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The little arrangement I’d cooked up with Donald was working an absolute treat, almost daily I was receiving DVD’s that showed Fiona being screwed in various locations around the warehouse; but what I was most happy about was the cheques I’d began to receive on a monthly basis. It was clear from the amount landing on my doormat that Fiona's services were being put to good use and seemed to be paying dividends like I’d promised Donald. DVD’s were also coming through of her entertaining these new clients in a special room reserved for such dealings on the top floor near Donald's office.

After opening my fourth cheque in as many months Fiona had already earned me treble my yearly wage; so I scribbled up my notice and posted into my employer and decided never to return, not like I needed to when Fiona was earning me a pretty penny and I still had Alice to offer Donald yet. On the fifth month I decided to pop up to the warehouse and see how things were going, after all Donald had gave me a key and said I could come and go as I pleased it was just a shame id been so busy lately.

I arrived at the warehouse a little after ten in the morning and encountered no problems; just as Donald had assured me; in making it up to the top floor where his office was. It came as no great shock when I turned the corner to head to Donald's office and came across Fiona on her knees blowing Gary’s cock near the coffee machine; we greeted each other and I carried on to Donald's office quickly catching Fiona's eye as I went by, which seemed to make her suck his cock that little bit harder.

I found Donald sat as his desk talking quickly and sharply into the phone in what seemed like some sort of negotiation; I pulled up the seat opposite t his direction and waited for him to finish his obvious urgent call. From what I could gather from the call it seemed like there was some sort of disagreement about the price per pallet that Donald charged for using his warehouse, the call ended not long after and Donald didn’t seem too pleased with how it had gone; but he left that aside as he spoke to me whilst making me a coffee.

We briefly talked about how Fiona was getting on and Donald was unable to hide his joy as he reeled off the list of extra business that had come his way just because he could offer something extra, and slightly different on the negotiation table. And from the way his conversation had just gone I was sure he’d be using his unique bargaining chip again shortly. I also reminded him that it was now time for my fee to increase to the ten percent like we’d agreed and Donald told me that he had remembered and the next cheque at the increased rate was already in the post.

“Have you been getting all the DVD’s?” asked Donald

“Yes they’ve been arriving without a problem Donald and I’m very happy with the quality I must say”

“The equipment cost a lot of money as you know”

“I’m a little curious as to why only eight of you seem to be using Fiona; except obviously additional clients? I’m sure I agreed that Fiona could be used by any employee in the company?”

“Yes and I fully understand that it’s just that I can’t very well stick a notice up on the wall advertising that our business manager is now a very well paid company whore can I!!?” Donald said laughing and sitting back in his chair. “You must remember that I still employee a lot of people that would take serious offence to what I was offering and could well have a detrimental effect on business if it was leaked to the wrong people, if you catch my drift”

“I understand but I’d like to see her get fucked by someone else occasionally; if you get my drift Donald? So maybe you need to devise a way for your employees to get a share of the services on offer. Anyway Donald I’m probably going to spend a couple of hours here just to see how Fiona's doing and then I must dash as I've got a party to attend later”

With that I left Donald's office and went to head to the cctv room, Fiona was no longer by the coffee machine sucking Gary off as I saw him sat at his desk talking to Graham. I found Fiona sat on a high stool in the middle of the waiting area. The stool was a tool metal and leather thing with a low back that Fiona had her arms resting on as she was sat the wrong way round on it. I approached her quietly from behind and ran my hand across her bare bum cheeks that were exposed because her trousers and knickers were round her ankles that were resting on the stainless steel bar running round the bottom of the high stool.

I didn’t notice at first but just poking out from between her pink cunt lips was a end of something purple; I pinched the end with my thumb and fore finger and eased it out slowly and Fiona began to groan softly. I continued easing out the now visible thick long purple dildo until the whole eight inch slimy rubber cock was free from her tunnel.

“What's this for then Fiona?”

“I have to sit her with the dildo inside me until someone calls me or comes around to use me”

“Oh I see” I said rubbing it back around her fleshy folds for a few seconds before easing it back inside until only little bit was visible again between her lips. I walked round to the front of her to see that she was also wearing them eye things that you wear to sleep in, I’d totally not noticed them until now. “Are these so you can’t see who’s fucking you Fiona?”

“Yes, but if its people from this company I can tell by their cocks now”

This was probably true as it was only a group of eight from within the company using her and I'm sure she’d probably had enough of their cocks to know each and every vein on them. I pushed her back a little so that she was sat more upright and then undid all the buttons on her shirt and pulled the front of her bra down so her huge tits and gorgeous nipples were on show; I then told her to lean back forward making sure her tits were hanging on the far side of the stool top in full view of anybody that came up. I thought it’d be a good idea to play with her sensitive nipples for a bit and get them nice and hard and erect. Fiona absolutely loves having her nipples played with and if played with for long enough she’ll actually come from it.

I didn’t have time to play for too long as a bell rang out down the corridor and she got up off the stool and pulled her knickers and trousers up leaving the big dildo buried in her cunt and walked towards the sound of the bell that jangled again. She left her tits hanging out though and I followed her as she made her way to Graham’s office.

“Right you slag” Graham said coming from behind his desk and approaching Fiona, he stopped as I entered the office behind her.

“Carry on as normal Graham I’m here for a few hours to see how Fiona goes about her daily jobs and so far I'm impressed.”

“Oh I see I thought we’d of seen you more often”

“No I’ve been really busy but now Fiona's earning me such good money I’m going to have more free time as I've no need to work any longer” I said laughing and slapping Fiona's arse.

“Where was I anyway” Graham said scratching his head a moment “Oh yeah that's it. Right slag Shaun wants you down in his office right away” he slapped her across her left breast connecting directly on her erect nipple making her flinch and yelp. “Well get going he said right away”.

This made a nice opportunity for me to see how she was treated by the others so I followed her down to Shaun O’Hanlon’s office. Fiona had put her tits away by the time we’d got to the lift but she had to take her time walking as the dildo still wedged in her cunt was making walking pretty difficult. We passed many a worker on the way and it was clear that none of them knew of Fiona's new role as most didn’t even acknowledge her. There was definitely more men than women as is often the case with warehouse work and there seemed to be a lot of eastern Europeans and Africans around the place.

Anyway we eventually came to Shaun's small office over in the corner behind a storage area on the second floor and Fiona knocked once before entering leaving me to follow behind. Shaun started on her straight away.

“Where the fuck have you been you stupid whore I've been waiting five minutes for fucks sake.....”

Again like Graham he stopped as he saw me enter and I had to explain to him that he was to carry on as normal.

“You must be.....”

“Yep that's right, this filthy cunts owner if you want to put it like that. I’ll just sit over here so ignore me Shaun and carry on with what you were going to do”

“Ok no worries” and with that he burst back into his triad of abuse calling her every derogatory name under the sun whilst pulling her round to his side of the desk and pushing her forwards across it so she was facing me. “Pull your fucking trousers down” he said to Fiona as he hurriedly wrestled with his own jeans and boxers letting them fall around his ankles freeing up his stiffening cock that he began to wank quickly. Fiona had now let her trousers fall and was just pulling her knickers down when Shaun grabbed them. “Quicker bitch” he said tearing them down with force and almost ripping the flimsy material in the process.

In his haste he hadn’t even noticed the dildo blocking her entrance and he jabbed his cock at her hole and met the unexpected blockage. “What the fuck is that” shouted stepping back and thrusting a hand between her legs and coming back out a second later with the soaked purple eight inch dildo in his right hand; which he dropped onto his desk at the side of Fiona. “At least your nice and wet already” he commented just before he plunged his dick deep into her slippery hole.

Fiona's eyes widened and she stared straight at me letting out a loud moan and a little yelp as Shaun withdrew and powered back into her pussy. I pointed to her then to my eyes telling to keep her eyes on me throughout the duration of her fucking with Shaun; it’s the first time that I've actually looked into Fiona's eyes as she's received another man’s cock and I have to say from the way it got my cock twitching in my pants it’ll be something I make sure I do again. The look in her eyes as Shaun fucked her deep and hard was unbelievable, occasionally her eyes would roll to the back of her head which seemed to be in conjunction with a deep moan and it was obvious that an orgasm was building up inside her.

About ten minutes later her moans and groans were becoming a little louder and her breathing was getting more and more rapid and I knew she was getting close to covering Shaun's cock in her gorgeous sweet come. She dropped her head onto the desk and turned it to the side so that she could look into my eyes as her orgasm shook through her body; her hands gripped the edge of the desk and I could see her legs clamp shut as her cunt constricted and pulsed around Shaun's meaty vein that she held inside her hole as her cunt exploded and her scream rang out in the small office. The twinkle in Fiona's eyes I saw before they rolled to the back of her head and her scream turned into a low deep groan was a sign that she fucking loved being stuffed full of cock and she couldn’t deny it.

Fiona remained in that position for the next seven or so minutes as Shaun pummelled her pussy until he filled it with his creamy load leaving his cock inside her until his cock had limp and it fell out of her followed by a trickle of his sperm that landed in her knickers between her legs. She remained there until Shaun had dressed himself and replaced the dildo back into her sopping gooey hole with extreme ease. She knew that walking back to the top floor would be a lot harder now as the dildo was nearly falling from her cunt when she was pulling up her knickers and trousers.

It was actually quite comical watching Fiona struggle to walk back as the dildo had clearly slipped a bit and if it wasn’t for her knickers holding it place would of probably fell out and out her trouser leg. When we got back upstairs Fiona put the blindfold back on and lowered her trousers and knickers back round her ankles and assumed the position back n the stool. She had removed her breasts as I’d done before and then reached round to push the falling dildo back up inside her loose tunnel and then waited for her next call.

I shared dinner with Donald in his office whilst Fiona had hers in the workers canteen with the dildo still wedged in her cunt. They had decided to make Fiona have her lunch there so that it made her feel uncomfortable being surround by the workforce who may or may not of known if she was the new company whore or not. After dinner she would come back up and sit back on the stool waiting for hands to grope her there or a bell to ring in the distance.

During dinner I told Donald that I wanted Fiona to give me a guided tour of the warehouse and at first he seemed a little reluctant, probably from my comment in the morning about any of the staff were able to use Fiona. I assured him that I wouldn’t be broadcasting anything tom the workers but that I wanted Fiona to offer her services discreetly to one of the foot soldiers. He agreed but told me to be discreet and I assured him that I would be.

I went to Fiona who was where she should be and pulled the rubber cock from her pussy and chucked it on the sofa nearby.

“Get dressed, you’re taking me on a guided tour of the warehouse” she dressed and led the way to the elevators down to the second floor.

She showed me all around the office areas that were mainly made up of female clerks with the odd male IT support bloke mooching about. Next I met the lovely receptionists and then we entered the warehouse on the ground floor level. It was a huge place with isles of racking from the floor to ceiling covering the whole width leaving a big open plan bit at the front near the shutter doors. And Christ was it bloody busy, there were people in yellow Hi-vis vests walking about or driving battery operated machinery all over the place. And there were definitely a lot of Africans and eastern Europeans about.

The first mezzanine floor was equally as busy and full of the same sort of nationalities all rushing about trying to get their work done. Although this floor felt more enclosed and darker as it was at the back and had another mezzanine floor above. We then went through some double doors in the corner which led through to a staircase to get to the third mezzanine floor but also had some male and female toilets and in an instant I decided that this was an ideal location for Fiona to make a workers day.

“Wait her a minute” I said as I went into the men’s toilet. I was just checking the layout to see what I could do with Fiona. It was a small toilet with two urinals and two cubicles with a little bit of floor space that would be ideal. I went and fetched Fiona who was still stood outside the door like an obedient little dog. I led her into the toilet and she looked very apprehensive when I told her to take her trousers and knickers down and remove her tits like before and then kneel on the floor with her left cheek on the floor so she could see the door. “Now tuck your knees right in towards your chest Fiona and get that bum up in the air then stay like that”

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll be in that end cubicle there, listening”

“What for?” Fiona asked sounding very nervous.

“Listening to make sure you ask the next person that walks into fuck you in your wet cunt and fill it with their spunk ok” I then left her in the position and sat on the toilet a few yards away in the end trap with the door open; I was out of view but didn’t expect anyone to look in the cubicles when Fiona was presenting herself just there.

We waited a little longer than I expected to be honest considering the floor was a hive of activity but after about twelve minutes I heard the door creak open and a heavy boot land on the tiled floor and stop. Right on cue Fiona broke the silence.

“Please fuck me and spunk in my wet pussy”

“Oh shit, what the fuck” the deep voice certainly wasn’t English echoed round the small tiled toilet and then the door opened and shut.

“He’s gone” Fiona said getting up.

“Get the fuck back down there you stupid cunt I’ll be back in a minute” when I left she was back down on the floor tits out and knees in with her gorgeous arse pointing up in the air with her fuckable wet cunt begging to be fucked. I quickly popped my head out into the warehouse floor to make sure he hadn’t been to fetch a manager but nothing could have been further from the truth. He was coming back across the floor with a yellow stand up sign that said female cleaner at work in his hand, not only that he had two other tall polish looking men with him also wearing yellow Hi-vis vests. Shit I thought rushing back to my spot in the loo this would be a better than expected introduction to her workers than I thought.

What I did remember on my way back in was I had the eye mask in my pocket and put it on Fiona in the hope that they wouldn’t actually recognise her as they had probably never seen her before anyway, this would alleviate some of the risk of them giving her name to any managers not in the know yet. After covering her eyes I just told her to be ready to repeat her request as he was coming back; what I didn’t say was is that he’d bought his friends along.

A minute or so later the door went and a few footsteps were heard and one of the blokes told another to leave the sign at the door. I’d of love to of seen the panic on Fiona's face, she had know idea there was three men now in the toilet.

“Fuck me and spunk inside my wet pussy please”

A chorus of deep foreign voices filled the room as they all told her that it wouldn’t be a problem in their mixed up English. One thing they were all in agreement on was the fact that she was a English slut as this was how they all referred to her. I couldn’t not watch was going to happen so I stepped out from cubicle with a finger on my lips and the men didn’t run off, I think the chance of some English slutty pussy was too good to be true.

“I’ll just watch” I said jumping up onto the basin area and sitting down to watch.

“I’m first” said the one that had come in first and he got behind Fiona in a squatting position after pulling down his jeans.

He wet two fingers and easily buried them in Fiona's sodden pussy whilst he wanked his cock to full hardness with his other hand. He said something in his own language and his friends laughed then began pulling out their dicks getting them hard and ready. If I had to guess I’d say the men were in their late twenties like myself but were all built like brick shithouses; they had fat fingers and hands like mini shovels and all sported cocks over seven inches with good thick girth. Poor Fiona would know she’d been fucked by the time these lads had been through her that's for sure and I couldn’t wait to watch.

The first lad was happy that his cock was hard enough so turned to be square onto Fiona and placed his large calloused hands on each of her hips then lined up his pink domed helmet between Fiona's swollen lips.

“Here you go English bitch have some Russian cock” he said driving his solid tool in with immense force at the same time as pulling Fiona's hips back with his big hands and strong arms.

“AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR” Fiona's scream was so loud I’d be surprised if it hadn’t been heard on this floor as well as the floor above; the trouble was her screams continued to echo and ring out because the bloke was savage and hammered her time and time again driving down from his angle above and pulling her onto his invading Russian pole.

One of the other Russians saw the need to shut her up and pulled out his yellow safety knife and use it cut her knickers off which were soon stuffed in her mouth to dampen down her excessive squeals. She was still noisy but nowhere near as loud so Russian one carried on destroying her English cunt. His friends said something to him in Russian but he answered “I’m hurrying” in English so I knew they were getting impatient and probably worried about being away from their area too long.

After another three powerful thrusts he tensed and screwed his face whilst speaking quickly in Russian and his cock must have twitched and unloaded a huge load of foreign seed into Fiona's womb. He pulled out with a noisy squelch and came round and knelt at her face leaning in and forcing it into her mouth. Fiona raised her head from the floor a little so that it was more comfortable to receive his big dick into her mouth. Once she’d cleaned his Russian come from his cock he jumped up and dressed and then left the toilet. Leaving his mates to have their way with Fiona the English whore.

The next lad was up her like a rat up a drainpipe and wasted no time in making Fiona come, I think the first lad had done all the leg work leaving his mate to get his cock creamed on for his efforts. The third lad decided he’d fill her mouth why he waited for her pussy and knelt in front of Fiona and pulled her head onto his stiff shaft. They had both been wanking their cocks while the first one went so they didn’t take as long and within ten minutes Fiona's well used cunt was awash and leaking Russian come all over her trousers.

The two Russians didn’t wait for Fiona's mouth to clean them up, they were dressed and out the door and back to work as they’d already been missing for twenty five minutes. I took the mask off Fiona and pulled her up and told her to dress. She was now knickerless as one of the Russians had pinched them as a trophy so she had to walk back up to the top floor trying to hide the big wet come patch on the back of her trousers where the three lots of Russian spunk had oozed from her; even her gusset was getting wet because without knickers her wet cunt was rubbing up against her trousers and making them damp too.

When we got back upstairs Donald was waiting for us as we’d been a lot longer than expected and he told Fiona to go to the clients’ room as she may be needed.

“Where have you been I’ve got clients waiting in my office?”

“The tour took a little longer than expected Donald don’t worry about it” I didn’t tell him about the Russians as I’m pretty sure word would soon be spreading around the workforce and he’d soon get wind of it.

I looked at my watch and knew time was ticking on, I had to get sorted for this party later as some of the family were going to be there so I had to make the effort; but I wanted to see how these negotiations went down so decided to hang around a bit longer then rush getting ready later. I went to the cctv room and settled in with coffee and flicked Donald's room on the big screen and turned the audio up so I could hear what was happening. On the screen on my right I could see Fiona naked laying on a sofa with her legs spread wide.

The talk in Donald's office was with the bloke from the phone call earlier and he was still refusing to budge on the price Donald wanted and was threatening to take his custom elsewhere. Donald didn’t want this to happen as it was going to be a nice little contract earning him some big money for the next five years, plus earning me nearly ten times my old salary in one fowl swoop so I was just as pleased when Donald bought out his trump card.

“Now Morris how about I say to you that I can offer you something a little bit different and a little bit special would you then consider doing business?”

“It’ll depend on what it is and whether it’s worth my while Donald”

“Ok Morris if you go to the room at the end of the corridor on the left and spend some time in there and come back to me when you’re happy and completely satisfied we’ll discuss things again and see if we can strike a deal, how does that grab you?”

“Ok Donald, you’re a decent businessman so I’ll give you chance here” the bloke called Morris pushed his seat back and stood up. He was a big tall man maybe six foot four with a huge beer belly hanging over his strained belt and trouser tops. I’m not sure Fiona will enjoy this too much I thought as he lumbered down the corridor until he reached the room on the end and swiped the card Donald had just given him in the reader and waited for the light to flash green. His big shoulder heaved the door open and it slammed behind him.

I could hear everything perfectly on the super audio system so settled in to watch Fiona seal the deal.

“Oh my” Morris said stopping in his tracks.

“Can I be of service sir” Fiona said rubbing her right hand across her cunt and holding her lips open showing Morris her swollen clit and sticky inflamed entrance.

There was a very awkward silence for about two minutes as Morris just stared at Fiona's heaving naked chest and wet swollen cunt.

“Sir feel free to use my pussy” Fiona said again like she was reading from a or something as again she spread her cunt this time dipping a couple of fingers in and sucking them clean. Still Morris stood in stunned silence so Fiona took the lead and walked over to Morris who looked down over his huge gut at the naked lady he’d never seen before standing before him. Fiona took his hand and led him over to the couch where she turned him round and sat him down his weight sinking him into the sofa he still looked very reluctant but didn’t stop Fiona undoing his belt and pulling his trousers down followed by his blue ‘Y’ fronted pants pretty soon he was naked from the waist down and his big gut was hanging all over the place nearly covering his cock.

“Lay down sir”

I could see that by Fiona making Morris lay down she’d stand a better chance of getting to his cock on which she’d use her mouth and cunt to please Morris making him sign on the dotted line for Donald. Once he was sprawled out on the sofa with one leg on and one draped off the side I was able to get a clear look at the cock Fiona was about to entertain. I think I even saw the look of amazement on Fiona's face as his flaccid cock hung like a 500ml bottle between his legs. Morris’s cock must of been eight inches on the flop and I watched as Fiona timidly reached out and took it in her left hand and lifted it up. The thing was massive and her small hand only just fit round but even as I watched it was easy to see that it was growing in her hand and her fingers were being prized apart by his expanding girth. Morris’s cock would easily be the longest and would also over take mine as the thickest thing to violate Fiona's cunt. It’s probably a god send that Fiona's just had three big Russians up her to loosen her up a bit otherwise I’d think she’d struggle to accommodate Morris.

Morris had obviously noticed the look of horror on Fiona's face and seemed to gain in confidence that she was scared of his huge dick. “I bet you weren’t expecting that were you?”

“No sir”

“We’ll I tell you what, your pussy looks wet already so why don’t you just get up here and ride me”

Fiona wanted wait a while longer but a big hand grabbed her and lifted her up almost throwing her on top of his huge dick, if she hadn’t put her hands out then she’d be split in two by it for sure she lifted herself up and hovered over his massive helmet and lowered her wet opening onto it. She felt her pussy lips spread wider than they have ever before as his huge helmet disappeared inside filling her completely. She came hard and noisily all over his cock after only four inches but that's all she could manage and lifted up before dropping back on his telegraph pole letting four inches rip her open before jumping up again. She looked down at Morris’s face that was contorted in what looked like pain, he had his eyes closed and his teeth clenched then thought that maybe he’s not used his cock for such a long time that he’s probably close to coming. Fiona heaved herself up and down on his cock as quick as she dared too and set about bring Morris off as quick as possible. In her eagerness the increased speed of his massive cock rubbing her sensitive walls only made her come again as she erupted over his shaft covering it in her sweet juices, and with the added lubrication she lowered herself further onto the biggest and thickest cock she’d ever fucked.

I saw a fresh determination in her eyes that said she wanted all eleven inches deep in her womb and my god Fiona screamed her way through the whole lot until his wiry pubic bone mashed into her exposed clit and inner lips that were stretched to their limits. Fiona came again and at the same time bought Morris off deep into the depths of her womb; she somehow managed to lift herself off and flop onto the sofa between his legs.....spent.

I didn’t have time to stay around I had a party to attend so I quickly raced to the car a shot off home to get to my party.

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