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I was working late again, trying to get my proposal done before the midnight deadline. Just a few finishing touches and it would be complete – and my cell phone rang. I knew without looking it would be my wife. She had been patient these last few weeks as I spent lots of extra hours at work, but I could tell from her attitude this morning she was looking forward to the end of it as much as I was.

“Hi honey”, I said when I answered the phone. “Hello, dear. How’s it going?” she responded. I told her I was just finishing up and looking forward to getting it done. “Any idea when you might be coming home?” she asked. “It will probably be an hour or two,” I answered. The silence on the other end of the phone spoke volumes to me. Then I heard a change in the tone of her voice, it became softer, somehow lower. “Well you better hurry because I am horny as hell. My pussy is all wet and ready for a nice hard cock. I’m so hot I’m going to fuck the next guy I see.” Now, my wife and I have had phone sex many times in the past but it had been years since she had said anything like this to me so this came as a bit of a shock.

I knew she was at home so I wasn’t actually worried about her fucking some other guy, and anyway she just never would. In fact, I tried to talk her into having some swinger sex years ago and was shot down like a duck in hunting season. Anyway, her words had the desired effect on me: I wanted to get home as soon as possible. “Mmmm, well I hope you can wait a little bit. I promise when I get there I’m going to lick up all that delicious pussy juice and make you cum,” I said. “”I don’t know if I can wait,” she teased, “you’d better hurry!”

I promised to finish as quickly as possible and hung up the phone. I turned my attention back to my work but found my thoughts starting to wander. Knowing that my lady was hot and ready for me was distracting me from the task at hand. I spent the next hour doing a final edit and printing the proposal and then I emailed it to the 4 people on the response list. I quickly packed up my stuff and headed out the door but it was still going to be almost 2 hours after our conversation when I arrived at home.

Fortunately traffic was very light and I made it home in less time than usual. I entered the kitchen from the garage and something on the table caught my eye – a brochure about replacement windows. Third one this week I thought to myself. Don’t these guys ever quit trying? It seemed very quiet in the house as I passed through the hallway on my way to the closet. I imagined my wife lying in bed with a sexy nightie on, softly stroking her wet pussy and waiting for me. I put my briefcase down and headed upstairs quietly hoping to surprise her and maybe catch her diddling herself. As I got to the top of the stairs I heard soft moans of pleasure coming from our bedroom. Wow! I thought. She really is horny! She must be masturbating and thinking of me.

A lascivious grin spread across my face as I crept down the hallway. I tried to look around the door jamb carefully so that she wouldn’t see me, just wanting to spy on her a little bit. When I was finally able to see into the room what I saw knocked the breath out of me. My wife was on her back with her legs in the air, her eyes closed in ecstasy not from her own fingers but from the young black man moving up and down between her legs!

I stood dumbfounded for several seconds . . . my brain could not believe what my eyes were seeing. My wife was fucking another man! I had to look at her face to convince myself this was really her. I was reeling from shock. My wife was fucking a BLACK MAN! My head was spinning as I stood there in shock and amazement. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine this would happen!

My wife and her lover hadn’t noticed me until finally I sputtered “Honey?” Her eyes flew open and she looked at me, and the young man turned his head. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he tried to pull himself away from my wife. But she wrapped her arms around his back, fighting his impulse to flee. “Oh no you don’t,” she told him. “You stay right where you are!” She looked at me again and I could see the lust burning in her eyes. “I told you I was going to fuck the first guy I saw.”

I was speechless. I watched as she began to move her lovely hips up to him again. “Well, isn’t this what you’ve wanted for so long?” she asked me. “Haven’t you always wanted to watch me fuck someone else?” “Y-y-y-yeah, I guess so,” I stammered. “Well then, why don’t you sit down and enjoy the show?” she responded. And with that she moved her hands to her young lover’s hips and motioned for him to resume his previous activity. He looked at me, then at her, and then back at me. “You cool man?” he asked. “Yeah,” I replied, “It’s cool.”

I moved to the chair and sat, my eyes never leaving the sight on our bed. I watched as his firm butt moved up and down, his powerful thigh muscles flexing with each gentle thrust. My wife turned her attention back to her lover and moved with him, moaning her approval. As I watched I felt my own cock starting to grow and stiffen. I couldn’t help it – the vision of my wife being fucked was incredibly sexy! I stood and removed my clothes, then sat back down to watch.

My dick was at full attention now and I stroked it slowly, transfixed by the scene before me. My beautiful wife reached up and pulled her young lover’s face to her, kissing him deeply. I watched as their lips met and tongues entwined, my wife hungrily welcoming his kiss. She broke the kiss and looked at me as if for approval. I was getting into it now, getting lost in the pure passion I was observing. She could see how turned on I was stroking my rigid member and she smiled at me before she turned her attention back to the young man between her legs.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “that feels soooo good! Slide that big thing into me! Yeah, nice and slow . . . yeah baby.” Her partner was getting his rhythm back now, becoming less aware of my presence. I couldn’t believe that my wife’s tiny pussy could take such a big dick. He must have been 8 or 9 inches long and at least 2 inches thick! I stood up next to the bed so I could get a better view. My wife saw me looking down at her tight cunt wrapped around the thick black shaft, moving in and out of her pussy with long, slow strokes.

“You like that honey? You like watching that big cock sliding into me?” She was starting to get into it now, getting turned on by me standing there with my dick in my hand. “Yeah baby, that looks so sexy! It’s really turning me on.” I admitted. I reached my hand out to cup her left breast and bent over intending to capture her hard nipple in my mouth. “Uh-uh” she said as she moved my hand away. “No touching! You said you wanted to watch and that’s all you’re going to do.” “But baby wouldn’t it be better for you if I helped?” I asked. “This is my show and we’re going to do it my way,” she replied. “Just keep your hands on your dick and watch me fuck this beautiful black man.”

I stepped back obediently, giving them some space. The more I watched the more I yearned to touch her, or even to touch him. I tried to be casual and put my hand on his ass, rubbing it gently. My wife slapped my hand away. “NO! Now keep your hands to yourself or you’ll have to leave the room!” Her dominant attitude took me completely off-guard. I took another step back not wanting to do anything to interrupt one of my fantasies coming true before my eyes.

The young man pulled completely out of her for a moment and the full sight of his massive member was breathtaking. It was glistening with my wife’s pussy juice and standing straight out, hard as steel. My wife reached down and wrapped her hand around it. “Mmmm baby, give me that cock. I want it in my mouth,” she told him. He moved so she could reach him and I watched as she put her sweet lips on it and tried to get it into her mouth. She managed to get the enormous head and part of the shaft in, but I could tell it was difficult for her. “It’s so big,” she said when she pulled off of him. “I can’t get it all in.” She turned back to him, licking the underside of his cock where she knew it was most sensitive, making him twitch with excitement. Then she licked all the way down his shaft to his balls, making soft noises of pleasure. He had his eyes closed and his head tipped back, obviously enjoying the soft tickle of her tongue. She moved her mouth back to the head of his cock and enveloped it with her lips, then stroked his long shaft up and down. I knew from experience that she was using her tongue to circle his cock head and he moaned loudly in obvious delight.

The sight of my wife sucking and stroking a big black dick was almost too much for me – I had to stop stroking myself before I exploded too early. When she was done teasing him with her mouth she turned over, raised herself on all fours and put her gorgeous white ass in the air. “Fuck me from behind baby,” she told her young lover. “My husband loves it this way.” She was working me over, torturing me with her sex with this guy. And she was obviously enjoying it. I watched as he knelt behind her and she reached between her legs to guide him inside. “Slow and gentle now baby,” she told him. His cock slid into her dripping pussy and he moved it in and out slowly. With each stroke I saw more and more of him disappear into her until he was almost all the way and she let out a yelp. “Oh! Not that far – it’s too big!” she said. He backed out a little and then resumed his strokes. I noticed he was caring enough to stop before pushing all the way in again.

I was fascinated by this sight: a strong black man slowing fucking my wife, gently moving in and out while she closed her eyes in pure ecstasy. He reached around her and cupped her beautiful breasts in his big hands, kneading her nipples with his fingertips. She threw her head back and let out a guttural moan as she pushed herself back onto his dick. They were both oblivious to me now, moving together, urging each other on with small noises of pleasure. I reached down to my cock, still standing out straight and strong, and started stroking again.

Suddenly my wife pulled away from him and flipped onto her back, throwing herself under him. She spread her legs open wide and said “Fuck me baby, fuck me now!” He complied, pushing his dick into her wet, open pussy. “Oh yeah, c’mon fuck me,” she repeated, “fuck me good!” He increased his tempo and she matched his movements. I could see their passion building quickly now, and my wife continued to urge him on. “Yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah!” I watched in amazement as my wife started to thrash wildly underneath him. “I’m cumming!” she exclaimed and she dug her nails into his back and held onto him as her orgasm rocked her body.

She lay still for just a few seconds but soon moved her hands back to his hips, signalling him to start his stroking again. “Oh damn, that cock feels so good stretching my pussy like that!” Then she really surprised me when she turned to me with a look on her face of a pure lust that I had never seen in her before. “Honey it feels so good, it’s so big! It just makes my pussy feel soooo GOOOOOOD!” and with that she had another orgasm. This time her lover didn’t lose a beat. It was clear that he was close to cumming too and again she urged him on. “C’mon baby, c’mon. Fuck me baby, fuck me with that big black cock.” His pace quickened and his muscles tensed as my wife urged “Yeah baby, give it to me! Give me that black cum!” with a final thrust of his cock he let out a yell and I saw my wife’s eyes grow wide. “Oh yeah, I can feel it, it’s filling me up! Oh God, it’s so hot!” she exclaimed and her body convulsed with a third orgasm.

My own excitement was reaching a peak too but I didn’t want to cum yet. I watched as he slowly pulled his great length out of her. The combination of her pussy juices and his cum flowed slowly from her gaping cunt. “Ummm, let me lick that off” she said as she grabbed his sloppy wet cock. I watched as she eagerly licked him like it was ice cream, and I couldn’t stop myself anymore – I wanted a taste of those sex juices. I moved toward them and dropped my head to try to help her in her task. “NO!” she said. “This is not for you! This is mine!” “But honey I just wanted to taste it!” I pleaded. “You want to taste it?” she asked, “well then get down there and lick my pussy. Clean me up.”

I stared at her in shock. What an incredible turn of events! First she teases me, then she wants me to grovel between her legs! For some reason the whole thing turned me on even more. My hesitation disappeared when she repeated “You heard me! Get down there and clean me up! Lick that cum out of my pussy!” My body was burning with lust, and my cock was about to burst as I positioned myself between her legs. I looked at her pussy, the lips swollen and glistening with sex, her cunt still open where her lover’s cock had been and a trickle of white cum dripping coming out of it, dripping down the crack of her ass. I could smell his cum and her cunt juices and it was driving me crazy – I pushed my face into the hot sweetness of her pussy.

I licked her outer lips, sucked on them then moved my tongue up and down her inner lips. I kept licking lower until I reached the rivulet of cum that was oozing from her. It tasted so good! I hungrily licked her hole as more of their cum flowed out. “Oooooh that feels good” I heard her say. I looked up quickly and saw she was still licking her lover’s cock, while he was watching me eat her pussy. “Eat me,” she commanded, “eat my pussy baby.”

I returned my attention to her mound, this time with the intention of making her cum one more time. Her pussy lips were so swollen that I could suck them into my mouth one at a time, running my tongue up and down each one. When I finally reached her clit I felt her twitch. I ran the underside of my tongue over it, feeling how hard it was. She moaned and fell back onto the pillow, pushing her hips up, giving me better access to her cunt. I worked my tongue back down to her hole, slurping up some more cum then I moved down even further to clean her crack. She raised her hips even further and I flicked my tongue up to her sweet tight asshole. “Ohhhhhh, yeah, that feels so good” she moaned as I continued to run my tongue up and down her crack. Each time I pushed my tongue harder and longer at her tight entrance. Finally my tongue entered her and she let out a long low moan of pleasure.

I moved my mouth back to her clit and glanced up at her. Her lover had his cock hovering over her face and she was pulling it down to her lips. She licked it eagerly as her hips started to move rhythmically. “Oooh baby, lick my clit. Yeah baby make me cum, make me cum, yeah, yeah, YESSSSSS!” she screamed as her body convulsed in pleasure.

Now my own need was becoming urgent. I knelt between her legs and slowly rubbed her wet pussy lips with my rock hard cock. She squirmed when the head of my dick touched her clit. “Mmmm, yeah slide it into me” she said. I teased her hole with the head a few times before I finally pushed myself in. There was no resistance – she was so wet and open from the big black cock that was there just a minute ago. I moved slowly in and out, trying to hold my orgasm back. I looked down to see my cock covered with her lover’s cum, and still more of it dripping along her pussy lips again. The sight was making me more turned on that I had ever been in my life!

I looked back at her and she had that cock in her mouth again, licking and sucking it. Her lover had his eyes closed in pleasure and I could see he was just as hard as ever. Suddenly my wife interrupted my ecstasy “Sorry honey but that’s just not doing it for me right now, I guess I’m all stretched out.” I didn’t know how to respond. “Wh-what do you want?” I stuttered.

The passion was still burning intensely in her eyes as she lifted her hips and slid a pillow underneath. She reached down and grasped my cock, then rubbed the head up and down her pussy lips a few times. Each downward stroke spread her lover’s cum further down her lovely crack. Finally she stopped and placed my dick at her most private entrance. “Do you want some of this?” she asked. “Ooooh baby you know I do” I responded. She held me in position while I pushed gently against her hole. Almost immediately I felt my hardness enter her, then stop for a second until she relaxed her muscles to allow me all the way in.

A guttural moan escaped her lips and her eyes rolled back. “That feels so good” she moaned. “Oh yeah baby, your ass is so tight,” I said as I slowly stroked in and out of her. I watched as she went back to work in her lover’s cock, stroking his enormous length, her hand not able to encircle its huge girth. He had his eyes open now watching my cock sliding in and out of her tight little asshole. He reached down between us and started playing with my wife’s pussy. His skilled fingers teased her until he finally focused his attention on her clit. She moaned again and sucked and licked the big mushroom head of his cock and the speed of her stroking increased.

The excitement level was building between us. My gorgeous wife was working hard on her lover’s member; I could tell she wanted him to cum again. He looked like he was getting close to it, and my own explosion was going to happen at any second. He rubbed my wife’s clit furiously as she moved her hand and tongue faster and faster. Finally he threw his head back and moaned loudly and I saw his cum spurting out, flowing over my wife’s lips. With that sight I couldn’t hold back anymore and I yelled as I shot my own hot load into her ass. With cum filling her at both ends, she started cumming again, eating his cum and licking his dick while her hips jerked up and down, forcing my entire length into her ass.

The intensity of our activity left us all drained. My wife’s lover sat back on the bed next to her as I collapsed on top of her. I lifted myself up on my arms and looked at my wife’s face, flush with excitement and covered in cum. I kissed her passionately and the taste of his cum in her mouth made my cock twitch inside of her. “Oooh” she exclaimed when she felt it, and I felt her clench her ass muscles around me. “Mmm, so tight” I said and she smiled and clenched again in response. Her muscles pushed me out and she let out another squeak when she felt my cock pop out of her ass.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going” our guest said as he rose from the bed. My wife looked at him and gave him a wink. “Thanks,” she said “it was fun.” He moved around the room collecting his clothes. “Did you have fun?” she asked me. “Oh yeah honey” I responded, “You’re the best!” I lay next to her and as we snuggled together in our post-passion euphoria I heard the sound of the front door closing. The adventure was over . . . at least for now.

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