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After the Concert:

Part of this story did happen to me in college! You get to guess what part!

It was after the Boston concert and Debby and Tara and myself were walking back to our college apartments together. I had been hired by a local rock and roll paper to photograph the concert for the next issue. I got a couple of extra tickets and got Debby and Tara to come with me. Hey, it was free! I was also very cool that I had 2 cute girls with me. Debby was about a 5’4” blonde with a great little butt and great breasts. Tara was about 5’ 6” black hair and big brown eyes.

She was smaller on top but still very attractive. Before we went to this concert they both hung around together but that’s about I knew about them. We were in a couple of classes and saw each other on campus.

Anyway we were all walking back from the concert all little bit high, and had turned off the main street to the street where my apartment was. I was still carrying my camera equipment and got some great shots. We were strolling along just minding our own business when some guy shouts at us from across the street. Honest, I don’t even remember what he said. None of us said anything but just kept walking.

Before I knew what was going on this guy comes across the street, (I saw him coming but just thought he was just going home) steps up to me and with saying a damn thing sucker punches me right on my left temple. I just collapsed and was out cold or least that’s what Debby and Tara told me what happened. The guy who sucker punched me than ran away after the girls started screaming and yelling at him.

Well, Debby and Tara grabbed my camera bag and get me up. I had come to by now but everything was still very hazy. My knees were so wobbly that they put my arms around their shoulders and carried my to my apartment which was only a few houses away.

Some how my 2 concert mates got the keys out of my jeans jacket pocket, got me inside and gently put me down on my bed. They also had me take a couple of painkillers they just happened to have. So, I doze off, my face really felt smashed in but according to Debby and Tara I was assured that I didn’t have any broken bones. Debby was in her second year of nursing and Tara was studying physical therapy. I was in good hands, the painkillers were taking effect and I dozed off. The last very thing I remembered was 2 very pretty women rubbing my somewhat swollen face and holding ice my cheek.

I had slept for a couple of hours but was suddenly awakened by some low moaning. I still was pretty hazy but I got up out of my bed and stumbled out to our small living room were there were clothes, lace panties, bras, jeans and tops everywhere. There were my 2 concert mates totally nude and were basically 69 each other. At least that’s what I thought was going on. I think at first they didn’t know I was there because they sure didn’t stop.

Keep in mind I had never fucked either Tara or Debby, let alone saw them in any stage of undress. (All right, I admit that I lusted for both of them. I had caught more than a few glances of Debby’s cleavage.) Well, anyway just I slumped down in the corner enjoying this free sex show. Actually, I was still in a deep haze and my knees were still very weak. I could see though, that Debby had great tits with big nipples that were at least ½” long and was Tara all over them. She was sucking and licking both Debby’s mounds as well as working Debby’s blonde pussy pretty good with her free hand. Debby’s long pussy hair was completely soaked from Tara’s tonguing. Debby was the one whose groaning woke me up. Man, I could see why!

Tara was also getting equal sexual attention too! Debby was working a big yellow banana in and out of Tara’s little juicy pussy like a steam engine piston. Tara obviously must not have been a screamer but she was sure wriggling around lot. Debby was also giving Tara’s left breast a good working out! She had inverted nipples! No wonder I never saw any headlights on those cold days. Tara’s tits sure looked a lot bigger that I thought. I probably had a huge hard on at this point but I fell back to sleep again right there in the corner.

When I woke up again I was sandwiched between the girls. It looked like Debby only had her panties and bra back on. Tara was on the other side and had put on one of my jeans shirts. God, I would never wash that shirt again. We were all on our sides and I was spooning Debby. My head had started to clear, my face hurt just a little bit but now I was getting in big trouble. The more my head cleared the more details I remembered from last night and the bigger my dick got. I only had boxers on and my right arm was pinned under me! The other arm was of no use because it was on top of the covers. I could not move or adjust anything, Oh, Shit.

My head was completely cleared now and I could smell musty, sexy pussy everywhere! My dick was continuing to grow bigger and was growing right up Debby’s ass! I was out of control! Debby shifted her body a little bit then I realized something more. She didn’t have any panties on. The fabric I felt giving way to my cock was my own boxer shorts. I tried to think of the most disgusting things but nothing worked. That pussy smell, Debby’s bare ass, and what I saw last night was just too much for any man to control.

Debby shifted her butt again. This time my cock went right up the crack of her ass! I was just starting to think how could any woman sleep through that when she started slowly pushing back. It was a slow push but my cock slipped right into her moist cunt. She also just turned her head to me and put her finger to her lip motioning me to be quiet as not to wake Tara. Yes, I know I wanted to rock that bed for all it worth but I couldn’t do much with my arms pinned. Debby very slowly would push into me and slowly pull back…again and again. God I was in heaven. I’ve can’t fuck a woman from behind for too long and Debby seamed to have a vice grip on my cock. After about 5 minutes that seamed like hours I dumped what seamed to be a gallon of cum into her.

I guess all that sexual tension, pussy and now my own cum smell was too much and Tara woke up. As she sat up in bed she quickly rolled me on my back and said, What’s going on here? My limp cock with love the juice all over it more gave everything away.

Tara then smiled and said, OK, You must do whatever I say since you fucked my lover. I feebly said ok. Tara again looked at Debby and said, He came in you right? Debby nodded yes. Did you come? Debby nodded no. Well here’s what your going to do, looking again at me. Eat her pussy clean! Again, I was still pinned but before I could say anything Debby had lowered that beautiful blonde pussy that I just came in on to my face! Tara said, that’s right, eat her clean. I don’t want any man juice in my woman. Well, I got busy and it did taste a bit different. I had ate plenty of pussy before but not right after I had come in it! I must have been doing my job good because Debby was now moaning…I had heard that sound before too!

In between breaths I could hear Debby and Tara kissing. It seams that Tara was also getting a little warm from all the tongue I was giving her woman. While I was cleaning Debby I also noticed that my cock was getting hard again. This went on for more that a few minutes and my cock was just waving in the wind looking for some attention. I was still delightfully pinned by Debby who I’m sure had come at least once.

I heard the 2 girls now talking. My hearing was muffled by Debby’s thighs. I could have lived down there. But all of a sudden I feel my very firm cock being worked into Tara’s warm and very tight pussy.

I was in heaven! I was eating a very beautiful blonde pussy, Debby had just come again. She was still moaning. Tara was bucking like a mad woman on my rigid cock. I took a breath and could see them breast to breast French kissing. I couldn’t stand that sight and blew my load deep inside Tara.

I was drained but Tara quickly removed Debby from my now wet face, She said with a smile, You must clean me too! Before I could say anything I was licking a new cunt. It wasn’t too long before Tara started moaning. Debby said she only does that when she is really excited. Tara came all over my face. It was my first woman who actually ejaculated. My face and shoulders were wet with cunt juice. All this cunt lapping got my cock somewhat erect so before I knew it Debby was riding it. I didn’t come again but she seamed to have a good time.

Finally, Tara was cleaned out and we all fell asleep!

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2010-07-24 00:44:11
i'm kinda doubting this is a true story like the way you're story implies


2007-06-24 13:41:11
first time thhhhhhresome and it was with a pair-o-dykes.


2006-10-16 03:33:51
lucky bastard, or it was all fake,


2005-11-05 01:33:34
u sick fuk, shoulda had your damn jaw broke, well at lest you knew who you were eating after,


2005-10-27 12:31:16
I agree with JoJo. I mean, seriously, get some reality in your life.

And a banana? What the fuck?

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