I’m glad you’re finally awake. I have more plans for you.” She turned around, pivoting into a “69.” It took her only a second to engulf my throbbing cock, still reacting to its earlier cleansing; having just awakened it took me slightly longer. I leaned up, leading with my tongue, to split her labia and expose her soft pink and delicious pussy. I slowly pushed my tongue into that tight velvet tunnel, savoring her heat, her tightness, and her taste. I fucked her with my tongue as she bobbed up and down my cock. I could feel my orgasm nearing so I shifted my attention to her sensitive clitoris. I took her big clit into my mouth sucking it between my teeth and washing it with my tongue. Susan stiffened as I blew my load into her eager mouth only seconds before her own orgasm arrived, causing her to shake wildly for several seconds. She lay still for a few minutes before pivoting again. “That’s definitely the way to wake up in the morning. Think I could patent that?” I groaned at her lame joke. Then we both broke up—laughing for several minutes as we held each other in a tender embrace.

We showered together and, having just cum together, there was no funny business—just washing. It was the last day before the Thanksgiving break so I asked her what her family usually did for the holiday. “Nothing,” she replied, “You know my mom works so all we ever do is go out to dinner or stay home and have sandwiches from the deli.”

“Then, would you like to come to dinner with my family? I’ll stop by the bakery on my way to work and tell my mother. Don’t worry, there’s always too much food plus my mother is always pestering me to bring home a girl. OK?” Susan kissed me showing her agreement and off we went.

I walked into the bakery and stood on line knowing my mother would be so busy with the customers she wouldn’t notice me until I was right in front of her. “I’ll have a buttered roll,” I told her when my turn came. She reacted with a jerk, recognizing my voice as she wrote my order. “Antonio, how nice you stop by. Come back here and say hello to you papa.” My mother always called me Antonio, my given name, although everyone, including my father, always calls me “Tom” to separate me from my father who is also named Antonio. To listen to my mother you might think she just got off the boat from Sicily even though I know that she studied English as a girl, got an “A” in English as a Second Language, and actually conceived my sister who’s five years older than me in the apartment upstairs—that was almost thirty years ago. I think she does it for the customers so they think they are getting genuine Italian baked goods from genuine Italians, which, of course, they would get even if Mama spoke perfect English.

Continuing my conversation while she fixed my roll I told her, “I’m bringing someone to dinner tomorrow.”

“A girl? Have my prayers been answered?”

“Yes, Mama, a girl.”

“Is it serious? It must be if you bring her to meet your mama.”

“Yes, Mama, it is serious.”

“How serious?”

“Serious serious.”

“Will I like her, Antonio?”

“I hope so, Mama, but even if you don’t….”

“Ah…that is serious. OK, take your roll and go to your school and make sure you bring her tomorrow, or you know what will happen.”

“Yes, Mama, you’ll curse me forever just like you’ve cursed me for years of misdeeds. At this rate I’ll be out from under your curses in about 5,000 years.” I kissed my mother on the forehead and left for school. My euphoria was almost ruined by bumping into my principal, Stewart, in the lobby, but nothing was going to spoil the way I felt today. I could hardly wait for the day to end so I could get back home to Susan. When I did I got quite a surprise.

Susan was busy unloading her clothes from her car as I drove up the dirt road. I started to ask her why when she instructed me to bring in a load. Then she would explain. Actually, I brought in three loads before she explained. Sharon had been true to her word and explained our relationship to her father. Unfortunately, he went berserk. When Susan went home for a few things he was unexpectedly waiting for her. He gave her a choice—her parents or me. Susan took her clothes and left. “Don’t worry,” she told me, ”Mom will work on him and he’ll come around eventually.”

I wasn’t worried about that; I was worried about where I was going to put all these clothes. After dinner we went out to the Home Depot and bought a couple of portable closets which we put in the second bedroom then we retired to bed. Naked, I told her about my conversation with my mother. “She’s been nagging me to get serious with a girl for years and I’ve always put her off, until today, that is. Expect to get grilled. After all her years of nagging she’ll want to make sure you’re ‘good enough’ for her darling boy.”

“And, if I’m not?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just be honest and tell her the truth. She hates liars.”

“What if she asks about…you know….”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Just tell her the truth and you’ll be fine.”

We slept in, rising around ten. We had a small breakfast ala Susan—coffee, juice, and English Muffins while deeply buried in Susan’s hot wet cunt. “I always love your breakfasts,” I told her nuzzling her neck and she moved my hard cock within her. She took some butter and wiped it all over her anus. Any lube is better than none, I guess. She stood, pulling my cock from her cunt and moved it to her butt. She turned and smiled. “And what are you thankful for today, sir?”

“I think you already know the answer to that,” I replied.

“No, you have to say it—or no reward.” I love games and this was one we could both win. “How many guesses do I get?” She held up three fingers. “OK, I’m thankful for…living in the United States?”

“Good guess, but not the one I’m thinking of. Two to go.”

“Hmmm…I’m thankful for…good health?”

“Two down—one to go.”

“OK, here’s a wild stab. I’m thankful for…you?” That must have been the one because Susan turned to give me a tremendous kiss just before lowering her puckered hole onto my cock. She was smiling like a kid on Christmas morning as she fucked her ass on my cock. I sat back watching her as she speedily brought me to a fantastic orgasm knowing that I was indeed truly thankful for her.

When she pulled herself from my cock I picked her up, depositing her on the counter. Spreading her legs I buried my face in her pussy. It was gooey from our mating; I dove in with my tongue. First, I cleaned her thighs, moving closer to her honey pot with every lick. I licked and cleaned her labia before thrusting into her. I loved the sweet musky flavor of her, the magnitude of her secretions, the heat that emanated from her. Susan was moaning now with every motion of my talented tongue. “Please, Tom,” she begged, “I need to cum. I need to cum.” I moved my attention to her clit, sucking it into my mouth. I used my tongue to position it between my teeth so I could nibble and suck while I licked all around it. Susan alternated groans with pants and grunts. She squirmed under my administrations to her cunt. When she wrapped her legs around my head I knew she was really close to a really strong orgasm. Suddenly she screamed once…twice…three times as it collided with her. When it ended she collapsed in my arms.

I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Lowering her onto the floor I drew a warm bath. When it was just right I picked her up again and we entered the tub. I placed her just in front of me, holding her close as I leaned forward kissing her neck and shoulders. “I really am thankful for you,” I whispered. She took my hands pulling them around her to bring me even closer. We sat there for about a half hour. I replenished the water when it cooled, but, eventually we rose, dried each other, and went back to bed. We were still naked so we could feel each other’s skin—something I truly loved. Around one we got up, dressed and went to meet my family.

Chapter 5

We were on the sidewalk only a few steps from the bakery and upstairs apartment when I saw my principal and his family walking in the opposite direction. I stopped to say hello to Stewart, Mrs. Klein, and Kelsey. Stewart gave me a funny look when I introduced Susan. I ignored it as we excused ourselves to climb the stairs to my childhood home. I took Susan’s jacket and hung it in the closet. She was clearly nervous as we stepped into the living room. “Susan, this is my mother,” I started, “Mama, this is Susan Miller.” They stood there for a minute sizing each other up until Mama turned to me. “She is very pretty, Antonio, but she is very young.”

I had expected this so I responded, “Mama, how old were you when you married Papa?”

“Antonio, you know the answer to that—I was sixteen.”

“Yes, Mama, I do know that but I wanted to remind you. Susan is also sixteen and I am seven years older than she is. How much older than you is Papa? Yes, I know that, too—eleven years. So where’s the problem?” My mother stood there a few seconds before asking Susan, “Antonio give you that ring?” referring to the diamond on her third finger. “Yes, Mrs. Tattaglia,” she responded.

“He must really love you to give you such a ring. I think you should call me ’Mama’ if you going to be a part of our family. Come with me so we can talk. Can you cook?” I broke up as they walked away. Once in the kitchen the conversation continued. “Tell me, Susan, you sleep with my son?”

“Yes, Mama, I have, many times. We love each other.”

“He take good care of you?”

“Yes, Mama—the best, just like I take care of him.”

“That’s good. It’s important that you take care of each other in bed. Never go to bed angry. If you argue in the day, that’s the reason to make love that night, so argument end and you still love each other. Always remember that.” Mama and Susan spent almost an hour in the kitchen—either they were getting along great or it was the second coming of the Inquisition. I got my answer when Susan returned smiling. I introduced her to my father and the other members of my family. They all congratulated us now that Mama had obviously given her blessing. We were relaxing before the TV watching the Lions get pounded as they usually do on Thanksgiving when the door opened and in walked my cousin Gino. This gave me an idea.

Gino was a ladies’ man. He loved women and, for the most part they loved him. He was in his early forties, handsome, and single. He’d never get married; he was having too good a time playing the field. I pulled Susan aside and spoke to her quietly. At first she questioned me but started to see the light and agreed. Together we ambled over to Gino. After a few minutes Gino smiled, as excited by my idea as we were.

Mama brought out hors d’oeuvres, including shrimp, my favorite, so we started our unending trek through the Thanksgiving feast. It was about eight hours later that we left, walking out with Gino. On the way home we called Sharon’s cell, setting up a date for Sunday afternoon. When we got home there was a phone message from Stewie, my principal. I ignored the message.

Sharon arrived around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, surprised to find three vehicles in front of my house. She hugged Susan and me then I introduced her to Gino who kissed her extended hand. I could see them checking each other out, Sharon wondering why he was here. When Susan told me that we needed some soda we left them alone together while we made a “quick run” to the store. Knowing Gino and my horny mother-in-law-to-be it wouldn’t take them too long to hook up.

“Hmmm, crude but effective--I wondered how they were going to do that—get us alone, together.” Sharon looked up at him still somewhat confused. Gino sat on the couch next to Sharon, running his leg up next to hers. Considering that there were two other chairs to sit in his intentions should have been obvious. “My cousin tells me you are Susan’s mother and that your husband ignores you. Surely, such a foolish man does not really exist. You are a beautiful, sexy woman who any man would find desirable.”

“Unfortunately, my husband loves his business more than he loves me.” Gino moved in a bit closer and Sharon did not move away. Both knew what they were talking about and both knew where it would end, but there were preliminaries that were not to be ignored. They fenced for several minutes before Gino’s hand found hers. Sharon, who had been looking down, looked up into Gino’s eyes. She turned her head inviting their first kiss. Gino just brushed his lips against hers, his tongue just barely touching those soft sweet lips, until Sharon responded by opening her mouth fully and thrusting her tongue into Gino’s mouth as she pressed her lips into his. Gino’s left hand caressed Sharon’s face while his right found its way to her breast. Sharon moaned under his expert touch. His thumb found her nipple and he rubbed lightly until she pushed her breast firmly into his fingers. Sharon broke the kiss. “Where can we go?”

“I believe there is a second bedroom here. Why not there?”

“But, they’ll know and they’ll hear us.”

“Yes, they will. But, if we leave here together they will also know and, ask yourself, why did they invite both of us here today and why did they leave us alone—so we could talk? So we could wait here aimlessly for them to return? No, they brought us here so we could meet and make love. You have been intimate with Tom, haven’t you, and with your daughter, too? So they know your husband is a fool and that you are a woman with a woman’s needs.” Gino rose, extending his hand to Sharon. She was nervous, but she was also so terribly horny and this tall handsome man could be a source of great pleasure for her. Slowly he reached up to Gino. He pulled her from the couch into an embrace. His forefinger raised her face as he leaned down to kiss her. This time there was no hesitation in Sharon; she returned the kiss passionately, her hand dropping to the front of Gino’s pants. Her eyes opened wide in surprise at the size of Gino’s organ. He felt huge! Gino broke the kiss, but holding her in the embrace, walked her toward the bedroom. Tom and Susan had made the double bed that morning, something that hadn’t been done in several years, in anticipation of providing for Sharon’s needs. Gino closed the door then began to unbutton Sharon’s blouse. With each opened button he kissed farther down Sharon’s body, starting with her neck, moving to her shoulders, the top of her breasts, and finally, to her nipples. He stepped back, admiring the woman before him.

“Ah, che bella! How beautiful you are. You are magnificent.” He moved on to Sharon’s skirt. She stepped out revealing her lacy underwear and matching garter belt. Gino expertly removed her stockings, savoring the feel of her legs as he slid them down to her feet. Gino sat her on the bed as he kissed and nibbled her toes. Gino began to remove his shirt but before he could touch his belt Sharon reached forward. No words were exchanged but none were needed. Her look said it all. She opened the belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and helped him step out of them. There was a large bulge in his boxers. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband and slid them down. “Oh, my God,” she thought as Gino’s monster cock came into view. What she saw was at least nine inches long and more than two inches across. She lowered her mouth to the huge phallus, licking her way around the head and down the shaft. Maintaining eye contact with Gino she began to swallow his hard cock. Gino was amazed when his cock completely disappeared into Sharon’s mouth. Slowly, his cock emerged only to disappear again. Up and down Sharon moved using her tongue as she hadn’t in years, exciting her sexy partner, and thankful she had no gag reflex. Gino, for his part, was too much the gentleman to allow himself to cum at his partner’s expense. He pulled Sharon up into a long hot kiss as their tongues dueled between their mouths.

Gino fell back onto the bed, pulling Sharon with him. He moved her on top of his body, rubbing his cock along her slit to moisten it before lifting her to align pussy and penis. He slowly pushed forward, burying his mammoth organ into her hot wet tunnel. Normally Sharon was pretty tight but with Gino’s size she seemed like a teenager, and that’s what she felt—stretched…filled…every nerve ending tingling. She began to rock creating friction that upped the ante for them both. Faster and faster she moved, grinding her clit into his pubic hair. Gino fondled her breasts, rolling her nipples, rubbing her sensitive areolas. He could feel the rumbling begin deep within his core as Sharon relentlessly moved toward their mutual ecstasy. Suddenly Sharon tensed as Gino continued to pump his big hard-on in and out of her tunnel. Sharon lifted herself as it hit her—a veritable tidal wave of pleasure overwhelmed her and spread throughout her body. Gino kept pumping eventually blowing load after load of hot white sticky cum into her. Sated, they fell together panting and sweaty until Gino spoke. “Your husband is a fucking idiot—a fool to ignore a woman like you.” Sharon had to agree.

Chapter 6

The couple lay there for almost ten minutes until Sharon rose. “We should get dressed before they return,” she said.

“Oh, no, I’m not close to done with you yet. I intend to make love to you at least two more times. Then, perhaps, we will dress.” He pulled her back to the bed and a long lingering kiss. Suddenly Sharon sat bolt upright. “Oh my God, you came in me. I was so excited I forgot to warn you. I’m not on the pill. If I get pregnant….”

“If you get pregnant you will have a beautiful baby. And if your husband leaves you what will you have lost? A man who ignores you? A husband who is too busy with his business to take care of you? That is no loss, believe me. I have three businesses—Gino’s in Roslyn, Manhasset, and Garden City—and I would always find the time to make love to you every day…yes, Cara Mia…every day. Now let us get back to….” He pulled Sharon to him once again, kissing her all over her body, massaging her feet, rubbing her buttocks—making the most divine love Sharon had ever experienced.

It was more an hour later that Sharon was recovering from their third coupling yet she wanted more and Gino was willing to accommodate her. “I’m kind of sore; I’m not used to all this screwing,” she told him, “how about we shift holes. I love anal, how about you?”

‘Yes, Cara Mia, I, too, love that form of sex, but we need some lubricant, do we not?” That’s when she remembered that she had brought some lube in her purse. Still naked she walked to the living room to retrieve it. Susan and I sat there reading the Sunday paper. Looking up, Susan commented, “Glad to see you and Gino are getting along, Mother.” Sharon grinned sheepishly as gobs of cum dripped down her leg. “There are some towels in one of the drawers in there, Mother. Help yourself; looks as though you need one.” Sharon grabbed the purse and hurried back to Gino. When the door closed Susan leaned into me and whispered, “Did you see what was running down her legs? She let Gino cum in her and I’ll bet it was more than once from the look of it.”

Gino lay on the bed wondering what he had gotten himself into. Never had he experienced a woman as insatiable as Sharon. “She reminds me of myself,” he thought. “What a couple we make!” That’s when Sharon returned, smiling. “They’re sitting outside reading the newspaper. They’re glad we’re getting along, at least that’s what Susan said.” Sitting on the bed she played with the hair on Gino’s chest as she found the bottle of lube in the bottom of the purse. “We are getting along, aren’t we?”

“I should hope so. You are some woman, Sharon—an incredible woman. I can hardly believe that Tom had to blackmail you for sex.”

“Ha ha, that’s what he thinks, but the truth is I was more than willing. As you said I am a woman with a woman’s needs. I wasn’t getting anything at home, so…. Wait a minute. Did you say you were the Gino of those fancy salons in Nassau County? I always wanted to go there but I couldn’t afford it.”

“I assure you, Cara Mia, you can afford it now. You are the only woman I have ever met who can keep up with me. For you there will never be a charge. Now let’s be quiet and make more love, eh?” He took the lube from Sharon as she knelt on the side of the bed, her butt high in the air. Gino lubed his fingers, inserting one then the other. He massaged her anus as she stroked his mammoth organ once again to hardness. Sharon turned and smiled, indicating her readiness so Gino lined up behind her and gently but firmly pushed his cock into her puckered hole. They both felt a slight “pop” as his head passed her sphincter. Gino continued to push his length into her, burying all nine inches into her bowel. Sharon groaned in her ecstasy as her anal nerve endings were firing non-stop. The tightness of her sphincter worked wonders on Gino who hadn’t cum so many times in years. He came suddenly and violently, spewing his semen throughout her bowel. Ever the considerate one he reached under his cock to finger her tender pussy with one hand while he rubbed her clit with the other. Sharon shook as her fourth orgasm hit her. Expecting it to be weak after three that were explosive she was taken completely by surprise by its intensity. Gino had to hold her in his strong arms to keep her from collapsing. He gently lowered her to the bed sliding down beside her, his cock still firmly embedded in her butt. He pulled the blanked over them as they snuggled together, falling asleep in minutes, exhausted from their afternoon of strenuous fucking. Sharon’s last thought before succumbing was that she was supposed to be home almost an hour ago but who gave a fuck? She couldn’t get enough of her Latin lover.

Susan had the foresight to call her father, who was none too happy to talk to her after having thrown her out of the house, and tell him that they were going out for dinner with her mother—she would be home later in the evening. When he screamed about where his own meal was coming from Susan calmly told him to spend a few bucks and go out like they were going to do.

About seven Sharon peeked from the bedroom door. “Can we use the shower? We really need it.” Then without receiving a reply, she and Gino tiptoed down the hall, clothes in their arms for their first shared bathing experience. It was as successful as their coupling had been. It was almost eight when they reappeared hand in hand. “I called my father,” Susan told them, “and said we were going out for dinner. You’d be home later.”

“An excellent idea,” boomed Gino, smiling like a teenager who just lost his virginity. “I’m buying so let’s go someplace expensive.” They went to a nearby steak house where the steaks were prime and the lobsters were huge and outlandishly expensive and the wine flowed like water. It was after ten by the time they left and 10:30 by the time they returned to Tom and Susan’s house. The young couple said their good nights and went inside, leaving the newly acquainted lovers to say good bye to each other. It was eleven by the time they left.

Chapter 7

The following morning came too soon for Susan and me, accustomed as we were to retiring much earlier. We rose without fucking each other, our looks promising something extra this afternoon. Susan left for school and a moment later I left for my school/work. In the main office I noticed the secretary waving. “Hi, Doris, what’s up?” Doris raised her eyebrows while saying that the principal wanted to see me. “Tell him I can’t now but I’ll stop in just before lunch. I have to prep for my classes this morning and the only time I have is now.” I left without waiting for a reply.

True to my word I knocked on the Principal’s office door just before noon. “You wanted to see me?” I asked. Principal Klein rose from behind his desk and, waving me to a chair, closed the door. “Want to explain to me why you’re socializing with a student?”

“Well, Stewart, actually she is an ex-student. We were never involved last year when she was here and not until she returned from a trip to Colorado near the end of the summer. I don’t really think it’s any of your business, but since I’m in a good mood…” I removed my cell phone from my pocket and speed dialed a number. “why don’t you discuss it with her mother? Oh, hello, Sharon. Yes, I’m fine, thank you. Yes, I had a wonderful time yesterday. Glad you did, too. Say…I’m in Principal Klein’s office and he has some questions about my relationship with Susan. Hold on, I’ll put you on speaker.”

“Hello, Mr. Klein, what can I do for you?” Klein asked his questions and Sharon answered—yes, she knew about Susan’s involvement with Tom, and, yes, she wholeheartedly approved of the relationship. I hung up and turned to leave. “Just one other thing, Mr. Tattaglia. I got the impression the other day that you knew my daughter Kelsey.”

“I’ve seen her around a few times here in school, in town, and at the beach so I guess we know each other to say hello to, but that’s all. Why?”

“Never mind, you’re obviously not the one I’m looking for.” I left, heading for the Cafeteria. On the way I called Sharon and thanked her for helping out with my jerk-off principal. “I have to be careful…you understand…but, thank you. I had a wonderful time at your place yesterday. I’m hoping to do it again next week.” I surmised that her husband was nearby so she had to talk in code. I made a mental note to call Gino later in the day. Susan phoned during lunch and I told her about the episode with my principal, my calls to her mother and my plans for the afternoon, at least as well as one could in a room full of other teachers.

When the school day ended I called my cousin who confirmed that he’d had a wonderful time yesterday and that he couldn’t remember when he had cum so frequently. “I could barely walk this morning—my back—and Sharon called me earlier. She couldn’t walk too well either. I only hope her daughter takes after her. You’ll have your hands full, Cousin. I’ll see you Sunday.”

I also called Kelsey to let her know her father was on the warpath. “Yeah, I know. I’m pregnant, but don’t worry—it’s not yours. We haven’t done it in more than four months and I’m less than three months along. My father can be such an asshole. After all, I am 22.” I wished her luck and hung up just as I stopped at my house. Susan was inside waiting for me—everything was back to normal for us.

I sneaked in on Susan, covering her eyes with my hands. “Guess who?” I challenged her.

“Oh, no, it must be a rapist…at least, I hope so.” Susan was obviously in a good mood after the stressful weekend. I picked her up and headed for the bedroom. Susan stopped me, pointing to the living room. I set her on the couch and, kneeling, quickly removed her jeans. Her panties followed soon after. Susan lifted her legs onto my shoulders. As I leaned forward her pussy became increasingly accessible to my mouth. I put my tongue on her asshole and licked up, finishing when I had passed her clit. Reversing my head I did it again—and again, and again. This simple motion was driving Susan wild. I pushed my fingers into her cunt, reaching for her G-spot. When I found it I rubbed with pressure, greatly increasing the pleasure she was experiencing. Susan gripped my hair, pulling me into her cunt. “Oh, Tom, I want you in me. Fuck me, please—fuck me. I need you now.”

I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough. When they were at my ankles I knelt and pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. Susan was at the edge of the couch, her hips hanging off, legs over my shoulders. This wasn’t my favorite way to fuck but it worked, especially when Susan made the effort to meet my every thrust. Our motions were frenetic—our need intense. We wanted to cum together in the worst way. We moved into each other hard, our pubic bones crashing into each other, building heat, building friction, building huge orgasms for the two of us. When they came they hit us big time. We shook together for almost a minute until we fell in a heap.

Chapter 8

Sharon and Gino met at our house on Sunday and the Sunday after that, mating for hours on each occasion. The noises emanating from that room went on and on; she sheets were sodden when they were finished, drenched in cum and pussy juice and lube. I felt kind of like a pimp or a madam but I also felt great that they were taking good care of each other as my mother would say. The following week they went to Gino’s place, even though it was much farther away. Susan and I guessed Sharon just didn’t care too much what her husband thought or felt any more. Two months later our feelings were confirmed. Sharon came to see us grinning from ear to ear. “Susan, I want you to know I’ve left your father. I’m moving in with Gino. We love each other and….” She broke into a huge smile before continuing, “I’m pregnant! I can’t believe it! It must have been that first week here with you two. Gino is so thrilled and so am I. Just think, you’re going to have a little brother or sister. Oh yeah…one other thing…when we first got together Gino told me that no matter how busy he was he would find the time to make love to me every day. And he does—every single day, sometimes two or three times! I’ve never been so happy!”

Susan and I hugged her, wished her well and congratulated her, but inside I was wondering about Gino. He had never shown any inclination to settle down in the past so I was praying this wasn’t a temporary diversion for him. Only time would tell. Either way this was turning into a really interesting year.

When Sharon had gone Susan sat with me silently for almost an hour. I held her—comforted her. I knew the shock of her parents’ relationship dying, no matter how bad it had been, was still a shock and her mother’s new relationship with Gino was a bigger one still. Finally, Susan spoke, “I’m so jealous, Tom. I want a baby so badly—your baby.” She started to cry so hard she was shaking.

“We will have babies, Susan—lots and lots of babies. But you need to finish high school and college first. We need to think about your future. What would you do if something happened to me? How would you support yourself—and our children? I have insurance but that only goes so far. I need to know you’ll be OK. I want to live with you forever, but we both know that won’t happen. I need to know that you and our babies will be OK.”

“I know that Tom, but it doesn’t make the hurt go away.”

“I know that, baby. I know. For now, knowing how much I love you will have to be enough.” We held each other; we were both crying.

The year went by even faster than I could have thought, even faster than I had promised Susan. Even the summer had passed and it was, once again, Thanksgiving. Susan and I went to visit my folks as we had the previous year. We were only there a short time, Susan well accepted as a member of the family, when Gino and Sharon arrived—with their ten-week old twins. I had never seen either of them so happy. Sharon showed Susan her engagement ring; we’d all be going to a big wedding just after the New Year.

Of course, I had to face an inquisition from Mama, “Antonio, when you going to make an honest woman of Susan? You know she love you. Besides, I need some more grandkids.”

“Sorry, Mama, you’ll have to wait. Susan and I have agreed to marry after she’s out of high school.” Mama walked off with a scowl. That meant another curse, or worse, but nothing really bad happened until we started to plan our wedding. Then the curse known as Mama surfaced and she had an ally in Susan.

“I no think you should wait for baby, Antonio. You not getting any younger.” No, of course, none of us are getting any younger, but I was only 27—not ninety. Mama was just a pain. It was Susan, brainwashed by my mother, who was the problem. She told me so often that she wanted a baby that I was afraid she’d go off the pill without telling me. Finally, I decided a conference was in order. I got Mama and Susan together for a chat. “It’s just not practical for us to have a child now. I want a baby as much as anyone,” I began, “but Susan needs to go to college. How could she go to school and take care of a baby, too?” These remarks were directed at my mother who was the cause of these problems.

“It is simple, Antonio, I help you. I know about babies, you know. I raise you and your sister both. Papa don’t need me at the shop. He has lots of help so I can watch a baby in the day, two babies even. You and Susan can do at night and weekend.”

“Oh, Mama, that’s a wonderful idea,” Susan chimed in. “See, Tom, we can do it.” Why did I feel that I had been ambushed? That was the shortest conversation I’d ever been in—decision made, period!

Susan and I bought a small three-bedroom home that was in foreclosure. We got a really good deal, paying less than seventy cents on the dollar. We began the painting and papering we wanted to do before the wedding. We tore out the worn carpets and put in new ones and I retiled the kitchen and bathroom floors. We had it finished two weeks before the big day.

The wedding was set for the Saturday after the last day of school. We wanted it to be a small affair but I come from and Italian family. We have first cousins, second cousins, and every other kind of cousin you can think of. It wound up with 128 guests, most of which were in my family somehow but whom I had never even met. Thanks again, Mama!

Susan went off the pill in April of her senior year. We didn’t know how long it would take for her to become fertile so we planned to fuck every day. OK, we were already fucking every day but now there was a purpose. All of a sudden we were nervous in bed like a couple of kids. We giggled as we removed each other’s clothes.

Once we were naked Susan rubbed that irresistible skin against me. She knew how much I loved the touch of her skin—her fantastically soft, incredibly smooth, perfect skin. She pushed her hard nipples into my chest while she cupped the cheeks of my butt. She raised her head and I kissed her. It was everything a kiss should be—long, wet, tender, loving, with dueling tongues, and swapping saliva. I moved my hands to her large firm breasts, taking plenty of time to rub and massage them and roll her nipples between my fingers. We must have spent fifteen minutes on these preliminaries. As yet she had not touched my throbbing erect cock, nor had I ventured anywhere near her moist hot pussy. I told you we were nervous! Finally, Susan whispered in my ear, “I’m ready—I’ve been ready for this moment for the past three years. I can’t believe it’s here.”

I smiled, “You know, we’re not sure it’s here. We’ll never know until after…when,” I started laughing, “you start to get fat.” Susan punched me, put her hands on her hips, and asked me, “Well, you going to fuck me or not?” I opted to fuck.

I picked Susan up carefully and laid her on the bed. I slid between her legs, licking her already swollen labia. Susan had her hands in my hair, guiding my movements like a puppeteer. When I was sure her pussy was ready I moved up, wiped my cock in her slit and pushed into her. Susan looked up lovingly at me as I penetrated her. “I love you,” we said simultaneously as we started a rhythm, my hard cock deep into her with every stroke. Susan’s velvety tunnel constricted around my cock as she tried to milk me of my baby making cream. Our pace increased slowly but with determination—we were making this baby! Maybe I was trying too hard, but so far, despite Susan’s hard work nothing was happening. She picked up the pace and squeezed me tightly; when she reached up and kissed me, her arms tightly around my neck it happened. I let out a loud and long groan as my first ribbon of cum exploded from my cock. The second followed shortly thereafter, followed by the third, fourth, and finally, the fifth. Susan’s womb was drowning in cum. I stayed in her, her legs in the air to keep my sperm at the bottom of her canal, for twenty minutes. We spent the time laughing and kissing and telling each other how much we loved each other.

We repeated the ritual the next evening, and the next, and the next for more than three weeks. We both cried when she got her next period. But we were determined—back to the bedroom we went. We gave up our favorite positions in favor of missionary. I think Susan spent more time with her legs in the air than she did with them on the floor. Her period was due on the ninth—nothing. On the tenth, still nothing. And so it continued for more than a week. We got one of those home pregnancy tests; Susan peed on it and it showed she was pregnant. Still, to be careful we kept fucking, knowing that a false positive would be devastating. I took a personal day from work to see Susan to her doctor. When she returned to the waiting room she looked glum. “Oh, no,” I thought right up until Susan jumped into my arms. “Let’s go home and celebrate.” I knew exactly what she meant. We went home and fucked all night.

Three weeks later we were married. It was a beautiful June day but not as beautiful as my bride. We left the church in a limo and as we settled back in the seat Susan asked me, “Do you remember how all this started?”

“Sure,” I answered, “you stole my grade book.”

“Yes, and do you remember why?”

“Umm…I think you said something about wanting something of mine.”

“Right again, but I did even better didn’t I? I got something of yours right here in my belly and I got you, too. All in all I’d say that worked out pretty well.” I couldn’t argue so I kissed her again as I would do many, many times in the years ahead.

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