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The making of a young slut continues
This is the second in a multi-part series about a young girl who discovers sex with an older male father-figure and the slut that dwells inside is born and of course the father-figure nurtures it along.

For context you should go back and read "Dating Danielle" it was posted three times as I tried to get rid of the editor issues, and was finally successful. Look for "Dating Danielle - repost fix (I hope)."

Without further ado, here's part II

The following Monday at the store I spoke with Tracy and asked if Danni had had a good time on Friday. She said Danni was glowing and went on and on about the good time she had had and was hoping for a repeat. I said that I felt that way too, and would enjoy another "date with Danni."

"In fact, let's make it a regular Friday night deal. I think it is good for Danni and her self-esteem, and that is a good thing."

"I'm not sure about making it a regular Friday night `date' but we can play it by ear and see where it leads."

On Friday at the store, Tracy confided that Danni had been on her best behavior all week so as not to be forced to miss her time with her daddy, as she referred to me to Tracy. She said if this was the effect Danni's time with me had on her, then we should make it a regular Friday night thing.

"That works, I enjoy her company just as much. I will pick her up at 7, and we are just going to do fast food and TV, so she needn't be dressed fancy."

I arrived at 7 sharp and Danni was ready to go. In keeping with the casualness of the planned activities, she was wearing cutoff shorts and a tee top.

As soon as we turned the corner off her street, she bent over and kissed my cheek and began to rub my cock.

"Hello Daddy. I missed you all week. I hope you will fuck me tonight, and I look forward to sucking your big cock."

"Tonight we are going to work on making you the best little cocksucking slut in the state. Daddy still can't fuck you just yet, but that is coming soon."

I snuck her into the house as before, and then we got started. I had bought her a few things that week and so I wanted to see how she looked in them. When I told her I had bought her some new clothes I wanted to see her in she got naked immediately. All modesty gone it appeared, at least with me anyway.

I handed her a tee style top and she put it on. The effect was as I had hoped. It was at least one size too small and fit like a glove. The little buds that would be breasts soon were accentuated perfectly. Her nipples got immediately hard.

Next was the skirt. It wasn't too small it was just really short. Her little girls bubble butt made it even shorter in the back. Sitting on the bed watching her gave me a low angle and I could see the cheeks of her ass sticking out of the skirt. When I stood though her ass was covered. This was what I was looking for.

"Let's go get some fast food supper and then come back home so we can play."

"OK Daddy." Danni said as she walked to the dresser where I kept her things. She opened the drawer and retrieved a pair of the sexy panties I had gotten for her last week, and started to put them on. I stopped her.

"No panties sweetie."

"But daddy, this skirt is too short not to wear panties."

"Sluts like to be seen, no panties so you can strut your stuff."

"Ok Daddy. If you say so." She said as she put the panties back in the drawer. If she had insisted, I would have given in, but since she had accepted what I said all was really good!

We took the usual route through the backyard and into the garage.

We lived in a small country town adjacent to a big city. I drove into the heart of the city so we were far enough away that we wouldn't potentially run into anyone we knew. Danni had tugged at the skirt a lot when we first got in the truck, so I advised her as we arrived at the fast food chicken franchise

"When you get out of the truck, tug your skirt down once, then leave it alone, understand?"

"Yes Daddy."

She did as I had instructed and I placed my hand on her arm as I guided her into the store. She seemed a bit tense at first entering the store, but with only one other customer she began to relax after a brief moment. She seemed to be enjoying her exhibitionism after a while and was preening and lightly prancing around as we waited for our order to be prepared. We took the chicken and left.

Arriving back at home, we ate the chicken while watching deep-throat videos. Most of them were just a young-looking girl deep-throating guys, but in one the girl was getting her face fucked and the guy had her by the pigtail braids and was violently thrusting into her mouth and throat.

"See how she takes all of his cock in her mouth and throat. You are going to learn that tonight. You already learned that it feels good to dress slutty and go out to play around."

"Oh yes Daddy, I like being in a really short dress and not having panties on. I like the feeling knowing that all the people around me don't know just how close they are to my slutty pussy unless I slip up and they get to see. And I can't wait to deep-throat your big cock. I know I can do it Daddy." Danni had reached over and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

She stopped rubbing my cock and quickly consumed her dinner. After taking her trash to the kitchen, she went to the bedroom and returned wearing just a sexy little shorty-nightie I had purchased, her little girl charms clearly visible in the diaphanous lingerie, which only reached to just below the plane of her crotch in front and her bubble butt made it a little `cheeky' in the back. She came back to the sofa just as I was finishing my dinner. Her little pussy was fully-flushed and engorged with the blood of her lust.

"Are you ready for me to suck your cock Daddy."

I nodded my head and pulled her to a kneeling position between my legs. She went to work on my belt and the fly of my jeans then pulled my jeans and shorts to my knees then pushed them down around my ankles. My cock was free but had only achieved partial erection.

Danni grasp it and in a couple of strokes I was hard as a rock. She leaned in and took my cock into her mouth and then without preamble took my cock down her throat all the way to the balls. She came off of it until just the head remained in her mouth, swirled her tongue around the head and then took me to the balls again.

When she came off the cock this time, she took it out of her mouth and spoke to me, all the while continuing to stroke it.

"If I had known I was supposed to do it this way I would have been doing it this way all the time." She said with a sexy little glint in her eyes.

She went back to sucking and she would take me into her throat, withdraw until just the head remained in her mouth, suck on the head briefly, then back into her throat to start the cycle over again. She was a natural. After a minute she stopped and asked,

"Can you fuck my throat like that one girl in the movie?"

"Sure baby." I said standing up.

I grasp fists full of her straw blond hair and slipped my cock into her mouth. "Put your hands on my ass." I told her then started thrusting into her face. Slowly at first, then with ever increasing speed. My cock was being rammed down her throat with each thrust. Danni was gagging, drooling, and tears were streaming down her face, but the look in her eyes said `I'm in heaven'. I kept increasing my tempo and Danni became a rag doll in my hands. I stopped and withdrew. Danni stiffened up and opened her eyes.

"Why did you stop?" she pleaded.

"Because you got limp I thought you might have passed out."

"No I was just getting into it Daddy. I like the way it feels when you're using me."

"Oh you like being my fucktoy."

"Fucktoy, I like that word. Fuck your fucktoy's throat some more please, Daddy."

I began mightily fucking her throat again, and this time when she went limp, I just continued. My balls unloaded into her mouth and she came alive and began to suck my cock, relieving me of the throat fuck duties. I finished blowing my load into her mouth and Danni never lost a drop.

I sat back down and she followed and sat on the floor between my legs. She stayed there all evening fondling and sucking my cock. She got me hard and got another load in her mouth with that deep-throat technique she had quickly adopted.

We watched some network TV while she continued to play with my cock. This way we would have some TV to talk about should the topic come up in conversation with Tracy. At 10 I took her home.

The next Friday I picked her up at 7 as usual and we went back to my place. I scolded her when she pulled her jeans off and she wasn't wearing panties.

"But Daddy I like not wearing panties now. You showed me that and you said I could be a slut around you."

"Yes, honey I did, but I also said you have to still be a little girl and a lady around your mother. If you mother sees you running around with no panties on she will wonder where you got the idea to not wear panties. Then she will immediately think of me and even if I weren't the one who gave you the idea she would assume I was and stop letting us have our dates."

"I didn't think about that, sorry Daddy. I just want to be slutty and pleasing to you."

"You are honey, just having you here with me is pleasing enough. This is why I tell you things like this because the only way we can keep it this way and not get in trouble is you still have to be the little lady and Danni the little girl around your mother and the rest of the world. Once you are here with me, I will see you get to be the slut you crave to be."

She blushed and demurred when I had said `just having you here is pleasing enough', so I figured the topic could be closed. I smiled at her standing there in front of me naked except for her socks. She sidled in close, cooed as she rubbed against my body and then gently grasp my crotch.

"Are you going to fuck me today? Please Daddy."

"Yes, tonight I am going to fuck you, but only your ass for now. If that goes well, I will fuck your pussy soon."

I was hoping soon was coming, because I needed to deflower and regularly fuck this little minx. Yet we would continue to be cautious until I thought we could get away with making her my whore. In my mind, it didn't matter how long it took, barring an unforeseen set of events, Danni would be my personal whore, for a long, long time and perhaps forever.

She seemed to like being treated roughly, so I decided I was going to train her as a slave slut.

I took her into the Master bath and had her kneel naked in the tub. I explain what is going on.

"I don't want to hurt you when I fuck your ass and you are such a small little slut, so we are going to do a little stretching exercise, so my cock will fit inside of you."

"OK Daddy. I told you before you can do anything you want to me." Danni it appears just wanted a good hard fucking.

I give her a series of enemas followed by progressively larger butt plugs. I told her,

“We need to clean you out before we fuck your ass the first time. We are really just stretching you though so you can accommodate my cock without physical harm.”

The first was just warm soapy water and is only about a quart. More to clean her out than anything else, but the soap also lubricates. After She sat on the toilet and evacuated her bowels I inserted a small butt plug.

"Put your panties back on." I tell her handing her the discarded garment.

We return to the living room and sit and watch a little TV for about 15 minutes. She as fidgeting at first but settled after a few minutes, finally growing accustomed to the big rubber plug in her ass. That signaled to me it is time to move on. I took her back to the bathroom and give her a wine enema this time. Just two shots of white wine in a quart and a half of mineral oil. All of it warmed of course. I couldn't afford to get her drunk as I likely couldn't get her sober before taking her home. Not having to go through the hostile environment of the stomach, the body absorbs more of the alcohol more readily so I only used a little bit and would never use hard liquor for fear of alcohol poisoning. This would relax her without the chance of her throwing up. After she evacuated again I inserted a slightly larger plug.

We returned to the living room and again she sat and fidgeted for a bit then settled down.

"At first I didn't like you cleaning me out and the big rubber toys you put into me, but I kind of like it now.

"Are you going to fuck my ass soon?" she asked almost pleading.

"Yes sweetie, we just need to do one more cleaning, so let's go."

Her speech is starting to slur a bit, so I figured the wine was affecting her and hoped I hadn't pushed the limits too far and that she would be sober by the time I got her home.

I took her back to the bathroom and she quickly got on hands and knees in the tub again. I removed the plug and her ass was gaping nicely. I quickly administered the third enema, as I had to get my cock in this little minx soon. This enema was two quarts of warm mineral oil. While she is sitting on the toilet evacuating her bowels she commented,

"As good as these cleanings and the big toys feel, your big cock in my ass fucking it is going to feel awesome Daddy."

I inserted the third plug, the largest of the three and we returned to the living room. She didn't stop fidgeting on the third plug for a while, so I guessed she must be fucking herself with it. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

I lay her on the bed and quickly removed my clothing. I leaned over her and took hold of the butt plug and start to fuck it in and out of her at an almost frenetic pace. After a moment she began to moan constantly. It sounded kind of like a Buddhist chant during meditation.

She drew her legs up until her heels touched her ass and raised her butt up off the bed. She opened her eyes and seeing my hard cock throbbing right by her head she reached for it and began to administer a heart-stopping throat fuck. She was going to make me cum at this rate, so I pulled the toy from her ass and dropped it on the floor.

I flipped her over onto her belly and her ass was gaping nicely. I aimed my cock at the entrance of her newly readied fuck hole and drove all 9 inches into her without mercy. She just grunted as I delivered the first thrust. I lay down fully onto her as I began to pummel her shit chute, withdrawing until just the head remained inside her yielding ass before I drove back into her. I was fucking at a maddening pace. Danni was finally becoming the slut she desired to be and that I wanted her to be. She was moaning constantly and I kissed and nibbled her ear then started the degrading diatribe she loved so much.

"You are such a nasty slut, Danni.

"You are going to be the perfect little whore after I fuck your cunt.

"Since you like it rough and you are such a nasty little slut, I am going to let you be my slave and teach you the ways of a slave slut.

"You love this don't you slut?"

"Oh yes Daddy.

"I want to be your whore.

"Fuck my ass Daddy.

"This feels so fucking good."

She was panting so rapidly her words were barely intelligible. Her speech was no longer slurred, so she was sobering up, so her being nearly unintelligible was because she was breathing so hard. She kept talking between her grunts.

"I want to be your slave.

"Your big cock fucking my ass feels so good Daddy.

"I want to be your slave and have you fuck me every day.

"Oh fuck me.

"Fuck my ass harder Daddy.

"It feels so good Daddy."

She began to chant in rhythm with my thrusts.



"Fuck me.

"Fuck my ass.

"If fucking feels this good I want to be the nastiest slut and slave there ever was for you Daddy.

"Fuck me."

If this was how she was going to take to fucking I had to get into this little girls cunt soon. I spoke in her ear again,

"After you are a properly trained slave I will bring lots of other people to fuck you."

"I want to be your slave and have you fuck me and act like a slut and be your whore and I will be a slut and a whore for anybody you want me to, but I will still be the little girl Danni and a lady at home with mom and I won't let anybody fuck me but you and who you say Daddy, because my body belongs to you Daddy.

"Please make me cum Daddy."

I needed to make her cum soon as I was about to and she needed to feel an orgasm from fucking, even if it was in her ass. So I increased my tempo, though I couldn't go much faster. I reached under her and started to roll her turgid clit between my thumb and index finger and she started chanting again.

"Fuck me.

"Fuck your slave Daddy.

"I love you fucking my ass.

"Fuck me.

"Fuck me.

"Fuck me.

"Fuck your slut Daddy."

Then she had an orgasm and she remembered what to say.




"FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee." She howled until she ran out of breath.

I made it. I continued to pummel her ass about to cum, and she made a request.

"I want you to eat my pussy and to suck your cock and drink your love Daddy."

"OK baby girl."

I flipped over onto the bed beside her and she climbed on in a 69 position. She started sucking me and didn't seem to care that my cock had just been in her ass. She would be the perfect little slave. Her cunt was literally drooling her girl juice and her virgin sweetness was awesome. I sucked her cunt to another orgasm and this added to her efforts on my throbbing cock. The way she was throat-fucking herself with my cock, it didn't take long for me to unload into her mouth.

I had her bathe and when she came in to the living room after she was dressed, I had her slide down her jeans and panties. Her ass had almost recovered back to normal. On the way home I told her what to say if she was walking funny tomorrow because her ass was sore.

"If your ass is sore in the morning tell you mom that you haven't gone poop for a few days and you finally went today and that your poop coming out was big and hard and it hurt coming out."

"OK Daddy."

To be continued...

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