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“Look I need you on this I have to have some muscle or the deal with fail?”

“No you look” She said to the smaller more artfully sculpted corporate “I can’t do these nickel and dime gigs of yours I have to make some serious score or I’m not interested.”

“I know that Blue but what can I do I can only offer you what I have”

“It’s not good enough” either offer me something real or don’t offer me anything.

“Fine” the other woman shrugged. “Do you know anyone?”

“You know me Cass, I stopped running in those circles.”

“I know but I just hoped.”

“Maybe you can ask Metalwerks he always has clients that…”

“I would but he’s not speaking to me”

“What did you do now?”

“Hey baby” a drunk and his three friends had walked over and had pressed themselves between the two women. “What’s say you and me go and have some fun back at my place?”

“Please” Blue said softly “I’m not interested”

“What? Why the fuck not you and your girlfriend going back to your place and fucking gonna eat eachother out or something? You some kinda lesbihag?”

The other two men chuckled at the first one’s word play. “No you fucktard I have work to do and you’re in the way”

“Listen here bitch” the drunk said “you and your friend are gonna go with us and put on a little show and when we are done maybe we will let you and little miss suit here go home” Blue glanced at the bar tender, he just shook his head but the eye contact was there, the bartender motioned for people to clear out. “you got some nice tits for a lesbo” the drunk said as he pawed Blue’s chest.

In less than half an eye blink, the gaping maw of the hand cannon she kept secreted across her back was in the face of the drunk. He gaped for the half second more it took for Blue to pull the trigger, his head exploded into a fine mist of pink spray and she had barely registered the trigger pull when the second and third shots exploded in the suddenly quiet bar. She pulled herself up from the table taking Cass by the arm; she laid a cred stick on the bar and walked out of the back door and into a dark alleyway.

She walked over to her Bike and after handing Cass a helmet she pulled her own on and started the bike with the whine of 900cc engine screaming in the darkness. She would be back to that bar it was after all her favorite bar, just a pity that idiots had to fuck with her.

They were twenty blocks away when she pulled into a hotel. She handed the man a credit stick and got a coffin. But that really wasn’t the purpose of the visit to the hotel. She led Cass into the semi private shower and they stripped down, and washed. Cass knew the drill as well as anyone else. She was nice looking Blue reflected nice firm breasts, that were probably sculpted from her originals. Her nipples were small firm pinpricks in the middle of a wineglass shaped mound of flesh. She had a single lightning bolt over her gash and a boyish sort of plump ass. She toweled off and pulled two pairs of coveralls out of her pack. Best she could do until she got new clothes. Cass walked outside without ever speaking to her and hailed a cab.

Blue walked out to where her bike was parked and got on. “Hey Blue”
She turned it was a city detective who went by the moniker Rap Sheet. “I didn’t do it”
“Oh now that’s not the Blue I know, I know you did it but that’s not why I want to talk to you”
“Look can we talk?”
“Sure so long as it’s unofficial”
“Its better that way”
She followed him across the street to a donut shop. They took a table in the corner and Rap Sheet grabbed a box of assorted and the girl behind the counter quickly produced two steaming cups of coffee. Rap Sheet waited for the girl to retreat behind the counter before he spoke “Listen Blue there is trouble?”

“What kind of trouble?”

“The Union of course, they are going to demand we strike for higher wages…”

“And this has what to do with me”

“It’s my Neice.”

“What about her?”

“She is Twelve years old and she’s been kidnapped and I even know who kidnapped her, but we have nothing we can’t make a move”

“mmmhmm?” Blue nodded

“The kidnappers run a child porn ring see and they love the fact that they got a girl who’s related to a cop”

“Please Blue?”


“Oh come on Blue why not?”

“That’s police work you know I don’t fuck around with that”

“The police are going on strike Blue if we don’t get to her soon those fuckers are going to do horrible things to her and then they are going to fucking kill her don’t you understand?”

Blue could see the tears welling up in the man’s eyes. “What’s in it for me”

“I’m a fucking cop Blue I can’t offer you the moon but I know your good and I know if anyone can do it you can”

“Look Rap Sheet I can’t afford to do this crusade for you, hell is there any kind of reward or anything?”

“No sorry”

“Please Blue”

“Look Rap Sheet you’re a detective barely above a street cop you can’t offer me anything I want”

“Will you talk to someone please? Someone who might offer you something that you do want?”


“He slid his card across the table, call me in an hour I’ll have a meeting set up”

“Fine” she got up and looked somewhat disgusted at the carnage the detective had made of the box of donuts.

Blue walked across the street, she felt dirty talking to cops always made her feel dirty for some reason. She moved quickly she needed a score something with some easy money and this wasn’t it. Hell she’d play roadie bodyguard to some stuck up rocker before she would work for a cop. She needed another drink she decided.

The bar was called “Liquid Sky” and for some reason when she walked in she felt like she could breathe. She sat down at the bar and ordered a double scotch. The bar was filled with a soft din of other people doing biz that they didn’t want other people to know about. She slowly sipped her drink and conversed with the bar keep who seemed bored, apparently the bar made most of its overhead on the cover and the fact that no one caused trouble here, they served drinks they weren’t cheap. She was well into her second when her cell rang, she picked it up after seeing who it was.

“What?” she asked

“I have a meeting set if you could meet Clarise at the Ridgemont Hotel.

“A Given name no…”

“I told you I would find someone”

“Okay I’ll be there what time?”

“Half an hour? Please Blue.” Rap Sheets’ voice trailed off.

“I’ll do what I can”

Blue punched up the address of the Ridgemont on her phone and walked out to her bike, she opened a small case of pills and picked two out and swallowed them dry. A few seconds later she was clear headed and needle sharp. The bike roared down the road and she was at her destination. She walked in and the Manager walked up to her putting his hand gently but firmly on her shoulder. “Miss I don’t…”

“I’m here to talk to a woman named Clarise I have an appointment” Blue said shrugging off his hand.

“I see” the manager said “can I tell her you have arrived Miss?”


“Of course, One moment” he walked over and picked up a phone and then walked back after a brief conversation.

“Miss Blue if you would please come with me they walked to an elevator and the manager produced a key they got into the lift and then a few seconds of acceleration later they stopped on a floor that was apparently not listed on the button panel. Blue walked out into a small room what could only be called a closet by some standard there was a keypad and a retina scanner and apparently a voice recognition system. Someone took his or her security very seriously.

The door opened and a man who obviously had training stepped into the doorway. “Weapons please on the counter” he said in halting English.

Blue nodded and unholstered her five guns and then produced several knives and two shivs and set them on the counter.
“Domo” the man said.

“Domo” Blue said and bowed as the other man bowed.

He gestured and she walked beside him into what could only be called a living room where a woman reclined on the couch, the man bowed and turned and walked out of the room shutting the door.

“Detective Matthews says that you are very good.”

“Excuse me who?”

“You might know him as Rap Sheet”

“Okay you are Clarise I presume?”


“Nice digs”

“Thank you it is a little place for me now, here is the how do you call it? Score?” Blue nodded. There are a group of men who have kidnapped several low and medium and a few high profile children, I want you to recover the children… all of them.”

“How much?”

“How much is it worth to you?” Blue thought on it a moment “Two hundred thousand gold deuch marks if you get them, all of them”

“I’ll need front money”

“Jan will see that you get the creds you need”

“Okay then what?”

“Deliver them here”

“Time table?”

“You have a week”

“Okay I’m in.”

“Thought you might be” the woman smiled and waved dismissing her.

She walked out into the foyer where the man, Jan apparently presented her with a money belt. She knew the penalty for failure was death, but the reward was more wealth than she had ever imagined.

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To make your eyes look bigger 1. Frame your face using hgheliigthr on the cheekbones and blusher on the apples of your cheeks2. Use a white eye liner on your upper and lower lidTo make your eyes look bluer -1. Use brown eyeshadow2. Wear blue clothing !I have blue eyes and by doing this it works!

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