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First story. Be harsh with your jugdement! ;) Kidding. Be honest.
The club was packed tonight. Bodies on top of bodies, gyrating to the beat of music in the heated room. More to the point I was striking out the ladies more than I cared to count. They seemed more stuck up than usual. The last one didn't even let me within 15 inches of her before she walked away. But my douchebag friends that look and dance like the guys from Jersey Shore when drunk had about fifteen girls all vying for thier attention. One went as so far to pull off her shirt and start shaking her large tits in his face. He liked it. The DJ liked it. She got ejected from the club. So I stayed at the bar, sipping my drink and waiting for my friends to be ready to leave. It was then she stood next to me. Her short backless dress hugged her figure and she leaned forward revealing her long silky legs and I casually leaned back to see her full breasts hanging over the bar. She had olive skin and long hair. A light accent played around in her voice, which was deep and husky. She was exotic and sexy, but with my losing streak tonight I decided to let it go. Alas, I must have stared for too long because she spoke to me.

"If you are going to look for that long I guess you are going to buy this drink for me,huh?" She smiled slowly and sensually, not to angry to see me oogling at her like I had never seen a women before. At least not like her.

I smiled and placed a twenty on the table. I went back to my drink a little embarrassed because I was caught, but no worse for wear I suppose. I surprised when I felt her warm hand near my crotch. She rubbed it up and down my inner thigh slowly.

"Don't be shy now." She sucked on my ear and rand her soft hands up and down my bulge. her soft touches turning me on. "Even if it is kind of cute".

"Dance with me." she breathed into my ear. She pulled me through the crowd and we began to dance. It was more like dry fucking on the dance floor, but she was so sexy I didn't want to stop it. Her lithe body was rubbing up and down mine. She gyrated her big ass on my crotch getting me hard intentionally. She faced me and gave me a knowing face. She rubbed her chest on mine and I could she her nipples harden underneath her red dress. I rubbed my thumbs over one and she moaned into my ear. I pulled a breast out right there on the dance floor and sucked and bit on the nipple and she moaned and struggled to get closer to me. Gently she pulled me from her breast and led me up the stairs to the second level.

Watching her ass move in front of me entranced me as she pulled me into an empty room in the club and pushed me back onto the first leather couch in the room. She pulled out my hardened dick and suckled the tip in her mouth reaching to massage my balls. She unhitched her dress in the back and let it drop. I intertwined my fingers into her thick hair and pulled onto my dick, forcing her to take it all into her mouth. She did it easily and relished in the task, sucking and licking my dick with ease.

She opened my shirt pulled it off of me and then laid back. I immediately started to eat her sweet pussy, suckling on her clit and sliding two fingers into out of her tight wet hole. She moved beneath my touch and reveled in her reaction. She came almost instantly. I pulled her off of the couch and fucked her on the door, her hard nipples rubbing on my chest, her pussy sucking me in and not letting go.She could barely contain her screams and her cries to fuck her harder was driving me wild. I sat on the couch and watched as her full breasts bounced up and down in her vigor to fuck me. I felt my balls tighten and I am about to cum when she pulls out and chokes my dick with her fingers, cutting off my climax. I cursed lightly; the sensation was so intense.

A mischievous grin spread over her face and she started to spread some of her juices to her asshole and she slipped two fingers in making me watch as she pleasured herself, driving me crazy. I watched as she slowly slipped her finger in and out. She seemed to love to play with herself and her pleasure drove my fire. I couldn't stand not touching her.

​ I bent her over and entered slowly in her pink anus reveling in the new feeling. She stuck her finger in her pussy and I felt my climax renew. I fucked her harder, enjoying the sound of her thick ass slapping against my groin. I reached around and played with her clit and she came again her whole body shaking. She squirted and I played with the warm liquid in my hand. The vibrations and sensations set me off and I came into her ass, the climax more intense than the one that was denied before and longer than I could have imagined. I pulled out and watched as my semen dripped slowly out. I sat back down exhausted and satisfied. I watched as she slowly dressed for my pleasure, wiggling her ass back into place. I wanted to ask her name, ask her to stay, something so I would able to taste her sweet sweet body again.

It was like she read my mind when she placed her card on the table and with a wink and a smile she said:

"Thanks for the drink."

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very nice for your first time

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