Synopsis: Jack Phillips has no idea that in the small puzzle box he has inherited from his Aunt is a treasure beyond price; a Genie servant, ready to grant his every sexual wish. Join Jack as he solves the box's puzzle and embarks on a life heretofore only imagined, pushing the boundaries of a Sex Genie's powers.

Jack Phillips sat on the couch, flipped on the TV and surfed the channels. Finding nothing much on, he settled on a "Seinfeld" rerun, then out of habit reached for the puzzle box. He had pretty much given up on ever solving the damn thing, and now just fiddled with it to relieve stress or boredom.

The box had come from his aunt, or more accurately his late aunt. She had been a loveable but peculiar old bird, never marrying, spending all of her spare time and income traveling wherever her fancy took her. Over the years she had filled every corner of her little bungalow with an incredible collection of what he always though of, fondly, as junk. It was mostly trinkets and exotic objects that caught her eye during her travels. She had never written much of a will, so after her death the family gathered and sifted through her collection, each taking anything that interested them or that held special meaning, and giving away the rest to charity or the land fill, whichever was appropriate.

Jack was still surprised that this particular family meeting had happened with no bloodshed, much less any major arguments, over who got what. Ultimately he had come away with only a few items. Most of them were simple things that held some personal sentiment connected with his aunt.

The box, though, was an exception. It was about six inches wide by two inches tall by three inches deep. It was covered by an incredibly detailed inlay of different types and shades of wood. He had picked it based solely on its beauty, and hadn't noticed until he got it home that the lid was locked. In searching for a latch or keyhole he discovered that the inlay pieces moved. They seemed to actually be some sort of puzzle, kind of like the tile puzzles he had as a kid where you shifted around the tiles to order them in a number sequence or to form a picture. This puzzle was much more complicated, though. Each piece was about half an inch square, making for 48 pieces to arrange on the lid.

That might not have been so bad, but it wasn't long before he discovered that the pieces could be shifted from one side of the box to another and over the seam between the lid and the body of the box. He had yet to figure out how that worked, but basically it left him with a 6-sided puzzle of some 287 pieces that could only be shifted one at a time, and no idea of what the finished puzzle should look like. So, after a couple of weeks playing with the box his wonder at its workings and hopes of solving its puzzle and actually opening it had mostly faded.

Jack shifted the pieces randomly as he tried to get into the Seinfeld rerun, but it just wasn't holding his interest. He finally clicked off the TV and sat staring at the box, his thoughts meandering. He felt a vague tinge of guilt that he wasn't working, as he had a deadline rapidly approaching for a project that wasn't quite done.

Jack was a free-lance web and graphic designer, and worked out of his studio apartment. He usually had no problem separating his work and personal time, but this particular day he just couldn't get going. It was now early evening, and the whole day looked pretty much like a write off. He stared at the box awhile longer, bringing it in and out of focus as he tried to get some idea of what the completed puzzle should look like, if indeed it even was a puzzle.

He was about to put the box down and peruse his DVD collection for a movie to watch when a light bulb went off almost painfully in his head. He rushed over and woke up his graphic workstation, then placed the box on his flatbed scanner. He scanned all six sides of the box, and then started the painstaking work of tracing each inlay piece. Two hours and three pb&j's later, he had each inlay piece displayed separately on his monitor, and could move each around as kind of a virtual jig saw puzzle. Satisfied with his evening's progress, and tired of staring at pictures of little pieces of wood, he saved his work, watched a movie and went to bed.

The next morning, knowing that if he started playing with his virtual puzzle he would get nothing else done, he tore into the project he had put off completing the day before. He put the finishing touches on it in record time and by early afternoon he was ready to start again on the puzzle. He had no other projects scheduled for more than a week, so his goal was to solve the stupid thing before then. The rest of that day and all the next he worked like a man possessed, ignoring calls from friends and all but the most persistent urges to eat, sleep or use the john.

He tried combination after combination of pieces until his vision blurred, but eventually an image began to form in the middle of his screen. The top of the box was solved first, as it was the easiest. It resolved into a beautiful and stunningly detailed image of a woman's face. The sides and bottom were harder as they were mostly geometric patterns. By the evening of the second full day, however, he had it solved, at least electronically. He saved the files and then decided to reward himself by going out for dinner and a few beers. He called a couple of friends he had been ignoring for the previous few days and asked them to come along.

The following morning he slept late, forced himself to take a jog and eat a decent breakfast, and then, consulting his images and notes made over the past several days, began the arduous task of arranging the inlay pieces in the order he had discovered. He had never really liked the tile game as a child, and had never completed one. After several false starts he decided to visit a toy store and buy an easier puzzle to practice on before he felt comfortable attacking the box again.

He sweated over the box all that day and most of the next, unsure of why he was now so obsessed with solving the puzzle. He couldn't come up with a good reason, but was driven nonetheless.

Now, late in the evening of the second day of sliding little wooden pieces around this stupid box, sitting on the couch in just a comfortable pair of cutoff shorts with a half-drunk beer getting warm on the coffee table, he came to the final tile. He was so keyed up by this point that he could barely hold his hands still enough to move it into place. He eventually got a grip on himself, though, and, holding his breath, slid it home. He heard a soft click and expelled his breath in a whoosh. Now what?

One of the first things he had done when he originally saw the box was to shake it, of course. As far as he could tell nothing was in it. At least that was what he had been assuming. But now, with it apparently finally unlocked, all sorts of questions surfaced in his brain; "If nothing is in it, why make it so hard to open? Did someone open it before me and remove the contents? What's up with the woman's face? Maybe it contains some contract or other important piece of paper, a treasure map, perhaps?" He snorted at that one. "Wasn't there some movie I saw part of awhile back about someone opening a puzzle box and releasing some evil guy with nails in his head?" He snorted again.

Still, the questions, ridiculous and not, buzzed around his brain as he tried to make his suddenly sweaty hands open the box. He had to know, though, and he finally reached out with one quick motion and popped open the lid. Immediately a glowing pink vapor escaped and enveloped his face. His last thought before losing consciousness could pretty much be summed up as: "Well, shit!"

Jack woke with the sun in his face. "Dammit," he thought, "fell asleep on the couch again." He sat up slowly, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Funny, the TV wasn't on. Waking up on the couch wasn't that unusual. He often fell asleep watching a late movie or Letterman, only to awaken to some inane morning show. "Huh, must have cut it off during the night, I guess."

He got up and started for the kitchen to get some juice when a quiet voice said, "Good morning, master." He jolted to a stop and spun toward the voice, suddenly wide-awake with heart pounding. From the far corner of the room stepped a vision; the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was clothed in the sheerest of silk that revealed much, yet hid just enough to be incredibly tantalizing.

As his befuddled mind tried to process what he saw and its implications, the young woman stepped in front of him, stopped, and smiled. Her slightly small mouth had full lips that formed a stunning yet demure smile which lit up the room, made his heart beat even faster, and awakened his cock. She stood, eyes slightly downcast, apparently waiting for him to say something.

"Uh... who... what... how..." He swallowed and tried again. "Who are you, and how did you get in here?"

Her smile widened at his confusion, causing his rapidly-beating heart to skip a few, then she said, "I am whomever you would like me to be, master. As to how I got here, is that not obvious? Did you not open my box?"

The box. Everything rushed back into his head; the box, the puzzle, the glowing mist. Suddenly he had to sit down. He made it back to the couch before his legs gave out from under him, his eyes never leaving the girl.

"The box? How... What do you mean? What was that light? What did you do to me?" he asked, remembering now that the pink mist was the last thing he saw the night before.

The woman's smile gave way to a small, albeit cute frown. "You do not know of the box? You must. I am here. You did open it, yes?"

Jack felt a little better now that he was not the only one confused, then realized that might not be a good thing. "Well, yeah, I did. I solved the puzzle."

"Ah," she said, her smile returning, "This is correct, then. You are my rightful master. I am your Genie."

Master? Genie? What the hell was she talking about? This had to be a dream. Had he fallen asleep watching a rerun of "I Dream of Genie"? He must have. He was at this very moment really sleeping on the couch while it played on TV. Still, as dreams went, it could be worse. She was certainly hot, definitely hotter than Barbara Eden. He was afraid to ask too many questions, fearing that, if this was a dream it might end before anything good could happen (as they always did), but he didn't know what else to do.

"Uh, I'm sorry, but I'm not quite awake, yet. I had a late night that ended oddly. Could you kind of start from the beginning and tell me about, uh, yourself, or whatever..." He trailed off, not wanting to go too far and indicate to her that he wasn't who she expected him to be.

Apparently that was already obvious to her, though, as she said, "Yes, I can understand your confusion. You are not my originally intended master. But no matter, the box was opened by your hand, so my master you are."

She knelt on the floor in front of him, giving him an incredible view of her dazzling cleavage. He would have had a hard time concentrating on anything else if it hadn't been for the unbelievable story she told, and a pair of startlingly green eyes that captured his as she began speaking.

"I am a Genie, a female Jinn. I was placed in that box many, many years ago. Created by a Major Genie, it, and I, was intended to be a gift for a very wealthy Sultan as a present. That particular Sultan loved puzzles, and this box was constructed to be a great challenge for him, with me as his prize, when, or if, he solved it."

"Apparently he never did, or perhaps the box was stolen. I do not know. A Genie such as me is aware neither of what transpires outside his or her vessel, nor even of the passage of time itself while the vessel is sealed. But that does not matter, now. The way the box was created, my master is whoever solves the puzzle and opens the box. You have done so. So, master, how may I be of service?" As she said this last, she bowed her head briefly to the floor.

Jack was stunned. Was this really happening? It couldn't be. Either someone was going to some elaborate lengths to play a practical joke on him, or he was still asleep on the couch with that rerun of "Jeannie" on the TV. He pinched himself. Ow! Ok, must be a joke, then. But hell, why not play along?

"Um, I'm not sure. How CAN you be of service?"

"In any way you wish, master. I am yours to command."

His to command, eh? Yeah, right. Who had set this up, and where had they gotten this beautiful girl? At least if she was a stripper or something, she should be of legal age. As practical jokes went, this was a great one.

Jack thought for a few minutes. Just what would it take to call this girl's bluff? If he was careful, he hoped he could get some enjoyment out of this before exceeding what she was paid to do. Hmmm. She was wearing so little anyway...

"How about, remove your clothes."

"Yes, master." She stood and began to remove her silks.

"No, um, strip for me, please. Make it erotic."

"Yes, master." And she did. For the next ten minutes, Jack was witness to the most incredibly erotic strip tease he had ever seen as she slowly revealed her perfect body. There was no music, no sound. It would have only detracted from the performance. One by one the silks would drift to the floor, leaving a thinner layer behind, a little more of her lightly tanned skin showing through. Yet the remaining filmy material and her continuous movement still managed to conceal her most private places. Even the very last thin silk somehow managed to hide what he so urgently wanted to see. Then it, too, fell to the floor as she gracefully turned to face him, her auburn hair, now slightly tousled, settling over her breasts. It was thick enough to completely conceal them and long enough to almost reach her delicious oval belly button and partially obscure her taut, flat stomach.

By this time Jack was perspiring a bit and his cock was rock-hard. The young woman - she couldn't be more than twenty, if that - was exceptionally talented, and Jack sat in stunned silence, only able to stare at her in lust. Oddly, he found her breasts still being hidden by her glorious mane while the rest of her was exposed a surprising turn-on, focusing more of his attention on a small triangle of trimmed red-gold bush, pointing down to a delectable and completely bare hood and pair of lips, all perfectly framed by lusciously rounded hips flaring from her narrow waist.

Finally, his eyes found their way back to her face, whose pink-cheeked, slightly exerted expression held curious combinations of innocence and sexuality, subservience and perhaps just a bit of mischief. As innocent as she might look, however, she was apparently not in the least bit self-conscious about her nudity, and seemed quite happy for him to admire her for as long as he liked, and to wait for his next command. Jack wondered for a while what that command should be. Finally, voice unsteady, he said, "Ok, now, uh, how about a lap dance."

"Lap dance?" she frowned slightly, as if in concentration. There was a brief tingle in his mind, but he was too distracted to notice it. "Ah! Yes master."

Again her sensuous body began moving to an unheard rhythm. She slowly turned away from him, revealing a sculpted back and two full, firm, round cheeks. She then sunk her stunning rear into his lap and began swirling it lightly against his cock, which was straining mightily for release from his shorts. It was all he could do not to cum right then. Slowly she turned again, somehow keeping her ass in constant contact with his fabric-sheathed cock, to straddle him, a look of sultry eroticism now on her young face.

She rubbed her covered breasts lightly against his chest for a few moments, her silken strands tickling his nipples, her ass continuing its delicious gyrations, before rubbing upwards against him. She paused with her breasts inches from his face and reached up to leisurely, teasingly pull the hair covering her right breast aside. Once she had it revealed, she flipped her hair gracefully over her shoulder with that special little head toss that all women with long manes develop, and that had always aroused him. Somehow, her left breast stayed hidden.

Jack was now presented with a large, perfectly round breast completely untouched by gravity, with a small areola surrounding a large, pert nipple that pointed ever so slightly up when erect, as it was now. He had to sit on his hands to keep from reaching for it, but he had asked for a lap dance, and the rule was no touching. At that moment he would have sworn that following that rule was the hardest thing he had ever done, but a rule was a rule. In this instance it seemed to make the dance even more erotic, if that were possible.

The girl rose to half-stand on the couch and pressed her whole body against him. He tilted his head back to look up at her, to find her beautiful face smiling naughtily back down at him. The bottom of her breast was just even with his chin and, placing her hands on the back of the couch for support, she raised up a little further, sliding her body against his. When her breast was hanging just over his face, she bent and lightly touched his lips with her nipple. He groaned. This was too much. He could no longer resist and tried to open his mouth to take her nipple, but found himself barely able to move, as if spellbound. She giggled impishly as she teased him over his lips, his nose, his eyelids, as he sat helpless to respond.

After teasing him for a several long moments she leaned back from him a bit and revealed her other breast with another comely toss of her head. She then pressed against him again and rubbed both breasts more firmly, slowly, around and down his face. Finally easing back down on his crotch, her whole body pressed against him, her face inches above his, she asked, "What else can I do for my master?" in a husky whisper.

The spell was broken, and Jack could move a bit. He was half crazy at this point. He couldn't take much more without exploding. He wasn't sure how far this girl was willing or allowed to go, but he had to have some release. Stripers didn't usually perform any sexual acts beyond what she had already done. On the other hand, if she were perhaps a prostitute? What the hell.

"Um, how about a nice, long, mind blowing blow job?"

Again the tingle in his mind as she smiled naughtily, said, "Yes, master!" and slithered down until her face hovered over his fly. She reached up and ran a fingertip lightly over his hard-on through his shorts, causing him to jump and his cock to jerk violently in his pants. Was she really going to do it, or was she just teasing him?

He soon received his answer as, after a few more moments of teasing his rock-hard cock through the fabric, she slowly unzipped him. She reached in and he jumped again as her fingers touched, and then encircled his cock. She extracted it and, after yet another charming toss of her head to get her hair out of the way, this time revealing a long graceful neck that begged to be nuzzled and kissed, she slowly, teasingly lowered her mouth toward his shaft. Jack held his breath for an endless, agonizing moment until she finally extended her tongue. She lightly flicked the tip of his cock and caused him, and it, to jump once again. She smiled as she swirled her tongue around his cock head for a while, causing him to moan, then she gently took the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Sucking lightly, she slowly lowered her head. Millimeter by millimeter his shaft disappeared between her lips until, a brief eternity later, she had taken it all down her throat. She left his cock buried to the hilt and began to hum a nameless tune. He wasn't sure how she could do this, as his cock was completely blocking her air supply, but she hummed her song, whose notes were chosen not for their melody but for the incredible sensations they produced on his shaft. She hummed for much longer that he would have though possible without passing out.

She finally reversed direction, revealing his cock as slowly as she had hidden it. On the way out, she ran her teeth lightly along the top of his cock while adding a maddening swirling of her tongue to the underside. Jack was circumcised, and when her teeth reached the ridge under his 'helmet', she held them there and bit down just a little to give her tongue swirling more friction on the underside of his cock head.

The combination of the sting of her teeth and the intense pleasure of her tongue on the most sensitive part of his cock had Jack rapidly approaching the point of no return. Just as he was about to spew, however, she stopped the action of her tongue and, removing most of the pressure of her teeth from the top of his cock, she slid the head of his cock through her lips and teeth until her lips kissed just his very tip. She then parted her lips with the tip of her tongue and, opening her mouth a bit, began teasing and probing the tip of his cock and its hole. This caused an excruciating mixture of tickling pleasure when she licked and flicked his cock tip, and stinging pleasure when she probed the hole as deeply as she could with her tongue.

Jack's hips began to buck involuntarily. Smiling around her extended tongue, the girl pressed her breasts into his thighs and put all her weight on him, holding him still and forcing him to endure the torture. She continued it for Jack didn't know how long, never quite stimulating him enough to make him cum, until he thought he might go insane. Before he could scream for her to stop, or make him cum, or whatever, her lips enveloped his cock head again, and began their slow journey back to the base of his cock.

She repeated the whole sequence again, and again, and again, until Jack was begging and pleading for her to make him cum. Finally, grinning wickedly, she whispered, "Yes, master." She didn't stop her pattern, though, just altered it. Her lips slid down his cock faster this time, and she sucked a bit harder. The way back out was also faster, but her teeth still lightly scraped the top of his cock as her tongue did its dance underneath. Then, forgoing her tongue torture on the tip, she sucked his cock back down.

In his current state Jack couldn't take this kind of stimulation for very long, and exploded after just a few repetitions. Sensing this, the girl sucked his cock completely down her throat, which seemed to constrict tightly around him. Then she began to bob her head as jets of semen shot down her throat, milking his cock for every spurt and drop, and extending Jack's orgasm, the most incredible orgasm of his life, for longer than he thought possible. The orgasmic contractions, meant to shoot the cum from his cock, continued long after there was no more cum to shoot, and the girl continued her milking, refusing to stop until the contractions did. Wondering again how she could keep his cock buried down her throat so long without breathing, Jack finally passed out.

For the second time that morning, Jack awoke trying to remember what was going on. Memory came to him more quickly this time, and he looked around, afraid that the girl might indeed have been a dream, or perhaps had left, her job complete. But no, there she was, kneeling in front of him again, naked, her eyes downcast, with possibly just the barest hint of a mischievous smile on her gorgeous young face.

Jack looked down at his crotch. His cock was back in his shorts, with a damp spot around the zipper the only physical evidence that anything had happened, that is unless you counted smell. He now noticed her aroma left on him, an intoxicating smell of spice, desert rose and woman.

"Um, thank you. That was... incredible," Jack murmured.

She actually blushed as she said, "It was my pleasure, master." She paused for a moment, and then looked at him from lowered eyelids; head still bowed, and asked, "What else may I do for my master?"

Jack was in a bit of a quandary now. What should he do? This girl was obviously willing to go the distance. Who was she? Who had sent her? WAS she a prostitute? Just what were her limits? Jack didn't know how long he had been out after that incredible oral assault, but he could already feel his juices starting to flow again. He was recharging quicker than usual, but then he had a stunningly beautiful young woman kneeling in front of him, still professing that he was her master. Who wouldn't?

Again, Jack wanted to challenge her obedience without exceeding her limits and thus ending this little charade. He thought for another moment and decided on his next 'command.' He stood. "Remove my shorts and underwear."

"Yes, master." She moved without hesitation to obey. He had to admit, he was getting to like this 'master' game. She rose to her knees and undid his button and fly. She pulled his shorts and underwear slowly to the floor, exposing his half-erect cock. She looked at it for a moment with what seemed like longing, and then she raised her eyes to his expectantly.

"Ok, now I wish for you to make my cock thicker, longer and harder than it has ever been before, so that I can fuck you senseless with it." Jack figured this was a pretty good command. She had already made him harder than he ever thought possible through her dancing and oral attentions. He figured she could do it again, using hands, lips and tongue, allowing her to follow his 'wish' while not having the fantasy of her 'Genie powers' broken.

Her eyes widened a bit at the last part of his command, and he again felt the tingle in his mind. He was aware enough this time to consciously notice it, but didn't have time to consider it before she said "Yes, master!" enthusiastically, lowered her eyes back to his cock, and then got a far away look. Her eyes seemed to flash golden, and Jack felt a tugging at his crotch. He looked down at his cock and was shocked to see that it was indeed thicker and longer than it had ever been before, and throbbingly erect. He had never had a problem with size, being a bit above average in all respects, but now... his cock had to be at least 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. He gasped in astonishment and stumbled back away from her.

Thinking she had done something wrong, the girl lowered her head, eyes downcast, waiting for reprimand. For his part, Jack was stunned, and scared. She was real! She was a Genie! He had commanded a powerful magical being to perform sexual acts for and on him. Oh, shit!

"Uh, look, um, I'm sorry about all those commands and stuff. I didn't really believe you were a real Genie. I thought it was a joke."

She looked up, confused. "You didn't really want my attentions?"

"Well, yes, I did, but I don't normally command women like that. I would get slapped, or worse. I was trying to call your bluff - well no I wasn't - but, I'm sorry." It was ironic now that this creature really did seem to be magical and his to command, that he would become concerned over what he had done.

"My 'bluff'? Master, there was no bluff, and there is no offense. There cannot be. I am your Genie. This is my purpose."

"To give me blow jobs!?" he said incredulously.

She smiled, a bit impishly, as she lowered her eyes again. "No. Well, yes, in part. Forgive me, master, for not being clear earlier. I was intended to be a gift to the Sultan, to be his sexual servant, his willing sexual slave, granting any erotic wish he might desire. That was why I was created. I cannot grant just any wish, like the most powerful Jinn. My powers, while extensive, are tied to wishes dealing in the Erotic, physical pleasure; sexual fantasy. Any wish of this type, I can grant you."

Jack was stunned, again, and again sank weakly to the couch. "ANY wish?"

"Yes, master," she replied softly.

"How many wishes do I get?" he asked suddenly, afraid he had blown most of them already without knowing.

"As many as you want, master."

"For how long?"

"Until you die- WE die, master. I am tied to you now. I am you Genie for life."

This was just too much for Jack. He couldn't grasp it. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, thinking of nothing, his brain overloaded. He sat this way so long that the girl finally asked "Master, are you alright?"

He looked around the room numbly, unable to concentrate on anything coherent. His eyes finally returned to his still-massive, still-throbbing cock. "What about this?" he asked dully. Somewhere in his brain he figured his erection should have wilted by now.

"I am sorry master, I do not understand. Does it displease you? Is it not what you requested?"

"Well," he said, trying to concentrate, "yeah, I guess, but why is it still so, uh, hard?" he asked dumbly.

Again a small smile, this time with lots of blushing. "Because you have not 'fucked me senseless' yet, master." she said in a shy voice.

That brought him back around a bit. When he had said that, while he would have loved to fuck her 'senseless', he had meant it mostly metaphorically. "You mean it will stay like this until I do?"

"No master. It will be anything you wish it to be." She paused briefly, lowering her eyes again. "Again, master, forgive me for my lack of clarity. Some Jinn, as you may have read in stories, take their masters' wishes absolutely literally. Therefore, unless those wishes are phrased exactly correctly, the master often gets something other than the intent of his wish. Some Jinn do this out of cruelty, some out of what they call "purity." I was created not to do this at all, but to try to give my master, you, the wish you intend."

This sparked Jack's memory. "That tingle I feel in my mind whenever I ask for something, are you reading my mind?"

"Not exactly. To help me grant your wish, to interpret what you want, I have drawn on your definition of what, for example, a "lap dance" is or what you feel a "long, mind-blowing blow job" to be. While both of those activities existed - in one form or another -- when I was created, they were not called by those names. I could have pulled that information from anywhere, but thought it better to get the definitions from you. Getting this info from you is different than reading your personal thoughts, which is something I am not allowed to do unless you ask it.

Gaining information to grant your wishes in this fashion is fairly common for Jinn who try to grant the spirit of their master's wishes, rather than the literal wish itself. However, if you consider granting your wishes in this manner to be an intrusion, I will not do so. I have only been yours for a short while, and even by granting your wishes in the manner I have, at first I may not give you exactly what you intend. But as time goes by I will be able to better understand the intent of your wishes. Forgive me if I have taken too much liberty or offended you in any way."

She paused at this point, but before Jack could reply, she spoke again. "There is a fine line between giving a master the wish he intends and maintaining his mental privacy. When you opened the box, that pink mist you saw was my essence. I had no physical form. Most of my physical and mental characteristics were formed then, as I took on the body and the personality best suited to you, to be a good match for you." She gave a small, ironic smile. "Apparently, if I am judging my mental and physical formation correctly, you like women who are, among other things, fun-loving, sexually adventurous, intelligent, and a bit mischievous. Those last two characteristics were not encouraged in women during the time of my creation, and are causing a bit of conflict with my subservience." She became serious again. "They may have also tempered my interpretation of your last wish with my own interest in being, as you said, 'fucked senseless.' I should not have done that without your permission." She lowered her forehead to the floor. "I await any punishment you wish to give."

Jack snorted softly. Punishment. He was having a hard time grasping, much less believing everything this beautiful woman was saying. But one thing he was sure of was that, with everything she had done so far, the last thing she deserved was punishment. Although... that depends on your definition of 'punishment' he thought. Smiling inwardly but keeping a stern face, he said "Very well, I will punish you, then. Get up and sit here," he indicated the middle of the couch.

"Yes, master." She did as she was told, her eyes downcast and her whole demeanor that of abject abasement.

"Lean back and spread your legs."

Her face showed a bit of confusion, but she kept her eyes downcast as she did what he commanded. He grasped her knees and pushed her legs up until they were spread and pressed against her chest, fully exposing her pussy and ass to him. "Hold them like this until I tell you to move."

"Yes, master," she whispered.

Jack knelt down between her legs to get a closer look at her pussy. Her pussy lips and the hood above her clit were bare, with just the neat fuzz of golden-red hair above them. There was a light sheen of moisture on and between her lips, and her pussy smelled clean and inviting when he caught a whiff. He bent his head further down and licked a lip lightly, and it was her turn to jump and moan.

Now, Jack loved to eat a woman when he got the chance, but he was never one to describe the taste of a woman's secretions with words like "honey" or "nectar." He didn't mind the taste of a clean pussy at all, but he was not there for the flavor. However, in this case he was surprised and pleased to find that her taste was actually pleasant, tasting of woman but also of something like honeysuckle, and he took a few more licks, just to savor the taste of this wonderful, exotic woman, before he started eating in earnest.

He spent a long time licking, nibbling and teasing her lips and hood, trying to give her as much stimulation and pleasurable torment as she had given him. He felt woefully inexperienced for the task, but he persevered, and, when he thought she had wanted it bad enough for long enough, attacked her clit directly. She had been writhing and moaning more and more loudly as he went (just listening to her moans was almost enough to get him off, so musical and erotic were they), and when his tongue touched her clit, she exploded into orgasm immediately. Like his orgasm earlier, hers seem to go on and on, and like her, he refused to stop licking until she stopped cumming. After what had to be a full minute of this, he was thinking that she, too, might pass out, but a few seconds later her mouth opened in a final silent scream of ecstasy, held there for an endless moment, then she went limp in exhaustion. Sweat plastered a few hairs to her forehead and sheened the rest of her body and she panted heavily, but she had managed to stay conscious and to hold her legs up as he commanded, although it looked to have been a tough battle.

"That is your punishment for trying to interpret my wishes." He smiled a lopsided smile and added, "And you can expect further punishment if it happens again. Understand?"

She managed a weak smile of understanding and said "Yes master."

"Now. To your punishment for wanting to be 'fucked senseless'." Jack stood on his knees in front of the couch between her legs, intending to enter her immediately and commence the fucking with his achingly hard cock. He quickly discovered, however, that the couch was too low for him to line up correctly. Her eyes were riveted to his cock, and she only looked up when he asked, "can you raise yourself a little, or shall we move to another location?"

He expected her to either adjust herself a bit, or suggest they move, but instead her eyes flashed and she simply floated up a few inches and hung in mid air, her pussy aligned directly with his shaft. Again he experienced a shock at such a blatant example of her abilities, but quickly gave a mental 'what the fuck' shrug then said out loud, "well, if you are going to do that, why am I on my knees?"

With that he stood and backed up a bit, moving to a clear spot on the carpet. He spread his feet wide and said "Ok, float on over here." And she did. It was truly a surreal and erotic sight; her lying back on nothing with her long dancer's legs spread wide and held up in the air as she floated toward him. He almost freaked right then, but kept a tight hold on himself. She aligned herself with his cock again, and he placed the tip at her entrance. "So this is the cock it takes to fuck you senseless, eh?"

"Yes, master," she breathed.

"Ok, well, here it comes. Hold yourself steady." Jack slowly began pressing his cock into her, but immediately felt an obstruction. He stopped for a moment, wondering what it could be before he figured it out. "You're a virgin!"

"Of course, master," she panted, obviously a bit impatient at the delay. "Taking my virginity is your last step in making me your Genie forever. Please, take it as you wish." This last was said almost as a plea.

This set off a small alarm bell in Jack's mind, but he was too filled with lust to stop now and consider its implications. He was on a road of no return. He would just have to deal with it later. He was not so insensitive, however, as to not be concerned about the pain this girl might experience when her hymen was broken.

"Can't I just wish it away? I don't want to hurt you."

"That's very kind of you, Master, but no. It is part of joining us together."

"Well, ok..."

He had never had sex with a virgin before, and wasn't sure of the best method of deflowering her, but decided a quick, smooth thrust would probably be best. Suiting action to thought, he placed his hands on top of her thighs for leverage, positioned the tip of his cock against her maidenhead, and gave a strong, smooth thrust. Her hymen parted easily, and his thrust carried his cock several inches into her. As he thrust she threw her head back with a muffled squeal. He left his cock in her for a few seconds, enjoying the contractions of her walls squeezing his massive shaft, waiting for her to get used to its presence. "Are you ok? Does it feel ok?"

"Oh yes master. There was a little pain, not much, and it has quickly gone. It feels wonderful," she said a bit breathlessly. That was all the go-ahead Jack needed. He pulled his cock out slowly, until just the tip was lodged between her lips, and then pushed back in again, eliciting another squeal. She was incredibly, deliciously tight, especially in his enlarged state. He felt every millimeter of her vaginal wall as it slid past his sensitive cock head. The feeling was indescribable. He slowly, ever so slowly picked up the pace of his thrusting, somehow knowing that his new cock would have all the stamina needed for a marathon fuck. He could tell that she wanted him to thrust faster, but he was enjoying teasing her.

Soon enough, however, he was pumping her at a rapid speed, and was rewarded by little grunts and moans from her with each thrust. By the volume of her responses he could tell that she was slowly but inexorably climbing toward a massive climax. He continued to thrust a while longer, increasing speed a bit more, and started to pant and grunt a bit himself. Eventually he felt his own climax start to build. "Here we go," he murmured between breaths, "you ready?"

"Yes... master," she managed through clenched teeth.

He pumped a bit more then asked, partly out of lust, partly out of some perverse desire to distract her just a little, "Um, can you... increase the intensity... of my orgasm... to match the size of... my cock?" This time she just threw her head forward in a nod, unable to speak. With that, Jack picked up his pace again, slamming his cock into her as her tight round ass slapped against his thighs.

She was moaning constantly now, the volume increasing as she approached her climax. Jack kept up his pace, trying to slam into her deeper and deeper, enjoying the way her tight, spasming walls grabbed at his cock. He noticed on his deeper thrusts that the tip of his elongated cock brushed something, and after a few seconds his fevered brain figured that this must be her cervix. He then made it his goal to touch it with every thrust. This added assault quickly pushed the girl over the edge, and she came with a scream. Her orgasmic contractions squeezed and pulled intensely on Jack's cock, which in turn sent him off. The fireworks of this blast made his earlier orgasm seem like bottle rockets in the back yard. They exploded in his head and crotch for a second, for an hour, he could not tell, until, finally, the blackness took him once more...

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