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A fantasy inspired by a beautiful writer and friend.

The cool damp sand spread under my feet and a fresh sea breeze blew through my hair as I ran down the beach. Way off in the distance a small lonesome figure beckoned me to join it. Fascinated I ran down the beach toward the stranger. What were they doing on the beach all by themself? As I drew nearer I could make out it was a female and she was dancing, spinning in circles. She had a stick in her hand and every now and then when she spun around she would drag the stick through the sand quite deliberately. Mesmerised I could not take my eyes of this stranger in the distance alone but seemingly content as though waiting for someone to join her. I was now close enough to see it was a young woman and began to fantasize about a romantic rendezvous with a beautiful woman. I snapped out of it and noticed her head was staring straight at me as I approached but she kept moving and dancing in spite of my presence.

When I drew nearer to the solitary stranger and she spun toward me I was close now enough to admire her beauty and then suddenly my heart skipped a beat as I thought she looked remarkably familiar to none other than Corrie Jaslin. I was embarrassed for even thinking Corrie would be alone on a deserted beach at all but this beautiful brunette was very alike. Despite my embarrassment I continued to think and hope it may be her but a part of me hoped as I ran that it was not. I mean what would I say? What would I do? Even though there was not another sole around I could still say the wrong thing, I could still put my foot in my mouth.

I blinked and tried to focus and look for differences. I looked at her beautiful dark brown hair that hung just below her shoulder blades as it swayed with her movements. Her white skin was well tanned and evenly too. She wore a light, short sarong with all the colours of the rainbow tied off at her hips and a red bikini top covered her perfect round and firm C cup breasts. A solitary sun flower held her beautiful brown hair of her face on the right side and a chain of multicoloured Hibiscus adorned her neck and dropped between her breasts as she danced.

Now I was around 70 metres away and close enough to see her smile at me acknowledging my presence and that it was ok that I was there. I slowed down as I approached and was now certain that this breathtaking stranger was indeed Corrie Jaslin and while she had seen me coming and smiled sweetly at me she did not stop but continued to dance and draw pictures in the sand. I slowed right down and walked the last few metres still not knowing what to say, if anything at all. I walked over a picture of a sun and a huge smilie face and was now face to face with this spectacular woman in the most intimidating yet arousing circumstances, I was still lost for words. A mixture of emotions flooded through me as I dug deep to find the courage to speak and took a deep breath.

As I went to speak she pulled up close to me and placed a finger over my lips and gave me a paralysing glance that begged me not to speak. She moved away from me placing her stick into the damp sand and drew a large teardrop shape only there was one side missing. I went to introduce myself putting my hand out but she immediately drew near to me and kissed me playfully on the lips. My head began to spin and I thought my heart would beat straight out of my chest. Surely this was not her I tried to convince myself, but it was and I knew it. I became numb with adrenaline and stood helpless, breathless and completely awe-struck as she moved off and drew another shape like the first, connecting the two to form a perfect heart shape surrounding us.

I needed water, I needed a chair, I needed to get a grip and do something sophisticated or suave instead of standing struck dumb by this fascinating twist of fate or good fortune that had fallen in my path. I reached out a hand in greeting once again and went to speak but she put a finger to her own lips this time and shook her head disapprovingly though still with a smile on her pretty face. She placed her hands on my hips and floated in toward me with grace and kissed me softly on the lips. Her lips were a perfect blend of coconut and rose from the sun block and perfume she wore on her soft smooth skin. As I pulled away with desperate eyes pleading her to forgive my boyish excitement upon noticing my raging hard on pressing into her firm flat stomach she smiled acceptance and understanding and returned for another kiss.

My heart rate declined and my head slowly cleared and I was at last able to accept this very real and very fortunate opportunity before me. I returned her kiss with hunger, yearning to taste more of her delectable flavour. My tongue pushed powerfully into her mouth now and began thrashing around her mouth taking in all of the sweet nectar it could. Her tongue equally as keen for my essence gave as much as it got in the battle before I conceded defeat and withdrew for air. Her smile had now become an expression of acute longing as she leaned in and nibbled, bit and kissed her way over my face, neck and shoulders through the thin material of my t-shirt. Her hands pulled at the bottom of my t-shirt and I obligingly raised my arms so she could pull the t-shirt from my body. She laid the t-shirt out on the sand as she began to make a place for us to lie.

She wasted no time as she again fed on my chest and neck, circling and teasing my nipples and frantically covering every inch of my skin with her eager attack. I gasped and groaned, I had never before been overpowered by a partner’s desire the way I was in this moment. I felt helpless against her assault, I so wanted to grab her and feast on her the way she was me but I was paralysed by the pleasure I was feeling from her onslaught. I felt her hands pull at the waistband of my shorts and underwear as she spun circles with her tongue around my belly button. My aching cock felt great relief as it sprang free and I stepped out of my shorts as Corrie laid my shorts in line with my t-shirt on the sand. My head began to spin again, here was I Mr Regular Joe being devoured lustfully by this iconic model and breath taking woman of whom I had fantasised many a time.

She placed her hands on my hips and in a much gentler manner placed a soft meaningful kiss deliciously on the front of one hip then the other. Her warm breath on my skin snapped me out of my self distraction just as her warm soft lips slid down my aching shaft in one smooth elegant motion taking over half of my length in. Almost expectantly she closed her eyes and drank every drop of my jizz as I lost control and erupted in her mouth like a thirteen year old boy. Under normal circumstances I would have felt great shame and embarrassment but this was far from a normal circumstance and there was something in the way that Corrie moved that set me at ease. She licked her lips and the tip of my cock and without looking up began kissing her way up my body and looked into my eyes with such appreciation as if I had given her the gift of a lifetime or made a dream come true.

She reached behind her back and loosened her bikini top revealing the most perfectly round, firm tits I have ever seen with gorgeous pink nipples. Next she unfastened her sarong and placed it on top of my clothes; she wore nothing beneath so she stood before me with only the flower chain around her neck remaining. She took me by the hand and lay down on the bed of clothes she had made from our clothes and I lay down next to her. I placed a hand on her flat stomach and leaned in and kissed her. She now took on a less dominant role as she waited for me to pleasure her. I was beside myself thinking of the billions of men and woman worldwide who had fantasised over the breasts I now leaned in to kiss. I kissed the tanned skin between her breasts and then swirled my tongue around her left nipple. I sucked and tugged the turgid tip between my teeth and then danced across her chest with my tongue to her other nipple and flicked it back and forth before sucking it deep into my mouth.

I kissed her beautiful flat stomach and moved back up her body to hiss her luscious pink lips before moving down and climbing in between her legs. I kissed the inside of her left thigh gently several times and blew on her perfectly formed pussy lips as I crossed over it to kiss her other thigh. Her breathing became heaver and she began massaging her perfect tits as I lingered between her legs kissing her thighs gently and hovering ever so close to her expectant pussy. I moistened the tip of a finger liberally in my mouth before placing it on her lips just below her clit. I traced the outline of her perfectly formed lips around in an anti clockwise direction before moistening it again and circling back the other way. I pushed my finger slowly inside her delicious muff and then another finger and ever so gently finger fucked her. I turned my fingers over hoping to find a magic release button inside her magnificent body as I leant in and pushed my tongue against the underside of her clit. She gasped loudly as I located her G spot and began rubbing it. Hearing her rapid breathing I now enveloped her delicious clit in my mouth tasting a combination of citrus and the ocean. As I closed my mouth around her clit she thrust her hips forward as an orgasm began deep inside her. I rode out her thrusts without losing contact once as wave after wave of orgasms swept powerfully through her body. The more she came the more ferociously I sucked her into her mouth savouring her delicious taste as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me against her as hard as she could.

Corrie lay quietly with her tits rising and falling as her breathing returned to normal. As she did I kissed her mound above her slit and her thighs tenderly enjoying her sweet fragrance and taste. I was now getting more on top of my game as successfully making Carrie cum several times had built my confidence. Considering this may be the only time we were together I began my assault again only this time I placed my lips against her slit and thrust my tongue in and out of her. As I did I circled her clit round and round with a moist finger tip. Placing my hands on her hips I began to eat her more forcefully now taking as much of her lips into my mouth as I could and then separating her lips with my tongue as it slid up and down pushing her folds apart. As I licked deeper and harder my nose nudged her hardened little clit. Corrie wrapped her legs tightly around me so I could not escape, not that I wanted to, if I died in this moment I could think of no more perfect ending. I shook my head from side to side separating her with my chin and my mouth as I dove in and out with my tongue extended. I licked from bottom to top deliberately bumping her clit at the pinnacle of each stroke; soon she was writhing in ecstasy and ready to wash my face in her delicious fluid. Her body shook and shuddered again while I probed her pussy wildly with my tongue. I slipped my hands under her firm ass and pushed upwards as I greedily gulp down her cunt lips and clit. She came and then came again until she could no more.

I slipped up beside her leaning in and kissing her tits as I gently massaged her sopping wet pussy as she recovered from my oral battering. She eventually rolled into me gripping my ass and mulling me close. Her nipples pressed into my chest as we kissed each other’s face neck and lips. She rolled me over and kissed my chest and stomach and worked her way down to my cock. Her pretty face bobbed up and down as my cock disappeared and reappeared in and out of her hungry mouth. Before long my cock was bloated to full capacity and urgently in need of relief. Corrie climbed on top of me and sunk down on my cock and began rocking back and forth. I reached out to her and began kneading her magnificent breasts as she slid back and forward, her warm pussy sending incredible sensations pulsing through my entire body. My toes curled out and then my balls tingled as I watched this amazing woman pleasure herself on my cock. Placing a hand either side of me she leant over me as I placed my hands on her ass and drove into her harder. I raised my lips to her breasts and sucked on her nipples, first left and then right. I massaged them in a circular motion and then squashed them together and sucked both nipples at the same time as she continued to ride me.

She leaned back and away from me giving my hands and particularly a thumb access to her clit as she rode. I moistened and then began rubbing her clit and no sooner had I began than her pussy began to quiver and the grimace of exquisite pleasure on her face was a tell tale sign of the powerful orgasm that shook her body. She slumped over me as I lay kissing her forehead and stroking her soft hair away from her beautiful face. When she was ready I climbed from beneath her and around to the back of her. Placing my hands on her hips I slipped inside her with ease and pushed in and out. The skin on her back was soft, smooth and blemish free. I paused and bent down to kiss her gorgeous back and grabbed hold of her tits. Using her tits for leverage I straightened up and drove into her deep and hard making her groan. She panted and gasped as I pounded her hard from behind. Her tits bounced back and forward and my balls slapped against her ass cheeks as she lowered herself onto her elbows. I knew I didn’t have much left and I wanted to watch her face as I came so I turned her over and slid back into her.

I underestimated her beauty and had to close my eyes as the look of bliss on her face was nearly enough to make me cum on its own. I fought off an early ending and opened my eyes to see her bobbing up and down beneath me with her gorgeous tits jiggling as hammered away at her pussy. She raised her knees toward her chest enabling me to drive deeper and harder. My balls began to churn and I tried to hold off but I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and knew we could cum together. Her breathing became rapid and her body began to convulse. I attempted to pull out but she grabbed my ass and pulled me back in. I exploded mightily deep inside her as her body convulsed beneath me. We shook and shuddered together until our orgasms subsided and I again kissed her softly.

I lay beside her stroking her hair and running my hands and fingertips up and down her body, amazed and truly thankful for this experience of a life time. Sometime while I was exploring her body by hand Corrie dozed off to sleep content and exhausted. I held her tight and continued to stroke her beautiful skin until I too fell asleep holding her close.

When I awoke Corrie was gone, she had seemingly vanished without a trace. I laughed to myself, at myself really, after all what an unlikely scenario. I was wearing my shirt and shorts and there was no sign of the pictures anywhere as the water surrounded me as the tide had started to come in. What a powerful dream, what a beautiful dream. The dream was so strong and so real Corrie would stay in my heart forever as a wonderful memory of an encounter that never actually took place.

I headed for home slowly; the sweet scent of her pussy still filled my nose; the delicious taste of her mouth still on my lips. I dug my hands into my pockets and picked up the pace so I could get home before dark. Something soft in my pocket worried me for a second until I pulled it out and saw it,

a single sunflower that had held her hair off of her beautiful face.

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2012-04-15 01:36:59
is corrie based on a real person or just made up? Amazing story BTW!

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2012-02-07 16:24:29
Just had 2 cum on this one! Keep it up...

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2012-01-31 15:36:27
Probably the best story ive read on this site. A delightful surprise! Great detail and even though it was from a man's point of view I could really put myself there. Not enough great deions of oral sex on women--kudos! Why bother putting in the corrie part? It's distracting--when I was trying to enjoy the moment it kept making me think who??? Much better if she were a stranger I think.

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2012-01-14 00:12:59
very sweet and tender story, but, I would love to find out what happened to corrie or was it all a dream??

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2012-01-02 22:29:29
any one else think that the story should be seen in black and white?

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