17 Year old Jacob talks to his sister and finds she was watching him masturbating in the shower, while moaning her name. She has questions and confesses that she has similar feelings towards him!
O.k, let me start by saying that as of now this story is fiction. I'm going to give you a little background of all that is happening now. To understand this story you really need to read all of it! I guarantee you that if you do you will be cumming very hard very soon! If you do not like stories of young pre-pubescent girls then this is not for you! This is an incest story, but also a story of love! I really do love my sister and I can already see this happening! She looks up to me and is the prettiest girl in the world! I love her! I really don't know if I can say no to her when the time comes, but there will be sequels to come and if I do fuck her as she wants, I whole new story will be made off of this! Thank and enjoy!

O.k, let me start of with a description of myself. My name is Jacob and I'm 17 years old. (This is not my real name, it will not be provided for various reasons.) All my friends call me Jake. Those would be the kids I use to think really cared about me. Boy was I wrong! The only ones you really can trust are your family, this made me realize that! I'm about 5'10, 155 pounds. I like to work out alot, though I'm not muscle head. My muscles are toned, not necessarily bulky. Don't get me wrong, I'm no bitch. When I was a young child me and my siblings were put up for adoption. For various reasons most of us were separated.

It all started one day when my brother contacted me from Myspace. (Yeah who uses Myspace now LOL!) At first we just talked and had some mushy lovey dovey conversations. We told each other how much we loved each other and I told them I'd come down to live with them. Best decision ever! When I got down there I met my family. I met all of my siblings and my mom. I loved them all instantly. We really connected and for a while we just talked and cried. They explained everything to me and apologized over and over for the wrong they did me.

Among my family I met was my sister... The first time I saw her she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen! The name I will give her in this story is Lydia, my first crush ever. The first girl I really thought I loved. She had blonde hair and brown eyes, the same eyes as me. She's short compared to me, maybe 4'11 tops. She just started developing breasts recently as they are not that big. I was shocked by how big they are for her age though. They are perfect little round orbs no bigger than B cups. Her ass tiny yet fat had me jerking my cock from the day I got there. She was perfect and I loved her at first sight! Maybe in the back of my head I not only loved her in a brotherly way, but sexually as well...

Me and my sister talked for a while the first day I got there. It really was different having a little sister. I wasn't the youngest child and had to watch what I said. I didn't want to put the wrong ideas and things into her little head. Right now let me tell you the first chapter will focus on me and her. In the chapters to come I will go in depth on the other relationships and introduce the other siblings and mom more appropriately.

So after talking for a while the conversation switched to her looks. She surprised me by saying;

"Jacob, do you think I'm pretty?"

I was shocked. What could I tell her? That I had jerked my cock off not 20 minutes ago to the idea of her cute little hand sliding up and down my cock till I came all over? That every time she walked by I stared at her cute little ass with envy and lust? That I had jacked off over 5 times a day to the thought of eating her cute little mound and sliding my tongue deep into her tight, pink virgin asshole?

I said what any brother would say in the situation;

"Lydia of course I think your pretty! Your the most adorable little sister anyone could ask for. Your kind, smart and gorgeous!".

I think, no I know this made her happy. She jumped into my lap and sat her cute little butt right down on my cock. I just thought to myself, "Jesus please help me not to get a raging hard-on!". She wrapped her arms around me and thanked me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said;

"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. No one ever tells me I'm pretty, not even mom!"

This really shocked me. No one told her she was pretty? She was beautiful! In fact as she had her arms around me the other more reckless head with a mind of it's own was stirring. It wasn't a full on stiffy, but it wanted to come out and play that's for sure!

Then again this really shouldn't shock me. Kids in 5th grade, especially boys are little bitches. You can't tell a friend you think someones pretty. Your biggest fear is them telling someone you have a crush on them and having to avoid them in recess! But then again they are still young and don't know what they're doing. It's really amazing to see a kid grow up, everything is new and exciting for them! If only my little sister knew what she was getting herself into!

"Come on now Lydia... No one tells you that you are pretty? I bet your fending off boys with a baseball bat! Can't you tell how pretty you are just looking into the mirror!?"

She blushed and smiled that big smile little girls get when they're embarrassed. She pouted a little and said;

"No one at all! Your one of the first boys who is actually handsome to tell me that I'm pretty! In fact this one girl picks on me and says I'm the ugliest one in class!"

I smirked and said;

"Your going to let so jealous hoe get to you like that? Come on now don't be so self conscious! You truly are gorgeous, promise!"

Her whole face lit up as she hugged me again this time squeezing harder. At this moment a few things happened.

As she squeezed the life out of me she wiggled her cute little ass causing my now straining cock to push against her cute hairless (Or near bald) pussy. This made me moan slightly and caused a look of shock and possibly pleasure to cover her face.

She sat there on top of me speechless. I didn't know what to do. Thoughts ran through my mind at a million miles per hour. Thoughts of rape and embarrassment, but also thoughts of lust and hatred. Did she understand what just happened? That my cock was hard and pulsing, oozing it's clear love juice in my pants because of her sweet sweet touch? That the knowledge of her cute feet touching my legs made it twitch at that moment, with the head slightly pressed into her cute tight virgin love-box? As my cock twitched I heard a tiny moan escape her barley parted and shocked lips.

I looked at her and she looked at me. I didn't know what to do. I picked her up and set her down next to me on the bed. What started out as an innocent conversation, a brother trying to help and reassure his little sister that she was perfect how she was turned sexual and dangerous. Could I go through with this? Would I? Could I fight off the fact that this was wrong, and she was so young? I told myself I wouldn't. I told myself I would make her see that this could no happen that I couldn't do this, if she even wanted it. At this moment I wasn't sure what would happen next!

I started to say something as she did;

"I I'm so- I didn't mean- I..."

"It's, What jus- you go first!"

"I'm sorry Lydia I didn't mean for that to happen!".

"It's fine... WHAT exactly just happened?" she asked.

I thought about lieing to her. Telling her an absurd lie that maybe, just maybe she would believe. She looked at me and said something that shocked me;

"Don't even think about it! I know enough to see that your penis is hard and I'm the reason! I saw you in the shower... I heard you moaning and saying my name! I saw you rubbing yourself and the look in your eyes as it oozed the liquid and you quickly rinsed off! The look of shock and guilt when you were done.. I didn't mean to spy on you but... I just I your just the nicest person and the best big brother! Your so handsome and I just wanted to see and know everything about you! Everything, you completely exposed..."

I stared at her in disbelief. The whole time I was jerking my cock she was watching me? When I was thinking about her tiny cute hands sliding down my shaft, the soft soles of her feet moving up and down my member till I exploded my love juice all over her toes I could have had the real thing. I could have laid her down and shown her how much I truly loved her. To nibble on her tiny clit and tease her little ass hole. The pleasure I would give her...

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say anything...

All that came out was;

"I uhh I just was I umm I..."

"Jacob please say something! Tell me I'm not imagining all of this! I'm not imagining the way you look at me, the way you stare at my butt when I walk by... The way you can't take your eyes off my feet like right now... I can't handle this guessing anymore! Tell me I'm not crazy..."

All I could do now was tell her how I felt. I needed to tell her the truth, I owed her this much. I didn't know what would happen after this, but I would tell her the truth. She had questions and I needed to answer them not just for her but for me. This was something I needed to get off my chest, it was eating me alive!

"Lydia I'm going to tell you the flat out truth. I love you so much! You mean the world to me. Your the prettiest girl I've ever seen and from the first day I saw you I was in love. You weren't imagining it. What I was doing was masturbating to thoughts of you. I was thinking of you rubbing my cock with your tiny hands. The thoughts of your soles sliding up and down on my cock made me explode. I couldn't handle it. I can't handle it. Every time you walk by I stare at your butt your right, your not imagining this. I'm sorry I just can't change the way I feel..."

She did something that till this day amazes me. She kissed me flat out on the lips. Not a sisterly kiss, no a full on french kiss complete with tongue and all. I sat there amazed and confuses and she drew back. Never in my wildest dreams could I think of this happening!


She put her finger to my lips and stopped me right there.

"Jacob I feel the same way! I love you so much and the same thing has happened to me! The first time I met you I sat up at night thinking of how perfect you are! Your so handsome! I got really wet down there like right now.. My vagina got all wet and so sensitive! I started rubbing it against my pillow and then I don't know what happened! My body and muscles lost control and a sticky liquid started oozing out! It felt so good and ever since then I do it every night to thoughts of you rubbing me down there! I need you! I want you as much as you want me! Your the only guy for me I've never loved anyone as much as you! Please tell me you truly feel the same way...!"

This was all I needed. I didn't care about the age difference. I didn't care about her being my sister... My blood... She was my sister and I loved her so much, and now was my chance to form an even closer bond. To add a new title to our relationship, a new chapter: Lovers.

I stood up and she had a nervous look in her eyes. Damn was she sexy sitting there staring up at me with those cute brown eyes, pleading me to accept her. She bit her bottom lip, there was tears forming in her eyes.

I scooped her up from her legs picking her up and centering her in the bed. I told her to bend her knees and spread her legs. She did as I told her and scooted her little butt up as she understood what was coming next. I pulled her cute little booty shorts down past her legs and off her little feet. I took her socks off and nibbled on her toes licking in between them. She giggled and laughed, pushing her sole into my face. I inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of her. They weren't smelly but had a smell that almost made me cum right then and there. I licked her wrinkly soles and moved to her toes. I sucked and licked them and she giggled again laughing as I tickled her cute feet gently with my tongue.

She said;

"Your so funny Jake! Stop licking my feet and get on with it!"

I laughed and pulled her to the edge of the bed obeying and wanting to please. Her little legs dangling off and her feet rested on my cock. She moved them gently rubbing my cock with her toes and soles. I told her to lift her butt and she did as instructed like before. I could hear her panting and moaning out in anticipation quietly. I was so turned on, there was no stopping now!

I pulled her little cotton panties off. I examined them moist and damp with her love juices. I put it to my face and inhaled deeply. It was the best smell I'd ever had the pleasure of enjoying. My cock was leaking pre cum like crazy complete with veins and oozing down to my balls. Never was I so turned on and in love. So full of lust.

I looked up slowly, excited and turned on. I saw her cunt for the first time. There was a little bush nestled above the pink puffy pink lips. She didn't have much hair yet and it turned me on so much! I loved how young and underdeveloped her body was!

She had the most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen. It was so pink and so tight! I could tell it had never been penetrated, the cherry was definintly there! Not even a finger could have stretched that pussy yet... I moved to her dripping pussy slowly and with anticipation...

I slowly moved my hand up and rubbed her little button. Her whole body shook with pleasure and she moaned loudly. If we were not home alone another family member would have ran in thinking she was hurt or in pain! I rubbed my finger back and forth on her clit and circled her lips. The sticky goo was so enticing! I never knew a child of 10 years old could get so wet! She moaned loudly with her head thrown back and eyes closed. I scooped some of the goo up and stuck my finger in my mouth. It was the most Delicious substance I had ever tasted! If I bottled this up you would buy it for a ridiculous price and sprinkle it on your cereal! It was that good. It tasted of honey and was a musty delicious smell, so sweet tasting!

She was moaning uncontrolably now and was shaking with pleasure. I told her to prepare for what was coming, and I did something you expect is coming next, but trust me she didn't even know of! She smiled and said;

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to give you the most intense pleasure you've ever had." I stated as I dove into her legs and licked her clit. Her back arched and she screamed in pleasure and surprise!

"Ohhh my God! Ohh my God Jacob it feels so good! Faster FASTER!"

I slowed down running my tongue over her clit and her pussy lips. I teased and nibbled on it giving her more pleasure then she has ever known. Her feet were rubbing my cock, but not intentionally this time! I was harder then I've ever been and she was about to make me cum before I made her cum!


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-100 ,good story. But a gunsmoke ending.

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Great, amazing please wright more

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news flash B cup tits are not small they are normal and large for a ten year old. learn before writing please atleast you didn't give her DD's

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love blackmail'. so she's gonna cut off her hands for cnetaihg on her man? does the punishment fit the crime? but you might ask, what was she doing in the back of the car with the bloke in the first place? he only gave her a lift home classic soul.

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