A follow on to my other stories about Miss Jones and Mrs Smith
There I was, smiling with glee over what I’d just done. I’d just had a threesome with two hot middle aged women for fucks sake! And here was Mrs Smith’s 15 year old daughter standing there naked in front of me! Even though I’d just been having sex for half an hour I felt my cock instantly start coming back to life. There in front of me stood a cute little teenager, maybe half a foot smaller than me with long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. However my eyes were drawn away from her facial figures and I noticed her gorgeous body. Long, shapely legs and in between them a tight pussy with a thin, wispy blonde hair covering it. This was the first pussy I’d ever seen with hair on and up until this point I always thought it was disgusting but I was drawn to her’s straight away. Her boobs were small but shapely, probably only a B cup but they fitted in with the rest of her body beautifully. She had the body of a ballet dancer with long, thin legs and small curves in the right places. It was impossible to imagine how a cute, innocent looking girl could have such a slutty mum like Mrs Smith.

‘I know what you mean mum! He has a magnificent cock! I can’t wait to have that inside me!’ I was shocked at how this cute girl talked but I took it in my stride and realised what the moan in the kitchen had been. She had been playing with herself in the kitchen while I fucked her mum and her mums best friend in the room next door!

‘Brett, you don’t mind do you!’ said Mrs Smith. ‘If I didn’t bring her along tonight she was going to tell her father and I could be having that!’

‘Its fine babe’ I replied, ‘this nights just getting better and better!’

‘I want you to take her up stairs and just make love to her gently, it’ll be her first time so please don’t be as rough as you are with us two’ said Mrs Smith. ‘Me and Miss Jones are going to stay down her and have some more fun’ she continued and as she said this I noticed her fingers in Miss Jones wet pussy.

As I walked up stairs with a hard, throbbing dick I could help but laugh how lucky I was as I followed Milly up the stairs, her tight ass swaying as you climbed the stairs. We entered the nearest bedroom that turned out to be Miss Jones bedroom and we both lay down on the queen sized bed. I opened my mouth to start talking but before I could even utter a single word Milly was kissing me shoving her tongue into my mouth as her hand reached for my hard cock. She instantly started pumping it up and down in her hand, still while she was kissing me. After a few more seconds she broke away. I tried to talk again but she cut across me.

‘Listen, your hot, you got a big cock and I want you inside me. My mum might say I’m a virgin and to go gentle on me but I’m not so I want you to fuck me just like you fuck my mum, ok? I’m on the pill so I just want you to fuck me bareback!’ I was in no position to argue with this so I instantly turned around and settled myself in between her legs and lowered my head into her hairy pussy. She smelt sweet and after I had licked for a while I noticed her pussy juices getting caught in the wispy hairs surrounding her cunt. She gave low moans as I licked and as she groaned louder I licked faster.

‘Oh my fucking god that’s amazing!’ she screamed. ‘I know why my mum loves you. Now lets see what you can do with that cock.’ I picked her up slightly, parted her legs and pushed into her tight teenage pussy. She groaned and I pushed in and out a few times until she was use to the size and width of my cock. After a minute or so I started thrusting a little faster. Over time I built up and up until I reached a pace that I didn’t think I could sustain for much longer. Obviously neither did she as after another minute she was screaming that she was cumming.

‘AHHHHHHH! That feels so good, I’m cumming!!!!’ she screamed and I felt a warm sensation over my dick. I pulled out and turned her around so that she was facing away from me in the doggy style position. I started fucking her again and her small, round tits swayed beautifully as I did so. I grabbed hold of them as I did so and gave the nipples a little squeeze. She groaned again as my balls started slapping against her. ‘This is so damn good! You’re so much better than Jamie!’ This gave me some satisfaction as Jamie was one of my best mates and to know I was a better fuck willed me on to fuck her faster and faster. After 5 more minutes I couldn’t handle it anymore and I pulled out and said I was near to cumming.

Quick as a flash she jumped down to the floor and started sucking my cock and fiddling with my balls. ‘OHHHHHHH!’ I groaned as i started cumming, thick gooey stands flying everywhere. The first hit her nose before another went into her eye. Not slowing down she continued to pump and a few more strands went all over her blonde hair before I emptied what I had left into her open mouth, glazing her perfect white teeth with my cum.

‘Oh my god that was amazing!’ she said. I couldn’t help but agree and together with my hand on her ass we went back down stairs. When we entered the room we saw Miss Jones on the floor getting fucked my Mrs Smith who was wearing a 7 inch strap on.

‘Eh, here are the shaggers!’ said Miss Jones. ‘I’m sure the whole street could hear you two, it sounds good!’ she laughed. ‘Oh and Brett never let Mrs Smith fuck me like this again, nowhere near as good as you!’ she said with a wink. The other two laughed and agreed with her.

‘Come on then love,’ Mrs Jones said to Milly. ‘We better be off home, but we need to clean up first. We can’t go walking back into our house with you having thick strands of cum all over your hair can we!?’ she laughed.

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Write more but make them a bit longer.0

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