Grab hold of your seat readers.
“How is the progress coming with the new department?” Miranda asked.

“I have narrowed it down to four candidates” Gabriella replied “Another day or so of scrutiny and we should have it”.

Gabriella left the office closing the door Dream Corp was a woman-power corporation. That is to say that all the executives were not only female but also quite condescending toward men. Gabriella smiled to herself well I’ll soon change that she said to herself. Taking the elevator to the first floor.

She looked at the list of candidates on her clipboard, and walked into the viewing room next door to the interview room. There were several other monitors. That monitored other rooms. There was no doubt that the four candidates were quite qualified. There was of course one that she favored above the others and if everything worked out she would select him. His name was Glenn Jameson and he was twenty just out of school, attractive enough for her purposes and would be an ideal test subject.

Glenn Jameson sat down at the clinic; this was the last phase to getting this job. He really hadn’t expected to get it but who was he to complain if they actually let him have this job, it was a dream job really. Excellent salary and benefits he could really use it his wife was barely making ends meet working at Wendy’s as a cashier, and his sister in law was living with them and that really wasn’t making things any better. They finally called his name and he was taken to an exam room. They gave him a flu shot and told him to go home and he could expect a call in a few days.

Gabriella looked up from the video of the four exams Glenn really was the best choice, and with the injection he would be perfect. She called the Doctor who had designed the cocktail. How long before it starts working she asked?

“Twenty four hours give or take.”

“And the Data supporting this?”

“I’ll have it on your desk in the morning”

“What about plan B?”

“Plan B is ready”

“And it will be available also in the morning?”

“Yes, Miss Sanderson, I worry about skipping the testing process for Both experiments”

“I understand doctor”

“I don’t know that I can deal with the guilt if anything goes wrong”

“Doctor, you are absolved of any responsibility”

“But what if”

“Doctor what do you care your retiring to the Virgin Islands with enough money for the rest of your life”

“Yes Miss Sanderson.”

“Very well then Doctor, I expect to see your reports on my desk in the morning.

Glenn Finished His supper and went to bed with his wife Gloria her sister Regina was already asleep on the couch.

“Did you get it?” Gloria asked

“I still don’t know”

“Tell me what it pays again?”

“Its 90k a year plus benefits”

“God how I would love to move out of this dump, when will you know?”

“Your guess is as good as mine but I expect in the next couple of days they will call.”

“I’m so proud of you, you know.”

“Love you babe” he smiled and kissed her and she turned off the lights.

Glenn woke up to the phone ringing “Hello” he asked

“Glenn Jamison?”


“This is Gabriella Sanderson”


“Can you come in this morning for orientation?”

“I’ll be right there”

“Excellent I’ll expect you at nine?”

“Works for me I’ll be there”

Glenn climbed out of bed and headed to the shower he was still barely awake and when the warm water hit him he took a moment or two before he was really conscious of his body he washed himself thoroughly, he stepped out of the shower and dressed for his orientation; slacks and a white polo he figured was good enough. Splashed on a light aftershave and headed out of the house he stopped at a local tacaria and wolfed down two, breakfast tacos. He was happy that he had arrived on time, as he walked into the double doors of the impressive building, and up to the front desk.

“Can I help you?” the blonde at the desk asked looking at him as though he might be a piece of dog shit on her shoe.

”I’m here to see Gabriella Sanderson”

“Very good sir I’ll let her know you’re here what was your name by the way?”

“Glenn Jamison”

“Yes Miss Sanderson Glenn Jamison is here to see you”

“Yes mam I’ll send him up”

“Fourth floor Mr. Jamison the receptionist will tell you where to go”

Glenn walked to the elevators and pressed the button for the fourth floor, the elevator quickly rose and then stopped the doors opened. The receptionist looked at him with the same amount of disdain as had the first but he found his way to Gabriella Mathew’s office.

“Right then Mr. Jamison

“You can call me Glenn I really don’t mind,”

“I’d actually prefer it if you insisted on Mr. Jamison while you’re here Glenn”

“If you like then.”

“You are to be heading our new IT department and because of well a lot of things we had to hire a man, you see you’re the only male employee here there is some paperwork for you to fill out and then I’ll show you to your office it’s on the first floor, you will of course have to hire some more employees but I’ll let you get settled in before you decide to do that. Do you have any questions?”

“When do I start?”

“This afternoon if you like we will find a secretary for you and you can get settled into your new office sound good?”

“Sounds great”

Gabriella led Glenn to the Elevators where they took a ride down to the first floor, two or three turns and corridors later they were in a room that was perhaps 20 feet by 40. There were six desks each partitioned off from the other and a desk in front apparently for the secretary. A computer stood on each desk and Glenn sat down at the back most desk and turned on the machine. “I’ll give you some time to get settled and I’ll send some girls down from the secretarial pool.

Gabriella left the room she hurried to the elevator went up to the fourth floor and very nearly ran to her office. She opened the hard copy file of “project satyr” which she pulled from her desk drawer.

Project Satyr was a nano-bot program designed to increase the sexual potency of a subject. The effects were increase in size of sexual organs by almost 100% additionally the pheromone levels of the subject were expected to increase exponentially. It was also expected if it worked that the subject would have increased libido, sperm production and motility as well. She leaned back in her chair trying to catch her breath; she could hardly believe that she had almost ruined it from the start. She had no idea that being around this man would cause her to be so strongly attracted.

She then looked at the next folder plan B, it was also a nano-bot project that would be introduced into the water system. It would cause all non-mechanical forms of birth control to fail, it would also cause the subjects to start secreting hormones for lactose production and increase tactile sensitivity. She wondered if what she was planning was wrong. Of course it was wrong but these high and mighty bitches needed to be taught a lesson, she would turn all of them in to cock worshiping cum sluts. She looked down from her daydream to find herself groping her own breast and her other hand rubbing her we pussy though her pants. She stood up and went to her private bathroom and splashed some water on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, are you really going to do this she asked herself, and then smiled of course you are. She walked to her desk and pushed the intercom button and summoned her secretary.

Janet, could you round up I don’t know maybe four candidates to be Mr. Jamison’s secretary and call up to Miss Gram’s office and tell them that we have hired our new IT manager?

“Yes Miss Sanderson” Janet said and then ten minutes later “Miss Sanderson?”

“Yes Janet I’ve selected four good candidates for Mr. Jamison, also when I talked to Miss Gram she said that she ordered some uniforms for his department, Something about having to wear that or he could quit. She sent them down after I talked to her.

“Bring them in now Janet”

“Yes Miss Sanderson” Janet Nelson pushed in two large cardboard boxes moments later on a dolly. Gabriella opened the first box to find that it contained very short cream colored shorts and the second box was filled with cream colored polo shirts. Both were in sizes small to extra large. Gabriella rolled her eyes another attempt to humiliate this man oh well I guess they will find out soon enough what a bad idea this uniform is.

“Very good Janet” she hastily scribbled a note

Mr. Jamison,
The CEO has made it clear that you and your staff are to wear these uniforms at all times. I am sorry if this causes you any embarrassment, if you choose to quit because of this I will understand. Please take into consideration that if you take this in stride I’m able to offer you some compensation to alleviate any embarrassment.
Gabriella Sanderson

She folded the note and taped it to the top box, “Excellent Janet if you would send this down with the first secretary please.

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