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Mystique was the neighborhood snoop and I loved her for it.
Fbailey story number 656


Who would name their daughter Mystique?

Obviously someone that likes unusual names…that’s who…like my parents. Yes, they named my sister Mystique. Fortunately I was named after my father. Otherwise I could be know as Moon, River, or Two Dogs Fucking. Hey, hippies did things like that in the old days.

When she turned thirteen, my bratty sister sure tried to live up to her name. With her everything was a mystery. She had a conspiracy theory about everyone on our block. Each one was sexually orientated.

She thought that old lady Henderson was having an affair with the plumber. That Miss Smith had more than one boyfriend and that she juggled them pretty well. That Mr. Brown was fucking his wife, his daughter, and his secretary. That Mrs. Johnson likes to sun bathe nude in her backyard. That Mom is having an affair with Dad’s partner, Mr. Thompson.

I had been listening to Mystique for several weeks. Then one day I decided to call her bluff. I asked her to prove her remarks. She said that she had investigated the whole neighborhood and that practically everybody had something to hide.

That day she took me out for a walk. She pointed out Mrs. Simpson’s recycle bin with three empty gin bottles in it. She had me sneak through some shrubs to spy on Mrs. Johnson. She was lying on her belly but she was nude. It wasn’t long before she rolled onto her back. I had never seen a real woman naked before. I saw her dark nipples, her rather large areolas, and her fuzzy pussy. Her big breasts sagged quite a bit and settled well onto her sides. Then Mystique pulled me away.

I saw a tall dark haired man kiss Miss Smith goodbye on her porch. His hand moved from her waist to her breast and then to her pussy. That kiss lasted quite a while too. About ten minutes later she came out to greet a shorter blond haired man. They kissed and his hand was on her ass giving it a squeeze.

Mystique was right about Miss Smith having more than one boyfriend and about Mrs. Johnson sun bathing nude.

That made me wonder about Mrs. Henderson and her plumber; about Mr. Brown and his wife, daughter, and secretary; and especially about Mom and Dad’s partner.

I asked Mystique how she knew about Mom.

She answered, “I saw them kissing at our New Years Eve party.”

I said, “Everyone kissed that night including you and me.”

She replied, “Yeah, but…the way they kissed was nothing like the way you and I kissed. His hands were all over Mom. Remember what you saw with Miss Smith…triple that.”

I said, “Tell me more.”

Mystique smiled and said, “I saw Mr. Thompson put his hand up under Mom’s dress to play with her pussy. He was in there a long time and Mom’s knees buckled just before they separated. Then Mom went to make her presence known with Dad and to give him his kiss. Meanwhile, he went up to Mom’s bedroom. I know because I followed him up and went into my bedroom. A few minutes later Mom went in. I watched them come out a half-hour later. He was zipping up his pants and Mom was smoothing out her dress.”

I knew my mouth was open but I couldn’t help it. I absolutely believed her. I too had seen them kiss that night and I saw him feeling Mom up but I just chalked it up to them drinking too much.

As I thought about Mom and Dad getting divorced, a tear came to my eye. My sister cuddled me to her breasts. Before long we were kissing and my hand was up under her miniskirt. My fingers had slipped into her leg opening and I was probing her pussy. Mystique was moaning loudly.

That was when Mom opened the door, looked at us, and then asked, “Just what do you two think that you are doing?”

Mystique answered, “Just fooling around. You did a lot worse with Mr. Thompson at New Years.”

Mom turned white as a ghost and she was trembling. Finally Mom said, “How do you know about that?”

Mystique replied, “We both saw his fingers in your pussy, then the two of you going upstairs to fuck.”

Mom asked, “Does your father know?”

Mystique said, “No, and he won’t as long as you let us fool around all that we want too.”

Mom answered, “Okay. You win. You can fool around if you want.”

Then I said, “What if I want to feel you up?”

Again Mom turned white. Then she said, “Okay, if you must.”

Mystique whispered in my ear, “Take your fingers out of my pussy and stick them in Mom’s mouth.”

I whispered back, “Why?”

Mystique said, “Just do it.”

So I took my fingers out of my sister’s pussy, walked over to Mom, and then I stuck them in her mouth. Mom sucked the juice off my fingers and waited for me to stick them in her pussy. I reached up high under her skirt, slipped my hand down into her panties, and cupped her bare pussy. Then I slipped one finger into her wet opening. That was followed by two fingers and then by three fingers. My thumb was rubbing her clit, she was moaning louder than Mystique had, and then she had an orgasm. My fingers had given Mom pleasure.

I removed them from Mom’s pussy and looked at Mystique.

Mystique lowered her panties, laid back on the bed and said, “You have already tasted my pussy on his fingers so come over here, lick me good, and tell him that he can fuck me.”

I could hardly believe it when I saw it. Mom got down on her knees and put her face in my sister’s crotch. She must have been giving Mystique pleasure because she started moaning again. When Mystique was having her orgasm she held Mom’s face tight to her pussy and humped at her. Mom sat back on her legs and just waited.

Mystique said, “That was good. Thank you, Mom. Come back in fifteen minutes and do it again.”

Mom left my bedroom and then Mystique and I got undressed. She was more than wet enough so I just slipped my erection into her love hole. I fucked Mystique with everything that I had. After about three or four minutes I gave her all of my cum.

At the designated time Mom tapped on the door, Mystique told her to enter, and I sat up on the bed to watch the action.

Mom climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself between my sister’s legs. Then Mom took a deep breath and plunged in. She licked, she slurped, and she swallowed every drop of cum that she could get.

About halfway through Mom’s ordeal I decided to get behind her. I lifted her skirt up onto her back and then I lowered her panties to her knees. But when I tried to slip my cock into her, Mom swatted at me and told me, “Oh no you don’t.”

Mystique grabbed two handfuls of Mom’s hair and said, “Do it!”

I plunged into Mom, Mom plunged into Mystique, and that was when Mystique had her orgasm. Moments later I was cumming in Mom.

When I pulled out Mystique said, “Thank him and tell him that he can fuck either of us anytime that he wants too.”

Mom took a deep breath and said, “Thank you. You may have sex with either of us as often as you wish. However, your father is not to know about it. Understood!”

Both Mystique and I nodded our heads, yes.

That was just the start of my sex life.

Eventually Mystique got Mr. Brown’s daughter to spend the night. I fucked Mystique and Mom right in front of her. She confessed that her father fucks her occasionally and that he fucks her mother and his secretary too. In fact once he got all three of his women in the same bed with him.

I had to smile because I had three women in my bed at the time.

Mystique certainly changed my life for the better.

The End
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