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My name is Jessica I am now 12 years old and this is my true story of how I was molested and rape and lost my virginity and how I came to love Pedophiles and my daddy Boss.
I was raised by my dad and 3 brothers. My mom died when I was a baby as she was giving birth to me. My earliest memories of being molested was when I was 4 years old and I was at the movies with my daddy and bros. And my dads Boss form work his name is Dave. For some reason his wife kick him out and of his house and they got a divorce and now him and his little daughter Sophie was livings with us. And he and been for some time now. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I have small pink nipples and my boobs have not grown yet and I still don't wear bras. And I am half white and half Asian

Dave had diced to take me and my family to a movie for my birthday. And it was to be a birthday I would never for get. I was 4 I was into any thing with the name brand Hello Kitty on it. You name it and I had it. I had hello kitty panties and hello kitty nighties and even a hello kitty sleeping bag and back pack. I love the color pink and so a lot of the my clothes were pink hello kitty clothes like my panties and my nighties.

We were suppose to watch a kids move but for some reason we ended up watching. The move sex in the city. We sat in the back row of the movie theater. It was one of the last movies of the night and there was only a few people in there and we showed up 20 mins before the movie started. My daddy and bros sat in one row in front of us and me and Sophie sat in the back with her daddy. Dave sat in the middle of me and Sophie. We both were into hello kitty at the time and we had matching pink hello kitty nighties on and matching pink hello kitty panties on.

Even tho Sophie and I were not blood related we treated each other like sisters. Cause we were the same age and our birth days were only 1 month a part. She was born on week be for Christmas and I was born on week be for thanksgiving. As we sat there waiting for the movie to start. Dave but one hand on Sophie leg and one hand on my leg. Just below our knees were our hello kitty nighties end. And he whispered to me and told me that he is a pedophile and he wants to show me how pedophiles love there little girls.

As my daddy looked back at me and said its ok Sara let the pedophile show you how he loves you ok and when we get home hes gona show you even more how he loves you. He has a special pedophile gift that he wants to give you. And after he is done giving you his gift me and your bros are gona give you a gift as well just like he dose. My eyes lit up as a big smile was on my face I love to get gifts. I kind of felt uncomfortable whit Dave hand on me but my daddy told me it was ok so I did not mind to much after that.

Then my daddy turn his head around but my bros could not take there eyes off of what Dave was doing to me and Sophie. His hand went from or legs to our inner thy as his hand pulled up our hello kitty nighties as his hand move up to our panties. I kind of liked it and giggled cause it ticked as he did it and Sophie was giggling too. Then he pulled them up so my bros can see our cute pink panties. Then I noticed my bros put there hand down there pants as they watch us. As I felt Dave's hand rub along my pantie line and on top of my pussy. I looked over to Sophie he was doing it to her too.
I saw Sophie open her legs wide open as he ran his hand over her pussy as I open my legs wide open just like she did. I love how it made me feel. I was getting warm and had the felling of butter fly's in my tummy. As Dave said good girls. You like this don/t you? As Sophie said yes daddy and said yes I do to. It did not take long in till I started to feel a tingling feeling down there were Dave was rubbing me and Sophie. As I looked over at Sophie I saw her panties getting a wet spot were he was rubbing her. As I look down I notice so was I.

As I looked up at my bros I could see there hands moving faster up and down in there pants as I then just closed my eyes and enjoyed the felling of Dave's fingers rubbing on my pussy over my panties. As I started to moan Sophie was too. Then that is when I felt Dave put his hand down my panties and use his finger to rub my wet tight pussy lips. As I open my eyes and looked over Dave had his hand down done Sophie panties too. As I look down at Dave's shorts he had a huge bulge in them. T hen Dave said he cold not wait to give me his Big hard gift as soon as we get home. As the the move started he removed to little pink plugs he said they were for holding my juices in me so my panies would not get wet as he push it into me and he put the other on back in his pocket.

And said now dont take it out till we get home and I will take it out of you ok Sara. I said ok. As he pick up Sophie and my daddy said that Sophie was gona get Dave's Big gift first so I can watch. Dave must have rape her and pop her cherry be for that night because when I saw Dave pull his shorts down to his knees and saw his big gift pop out. Sophie eyes got really big and her face lit up as she was smiling. And then he grab and moved Sophie's wet panties over as he push and shoved his big gift thing into her wet pussy as she let out a loud moan and whimpered as he push and shoved it all the way into her pussy. Then As Dave said now Sophie show your sister how to rock her hips as she will be next to do it to night when we get home

As she said yes pedophile daddy. As I saw her start to rock her hips back and forth Dave started to moan and my daddy and bros all had there hands down there shorts moving there hands up and down. As I know now that they were jacking off. But at the time I had no idea why there hands were moving up and down so fast. As pedophile said now guys slow down we will be passing Sophie around after I am done. As they smiled and said ok. Then the took the other pink plug and gave it to my daddy and said when your you boys are done with her put this in her pussy so none of our cum will leak out of her and get all over the place. And he said ok pedophile. And took it.

As Sophie started to moan more and more as all she said was mmmm Unna! Unaaa Uannnn! yeah pedophile that feels so good then I here her say O! Fuck O Fuck! I just felt you push into my Womb! As she was rocking back and forth faster and faster. I look up at him and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he said mmm fuck yeah thats it Sophie Your gana make me cum. Keep it up I can feel my balls growing full of cum for you. As she keep moaning yeah pedophile its ok cum into my baby tight wet pussy. As he let out one last moan and grown as he said I'm Cumming I'm Cumming! As Sophie sad mmm yeah pedophile daddy I can feel it exploding into me. As she slowed down and Pedophile Dave said ok who is next!

To be continued... this is a true story and it really happen this way If you want more of what happened later that night let me know what you thought of the first and I know I have lots of spelling errors so don't be lame and point them out to me. I am still in school and learning how to spell. My email is please email me if you have any comments or questions for me or Jessica. And thank you Sara for posting my story on your xnxx page

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2014-08-04 13:29:06
I have no problem believing you are a 12 year old, a mentally retarded 12 yo who was a drop out at age 7. How many little girls has anyone seen at a movie theater wearing Hello Kitty nighties? Incredulous!

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2013-03-18 22:05:44
oh fuck yeah that made me cum

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2013-01-06 21:53:29
This story sucks balls shity Grammer and if in a theater another person would have heard it and not to mention how gross it is to fuck and pass around a little girl like that. I guess in the end the story was a waste of my time to read he'll I would rather watch paint dry

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2013-01-06 21:53:12
This story sucks balls shity Grammer and if in a theater another person would have heard it and not to mention how gross it is to fuck and pass around a little girl like that. I guess in the end the story was a waste of my time to read he'll I would rather watch paint dry

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2012-04-09 12:05:37
horusty wants to fuck 12 yrs old pussy and asshole

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