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It was a month ago that Mrs. Miller asked me to babysit for her 2 year old Lacie, and I never regret for a second taking her offer.

It was Febuary and MAN was it cold outside! I Had to wear a giant puffy down jacket to the Miller's house from my house, just four houses away. Amy Miller, the most beatiful woman I know. She had massive tits that were flaunted in whatever shirt she wore, her ass never lost any curve or shape when she had Lacie and her older daughter Stephanie who was my age(14), and the fact that she was 38 years old and still this hot, was amesome. Plus she was the wife of a husband that spends 90 percent of his time away on business trips which makes me wonder what she does with her free time... When I got up to the doorbell, I said to myself "She must crave some serious cock.." The door opened before I could ring the bell, and Amy was there to let me in.

"Thank you so much Brian, I really needed the night out with the girls, so I probably wont be back until around three.. we tend to get a little out of hand!" She said. "No problem Mrs. Miller, I'm more than happy to watch Lacie! She's a real cutie! And since Stephanie is in Spain for school, I feel obligated to do her job as she would herself!"Oh well thats my Lacie for you! And I'm sure Steph is greatful that you're here to do what she's not able to do! Well I already put her to bed, so theres a pile of movies and TV shows on the shelf in my room next to the TV, so feel free to dig in and if you get tired, feel free to sleep on the couch in my room. I will wake you up to drive you home as soon as I get home! "Okay, well I'll see you in a few!" And at that moment when the door closed my fun would begin.
So I've had this plan for about 3 months now, and it is genius. I always fantasize about what is in Amy's room, from her clothes, to her panties, and even her toys, IF she has any. I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to get in her room and go through her drawers, her closet, and most of all.. Her hamper and whats in it. And I, Brian Packra, Have just been handed the golden ticket to a factory, but not one of chocolates and sweets, but of panties, bras and possibly toys that have been worn and used by my sexy neighbor!

It was 8:30 PM and Amy was not to be home until around 3:30 AM.. I had 7 hours, to myself in Amy's room with NO interruptions, and not a person in the house but a sleeping 2 year old, It was time for me to get going!! As soon as I saw her car pull out of the driveway, I ran upstairs to Amys room. As soon as I got there, I was so excited that my heart was beating so fast I thought I would explode. And my dick was getting hard just thinking about what I might find tonight!

I walked in through Amy's open door and plopped down on her bed, and turned on her TV. I figured if she were to come back, this would be a logical reason to be in here. I walked slowly towards Amy's closet and opened up her top drawer. Jackpot.. Houstin, we have panties! I carefully dug through the full drawer and pulled out the most appealing pair of panties, and they had a lime green trim around the edges of the panties, which was very thin, and inside the trim was a hot pink cotton material that looked to soft, that I pulled off my jeans, and draped them slowly over my twitching wood, and began to stroke. Ever so slowly, I would pull back the pink thong over my fully erect penis and it would glide effortlessly, given that the fabric was so soft. I decided that I would wait to finish, after I had done some more exploring.

I left the closet how it was, and went over to the bathroom, in search of the hamper, and hopefully more. The hamper was right next to the shower, and I didnt hesitate to open it and do a bit of digging. The first thing I find are a pair of baby blur bikini style cotton panites with a pink lace trim around the edges. I knew this pair was fresh, due to the fact that they were still warm, so immediatly I flipped them inside out to see what Amy's pussy smelled like, and I find a clear, white-ish colored liquid in the crotch of amy's panties! She was getting off before I showed up, what a find!! I took my eager tounge to the pussy juice Amy produced, and it tasted so good, that I almost came at the thought of these panties being the only thing seperating her probably beautiful pussy to the world, and her juices flowing into them! I followed my meal of pussy juice and panty crotch by putting my dick into the crotch, and rubbing my swollen head in whatever was left of her tasty discharge and began going insane with pleasure, punishing my penis with ecstasy by teasing it with Amy's panties and her pussy juices! I came so hard shortly after that, shooting my girl hungry seed into the crotch of her panties, and on to the bathroom tile below in an explosion of pleasure and lust. I had never jizzed so much before.

I was still horny as I stood in her bathroom with her panties around my penis and my teenage cum on the floor and in her underwear. I went to her bed again and searched through her bedside table for anything, anything at all to increase my erection to the point where it hurts. The second drawer down, I found what I was looking for.. It was in a sock, and it was a vibrator, and I was so hard that my cock right about exploded then and there. I didn't know what to do with it, so first I just smelled it, and it smelled just like her panties smelled, but somehow better if that was possible. I tasted it putting it deep in my mouth, and sucked it dry of her female spunk and as if it was a reflex, I put it on vibrate and touched it to my bulbous penis tip and exploded with pleasure! I moved the tip slowly down my shaft, and feeling the vibrating rock my young world, moving it down to my ball sack was an amazing feeling! I kept it moving further down until it met my ass. I never knew how good vibrations could feel there! I swear I'm not gay, and I never would even think of doing this, but at the moment, it felt just right. Quickly I ran to grab another pair of dirty panties, and stipped down to nothing and sat in her bathtub jaccuzi and got the vibrator wet and put it up there. This combined with the feel of soft, wet panties and the other pair with our juices combined, as just too much for my 14 year old body to take. So when I exploded in an orgasmic euphoria, with vibrations being sent into my prostate, wet panties on my face and cock, I passed out from being so lightheaded from my orgasm, I passed out with her vibrator in me, and her panties comered in cum.

When I woke up, I realized it was two forty five in the morning, and I had passed out after a massive orgasm. I needed to hurry up, or I would be caught with cum, panties and a vibrator all over Amy's room. I cleaned up my cum from the floor, and the bathtub, and I decided to keep the panties since I came all over them to make them soaking wet. And I figured I would always have her panties under my bed to use all the time so it was a good thing! I put on my jeans and laid myself down on her couch, and pretended to sleep. After about 15 minutes, I heard her walk in, so I opened my eyes slightly to see her walk to her closet and spot the green and pink thong on the floor with the open drawer.. She didnt seem suprised. She walked over to me and saw that I was "asleep" and decided to take her dress off in front of me, and put on the pink panties, since she wasnt wearing any at the moment! That meant that I saw her completely bald, perfectly shaped plump pussy lips be covered by the thong that was on my dick 4 hours ago! My boner rised in my pants and it soon became noticeable to her, so I pretended to wake up, and when I did, she jumped a little, but said Hi, and went to the bathroom and put on a robe, obviously drunk from going out. She sat down on the couch next to me and asked why her panties were on the floor and I said I didn't know, acting drowsy. She just nodded and said okay. I was suprised, but when she came out and said "I've always wanted your dick Brian" my penis grew a mile. "With Jeff always in China or Canada, I crave sex. But I always see you checking me out and wonder what it would be like for your hard 14 year old cock in my pussy. Sometimes I just wish it would happen, and here we are." I was stunned, and just said it: " I jacked off into your panties and used your vibrator." She bit her lip and looked down at the crotch of her panties and there was a small wet spod emerging and she rubbed her clit slowly while she took my pants off.

I was intsantly dripping with precum as her nails gently stroked my balls up to the back of my shaft. She said "How 'bout you get off for realy this time, and I'll help you... as long as you help me!". She started to climb over me, and faced away from me so I had a pefect view of her ass, but just as I thought It couldn't get any better, she pulled her panties aside and slipped my dick into them, so on one side of my dick was her beautiful ass, and the other side was her soft panties. The would grind on me and hold my dick through her panties giving me a sensational hand job, except with her panties and ass! When I was about to jizz in her ass crack, She stopped and pulled the crotch aside to show that her pussy was wetter then ever, and dripping hot juice on my thighs and nutsack. Then she took off the panties, wrapped them around my face for me to lick, and since the crotch was over my nose and mouth, I could thill see her ass through the leg holes! She got the dildo and shoved it deep up her pussy, turned it on and Left it in there, and scooped a glob of girly cum and grazed her asshole and covered my cock with the juice. She turned around and rode me cowgirl with full view of her pussy and her huge tits. She then lowered her self down onto me and my penis sank deep into her tight, hot ass and I came hard at that exact moment, filling her juicy ass with my cum, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head when she started to ride me and continue with her fast paced hip movements. It was like she was an animal who needed a good orgasm to survive, and I was drowned with ecstasy when she was flying on my dick and stuffing her pussy with her dildo. I finally exploded with what was left in my balls with a minute long mind blowing orgasm that put me in tears while I was licking and eating her crotch of her panties, it was the greatest experience ever, and I'm glad I took this job. "Brian, feel free to come over whenever you like, and if you ever need a good fucking, or just a sopping pair of my panties, call me.. you know where to find me! Now lets get you home!"

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2015-02-11 07:33:22
Amazing story!!!

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2011-12-17 02:12:41
i was 15 and had a girlfriend with a hot mom. the mom came on to me when my gf wasn't looking. she asked me to come over the next saturday but no one there but the mom and me. she got me to give her a massage in her room on her bed, taking off one piece of clothes after another. it didn't take much for her to seduce me and fuck my brains out. she was me first fuck. i never did fuck her daughter.

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2011-12-15 16:23:37
Definitelly write more

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2011-12-15 04:14:17
30 years ago ,I lost my virginity to a sitter.
I was 13 and she was really hurt so bad. She taught many things about my vagina:)

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