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I can't believe it.
I recieved a pone call from a blocked number - - I answered it.

Me; "Hello? Who is this?"
Her; "My name is Ashley. I gave you my number last night?"
My god. Her voice was so smooth, and so sweet.

Me; "Oh, hey.. Want to come over?"

Ashley; "Let's meet at my house. 315 lincoln avenue. Bring something we can have fun with.."

Me; "Like what? You want some E?"

Ashley; "Sure."
We hang up.

I go to her house, she answers the door wearing a form fitting black silk robe with green piping. She was 5'6 with blonde hair, dark highlights, and big beautiful blue eyes.
She let me in, and sat down.
"Sit down, Robert. You look nice."
"Sure, ash.. Why the nice little robe?"
"I was planning on fucking you blind while on ecstasy."

I was in awe. She took her robe off and was nude. Those perfect 34Ds with the tips of her hair just over her nipples. She took her beautiful hands and undid my tie. Next, she grabbed my Armani jacked and threw it over herself. She looked a funny cute with it on. She pranced her fine little frame around the room before hanging my jacket.

"Robert, take your clothes off. Before I rip them off."

I purposely provoked her to rip them off of me.

"Fine, if that's how you want it."

She started to rip my clothing off, my shirt cost as much as her dining table but I didn't care. She tore all the buttons off of my shirt.

"I'll fix that later, m'kay?"

She took good care of my pants, surprisingly.

"Take your watch off, this is gonna be more fun that it can handle."
I took my Audimars off and threw it on her loveseat.

"Go sit on the couch, now." She told me.

I sat down. She ripped my boxers down, took out my 8 inches, and took it all down her throat. then she stopped.

"Why did you stop?" I asked.

"Where's the pills?" she asked.

"In my jacket, right inner pocket." I answered.

"Good shit" She handed me one, and took one herself.

Thirty or so minutes passed of us cuddling and making out. Then the pills hit us like a fucking brick wall. Every little kiss, every little touch. Multiplied by a thousand.

"I want your cock right the fuck now. I don't care where." She exclaimed.

"Suck my cock then."I said, expecting a blowjob.

She immediately pulled me out again and started pulling me towards her. She was throat fucking her self. This continued for five minuted. I felt like I was having a constant orgasm. She started to purposefully gag herself and I grabbed the back of her head and held it down. She started gasping for air, so I let her up.

"that was amazing. Did you like it?" She said.

I was speechless. "Uhhhmrrphmm lets get you on all fours"

She grabbed the back of the couch and put her knees on the cushions.
"I want you to fuck me so hard I don't remember my name." She said in the sexiest tone I'd ever heard.

I thrusted my cock deep inside her, and we both screamed with pleasure. I almost collapsed on her. I started pumping as fast and hard as I could. Her beautiful hair swaying, creating trails in my impaired vision. Her beautiful smooth back twitching and jerking with every thrust, her beautiful, high pitch, clean, clear voice moaning and mumbling.
"Oh my god keep fucking me! I'm going to cum! UUUUUUUUH" She screamed at the top of her lungs. She couldn't breathe.
Her sweet pussy had a grip on all of my cock. I pulled out and shot load after load onto her beautiful lower back, and at the same time leaned over and kissed her neck, she moaned.

Another 45 minutes of cuddling, kissing, and watchingtrippy light effects on her pink iMac passed.

We somehow stumbled to her bed, where I threw her onto her back and popped a fisherman's friend into my mouth. I started eating her pussy and she screamed with delight. After she came, I quickly took my cock and stuck it in her, she came again 3 times within 15 minutes, and I pulled out of her and landed my cum all over her beautiful tits and upper part of her smooth, artfully crafted tummy.

"That was amazing, ash." I said.

She mumbled something.

We got into the shower, and washed all of my cum off of her, and all the sweat and sex off. Then we got an idea.

I took her pulse showerhead and started fingering her while using the massage setting on her. She almost collapsed with joy and pleasure. I kissed her to smother her moaning, and her voice penetrated my soul. All I felt was every individual wave of her sweet cries of pleasure.

"Want to fuck my ass?" She said, almost as if she was pleading.

"Yes, I'd love to" I replied.

I went to her drawers and got a vibrator. I started fucking her in the ass and using the vibrator on her clit. She instantly collapsed form all fours onto her tummy. My god she looked hot. The vibrator never broke contact, and Neither did I. Her sweet, tight little ass started spasming and she started maning.

"OH. YES. RAM MY TIGHT LITTLE HOLE! YES!" She started screaming so loudly her neighbours hit the wall. I didn't care. I flipped her over and started punping her pussy again with the vibrator on her ass. Her head we bumping the headboard and I leaned over and we started kissing, once again her sweet tongue wrestling with mine as every last wave of her sweet voice vibrated through both of us.
She came, but I still had a few minutes left. She hung her head off of the bed and tolf me to fuck her throat again. I used the vibrator on her clit as I started banging her throat. Her moans were vobrating through my cock, and in three minutes I was blowing cum at such a frequency that I made her spit up a bit of it, so I pulled out and shot everything all over her beautiful little face and beautiful tits. I bent over and ate her pussy along with the vibrator until she came so hard that her legs wrapped aroud my head and she embraced me.

We came down from the ecstasy and I spent the night at her house, where we cuddled, shared out comedown emotions, and fell asleep in one another's arms. I woke up the next morning and she had made breakfast.
"I love you" We said simultaneously.

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2011-12-17 05:04:40
oh sorry for double post I refreshed

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2011-12-17 05:04:12
Nice story mate, for a first one its awesome. I love the detail about the moaning and the way her voice was.

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2011-12-17 05:04:01
Nice story mate, for a first one its awesome. I love the detail about the moaning and the way her voice was.

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