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After all Christmas is a week away and the fun has just begun!?
It was the middle of December and I was on the phone with my new girlfriend, Kandy. She is a nurse and we met while I was in the hospital and we have since become friends and lovers. She has been at home recuperating from a cold.

I continued the conversation on the phone and said, “You know Kandy, I can just see you under my Christmas tree, with only a purple bow tied around your naked body. WOW, what a Christmas treat!”

She giggled into the phone and replied, “Well darling, it’s not Christmas yet. I swear all you men think about is sex! I was in the process of reaching for the phone to call you Marcus when the phone rang. I wanted to tell you how much I miss your tender loving care. When can you come over?”

Well, little did she know I had decided to pay her a visit that night and treat her special for a change? I replied, “Kandy, how about tonight, say 8pm?”

She quickly responded, “You have a date! See you around 8pm.”

When I knocked on the door, Kandy met me with open arms and a kiss that curled my toes. When I stepped back, she looked so damn sexy in her purple robe and fuzzy slippers. What can I say? Kandy looks hot in just about anything!

She told me she was about to step into the shower and put on something special for me.

Kandy giggled and blushed, “Maybe so, but I want a shower anyway.”

I kissed her again and said, “Want some company in the shower, doll? I think it is time daddy gives you some of his special-tender-loving care.”

Kandy’s eyes lit up and she squealed, “I would love that darling. I thought I was going to have to send you a telegram saying, “Come over and light my fire! “

Since I had been to her house several times I knew where things were. I told her to wait for a moment, before coming into the bathroom, as I needed to do something special there first. I went to get some candles, her favorite CD, and her CD player. What I intended to do was set the mood with something sensual and aromatic. I placed lit candles around the room and then put on her favorite soft romantic music, into the player and set it on the shelf well away from the tub. You know, the kind of music that should have a label that reads; “romantic fucking music!”

I walked into the bedroom stripping as I went and said, “My lady, the warm waters of an erotic shower await you!” Not to mention that my semi hard cock was telling me, “Hurry up will you, I need to fuck Kandy!”

Kandy grinned, dropped her robe and shouted, “I was wondering what took you so long, was about to come searching for you and ask if you were drilling a new well or something!”

We walked arm and arm into the bathroom. I turned the water on, adjusted the temperature and helped her at first then joined her. I could tell by the look in her eyes that my Kandy was ready for some sexy water fun.

My lips pressed hers as my hands groped the sexiest set of tits a man could ever handle. We kissed long and hard as my cock grew to the occasion.

She smiled and chirped, “Oooh Marcus, it takes two hands to handle your whooper!” She wrapped her long fingers around my cock stroking me firmly but slowly until my member was rock hard.

Kandy purred, “I missed you baby! I cannot wait to feel your cock inside my hot pussy!”

As soon as she said those words, I turned her around and I slid my tool into her hot box from behind. She wrapped her pussy muscles around my cock and began to milk me slowly. I took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I rolled her hardening nipples in my fingers in unison of our fucking rhythm.

She leaned into me and said, “Oh love, fuck me hard, make your Kandy cum!”

I rammed her cunt like a well-oiled machine, and pumper her hot box in and out with a steady, deep, pace. She turned just enough so we could kiss and began to tremble harder and pant. I knew then she had hit climax number one. You see, my doll can cum many times.

I pulled her close and sucked on her tongue as my hot cum blasted off deep inside her pussy. While I uttered, “Oh Kandy, you are the best lover I have ever had! I love you baby-doll!”

We then began to lather each other up making sure to tantalize each other’s erogenous zones. Following that, we kissed as the warm water and aromatic fumes tickled our senses.

Kandy whispered, “Let’s get out of this shower and have some more fun!”

We stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around ourselves and then returned to the bedroom. I made her sit on the bed, brought the towel up and began drying her long red hair. As I did, I thought to myself, “Oh man, how I could have found such a beautiful woman. “

Kandy dried me off, and I got incredibly turned on again! I love having a towel rubbed over every part of my body, especially my cock and balls. I almost blew my load again!

We climbed onto the bed and lay facing each other and continued to kiss passionately. I nibbled on her ear and uttered, “Lay back and let me eat your sweet pussy! “

She laid back and I kissed my way down to her hot box, and then began running my tongue the length of her slit. I encircled her clit as my tongue fucked her hole. I could eat her for hours on end. Oh my god, she tastes like pure honey!

She arched her back and squealed, “Oh fuck baby, do not stop! Oh, yes, just like that! You can do that all night if you want; hot-damn I love your hot tongue.”

Kandy quivered from head to toe and screamed, “Yes! “ My whole face and chin were completely covered with her cum.

She composed herself and said, “My turn sugar, lay on your back now and do not move a muscle. “

She began using just her lips, tongue on my skin, as she runs her fingers softly all over my body. Damn her, she knows I am a sucker for a massage and soon started falling asleep.

I was still in a daze when until her fingers played with the hairs on my chest, until her mouth sucked on my right nipple and she bit it gently. She then moved down and began rubbing my legs from toes to all the way up. My cock got excited as her magical touch glided across my body, and my minds screamed, “Round two has just begun!”

Kandy continued to fondle me all over except for my cock. My cock stood erect, as my pre-cum started to flow. She grasped my cock with her right hand, and gently started stroking my cock while she flicking and kissing the tip of my cock with her tongue.

She stopped long enough to look at me with those gorgeous green-eyes. She purred, “Time for my Christmas Treat. Now just relax, Nurse Kandy will take good care of you. After all you are the sweetest candy cane I ever sucked!”

Soon I moaned and pushed my hips into her mouth every time she went down on me. I swear Kandy could suck the stripes off a candy cane and straighten out the bend in less than three minutes.

I was completely in my favorite sexy nurse’s hands. I closed my eyes and utter, “Ooooh fuck! Kandy, do not stop! I love what you are doing to me!” When I opened my eyes, she was straddling me, and about to mount my throbbing manhood. Her pussy was wet, and tight, and felt like a velvet glove around my cock. Her tits started to bounce as she moved up and down on me. I reached up, massaged her breasts, and twisted her erect nipples. Kandy screamed in delight.

When she came down hard on my cock, I shouted, "Yes, fuck me hard! Oh my god I love the way you make me feel when you make love to me! Ooooh my sweet Kandy! I am going to cum!”

My cock became rigid. Her vaginal muscles gripped my pulsating cock and milked it hard, as I spewed my sperm inside her. My cock started to become limp when I felt her having another orgasm. Her body jerked, I felt her cumming with so much fluid, that it covered my balls, and created a large wet spot on the bed.

We lay back in each other’s arms, breathing heavy and very exhausted. I looked over at her, gave her a wink and a devilish smile. “Kandy, did you like my Christmas treat?”

Kandy smiled and replied, “Well I did ask Santa for a pony once! I knew that eventually I would get my wish. As you do have a nice pony and I am going to ride him again...and again. After all Christmas is a week away and the fun has just begun!”

Happy Holidays everyone…. Kountrygal

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2016-04-27 20:12:52
You were hot one gal and you know how to elaborate on how it is to have a hot sex session !! Good going!!
You could ride my pony any day!!!

The Mentor

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2014-05-02 18:43:29
Ride KG ride!

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2012-11-22 06:38:09
That's why I never get my hair cut. With my curl & thickness, I aywlas look way older than I am. And they usually like to try to blow it dry which makes it HUGE. I am lucky I fit out the doorway when I leave and I spend the entire drive in fruitless attempts to pound my hair back to the scalp. But no, it remains happily huge, aka,'80s hair, until I can get home and wash it. Ugh.

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2012-05-30 15:45:38
Teagan summers I LOVE YOU ur soo sexy by the way I'm fron eglannd and all my friend watch u aswell they even have nude pics of you that they love cus of your boobs I have to say I love your boobs 1 of my friend wants to see ur feet getting suked and yh ur feet are probably the best eva! And finally I jus wanted to say that the vid of u getting massage and fucked i loved it i felt so sad cus i really wanted to be the person fucking u

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2011-12-30 07:12:34
Boring, boring. I make love to my wife several times a week as do other people. So what. I light candles , so what. Who cares?

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