Will Jen sleep with her nerdy tutor? Will Jess put Lisa's advice about fellatio to good use?
Chapter 11

“So, what are you up to, other than no good?” Heather flirtatiously asks Aaron, the clerk at the MicroMart in town. “Nothin’ much. Just looking good for all the chicks,” replies the cocky, dark haired, blue eyed, young stud. He is so fucking adorable, Heather thinks to herself. But he’s only 16! He’s too young for me! “What’s up with that?” Heather asks the young stud, indicating his baseball style uniform cap, which he wears backwards. “Does your manager let you wear your cap like that?” “Yeah, she loves me. All the chicks love me,” replies the cocky little stud. “Oh, you think so, huh?” retorts a now aroused Heather. “I know so,” the stud responds smugly. “I couldn’t believe this one chick who came in here today and bought 5 packs of condoms,” he says, seemingly without transition. “I think you’re the one who needs the condoms,” Heather replies, daringly. “I’m surprised you never come in here to buy them,” Aaron answers back boldly. Pushing the envelope, Heather says “I don’t like them. You can’t really feel anything.” “Yeah, I don’t like them either,” the stud agrees. “Well, I’ve got to get to class. But we’ve definitely got to talk about this some more,” Heather says, giving the young stud a significant look. She pays for her soda, and after taking her change, she keeps hold of the stud’s hand. Taking a pen, she writes her cell phone number on his hand. “There, that’s so you won’t lose it. Call me some time so we can talk some more about condoms. And other things.” “Yeah, if I have the time,” the stud replies with a cocky little smile. I can’t believe I just did that, thinks Heather as she walks out of the MicroMart and hurries to her next class.

“That’s right, sugar, keep doing what you’re doing,” Jen hears the deep voice of the linebacker, as more of his long black tool disappears into her mouth. It is true what they say about black guys, the dainty blonde thinks to herself, feeling her gag reflex starting to kick in as she inhales more of the black stud’s 13 inch love stick. The black stud can’t help but be impressed. He has bedded dozens of beautiful blondes just like this one, but so few of them have made as brave an effort to deep throat him as this delectable little ho. Naked, on her knees in front of her black stallion, Jen keeps her hands at her sides, as she forces her head further and further down the jet black shaft in a no hands deep throat blow job. Good thing Daddy can’t see me now, she giggles to herself. With more than 10 inches of the black love pipe in her mouth, Jen begins to gag and drool. She bravely works another inch and a half of the rigid ebony tool into her mouth, until gasping for breath, she pulls her head back.

The huge, muscular black stud helps her to her feet, and takes her into his arms in a lustful embrace. Jen, her nipples hardened and erect, her canal of love thoroughly saturated, thrills to the sensual contrast of her soft alabaster flesh held tight in the black, well muscled arms of her stud. Her lips lock with his, as their tongues reach for each other in a kiss of white hot passion. As the powerful black stud scoops her tiny, unresisting body into his arms and carries her to the bed, Jen can’t help but feel the thrill of forbidden love. I know he’s a man just like all of the other men I’ve ever fucked, but there’s just something different about this, she exults as she leans her head back, closing her eyes in ecstasy. This is just so wild! The black stud lays his beautiful blonde conquest on the bed almost reverently, like a sacrifice on the altar of lust. Jen writhes in ecstasy as the black stud draws her pussy lips into his mouth, and then slowly moves his tongue upward. He tongues and nibbles her clit until she moans, an orgasm seizing her tiny frame. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she implores her hung black stud, and braces herself for the agonizing ecstasy that she knows his mammoth pussy wrecker will bring her.

She can now feel the bulbous head of the black tool push past her nether lips and enter the wet welcoming pussy. “Oh, yeah!” she moans as her deepest desire to be taken by a hung black man is finally fulfilled. Black penis disappears further into well lubricated white pussy, as Jen’s vaginal muscles stretch to accommodate her oversize visitor. Jen points her beautiful feet at the ceiling to allow the black stud to achieve maximum penetration. Initial discomfort dissolves into erotic bliss as the black stud slowly begins to pump the blonde beauty. Black and white achieve the ultimate union, pussy lovingly embracing penis. The lovers exchange another passionate kiss as the black stud continues his steady thrusting, gradually picking up speed as his tool continues to loosen up Jen’s love tunnel. Jen moans loudly in ecstasy, letting out an occasional scream as the black stud’s deeper thrusts slam her petite body hard into the mattress. Oh, god! Now I know why so many white girls fuck black guys, she realizes as she experiences the deepest penetration of her life, and digs her fingers into her black stud’s ass cheeks, pushing him even further into her. As he continues his steady thrusting, the black stud, sweating profusely from his carnal efforts, is very vocal. “You like that sugar? You like it deep, don’t you, sugar?” he queries his partner in his deep voice. “Yes! Yes!” Jen gasps passionately, as another orgasm rocks her. The black stud is now slamming into her at a fever pitch, the sweat pouring from him onto Jen and mingling with her own perspiration. The black stud finally emits a guttural groan as his balls explode and propel his DNA, embodied in its thick white love paste, deep into his screaming blonde partner. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Jen cries out in lust enflamed ecstasy, even as black sperm begins to seek a white cell to fertilize. The act of love now complete, Jen lies in the arms of her black lover, and can only think, I hope my birth control is working. Daddy would really kill me if I had a black baby!

Jess is on her knees, the stud’s penis in her mouth. Determined to give her stud a slow, sensual blow job, she had started off by tantalizing just the tip of his tool with her tongue, provoking the seepage of some precum from the slit. Catching the oily love fluid on her tongue, she’s pleasantly surprised to find that she doesn’t find the taste offensive. This isn’t bad at all, she thinks happily. She soon takes the entire head of the tool into her mouth, suctioning it with her lips, while swirling it with her tongue. Gradually, she moves her mouth down onto the shaft, slowly lowering her head, engulfing more of the stud’s manhood, as she follows Lisa’s advice and massages his scrotal pouch. What’s in there right now is going to be in my belly real soon, she reflects with lusty anticipation as she feels the stud’s two miniature sperm factories, working overtime to produce extra protein to nourish the dark haired beauty’s carnal appetite. She delights in hearing the stud groan, as her mouth gradually works its way further down towards his pelvic bone. He’s really enjoying this, she thinks, as she can feel her pussy juices flow. Now, her lips are kissing the base of the stud’s tool. Deep throat! Lisa was right, there’s nothing to it! She now proceeds to bob her head up and down vigorously on the stud’s tool, enflamed by the enthusiastic realization that not only is her stud enjoying this; she is too! Jess has just enough experience to recognize the final groan let out by the stud as the groan of a man achieving carnal release. She backs her mouth off, and opens wide just as the first high velocity blast of sperm leaps out at her. She feels the warm splash as the white love nectar hits her tongue. Her first involuntary reaction is to gag, but the impulse quickly passes and she patiently waits on her knees, as spurt after spurt of the stud’s genetic elixir is deposited into her wide open mouth. Finally, the tool ceases to belch its load, and Jess gulps hard. Millions of sperm cells begin the journey to her belly. “You were good, babe,” the stud compliments her, thinking that he is addressing a seasoned slut, so skilled was her technique. “Thanks, Doug,” Jess replies, smiling at the good looking, blue eyed stud with curly dark hair. “See you in class tomorrow.”

Jess walks out of Doug’s dorm into the chill night air. She had met Doug in one of her classes, and had been strongly attracted to him even before Mike’s betrayal. Now a free woman, she can act on that attraction. Last Friday night, she had slept with Bob again, and then she had gone out on a date with Doug on Saturday. And tonight, why shouldn’t she have blown him? Lisa’s absolutely right, Jess reasons. It’s not really sex. Now, standing in front of another dorm room door, she knocks. The door opens, and Jess walks in. Eric is conveniently wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else, and Jess is delighted to see the bulge in the shorts rapidly expanding. Jess’ pussy juices flow freely at the sight of the tall, lean stud with his curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Jess and Eric had gone to high school together, and Eric had wanted to date her, but she had chosen Mike instead. Now she was going to find out what she had been missing out on. Displaying a slutty streak that surprises Eric, Jess pulls down his shorts. Out pops his boner, and Jess can see that she’s been missing out on a lot! It’s way bigger than Mike’s! It looks like it’s even bigger than Bob’s and he’s 9 inches! she thinks in amazement. Well, I just can’t stand here, I’ve got a dick to suck, she resolves as she drops to her knees for the second time tonight. Caressing the stud’s balls with one hand, she takes his rigid tool in her mouth, and after preliminary teasing of the head, begins sliding her mouth further and further down the shaft, just as she had done with Doug. “So how does it feel to be sucking a real cock, now?” the stud asks her, his shaft halfway down her throat. Not taking the stud’s tool out of her mouth, she delivers a stinging slap to one of his bare ass cheeks in response. Refocusing her attention on her vital task, she absorbs more and more of the stud’s love pipe into her mouth. The stud has now placed a hand on the back of her head, and is gently pushing her forward. As she gets almost to the root of the stud’s love stick, she can feel herself begin to gag, but with renewed determination and an assist from the stud’s firm hand on the back of her head, she achieves deep throat. Jess then launches into a full fledged, passionate oral assault on the stud’s tool that culminates in a second man snake spitting its hot white venom into her open mouth. Damn, I’m starting to like the taste of this stuff, Jess enthuses as she dispatches another load of millions of writhing, thrashing sperm cells to her belly. “Shit, babe! You were so fucking good!” the stud praises her. “Thanks, Eric. I’ll be back,” Jess replies. “I know you will,” answers the cocky stud. Jess leaves Eric’s dorm and starts the walk back to her own. She is happy now, with the loads of two different men in her belly. Lisa is so right, Jess reflects. It doesn’t matter how many guys you blow, in fact the more the better. Now, I’ll be able to give Bob the blow job of his life!

Chapter 12

“No fucking way, Jen!” Heather exclaims in wide eyed amazement over lunch at the Pizza Palace. “Yes, way!” responds Jen. “He totally wrecked my pussy and I loved every minute of it!” “Thirteen inches! Wow! And I thought Dom was a monster!” Heather gushes, taking vicarious pleasure in her friend’s encounter with the hung black linebacker. “It was the best sex of my life,” Jen continues. “And it was weird, after we did it, I was lying there with him, almost hoping he had gotten me pregnant,” she murmurs dreamily. “That is weird. You’re nuts, Jen,” replies Heather, herself now aroused at the idea of copulating with a horse hung black stud. Shaking off her reverie, Jen now asks Heather, “What about you? Are you going to fuck Dom’s roommate again?” “No, that was a one time only thing,” responds Heather. “He was pretty good and all that, and so was his friend A.J., but I’ve got enough on my plate.” “Yeah, I know what that means,” Jen giggles. “You’ve got another guy lined up, don’t you, you horny little slut! Oh, here comes Lisa,” she exclaims. “We should probably change the subject because she’s still embarrassed about losing that blow job contest. Although, I could use some advice from both of you.” “Advice on what?” asks Lisa, catching Jen’s last sentence as she joins them at the table. “Oh, it’s about Jon,” Jen replies, heaving a sigh. “You mean your nerdy tutor?” Heather asks. “Yeah, he’s been asking me to fuck him,” Jen responds. “Well, you should never have jacked him off like you did. You were just asking for trouble,” Heather replies scoldingly. “Well, I would fuck him, but he wouldn’t be able to handle me. He wouldn’t last five minutes with me,” Jen declares boastfully. “What about you Heather? Why don’t you fuck him?” she asks her friend. “Please. I wouldn’t touch that nerd,” Heather replies scornfully. “Come on, Heather, he’s not that bad. Plus, I can tell you that he’s hung,” Jen counters with a wicked grin. “Oh, I guess he’s not really that bad looking,” Heather concedes reluctantly. “But he’s such a nerd. He wouldn’t even know what to do with me!” “Why don’t you try to hook him up with Jess?” kind hearted Lisa interrupts. “I think they’d be perfect for each other. They’re both super smart.” “Little Miss goody good with that nerd? It would be like the one eyed leading the blind,” Heather responds derisively. “Don’t worry, Jen, I’ll help you,” Lisa finally declares. “We’ll just have to figure out how we’re going to do this.”

“I can’t even describe how it felt, Eric. It was just total betrayal,” Jess intones mournfully, hanging her head in sorrow. She stands facing Eric in his dorm room, quietly telling him the story of her breakup with Mike. “If it makes you feel any better, everybody knows Mike is an asshole,” Eric says in an attempt to console her. “Unfortunately, you had to find out the hard way.” “That really doesn’t help, Eric, but there is one thing you can do to make me feel better,” Jess replies, turning a now hopeful gaze upon him. “Sure, babe. Anything. Just let me know what it is and I’ll do it,” Eric readily responds. “I want you to fuck me,” Jess replies straightforwardly. Eric is startled by her bold approach, even as he can feel his love stick begin to harden. First a blow job, and now this! Can this be the same innocent, demure little Jessica that he had known in high school? He opens his mouth to reply to her request, but before he can speak, she puts her hand on his chest and preempts him. “Please. I really need this. I need to know that guys still find me attractive.” Her lips form for a kiss, and are met by his. His tongue stabs deep into her mouth, and wraps itself together with hers, as their long deferred passion bursts into flame. She can feel his now rock hard penis through his jeans, even as her love juices begin to soak her panties. The stud’s kiss is so deep and passionate it almost takes her breath away. Coming up for air, she lets out a passionate moan. “Oh, Eric,” she breathes lustfully as she begins to rub the stud’s bulging crotch. The stud once again clamps his mouth on hers and thrusts his tongue past her eager lips for another breathtaking, passionate, tongue down throat kiss, while gripping her ass firmly with both hands. Gasping for breath now, Jess begs him, “Oh, Eric, please fuck me. Please!”

The stud strips the beauty, while she undoes his jeans, pulls down his briefs and strokes his rigid tool. Soon, Jess is completely unclothed, and she and her stud move over to the bed, where he rapidly strips. He grabs and squeezes the big, beautiful breasts and in turn, takes each of the erect, hardened nipples in his mouth, as the beauty softly moans in ecstasy. She drops to her knees and takes the stiffened phallus in her mouth, lovingly caressing it with her tongue. He tastes good, and he’s so big, Jess enthuses to herself as more of the stud’s shaft disappears into her mouth. Cupping his balls in her hand, she easily achieves deep throat, not even gagging slightly on the 10 inch tool, as she had when she had sucked it off to orgasm the previous week. I’m getting good at this, she giggles to herself, as her hung stud groans with pleasure. She gets to her feet, and her stud puts his hand on her womanhood, inserting a finger into the canal of love. Jess moans in ecstasy yet again, as the stud’s finger probes her now completely saturated pussy. The stud withdraws his finger, wet with the sweet honey of Venus, and remarks in awe, “You are so fucking wet, babe!” Jess gives him a lustful smile and positions herself on the bed, legs open in token of total surrender to her man. The stud thrusts his face at the seat of ecstasy and begins to lap at the beauty’s vertical lips with his tongue. Moving upward, tongue meets clit, as the stud begins oral lovemaking in earnest. Jess grips the sheets and moans as she feels her clit tongued and nibbled at, until finally the stud draws the tormented clit into his mouth and sucks on it in an extended erotic assault. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Jess screams at the top of her lungs, throwing her head back onto the pillow, her entire body writhing as she’s hammered by a chain of multiple orgasms. The stud, in awe at the carnal havoc he has inflicted upon the breathless beauty, is now ready to penetrate her.

Briefly regaining her presence of mind, Jess reaches for the condom and gasps, “Here, I want to put this on you.” The stud doesn’t like wearing condoms, but he experiences a surprising erotic thrill as his woman firmly grips his rigid tool with her beautiful hand, places the flattened latex on the tip, and then skillfully rolls it down, sheathing the love weapon in its protective casing. Jess can feel the engorged tool pushing past her nether lips and sliding easily into the wet, welcoming home she has offered up to it. The stud is now on top of her, thrusting hard and deep, and gradually building up speed. Jess can’t keep her hands off him, as she first clutches at the blonde curly hair, then runs both her hands down his back, down to his ass cheeks, gripping them tightly, and then upward, running them up and down his back again. “Yes, yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!” she growls lustfully at the stud. The now sweating stud lowers his head and reaches for her with his mouth. His tongue once again thrusts deep into Jess’ mouth, as they exchange a kiss of almost desperate passion. Her head thrust back into the pillow, Jess reaches upward with her tongue, wrestling that of the stud as he deeply and simultaneously penetrates both mouth and pussy. Breaking the prolonged kiss, the stud now devotes full attention to deep, hard thrusting, as another chain of multiple orgasms seizes the now erotically overwhelmed beauty. Her thighs quivering, Jess lets out a primal scream, heedless and uncaring if the entire campus can hear her cry of lust. Now breathless, she can’t believe how long the stud has lasted, as the deep, steady thrusting continues with machine like precision. Finally, the stud groans as his balls obey the command of nature and surrender their massive load. Jess gasps with pleasure in the realization that her man is experiencing his own orgasm, as he achieves ultimate release. I’d love to have him shoot that load inside me, but better safe than sorry, she thinks to herself, as spurt after spurt of the stud’s love paste is spewed into its latex receptacle. In the aftermath of lovemaking, the partners lie in each other’s arms, bathed in each other’s sweat. “Thank you, baby,” Jess purrs softly in her stud’s ear. “This really means a lot to me.”

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