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Part 2 of our continuing series, this time, with added family members!
Fucking my Mum, Part 2: Sister.

Much to my surprise more than anything, things hadn't become awkward or stilted between me and my mum since we fucked. There had a been an uneasy week or two, where I think we were both worried about if the other regretted our initial tryst, but it soon went away. In the two months since, we had fucked several more times, usually when our lust just got the better of us.

Christmas rolled around, and things were better than ever. With my dad working longer hours, me and my mum were fucking nearly every weekday. We put up our decorations and had sex on the floor in front of the tree, my cum once again splattering her beautiful face. On the 23rd, my sister returned home from boarding school. When I was around 13, my parents came into a good amount of money, and offered me a private education, I turned it down, having built a good group of friends at my public school. My sister on the other hand, when she turned 11, jumped on the chance. Seven years had passed, and she'd just turned 18, and was partway through her final year at the school. We had a relatively normal Christmas day, other than my mum stroking my leg under the dinner table, which was a thrill as my dad sat right next to me.

Unlike my Dad, Claire, my sister, is very perceptive. She noticed me and my exchanging knowing glances at each other across the table, and when I jumped as her leg snaked up my thigh. Claire looked at me, and then at my mum, several times during lunch, looking ever more suspicous. I tried to shake it off, she was perceptive yes, but there was no way she could be that perceptive.

The 28th rolled around and my dad went back to work, with Claire in the house me and my mum were unable to fuck, which I know was making us both very pent up. I went into the kitchen at lunchtime and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her on the ear, she gave me a playful squeeze through my trousers. She went to go through the back door, to water her plants, and I gave her a playful slap on the bum to which she giggled. I turned to leave the kitchen and came almost face-to-face with Claire.
"Oh," I gasped, my heart jumping, "I didn't see you there."
Claire just raised an eyebrow. She was a very attractive girl, taking after her mother. She had long brunette hair, a chiseled, almost boyish face and a body to die for. She was slim, with wide hips and large breasts, again, like her mum.
"Um," I said nervously, "how long were you standing there?"
Claire smiled, "Oh...from around the time mum grabbed your crotch."
I grimaced, trying to think of a way I could play it off.
"I'm sure that was an accident," I said, pushing my way past her and down the hallway to my room.
"Yeah right!" Claire laughed, following me, "I'm not stupid, I know something is going on. I saw the way you two were looking at each other on Christmas day, what's going on?"
I sighed and rolled my eyes, turned out she was that perceptive.
"Nothing, I don't know what you're talking about."
"Seriously..." Claire whispered, following me into my room and shutting the door, "are you and know?"
"I know? I don't know, no."
"C'mon, I know you fancy mum, I remember the way you used to look at her when you were younger. Whenever I was at home I'd see you checking out her ass. I know you used to read incest stories as well."
I frowned, how the hell did she know that? I laugh and shook my head, all the while trying to decide whether or not to come clean.
"So?" I replied, trying to be cool, "that doesn't mean anything."
"Look," Claire replied, a smile on her face, "I know our parents are pretty perverted, don't you remember hearing them having sex when we were kids?"
I nodded, "yeah?"
"So we're both just as bad surely? Just tell me, yes or no, are you fucking mum?"
I looked Claire in the face and tried to work out whether she was messing around, or if she seriously suspected it, I took a risk, my last one had worked out well.
Her mouth fell open for a second, then stretched into a grin. "I knew it!"
"And you're....okay with that?" I asked, hardly believing it myself.
She shrugged, "doesn't bother me, as long as dad doesn't find out right?"
"Yeah...that would be pretty much the end of the world."
Claire raised her eyebrows playfully, I frowned, "what?"
"I'll do you a deal."
I hated her deals, they always involved blackmail of somekind, "go on..."
"I won't tell dad," if you let me watch."
"Watch what?" I suddenly got what she meant, "are you joking?"
She shook her head. "You're insane," I said, exasperatedly.
There was a knock at the door, and we both turned to it, she looked at me and smiled. "Come on," She said, "do it now, I want to see her reaction."
I rolled my eyes, "come in," I said loudly.

Our mum pushed the door open and looked in, we were both stood awkwardly staring at the door.
"Are you two okay?" She asked.
"I know about you two," Claire replied, she manner-of-factly I could have sworn I nearly had a heart-attack.
My mum took a deep breath and walked into the room, I looked down at the floor awkwardly.
"Okay, Claire," she said, "what are you planning on doing about it?"
"Well, I just told him, that I won't tell dad, if you let me join in."
"You said watch," I snapped.
"I'm changing the deal slightly," she whispered at me.
My mum arched an eyebrow, "well," she said, "I guess we're not the only perverts in the family are we?"
I shook my head, "I guess not."
"Well Claire," our mum said, so sternly it was almost as if she was telling her off, "which would you rather, getting fucked by your brother, or by me?"
Claire grinned, the sort of smile you see on potential sadists.
"Why don't you two just get on with it, and I'll decide."
"Sit down then."
Claire took her place on my bed and watched, smiling all the while. My mum came over to me and wrapped her arms around me, she whispered in my ear, "she's going to get a kick out of this."
"I know," I whispered back.

My mum kissed me, her warm tongue sliding into my mouth, I kissed her back. As she made her way down to kiss my neck and pulled her jumper off over her head, following by her top, and finally I unhooked her bra. I glanced at Claire as our mum's big, heavy boobs fell out of her clothes, she was staring at them, biting her lip all the while.
She made her way down me, lifting my shirt to kiss my belly as she dropped to her knees. I pulled it off, and noticed that Claire was now staring at my naked chest. My mum undid the button on my jeans and undid my fly, before pulling them down to the floor. My semi-erect cock was clearly visible poking through my boxers, I could guess where my sister's eyes were now focused. Before I could worry too much about my sister becoming the newest member of the family to see my cock, my boxers were being pulled down. I watched my mum kissing the inside of my thighs as my cock stiffened further, she kissed up my legs and then over my balls. I moaned lightly and put my head back, I shot another glance at Claire who was staring open mouthed at what was happening in front of her.
My mum licked her tongue along the entire length of my cock, from base to tip. She swirled it around my end, licking at the precum that was starting to seep out. I groaned and gripped my mum's short hair, pushing my cock against her lips. She opened them to accommodate me and the tip of my cock slid into her warm mouth. I groaned, at which point Claire gasped, I smiled, I knew she was enjoying what she saw.

My mum took my length further, until my balls tapped against her chin, she slid her mouth back down my length and off of it, returning to licking my tip, which she knew I liked. I looked down at Claire and saw what I had been expecting, her hands were slowly undoing her own jeans, and while I watched she slid her hand into them.
My mum at this point returned to my level and kissed me again, this time with more passion, I clumsily pushed my hand up the long skirt she was wearing. Feeling her moisture coming through her underwear. She moaned and held on to me as I rubbed her clit through her panties. Claire by this point had given up being subtle, and was led back on the bed, her hand completely down her pants as she presumable rubbed her own.
My mum took a step back from me and pulled down her skirt, followed very closely by her panties. Her hairy pussy appeared once again, and I wanted nothing more than to fall to my knees and bury my face in it. Instead though, she turned to Claire.
"Take your clothes off, Claire."
I wasn't expecting her to comply so easily, but clearly horniness had gotten the better of my little sister, she stripped as quickly as she could. There wasn't even time for me to savour in seeing her naked for the first time since she'd been a little kid. Now all of a sudden, she lay nude on my bed. Her breasts, easily as big as mum's D cup where home to two hard, beautiful little nipples. Her pussy was bare, as I'd expected, it was clearly wet and her two thin lips were open, her clit was large enough to be visible as she lay with her legs slightly apart.
I watched, agog, as my mum walked to the bed and lowered a nipple to Claire's mouth, which to my surprise she sucked on readily. My mum lowered herself onto my sister, and laid on her as she continued to have her nipples eagerly sucked on. I watched, cock in hand, as my mum kissed her way down my sister's body. Claire looked just as shocked as I was, as our mother took one of her daughter's nipples in her mouth and sucked and licked. Claire moaned and laid her head against the pillow, her eyes rolling back in pure pleasure. I couldn't help but start to beat off as my mum continued down, over Claire's smooth flat belly, before positioning herself right in front of my sisters, tight, smooth, 18 year old cunt. Claire squirmed, almost beggingly, and finally, my mum obliged.

She ran her tongue down the length of Claire's soaking hole, and Claire moaned loudly. Our mother propped her legs up, and ran her tongue back up, finally ending on Claire's clit, which she proceeded to run her tongue around in circles. Claire grabbed mum's hair and pulled her closer, my mum opening her mouth to suck on the wet clit of her daughter. I was coming dangerously close to cumming and my mum raised her hand to Claire's pussy and slid a finger into her, illiciting a light scream from my panting sister. My mum continued to lick and finger fuck Claire, her tongue getting faster and harder until finally Claire squeezed her legs together and which a loud, long groan, came on her mother's face.

I couldn't take it anymore, I could feel my orgasm too building. I moaned, that I was about to cum. My mum got out from between Claire's legs and laid back on top of her, turning her face towards me.
"Cum on your sister's face," she said, almost demanded.
Claire looked too worn out and shell shocked to resist, and without any further encouragement, I sprayed cum across both of their faces. They both took it with open mouths, the first two strands of cum landing in and around and Claire's, and then one final spray hitting my mum, who cleaned my cock off eagerly. The two women panted, still laying naked on top one of another, while I tried to remain on my feet. I hadn't even fucked either of them.

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2014-03-28 12:07:14
how long before part 3

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get the sister to seduce the dad?

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2011-12-18 17:31:57
It never fails somebody don't like a story because they want mom or sister to get pregnant. how crazy is that.......

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Great addition to the 1st installment
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