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So! The point of this story is one thing and one thing only. To chronicle my sexual adventures as a promiscuous student in NYC (which are TRUE and still going on!)! I'll have to catch up on the first few stories, but once I'm done with that, hopefully each encounter will be recorded in detail ;) I hope all of you readers enjoy!

I'll warn you guys in advance. This post is nothing more than an insufficient account of the events that led me to having sex with guys. Don't worry, the sex should come in by the next post! If anyone has any questions, or wants to know the nitty gritty dirty details, let me know!

When I was a freshman in high school, I was definitely straight. The thought of even TOUCHING another guy pretty much made me want to throw up! I had told myself repeatedly that I would only date girls, simply because virtually no one my high school in southern Delaware is gay.

Sometime in March when I was 14, I was jerking off to some straight porn, until I accidentally stumbled upon a picture of two guys going at it. I guess some sort of switch was flipped in my mind. I was so attracted to it for some reason. I kept thinking "Holy shit. This is just wrong," as I unconsciously searched for more.

Needless to say, the habit grew on me, and eventually I would watch nothing but gay porn. Personally, I just found two guys having sex to be more aesthetic than a guy with a girl. The chiseled to slim features, the ability to switch roles, two loads instead of one, various types of men (I absolutely adore twinks!) everything about gay sex seemed so hot! But I still told myself I was nothing less than straight.

I started to visit gay teen chat rooms when I was 15, hoping I would find someone else to talk to. Little did I know, I would just be dealing with idiots who wanted nothing more than kiddie porn and roleplaying over the phone or IM.

My sexuality did straighten out for a while once I got a girlfriend. I stopped the porn, the sexual thoughts about men, and the stupid conversations with those ridiculous gay teens because I fell in love for a good while.

Unfortunately, our relationship didn't last very long, and I ended up leaving Delaware to go to New York City for college. After not having done anything sexual for a while, my attraction to men increased. I had this burning desire to try having sex with a guy at least once. And so, I ended up discovering Craigslist and Adam4Adam.

For a boy who was surrounded by nothing but straight men, I was pretty satisfied that there were at least a couple of services to allow men to meet men for sex. I was pretty scared when I actually posted my first Craigslist Ad. Being a complete virgin (besides a couple of blowjobs), I had ridiculously high standards. He had to look cute, he had to be white, and he had to have a place to stay. I eventually managed to find someone who fit my criteria to lose my virginity to, and boy was I surprised at who I found...

For the sake of his privacy, I'll just refer to this guy as M.

He was blond. He was white. He was ridiculously cute. He was polite. And best of all, he responded to my Craiglist ad! At the time, I was moving in some sort of emotional state between excited and apprehensive. I was worried that he'd turn out to be an axe murderer in an alleyway, or perhaps some old fat guy sending me fake pictures - so I wanted proof. But of course, this guy was totally out in the open, and he agreed to Skype me!

The moment I looked into his eyes over the screen, I knew he'd be my first. He gave me directions to his apartment, and I left my room as my legs began to shake. I practically flew over to his apartment, anxious to know what sex feels like. Along the way, I was plagued with thoughts like "What if he has HIV?" and "What if he hurts you?" I could care less at the time. I had the drive. I had to know what gay sex was like.

I arrived at his apartment door after running the entire 17 minute walk in under 10 minutes. I felt like puking while knocking on the door since I knew what was supposed to happen.

The first thing I noted about the apartment was the excellent condition it was kept in. The bedroom walls were a beautiful deep red, and everything looked very clean and organized. I was extremely happy at the fact that it wasn't the same as the last place I had done anything sexual (a K-Mart bathroom).

Once he opened the door, the butterflies in my stomach quickly went away. I felt comfortable within the first two seconds of seeing his face. I sat down on his couch, and we talked about how we both went to the same school for a little while. Since he was a junior, he gave me some advice on how to live by yourself and how to choose housing. After the minutes dragged on, I asked to use the bathroom - hoping it would be enough of a distraction to get the conversation to change pace a little. Thankfully, it worked.

Once I came back, he leaned in. As soon as his tongue moved into my mouth, I quickly got into the swing of things. Our hands were flying all over each other as I straddled him on the couch and tore our shirts off. After making out for a bit, he suggested we move things to the bed. Bit by bit, the rest of our clothes were torn off as well.

Once things were heated enough, I decided to be a little adventurous. I slowly kissed down the length of his body, all the way down to his perfectly sized dick. It wasn't small by any means, but I was thanking God that it wasn't the size of a grown man's arm! I gently licked the tip, and slowly moved down from there. I heard him moan a little bit, which turned me on even more. Then, I moved the lower half of my body to his face, and actually engaged in my first ever 69. I guessed that he had more experience since he started to go down extremely fast on me - almost making me cum.

Of course, my major intention wasn't to do oral. I moved back over to him and kissed him a little bit more. Eventually, I could feel his cock pressing up against my ass. He laid down as I straddled him. I figured it was finally time! He slowly tried to push it in, and I could feel a slight burning sensation. As I moved down, I quickly realized that the pain was sharply increasing. Although I had never done this before, I knew what I needed. I whispered "Got any lube?" He directed me to the bottle on the nightstand next to us, and after a quick application, we tried again.

The feeling was nothing short of incredible. I absolutely loved the feeling of him sliding into me. We started out in with me just getting used to the feel of a cock inside me for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, he asked if I wanted to try another position. It wasn't my intention to change my tone of voice, but I said "Missionary" with such childlike wonder that he couldn't help but smile and laugh at my naivety.

Once we switched positions, he started to go all out. The speed started to rapidly increase as he drove down into me harder than expected. MY moans began to escalate to the point where he stopped and asked me if I was okay. I asked him to go a little bit easier. Fortunately, he complied. He lifted my left leg, and started pounding into me from a different angle at a gentler speed. Slowly, he moved faster and faster until he whispered "Wanna try doggystyle?"

I could have died at that moment. I had always wanted to try doggy, so my excitement showed when I eagerly said "Sure!" I let out a little pant as he pulled out and pushed back into me during our repositioning, but quickly started feeling waves of pleasure as he started to pound me deep and hard. I had finally reached the point where there wasn't much pain anymore, and I could take a good, solid pounding from M. It was heavenly!

I heard him moan a couple of times, as he started to shove into me a a little more slowly. Waves of pleasure and shock ran from my ass to my brain as I realized that M didn't have a condom on. I didn't really feel that much inside of me until he pulled out, when I could feel a couple drops of his cum leave my newly opened hole.

As I cuddled next to him for a while, I was completely unaware of how NSA sex was supposed to work. I stayed a little too long and made it awkward as hell, but he was very nice about the whole ordeal. I haven't heard from him since then, but he was hot and polite enough to the point where I am glad he took my virginity!

Immediately after, I started wanting more. I wanted to feel sex with a guy once again. So I went on Craigslist, Adam4Adam, and a couple of blogs to see how I can expand my sexual appetite. And that's how I became the cock-hungry teenager who wants nothing more than to enjoy himself with other men!

Like it? Comment please :D Don't like it? Let me hear it!

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2012-10-05 00:27:46
LOL!! I was being sarcastic, I don't plan my life that far ahead of time, and I never make lists, in alctatiuy, when an idea hits me I drop everthing and get it done (which is not always the practical thing to do) because I know tomorrow I'll be distracted by a different idea. I really don't need to make resolutions, I don't spend much time debating wheteher I should do something or not, if I feel passionate enough about something, it WILL get done, whatever the cost. There's nothing for me to quit because I'm not addicted to anything, whenever I notice in myself a pattern of behavior (good or bad) taking shape I stop abruptly and change course on the fly, not because I have a strong will but because I have a very short attention span. I have always felt that having a particular fetish and being addicted to any one drug or thing or whatever, is for the masses, of course, things are not that black & white and people have justifications and reasons for everything but I believe an artist

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2011-12-21 06:21:52
LOVE it! Please don't stop writing these, a lot of my favorite writers will just make 2-3 stories and leave me wanting more. This is awesome, I'm young too -- so I can relate to you. Keep em' coming! :D

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2011-12-18 22:12:07
very good opener, keep it up, no pun intended

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2011-12-18 11:42:53
Very well written and enough to get me hard! Man do I wish I could find a guy like your first was!!

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