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This story is another part of my book I'm working on. In my last post it was mentioned that the main character, Jaeda, was raped at the age of fifteen. This is the telling of that fateful night. If I get enough requests for it, I might post the chapter after it where Koeda discovers the details of the assault. I warn it doesn't have the sexual content as this chapter does which is why I didn't include it, but like I said, I will supply if there is a demand. Enjoy!
Techno music blared from the massive speakers and several fog machines spewed out foul smelling white smoke but the teens danced anyway in the heat of their store-bought costumes despite the lack of oxygen and the chilled late-night weather. Strobe lights of all kinds pierced the artificial clouds of fog and the teenagers let the bass of the music control their every thought and movement and they lost themselves in the rhythm as Halloween night continued on in a drone of drunken laughter and trembling speaker systems.
I stood by the DJ booth overlooking the crowd searching for my best friend, Koeda, who had disappeared at least ten minutes earlier. He was the only person I knew here and I wanted to stay by his side all night. He had always been my comfort, my wingman, my bodyguard. And now he was gone. Damn.
I hopped down from the stage into the pit of sweating teens and worked my way across the park to the opposite end of the small meadow where the trees hid the only bathroom the public place had to offer. My toes got stepped on three times and my cape pulled twice before I finally made it to the small brick building. The doorway of the bathroom didn’t face the field but instead faced the dark forest that enclosed the meadow. I rolled my eyes at the genius architect who designed the park. It was the same genius who placed all the park benches facing away from the children’s playground. Redlands, you still amaze me.
I didn’t have to use the bathroom so I just stared at myself in the mirror and waited for the current song I hated make a painful transition into another one I hated even more. I gazed at my reflection, appraising the thoughtfulness and creativity it took to make my costume. This year I was Little Red Riding Hood. I had made my own red hood after nearly gagging at the bright red polyester hoods I saw at the costume shop. This one was made from very deep red velvet lined with silk of the same color. It was thick enough to keep me warm all night and light enough not to weigh me down while dancing, though I hadn’t done much of that tonight. My mom got so excited while helping me make the costume she insisted I let her buy me a white corset, black shirt, and deep red satin pumps with a black lace trim to go with it. “Ah, nina, to make Koeda look just a little longer,” she squealed. She was so in love with the idea of Koeda and I dating. “He may not be Puerto Rican,” she said, “but our family could use a little Native American blood in our family tree.” Eager to get her to stop talking about my best friend that way, I let her buy me the sexy items of clothing. If it would make her feel any better, Koeda did give me a few prolonged stares, especially my exposed legs and the red heels.
I just wanted to go home. The awful techno music and the strobe lights were giving me a headache and someone was going sadistic with the fog machines. I had already tried calling and texting Koeda but he never answered and I was just about to call my mom to pick me up when I heard a deep voice at the door.
“Well don’t you look like the picture of innocence,” said the boy. I turned around with large hazel eyes to stare at the tall, dark haired boy leaning on the brick wall of the girl’s restroom. He wore a brown leather jacket, denim pants and black hiking boots. The only sign of a costume was a cheap, plastic masquerade mask that he had resting in the lush of his black hair. He seemed pretty young and I guessed he was about twenty four years old. I backed away slightly and kept my eyes on him without speaking.
“Oh, you don’t have to be afraid of me, Little Red, I was just wondering what kind of goodies you had in that hood of yours,” he said as he raked his eyes over my body resting his eyes on the smoothness of my legs. “My, what lovely legs you have.”
“Leave me alone,” I mumbled.
“And what lovely breasts you have,” he continued.
“I said leave me alone!” I said louder. I tried not to sound scared as I attempted to push past him to escape to the haven of the pounding music and strobe lights. He caught me by the throat and pinned me to the brick wall.
“My, my, what lovely skin you have!” he cooed as he trailed another hand down my body, groping my ass and squeezing until he was sure I was bruised. “Little Red, what a lovely ass you have. I was going to let you go but now I must have a taste of your goodies, I simply can’t resist.”
He pulled out a small towel from his pocket and stuffed it into my mouth as my eyes filled with tears and I tried to fight back. My throws never made contact and I lost energy quickly. He tossed me over his shoulder and stalked into the woods. I lifted my head to see if anyone had even noticed what was happening but not one person could have been distracted from the euphoria of the night. I cried to myself thinking that if I could have screamed for Koeda I would have.
After a long walk through the brush of the forest, my kidnapper came to a halt. I heard the sound of music from nearby but not the techno music from the party; it was heavy metal coming from a smaller, insignificant car radio.
“Did you get one?” another man asked.
“Yeah,” said my abductor, “and she’s got a nice ass.”
“I can see that. Nice work,” the other man approved.
Another man from slightly further away complained, “Aw, but she’s not even white. She’s Mexican, or black or somethin’.”
“Well next time you can pick the girl, but this one’s my pick and I’m nice enough to share with you guys.” Oh, God…
“Well, put her in the truck and let’s get back to the party,” said the first man. The black haired man started walking again and he laid me down in the back of a black windowless Ford Econoline van with no back seats and a dirty orange shag carpet to make up for the lack of proper interior. I started to kick in an attempt to run away but the first unseen man had already climbed into the back and gripped my raven black hair from the tips and worked it through his fingers to pull my head back and press a knife to my throat. My breath went shallow with fear as the unspoken threat washed over my body. I was able to get a good look at his face which held a hard, cold expression as he glared with bright blue eyes at me. A fluorescent light from the ceiling of the van created a halo of eerie light around the edges of his blonde hair. His squared jaw was set in a hard grimace. He raised one eyebrow as if to say
Will you cooperate now? I shuddered and closed my eyes to comply, a tear escaped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. They finished loading into the van; the dark haired man driving the van, the third man who had a shaved head but a red goatee in the passenger seat, and the frightening blonde one in the back with me to make sure I didn’t try to escape even though they had tied my hands and feet together with zip-ties.
The blonde one kept that stone-cold glare on me the whole time and in fear I locked my gaze with his, my eyes filled with unasked questions. Where are you taking me? What are you going to do with me? Are you going to kill me?
The bald one turned in his seat to check up on me. He stared at the sight of me tied and gagged and said to the blonde man, “Dmitri, she may not be white, but I got to admit, she does have a nice ass. I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of it.” At this I began to cry again.
“Now, Marcus, you’ve made her upset,” Dmitri said, “You’re always concerning yourself with sexual pleasures when you can’t even see how beautiful this young girl is. Such beauty and I bet you she’s still a virgin too.” He never took his eyes off me but his expression softened just a bit. “Are you a virgin, beautiful?” Dmitri leaned forward to hear my answer but I shifted my body away from him. At this, he lifted his blade to my thigh and pressed the tip to my skin, threatening to pierce the flesh. I whined into the cloth and nodded my head. He did not lift the blade from my thigh. “Told you,” he said to Marcus. He turned back to me and continued, “Such a pretty face must be accommodated by a pretty name. Let’s try to guess. Something innocent and possibly biblical. Is it Mary?” I shook my head no. “Evangeline?” he guessed again. I shook my head no. “Angelica? Christine? Caroline? Catherine? Grace? Faith? Eve?” He continued this game for a long time and eventually got tired of not being able to figure it out. Eventually he asked, “Is it even a religious name?” I shook my head for the hundredth time. “Well you could have just said so,” he chuckled at his little joke as he flicked the end of the cloth that gagged me. “Is it Maria?” he asked, which was the same as Mary but I was tired of him asking so I nodded yes. His eyes slanted and he grimaced, “Liar.” He sliced a long gash into my thigh and I screamed in pain at the top of my lungs as much as the cloth would allow. Tears filled my eyes and blurred my vision. I prayed to God that this would all be over soon.
“We’re here,” the dark haired man announced. The van pulled to a stop and before anyone could get out of the van the back doors opened and a different blonde man stood there staring at the fullness of my ass which was facing him straight on from the angle and position I was in. He whistled and gave Dmitri a thumbs up. He was pudgier than the other men and had not grown out of his baby fat yet. I groaned internally at the amount of men that were planning to have me as their plaything. Dmitri picked me up and hopped out of the van. We were in a very small clearing in what seemed to be the middle of the forest and was populated by what was now a total of nine men and myself and a bonfire in the center. A single wooden picnic table covered in empty beer bottles sat off to our left but it seemed as if it was brought there rather than it originally intended to be there. Just like me, I thought.
“Dmitri, what fine treat have you brought here?” A fifth man stepped forward with a beer in one hand. This one had copper hair, green eyes, and stubble coating his jaw. He licked his teeth at the sight of my skirt raised above my thighs to expose the roundness of my butt.
The dark haired man chimed in, “I was the one who found her!” Dmitri rolled his ice cold eyes.
“Relax, Alex, that’s duly noted,” he walked over to the picnic table. “Now let’s decide who gets to take this gorgeous young woman’s… sweet flower.” He lifted me to his face and smelled my hair. I shivered as he kissed my forehead and set me down on the edge of the table. The pudgy blonde man rushed over to clear the table with the sweep of his fat arm, knocking even some full bottles to the ground.
“Grab her arms and legs!” Dmitri commanded and the last four men moved to stand beside the table ready to grab my arms and legs as soon as Dmitri cut me free from my plastic bonds. With one assigned to each of my limbs they spread me apart across the table. I squirmed and writhed but my fifteen year old muscles could do nothing against them. The rest of them gathered around the table and watched as I futilely fought against the power of my human restraints.
“I want to go first,” said Alex who stood next to Dmitri in front of me. “It’s only fair since I found her.” Dmitri pulled out his knife again and locked his eyes on mine.
“I’m going first,” he said quietly. Alex grabbed his wrist and jerked his hand away to force Dmitri to look him in the eye. Dmitri’s expression turned dangerously cold as he registered Alex’s threat. Alex doubted himself quickly but did not release his hold. In an instant Dmitri had pulled out a gun in his other hand and pulled the trigger before I could even blink. Alex fell to the ground with a bullet in his head, dead instantly. I stared with wide eyes, shocked at what I had just witnessed.
“Three,” said Dmitri harshly. At that moment I stopped believing that help would come and I would be saved from this fate. I screamed into the cloth wildly and sobbed uncontrollably until my vision failed and I blacked out. I listened as a few of the men dragged Alex’s out of sight. When I came to, Dmitri was still standing at the foot of the table with the knife in his hands and the gun hidden again. I sobbed quietly, still not awake enough to make much noise. He grew impatient and sliced another gash into my thigh right next to the previous wound. I screamed again and became fully aware.
“Now that you’re awake…” he started. He began to cut open my corset with the knife and quickly cut my skirt and underwear too to leave my naked body exposed to the night air. My nipples hardened at the frozen air and my body trembled with fear. He removed the cloth from my mouth and allowed me to breathe. I sobbed and gasped for air and sobbed some more.
“Scream for me,” he said. He dragged the edge of the blade slowly down the side of my body from my right breast to my knee. I wailed into the night oblivious to the pain in my throat when it went dry. My head buzzed with the pain as he moaned to himself quietly. Suddenly I felt the tip of his penis at my opening and I whimpered and pleaded for him to let me go. He ignored me and thrust his entire length into me all at once, rupturing my hymen and forcing the loudest scream of the night from my lips. He pumped in and out of me, trying to do so as hard and rough as he could to get me to scream louder. It was over soon, and I gasped for air as I tried to crawl away.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!” Dmitri pressed the nose of the gun to my temple. I trembled violently as more sobs ripped from my chest. “Yeah, you know what that is.” I lay back down as he regained his erection. He cocked then gun and barked at me to turn around. I did as he said and he pulled at my legs so I could stand with my torso still on the table. My red hood was still on so he turned it around to get better access. He moved the gun to point at the back of my head as he guided his penis to my anus. To get it in, he hooked the arm which held the gun around my neck and used the other hand to push into my opening. I cried out as the pain overtook me and I blacked out again. He didn’t notice and began pounding me for all he was worth. I wanted to badly to just pass out already to escape from my hell but the wish never came. He lasted longer this time and my insides were burning immensely. Finally he came inside me and pulled out. I collapsed onto the dirty ground and he laughed evilly.
“I’m done for now. You guys can have her.” He zipped up his pants and walked away to sit on a foldout chair and drink a beer as he watched the next man walk up to me. The rest of them men sat around the fire and laughed and told possibly made up sex stories from their high school and college years. They worked on rotation so they would each get a chance to violate me in any way they pleased. To keep me awake they forced me to take as much drugs and alcohol they could get me to swallow. Over time I stopped screaming as loud as I lost the will to live. To get a reaction out of me they would pour burning candle wax over my body which too lost its effect on me as the night rolled through. When each man had gotten his turn Dmitri came back for seconds and repeated his earlier treatment. When he had finished and all the men had their seconds as well they continued to drink and play games around the fire. One man noticed my blank death-like stares and asked what the hell was wrong with me. Dmitri answered, “She lost the will to live.”
“Well what do we do now?” he asked. Dmitri smirked cruelly.
“Let her live.”
They eventually forgot about me completely and left me on the table. I stared up at the stars for the moon had forsaken me and allowed myself to numb out on the drugs I had taken. My body was numb with cold and my lips had turned blue. My eyes were made of glass and my spirit had been shattered as such. God no longer existed and I could feel myself fading away into nothingness as I allowed my heart to stop beating and accept the surplus of drugs in my veins to slip away into death. The back of my mind itched with a thought. I tried to ignore it but it just kept getting louder and louder until it screamed at me in anger.
My whole body jumped at the sound of my own voice yelling at me in the confines of my own head. She sounded like an adult version of me, more mature.
Koeda… she said again, as if he was the answer to everything. I could feel life coming back to me and I forced myself to endure the pain long enough so that I could be with him again. I loved him more than anyone else in the world. He was my best friend and I needed him. As long as he was alive I would have the will to live.
I repeated his name in my mind over and over again until the sun started to rise and the men finally finished their celebration and drove me back to the park. They didn’t go all the way to the park for fear they might be seen so they left me underneath an oak tree about a mile away from the field where I was kidnapped. I laid curled up under the oak tree in the fetal position to keep warm with my hood wrapped around me until Dominic and Elliot, Dr. Thoreau’s sons, found me. I never questioned what they were doing out in the forest when they found me, I was just happy they did.

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2012-01-05 19:00:55
A brilliant use of words it made me cry too. I loved it from the start and found that it was as if i was reading an amazing proper book. You should type this all up, add more, chapter it and make a book. You could be a really famous author if you keep writing the way you do.

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2011-12-28 23:36:40
It was brilliant! PLEASE continue!

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2011-12-20 16:50:23
Brilliant story, definitely something I would read more of, keep writing. I found the deions of the rapists a little bare and left alot to be desired. It could also have been a bit longer, it didn't take long to read.

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