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“It guides me by the hand when I'm in the abyss, nurtures my hungry soul when I am weak, and conquers all when I believe in them; love.” - Author unknown
It all began with my newly made fiance of 10 months at the time (proposed to her a few weeks prior to this experience); lets call her Sophia and I, John. She had taken my virginity the few weeks prior to our first time having passionate love in a hotel (well motel but close enough.) We'd been in love for a while now, her and I. But to our dismay at the time, our parents could not know of our sexual encounters for fear of troubled times for both of us (potential dissolving of our relationship.) We'd worked very hard to do things without our parents knowing of our sexual encounters and so far have been successful.

It was a cold Saturday when we had this wonderful experience. I'd driven over to Sophia's house on my 50cc scooter (because I was a teen at the time) at 9 am. I arrived nearly frozen because of the long drive to her house but that didn't bother me a whole lot because it was worth it to see her. Despite the feeling of near frost-bite on my fingers, the warm look Sophia gives me when I see her makes me forget all my troubles and worries.

In the morning, we mostly napped together in her room. We did nothing sexual so that we could save our energy for the amazing 5 hours we planned in the hotel. I'd told my parents I was spending the entire day at my fiance's house which was not uncommon and therefor believable. Sophia had told her parents we'd be on a date in my town (we lived in separate cities) which was also not very uncommon for us. This allowed us to drive somewhat safely to the motel. The motel itself was off on the outskirts of my town, near a movie theater. Sadly, my parents informed me the night prior that they were going to the movie theater close to the time Sophia and I planned on sneaking into a motel. This made things very stressful for Sophia and I.

After our long nap in the morning, we talked and watched TV in her room for a few hours before leaving for a nearby fast-food restaurant in town. We'd planned to have Sophia's mother take her by car while I drove my scooter separately so that she would not freeze on the drive over like I did. We got ready to leave and just when I was nearly dressed up for the adverse weather, I couldn't find my keys in her room. I'd forgotten where I placed them. It took me about another 10 minutes of stressful searching to find my scooter keys, making me very edgy.

Sophia had found my keys after walking back in to see why I wasn't outside yet. She found them almost immediately. I went outside where my scooter was and tried to start it. Yet again, more difficulties. But I did manage to start my scooter and began my journey into town with Sophia and her mother in a car heading the same way. Her car passed me to do some chores in town before coming back to the fast-food joint in town. I arrived at the fast food restaurant, constantly looking around for my parents to make sure they weren't there. My heart was racing faster and faster with each passing minute. Sophia arrived only minutes after I did myself, making it a very nice transport to the motel. The motel itself was only down the road and off to the side, making it very nice to calm down or so I thought. When we parked and got off I was even more stressed than I anticipated and was a little edgy to my fiance. She was also stressed because of the difficult situation. We walked into the front door and felt relaxation start to hit us for the first time in an hour.

The motel manager was asleep in his office behind a white door. I dialed the appropriate number on the lobby phone and realized it wouldn't have been much different than ringing the desk bell on the counter. The motel guy, who was Indian (Gandhi Indian, not Sitting Bull Indian.) My fiance, being from around the town could not understand a single word he said. Whereas I, a person who had been to a few other countries and met other various races allowed me to understand him fairly clearly. The only problem was that my fiance was the older one who was actually 18 while I was 17 at the time; so she had to pay for it. I often joked to her that having that experience was a fun form of molestation.

We paid him with cash to make untraceable by both of our parents and made our way to the motel room. Fortunately, we did not have to walk far, it was the first door on the right in the motel lobby. With smiles on our faces and a warm sensation in my heart, we inserted the door key into the handle and entered, taking in the moment of being in a room alone without worry of others seeing us.

She looked and walked around the room, inspecting both the bedroom and the bathroom for cleanliness and what it was like exactly. I did not do so because I had so much gear on to protect me from the cold; so I began to strip down to my casual clothes.

As I was getting the last piece of gear off, she sat on the bed behind me. I turned around and gazed into her eyes, knowing that for the next 5 hours or so, we would be able to make passionate love to each other. I love this girl like no other before. She always looked beautiful to me, even when she had just woken up and how she is the only person who really understands me. I let her into my heart more quickly than any other girl before her because of our chemistry together. To me she isn't just a lover, she's my best friend.

I sat on her lap and kissed her softly before leaning back and speaking sweetly to her “Are you ready?”

She peered into my eyes for a moment and spoke with a quick “Nope” in her cute voice she often uses when shes happy. She continued “I would like to take things slow and talk for a while if that's alright with you John.”

I looked at her for a brief period before I responded with “Of course my love, I enjoy talking to you. Besides, you can take all the time you need, I'm in no rush.”

“So when and what are we going to eat later on when we get hungry?” Sophia said calmly.

“How about pizza and does around 5:30 sound alright?” I replied to her with a warm smile.

“Sounds great” she replied with a excited look on her face.

I looked into her eyes and wanted her. I'd been waiting for this moment for weeks and felt the urge to take her as my lover. I crawled onto the bed where she laid, crawling over her very long legs and slim stomach to give her a soft, romantic kiss. She responded with more enthusiasm with each passing second. Before long her and I were kissing so passionately before she told me to stand up. I did so, curious why she would want to stop such a sweet moment.

Standing there, with a confused look on my face, she grabbed my shirt and began to pull it off. I realized then that she wanted to undress me herself, something I find sweet and all the more of a turn on. Once she finished taking off my shirt, she knelled down and began to kiss my stomach very softly, savoring the taste of my skin.

After a few minutes of enjoying my stomach and working her way up my chest to my lips to plant a quick kiss, she moved back down to my belt and pants; removing them with anticipation written all over her face. Once she had my belt off, she threw it to the side and began to work my pants down to the ground. What sort of killed the moment and made both of us laugh is when she spent about 5 minutes trying to get them past my hips. Not that I was overweight, I was a 185 5'9'' football player RB; my pants are just tight around the hips. I asked her if she needed help. With a blush on her cheeks and laughter in her voice she replied that shes got it.

After she got my pants off, she threw them also where she'd previously thrown my belt; making a pile of my clothing. With a large erection straining against my boxers, she smiled at the sight. I think it always pleasured her to know that its her who turns me on the most in life; porn and hot women don't even come close.

Before her soft and delicate fingers started pulling at my boxers, I stopped her and told her to stand up as well. She knew how much I wanted to undress her as well. She was wearing a red v-neck top with a more modest black under-shirt. I peeled off the red top and black under shirt with some difficulty due to her perfectly round, large breasts.

Her breasts fell out of her shirt only to disappoint of my erection by being shielded by her blue mesh bra. I started to unhook her bra before she hummed no to me and pushed me away softly so that she may continue. Not wanting to displease her, I obliged her request. She told me to take off her pants before her bra because she wasn't “that” kind of girl.

With that I knelled down and began to take her pants off as she requested with some ease. I then returned to the task at hand; undressing the rest of her. I pulled off her belt and threw them into the pile of clothes along with her pants and socks. I stood back up for her to make the next move.

She knelled back down and began to pull my boxers down with those oh so soft hands. My boner flew right out of my boxers and made Sophia smile all the more. She pulled my boxers off of my feet along with my socks, making me completely naked to her view. She began to softly and loving caress my penis, looking at me from time to time. It warmed my heart to know that we were doing this to share intimate feelings for each other.

Before she could do much more, I had her stand up once more and removed her bra. As a guy who hadn't had much more experience then kissing before her, I had a lot of trouble with the bra; making Sophia laugh cutely. After some concentrated thought, I managed to unhook her bra and started to slowly remove it. I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous breasts before she'd covered herself up in sudden self-consciousness. I only smiled and looked into her eyes before telling her sweetly:

“Please don't hide your beauty from me. I already know you're the most beautiful girl in the world. Please, allow me to enjoy God's greatest creation that is you.”

She only looked at me before starting to move her hands and arms away from her breasts; showing me her true beauty. Her beautiful 32C breasts were all I wanted and more. I softly cupped them and played with them, telling her they are always so amazing to me. Then, I started to pull down her sexy gray laced thong with ease. Once I had taken off that last article of clothing, I stood up and looked at her but for a moment before kissing; enjoying the beautiful view of the only woman I love.

I then pulled her in to kiss me. She responded well to this and start to kiss me passionate as well. We both fell onto the bed and began to make out, getting us both in the mood to have wonderful sex. She was on all fours above me, savoring every kiss we shared. After a few minutes of this I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her a little more. I positioned her so that I could enjoy her orally. I kissed ever so softly down her flat stomach, leaving a little trails of love as I went further and further downward. She watched so intently, waiting for me to taste her like I had so many times before. Once I'd reached her incredibly aroused pussy, I couldn't tease her anymore, I was already teased by the sight of a beautiful woman in bed with me; so I immediately began to lick her pussy.

She moaned very loudly with each movement of my tongue and sucking motion I made. What I had learned is that when I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue really fast as it was in my mouth, this drove her so wild, it nearly made her cum every time. Her simple, yet intriguing taste always fascinated me.

I licked, sucked and did whatever I could to make her experience a bliss orgasm and so she did. She convulsed and writhed in pure pleasure as I continued to lick her tasty pussy. Once she'd stopped convulsing I crawled back up to her and kissed her softly and lovingly. I gazed into her shut eyes as she enjoyed an orally stimulated orgasm, waiting for her eyes to open. Once those beautifully crafted brown eyes with small flakes off red appeared, I asked her if she was ready. She nodded yes, but began to speak.

“I'm ready to suck on your big cock” she said with a seductive tone.

She pushed my chest with her delicate hands off of her and onto my back on the bed. I simply laid there as she began to lick and suck on my dick (6 ½'' length, 5 ½'' girth.) She started by sucking softly on the head of my throbbing dick. Then she began to engulf my dick, whole as she played with my balls the way I liked, softly. She continued this til I felt myself getting somewhat close to cumming. I then told her to stop and get on her side. She appeared a little confused at first but realized that I wanted to do sideways 69. I immediately straddled my face onto her sopping wet pussy and began to eat it with all the energy I had. She started to suck on my dick but with tender moans every time I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth, something I always enjoyed doing. Each time she bobbed her head up and down on my dick, I let out a soft moan as I sucked her, making it more enjoyable for her to feel so many different kinds of stimulants at once.

That had been our first time doing 69, it didn't last long but no less passionate than I could have imagined.

When we'd both gotten into the mood, I pulled back from our wonderful kiss and asked Sophia if she was ready. She replied with a soft and willing “yes.”

I then got up and grabbed a condom for safe measures on top of the birth control she'd been taking for weeks now. She then situated herself on the bed with her head on a pillow and I mounted her. I began to place the head of my dick at her entrance and then looked into her beautiful eyes for confirmation. She nodded “yes” to me and I then entered her.

The feeling of a woman is hard to explain. To me, the feeling of Sophia (with a condom on of course) is one of warmth, wet and tight walls clamping against my dick as I entered her. She was always tight, being as I was the one who took her virginity as she took mine. As I entered her slowly, I gazed into her eyes and watched her reactions, so that I wouldn't hurt her in any way.

The feeling of being completely engulfed by a woman's pussy is like no other. Its perfect amount of pressure everywhere on the penis but the warmth is what makes it so much more enjoyable.

With that, I began to thrust back and forth as I peered into her pretty eyes. I let soft moans escape my lips with each passing thrust and watched as she enjoyed it herself. Her large breasts jiggled each time I thrusted into her completely. Something which always turned me on about her. After about 10 minutes of me thrusting my dick into her tight pussy, she pushed my chest to move backwards but said “don't pull out and help me up.”

I held her soft body in my hands as I helped her mount me. Her face, only inches from mine, she kissed me as she began to ride me. Up and down, never missing a beat, she began to pick up some speed. The sweet smell of her freshly conditioned hair, warm breaths panting onto my face and incredibly tight pussy gave me pleasures I'd only dreamed about.

After about 4 minutes of this, she stopped and tensed up. I came out of my pleasured stated, I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me with an embarrassed look on her beautiful face and asked if she could go to the bathroom and pee.

I just started to burst out laughing along with her and told her it was fine. I wasn't mad at her in the slightest, the fact that she was doing something so wonderful and loving as passionate sex is all I wanted. But that didn't stop her from apologizing non-stop as she walked into the bathroom.

As a guy would know, even naked, girls can take a long time in the bathroom. This never really bothered me since I grew up with a sister, mother and dozens of gal friends; this gave me time to try something. I went over to my backpack that I brought with me for extra measures and pulled out my glasses and a tie. I put on the tie and glasses, trying to look authoritative and waited patiently outside of her bathroom door.

Once the door opened she simply looked at me and began to laugh as I stood there trying my best to look sexy. Looking back, it wasn't my best idea for a role-play costume. It took her several minutes to calm down from laughing so hard, making me feel like I needed to play-strangling her. Once she had calmed down, I hugged her and kissed her softly and told her how much I love her. She smiled, her lips forming that masterpiece of a smile as I spoke sweet words to her.

I then asked her if she was ready to resume our love making. She looked at me for a second with a thinking look written on her face. She then pulled out a pink sheer night gown she had packed with her for the night and out it on, still showing signs of self-consciousness. I stood behind her and watched, enjoying the beauty of this wonderful woman whom I had fallen in love with so many months ago.

Once her night gown was on, she turned around and said “So what kind of role-playing should we do?”

I responded as I ran my hands up and down her soft arms “Why not try a business CEO and a secretary?”

She giggled at the thought but gave me a rebuttal that she thought it would be better to do the teacher and catholic school girl role-play.

I was intrigued by this and gladly followed. She began to call me “Mr. Smith” and implored me to rather giving her a C in my “class” but an A. I stood there, holding back my laughter by how much we resembled a porno, and responded with:

“Well there might be one thing you could do” I said to her as I pushed her onto the bed.

She said, in a acted innocent tone “What are you doing Mr. Smith?”

“If you really want that're going to have to do something for me.” I said to her in a stern voice as I started to pull off her gown.

“What are you doing Mr. Smith?” Sophia said, still trying to maintain that innocent.

“Fucking you.” was the last thing I said to her before pushing her all the way onto her back and mounted her as I began to fuck her so hard.

I continued to thrust in as deep and as hard as I could into her tight pussy, making Sophia whimper with each thrust. After a few minutes of taking her so roughly, I ordered her to get on all fours. She did so and I started to take her from behind. Everything was going great til I hit her cervix in an awkward angle. She screamed and fell over as I pulled out of her, shocked and scared of what I had done to her. She laid there, in a fetal position, starting to sob to the sounds of me apologizing non-stop for hurting her.

I tried my best to comfort her but with every touch, I grew more and more scared of hurting her further. As she sobbed from the pain and I felt heartache grow within me. The last thing I want to ever do to my love is hurt her. I repeatedly told her that we don't need to do anymore, in fear of hurting her further. She replied that she just needed some time to get over the pain. She was not mad at me, knowing I would never cause her pain on purpose.

I held her in my arms on that bed as she got passed the pain. I stroked her beautiful brown hair and talked to her to take her mind off the pain down there. After caressing her and comforting her, she said she was ready for more.

Trusting her, I got up and grabbed some lube to help make things easier for her. After applying some lube to my dick and her pussy, I mounted her once more in the missionary position. I entered her oh so slowly, making sure not to hurt her. I started to pick up the pace of thrusting as she responded well to being taken again. It was not long before she came once already with me not too from from cumming as well. I felt her coming close to her second orgasm as my first one approached.

“I love you!” Sophia said to me as I was thrusting roughly and deep into her tightening pussy.

“I love you too my love... So much” I responded with my orgasm quickly approaching.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I burst into a loud grunt and moan as I pulled out of her pussy and came heavily into my condom. The rush of the strongest orgasm in my life made me collapse on top of her, my face landing on her left breast. Her breast, soft and full like a large pillow, held my face as I panted heavily.

After a minute or two of trying to regain strength after such an explosive orgasm, I looked up into my lover's eyes. She laid there, grinning at the sight of me about to pass out after our passionate love making.

When I finally could move myself, I moved to her side and held her in my arms while I removed my freshly used condom. She giggled at the sight of a condom at least a quarter full of my seed. When I disposed of the condom, I laid with Sophia for an hour, trying my best to fall asleep with her. But since I did not feel sleepy like she did, I laid there as still as I could so that she could enjoy sleeping after sex. After nearly, 30 minutes though, she asked me “you're not even sleepy are you?” in a groggy and happy voice. I replied “Nope.” in my happy voice.

She rolled back over to me and cuddled next to me as we talked for a while. I felt myself become a little hungry but not terribly so. After we both realized that we weren't going to sleep, we both jumped into the shower and started to have our first experience in shower sex.

Once the hot water had finally come to a good temperature, we both jumped in and began to make out heavily. It was incredible to have hot water flowing down our body's as we caressed each other. To see water flowing down Sophia's large breasts gave me such a huge boner which caught her eyes. She began to caress my hardening dick as I moaned into her ear.

I moved her so that she could hold onto a rail in the shower as I entered her. Since the shower itself was rather small, making love in the shower was fairly....awkward. I didn't have intercourse with Sophia for very long due to the awkward position but did knell down to pleasure her further. I kissed down her flat, sexy stomach as I watched her delight heighten. With the hot water flowing down her well-endowed breasts and pulsating pussy, I licked and sucked on her softly at first, making her want more.

But sadly, after pressing my mouth against her soft stomach, I found it difficult to breath. But I wanted to bring her pleasure since I loved her so much, even to the extend of my discomfort. I took breaths when I could and after a few minutes, I couldn't stay there due to lack of oxygen.

I stood back up and kissed her lovingly. We made out for a while with the hot water still caressing us. Then we laid down and waited for the water to fill up the tub portion of the shower so that we could enjoy our first bath together.

Sophia laid on top of me as I softly poured the water over her bare body. We talked for about 30 minutes to the sound of sloshing water we laid in. After her and I couldn't think of much more to talk about, we began to bathe each other lovingly. She started with my chest and shoulders, making her way to my arms. After she had soaped up my body, she sweetly washed away the soap. All I could do was watch her and what she did; the love felt in the air overwhelmed me.

When she was done washing me, I began to do the same thing to her. I grabbed the bar of soap and applied it to my hands. Then I began to softly rub it onto her well-endowed breasts, beautifully crafted shoulders and arms. Then once I had covered most of her body, I washed the rest of her stomach and washed her. I held her lovingly for a few minutes, enjoying my first time in a bath/shower with her.

After the hunger got the best of us, we got out and dried each other off. It'd been the first time I'd taken care of her like that and I loved it. She patted me dry and then I her. We went into the bedroom portion of the motel room and ordered pizza and bread sticks to be delivered to our room from Domino's.

Since we'd both had a good amount of sex and were expecting pizza to arrive, we both got dressed. We watched TV as we waited for our food to arrive. After about 40 minutes, we heard a knock on our door. We both grew with excitement as I opened the door to an elderly man who delivered our pizza and bread sticks. As I opened the door he let out an “oh” which gave a hint that he understood our doings, making her and I feel a bit naughtier. We paid him with some extra money as a tip and off he went.

When I put the pizza and bread sticks on the bed, we opened the boxes like hungry wolfs feasting on helpless prey. We laid and watched TV for an hour with full stomachs and noticed that the time was coming close to leaving.

“Did you enjoy your first time at motel sex dear?” I asked her, feeling stuffed from the delicious pizza.

“Of course dear.” she smiled before continuing, “Did you?” she asked.

“Well YEAH!!” I laughed in response. “It has been the best sexual experience I've ever had with you since our first time.”

I could see it in her smile that she felt loved. I held her for a little bit until it was 8 o'clock (we had to leave at 8:30 PM) before asking her if she wanted one last quicky. She stood there, pretending to think cutely before answering with a “Well, why the hell not? But only with our pants off okay? That way we could leave soon after.”

With that, she laid on the bed and took off her pants as I did also. When I'd mounted her, I found it difficult not to have enjoyable sex without being completely naked. “Fuck it!” I said as taking off my shirt while Sophia laughed at the comment. I mounted her and took her roughly. With each passing thrust, she let out a soft moan, turning me on even more. We did it like we'd never done it before, making love so passionately.

After only 5 minutes (the fastest I ever experienced) I came very hard as I was pumping my throbbing dick into her tight pussy. I laid there, panting, as she laid beside me, wanting more. She'd asked me if my fingers still worked, implying that she wanted me to finger her for a little. I answered her with an “of course” and knelled behind her as I took her tight little pussy with two of my fingers which hardly fit into her. She moaned loudly as I stimulated her G-spot for several minutes, making her cum very abruptly.

She laid there in ecstasy from her tender orgasm. I caressed her soft slowing hair as she regained strength. We both got ready and just before we left, she took photos with her phone of the room we made amazing love in. I leaned against a wall, watching her as she was saying goodbye to that room in her own special way, exhausted from all the amazing sex I had with this gorgeous woman.

We left the room with smiles on our faces and despair in our hearts due to the fact that we didn't know when we would be in a room like that and have the similar experiences we did once again. The motel manager was yet again gone from his desk, so we left the motel room key on the desk like a note said we should if someone is not there to claim it. We walked out the door, refreshed with the amazing sex and yet a little stressed cause we were afraid of being caught by one of our parents. We got our to my scooter and had trouble starting it (it'd been problematic for months at the time) and noticed a semi-truck nearby with it's engine turned on and running.

Sophia had gotten nervous whether or not we couldn't moved the scooter without pushing it and potentially coming into contact with a potentially drunk semi-driver. But gladly, the scooter started after much work and off to the nearby McDonalds we went.

We waited there for about 10 minutes for her mother to arrive and pick her up from our “date.” We talked and enjoyed some drinks as I called my parents to let them know I was going to be home a little late but that I wasn't too far from home. They believed me from the sound of their voices. All we had to worry about for that night was whether or not my parents fully believed that I'd spent the entire day at my fiance's house.

As I got home, I talked to my parents about the plans for the next day and found no difference in their behavior, reaffirming my assumption that they'd not noticed that we spent the previous 5 hours having amazing sex.

Once she'd gotten home and I got into bed, I quietly called my beautiful fiance with my cell phone and talked to her about how amazing the day had been for me and how much I loved her. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and love in my heart because of what that beautiful woman had given to me for (at the time) the past ten months and those amazing 5 hours.


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thank you :) I plan on doing another story about what happened when I lost my virginity.

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