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Well ive been been busy lately and haven't written anything until recently. So here ya go.
Well i have been away from the site for a while, from sheer boredom really. I haven't had the urge to write much cause of my girlfriend, classes, work, you name it i'm probably doing it. I plan to have this as a three part story. This of course will be the start and I plan to have the next one out by Christmas and the last by new year. And about my other stories i don't plan on continuing them but if you have an idea of a story you would like me to write send me a Private message. Ill make one for you if i can but don't expect it before my last part of this story.

Okay now onto the story.

Well this story ha-ha if you can call it a story is about me David. I’m just an ordinary 18 year old kid, I’m a senior in high school yeah I play baseball but I am far from a jock I’m one of those kids who never does their homework or studies but still manages a C+ average. It’s not like I’m stupid or anything but after baseball I have to take care of my four sisters so I cannot do my homework. You see I’m the middle child I have two older twin sisters, who were literally born 9 months before me. Somehow I was born just in time to be in their grade. They look exactly the same but I could easily tell them apart Sarah the older by like 20 minutes touched her face a lot more then Alexis who was more laid back. Then you have my youngest sister. Anna. Who is a freshmen, she is the baby she always come crying to me if her sisters or someone else picks on her. Then there is Juliet she is a junior, she is the only one of us who has a different father but both of our fathers are dead so it doesn’t matter anyway. The twins act weird with her, but that is because she is much more beautiful than either of them. Now as for myself I am by far the tallest at 6’2, with Brown hair, and brown eyes. The twins were both blonde and blue eyes same with Juliet. And all three were 5’8. Juliet on the other hand had brown hair and these deep green eyes. Well my mother was rarely home she was usually on lengthy business trips, and when she was she was sleeping or preparing for her next trip. She worked so hard to take care of us. I even took a job as a part time personal trainer to help. After I would come home after doing the shopping, I would cook them all a dinner and help them with homework.

Now let me get to the story. It was December 16, 2011. We had just got home from school. I went into the kitchen to put dinner into the oven which should take about 2 hours to cook. I walked into the living room to find the girl sitting down watching TV.

“Get up, all of you. We’re going for a run.” I said

This wasn’t the first time I made them go running with me. It was 3-4 times a week I would make them come with me. So they would all be in shape. If not they would sit in front of the TV all day every day. I would probably too if I didn’t have responsibilities.

“Awe David its cold outside.” Anna whined.

“Fine stay in, but you’re not eating that lasagna.” I said as I closed the door. I heard rustling as stretched my legs.

I know they love when I cook, especially when its lasagna they love it. I even make this garlic bread for Juliet loves. Just as I finished my stretches the door opened and all the girls were ready.

“Stretch, and hurry up about it.” I snapped. They quickly complied.

I gave them a few minutes to stretch, and then without a notice I took off. They quickly caught up knowing the last person home washes the dishes. We lived about 3 miles from the school so we usually ran there and to the high school track. Juliet and I get there in about 18 minutes, while the other two girls make it in about 20. Yeah I know Juliet runs track so she can keep up with me. As for Anna and the twins they are in great shape, but not like Juliet and I. We took a quick break then headed home. Just as Juliet and I arrived at home and waited for the girls to turn the corner we heard a scream. I quickly took off down the road and saw the twins standing over Anna.

“David it’s my ankle.” Anna said in tears.

“Okay we got to get you to the hospital. Hold on to me.” I said picking her up.

“David it really hurts.” Anna said crying into my chest.

“Go get the car ready.” I yelled at the twins.

They quickly ran by and to the house. I ran as fast as I could with Anna in my arms, not knowing how bad her foot really was. I gently placed her into the passenger seat and buckled her up. She was trying to act tough but she couldn’t help but let some tears make their way down to her cheek. I jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off to the hospital. We got there within minutes. I quickly jumped out of the car and ran in to get a wheelchair. I quickly returned to the car and put Anna into the wheelchair. I told Alexis to park the car while we got her in. We rushed into the emergency room, luckily there were only like 2 other people there so we wouldn’t have to wait long. I think I was more distraught than anyone else. I quickly filled out her paperwork. Mom even gave me our insurance cards just in case. After a short wait she finally went in the back and I went with her. While the girls waited in the lounge. It didn’t take long before the doctor came in and took her for an x-ray. While she was getting her x-rays done I ran out to the lounge and told the girls what was happening and told Alexis to go home and take the lasagna out of the oven so Anna could have something to eat when she came home. She left as soon as I headed back for Anna’s room. I waited for about five minutes before she was rolling back into the room followed by her doctor.

“She looks to have a high ankle sprain.” The doctor said as he closed his chart.

“So is she going to need a cast?” I said

“Yes she is lucky it’s a stable sprain.” The Doctor replied.

I was relieved that she only needed a cast. He went over the options. She of course picked the pink after all it was her favorite color. The doctor got her some crutches and we walked back to the longue.

“Oh god did you break it?” Sarah asked.

“No it’s just a sprain.” Anna said.

“Then why are you in a cast.” Sarah replied

“It’s a high ankle sprain.” I said

“Oh.” Sarah said acting like she knew the difference.

“So she will be in a cast for about 6 weeks.” I said

We walked ourselves to the car and I drove us home. We got inside and the girls all sat on the couch while I reheated our dinner. I walked into the living room and sat in my chair. Ever since I can remember I had always had this recliner, and my sister had the couch. Except when I got home first and laid on it claiming it for myself. Sometimes one of my sisters would come and cuddle up to me. But I never thought anything bad of it. We had been doing it since we were little kids and it was a habit we all shared.

As we sat there watching one of my sisters shows. It was some new teen drama like Dawson’s creek used to be. I didn’t mind though I always listened to my music anyway. Then as their show was over I heard a buzz coming from the kitchen. I got up and the lasagna was ready again. So I pulled it out and set it on the table.

“Dinner is ready.” I yelled into the living room.

They all jumped up even Anna with the help of her crutches of course, and walked into the little dining room we had. I quickly ate dinner and jumped onto the couch before the girls could get back. I finally had the remote and now I could finally watch the latest episode of Dexter. Just as the show started the girls made their way in. Anna took my chair and the twins the loveseat, which left Juliet to cuddle up with me. I scooted as far back as I could and leaving her enough room to lie next to me. It was a great episode, but one part kind of freaked me out. When Deb (Dexter’s sister) thought of Dexter sexually. I could not help but notice Juliet edging towards me just a little. I lightly brushed my hips against her ass, being sure that my other sisters didn’t see me. I heard a shocked breath come from Juliet but she quickly responded by brushing me back. Just after the show finished the twins said they were going to bed the Anna quickly followed. I laid my hand on her thigh and slowly rubbed all the way up to her ass. She reached down and entwined our fingers and brought our hands up to her ample breast and allowed my hand to feel her amazing breast. It was so soft and yet firm. It was the most amazing sensation I have ever had except for full on sex. But other than that it was magnificent. I leaned in and gently kissed her neck.

“Oh David.” Juliet moaned.
“Please don’t stop.” She whispered.

She slowly turned to face me, as she did she placed her hand on my cheek sending jolts of ecstasy through my body. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met in what could only be called an earthshattering way. It felt as if the earth was shaking, then we heard a scream. It abruptly broke our kiss. We jumped up from the couch and ran upstairs. To see a tree had fallen through the roof and right into Anna’s and Juliet’s room. You see the twins share a room and so do Anna and Juliet. I on the other hand have my own room as does our mother. So the tree had broken its way through the ceiling taking Juliet’s bed and almost Anna with it. I quickly carried Anna to safety. I took us all downstairs and called mom.

“Mom I think there was an earth quake and a tree just crashed through Jules and Anna’s room.” I said

“Is everyone okay?” Mom asked

“Yeah, we are all fine.” I replied

“Okay honey, You take your sisters to a hotel and ill have the insurance people over there in the morning, I’ll be back then but I have to get back here right after that cause I still have a lot of meetings.” Mom said

“It’s okay mom, I’ll take us to a hotel, we love you mom.” I said as I hung up.

“Girls go get some clothes were going to a hotel for a while.” I said

“Don’t worry I’ll get your stuff.” I said to Anna and Jules.

I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed Anna her clothes, and threw them into a duffle bag. Then I did the same for Juliet but left out her pajamas on purpose. I grabbed their tooth brushes, perfume and deodorant and other things I thought they would need. Then after putting their bags down stairs I saw Jules writing in something and slip it into her bag. But didn’t think too much of it. I ran back upstairs and got my stuff into a duffle bag. I have to bring my headphones and iPod into my bag or I would have died of boredom. I packed all of our bags into the trunk and drove us to the closest hotel. It wasn’t that far. We got there in about 10 minutes. I checked but they only had one room left with a queen bed and a sofa bed. So we took it. They said there was some sort of meeting there but I didn’t see anyone in the lobby so I didn’t think much of it. We made our way to our room. The girl started watching TV again as I went to get some ice and something to drink for us. It took me about 10 minutes to get back but I heard some yelling.

“Give it back.” I heard Jules yell.

“When he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss me it was amazing and when our lips touched it was as if the stars were only looking down at us.” Sarah said as I opened the door.

“God damn it Sarah grow the fuck up.” I yelled as I walked into the door. And Grabbed Jules’s dairy out of Sarah’s hand.
“Why do you always have to make everything worse?” I replied.

“David calm down I was just joking.” Sarah said a little shocked at my frustration.

“Would it be funny if I said how you asked me to set you up with some of my friends?” I said trying to make her feel a little bit bad.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah said defeated as she walked to the bedroom and Alexis and Anna followed her.

“It’s okay I didn’t write anything that would make them think it was you.” Jules said

“I know, but she needed to be taught a lesson.” I said

“Well I think you taught her one.” She said with a halfhearted grin.

“Well you should get ready for bed.” I said

“Yeah but where am I going to sleep?” Jules asked.

“With me, I think the other girls have the bed taken over.” I said

“Okay I’ll be right back.” She said with a big smile as she went into the bathroom.

I walked into the bedroom. “You girls need anything?” I saw Sarah just lying there so I walked up and sat next to her.

“Sarah sit up please.” I said

“What David are you gonna yell at me more?” Sarah asked.

“You know what you did was wrong, you don’t just reveal everyone’s secrets.” I replied.

“Yeah I know, but you still didn’t have to be so mean.” Sarah said again.

“Yes I did or you would have done it again.” I replied.
“I’m not mad but just don’t do it again, now get some sleep.” I said as I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. And walked back into the other room.

I got undressed and slipped into the sofa bed. I usually slept naked but I put on some underwear for the girls sake. Just as I turned off the TV, Jules walked out of the bathroom with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her.

“Do you pack my pajamas?” She asked

“No sorry I must have missed them. But you can wear one of my shirts if you want.” I said trying to not seem too happy.

“Thanks.” she said walking over to my bag and pulling out a white t shirt.

She dropped the towel and quickly put the shirt on making sure to block my view. She then crawled into bed facing me. I couldn’t help but smell her strawberry shampoo, it was intoxicating. As she shut her eyes I leaned in and kissed her I let my hand slide behind her neck pulling her in for a deeper kiss. I could feel her smile through our kiss, which made sliding on top of her that much easier. I slowly ground my hips into hers. Juliet moaned ever so slightly into my mouth.

“Are you sure about this Davey.” She whispered with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

I didn’t say anything as I kissed her again. It was the most passionate kiss I have ever been a part of, which made her next move so much easier. She slipped her hands down to her shirt and quickly took it off and threw it to the side. I kissed her once again, than made my way down to her neck. Jules moaned again, as my lips made my way to her succulent breasts. She ran her hand through my hair as I played with her nipples. I made my way towards her flat stomach, leaving a small hickey near her belly button. I quickly found what I was looking for. Her white lace panties that covered her only body part which I have not seen since we were very young. I gave it a quick kiss making her twitch from anticipation. I put my fingers around the waistband and waited for her to raise her hips, which was the one thing that turned me on more than anything. Just as I thought it, it happened she slowly raised her hips allowing me to slide her panties off. As I set them to the side I slid my boxers off.

“Oh god you are huge.” Jules whispers, as she gazes at my rock hard 7 and ½ inch penis.

“And it’s all yours baby.” I whisper right back.

I slide my head back towards her waist and give her slit a lick. It was already so wet, and before I could even get her off she pulled me up to kiss her again.

“I can’t wait, next time.” Jules said as she grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her slit.

“Okay baby.” I said as I kissed her again.

I broke our kiss and looked down just to align myself with her then kissed her again as I slowly penetrated her tight teenage pussy. It was so warm, wet, and oh so soft. I felt her muscles contract and release around my tumescent member. She moaned ever so softly as I filled her so fully. I pushed gently deeper as she wrapped her legs around my back. I pulled back just enough to get as deep as I could with one swift thrust. She gasped and I kissed her once more.

“Harder Davey.” She whispered into my ear.

I quickly obliged as I pulled back and thrust back into her tight pussy, without waiting I pulled back again faster and thrust harder. I could feel her getting wetter and all of a sudden she pulling me close and biting her lower lip as I feel her pussy clamp down onto my cock and a cool feeling passing my cock. She was cuming on me, which only set me over the edge which lead to an explosion of cum deep inside her coating her cervix and probably some making it into her uterus. I kissed her hard, while my quickly deflating cock plopped out of her warm pussy.

“Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” She said after we broke our kiss.

“I wouldn’t have cared either way.” I said as I kissed her again.

“Baby.” She said as she kissed me.

I collapsed next to her after putting my underwear back on and her getting dressed again. Then we cuddled up and fell asleep from exhaustion.

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