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It couldn't have happen to a nicer couple?
Gang Bang
Gail Holmes

James just sat there blindfolded, he’d felt nervous as it was, what was it that they wanted of him, they’d never tried to rob him, he’d no money on him any way. He’d been over powered by the three girls; being brought blindfolded to wherever he now was; the room seemed highly scented, more so than he’d ever encountered. They’d left him in a high chair almost like a stool with his hands tied to it; there was no way he could move an inch. Suddenly he heard voices once more; they were coming back, he sensed that they were now standing around him, fingers were pulling at his belt. One of the girls stood behind him, lifting him from the stool as another pulled at his trousers until they were down to his knees.

“As I told you, now there is a beauty!” The girl stood back with her hands on her hips viewing James’s cock.

He sensed the girl behind him moving toward the front.

“So, who’ll go first then?” One asked.

“You’ll not get much pleasure from him in that state!” Replied another with a snigger.

“I’ll bags be first; all he needs is a decent blowjob, I’ll soon get him up you can be sure of that!”

James felt his cock being lifted as warm fingers were wrapped around it, then the sensation of her warm lips as they engulfed it sent tremors through his body. He never even had a wank; this was completely new to him, and very pleasurable, he’d never known his cock to become stiff as it was now, even though it happened at least twice a night when he was sleeping.

“Don’t hog it all then, we all might as well have a session” Came a voice out of the blue.

James sensed the girl on his cock move away, only to be replaced by another warm mouth. This one seemed to have a different knack to it; she was jiggling her tongue all around his helmet.

“He’s enjoying it!” She stopped, then looked up to him with a smile.

James could only agree with them should he have the chance, but his mouth was gagged.

“Move him over to the bed, he’ll never be able to perform stuck in that chair!”

James felt his arms being untied from the back of the stool, and then he was aided to stand.

“Come on over to the bed, lets get this done in an orderly fashion!”

James could but follow the girls lead, he almost stumbled over the bed they were so eager to get him on it; he was quickly flipped over onto his back, he felt somewhat naked now as they’d removed his trousers completely.

For moments nothing happened, he just lay there; he knew the girls were still there, it was almost as if he could feel their eyes on his body. He sensed one of the girls move across the bed; her legs each side of him, a hand grabbing his cock from underneath her.

“Come on then lower yourself, it won’t bite you!”

The next sensation nearly blew his mind; as the girl lowered herself, another that had hold of his cock guiding it into her moist pussy. James felt he had to buck his hips, which he did. He sensed the girl squeal as he hit bottom, it was a bit of a shock to him.

“Baby!” a voice stated, “Come on you can take it!” One of the girls laughed as the girl on his cock lifted, holding herself above him, allowing the pain to subside.

Another girl pushed her to one side, and then impaled herself down onto his cock. One of the other girls was holding his legs down to avoid another painful lift from him.

What James didn’t know was that they’d also kidnapped his sister, however, she was in another room, like him, gagged and blindfolded. Margaret was the prettiest of girls; but mostly resented by other females because of her trim figure, but they also resented her high and mighty attitude; in that she was above their class, everyone knew she’d never seen a cock let alone felt the pleasure of such. Well tonight she was going to find out as to the pains and pleasure of such.

James was enjoying his new pleasures; however, once the girls sensed his pleasure heightening they’d stop and swap over, then bring his gratification to a high again, so far they’d been fucking him for over an 1½ hours, he was tiring at this stage. The girls knew it had to be now or never.

“Now James you’re going to have your first virgin, I think he’s experience enough by now girls?” The girl fucking him stated, as she lifted from him, and then the room went quite again. Moments later there was scuffling in the room, James sensed someone was being brought in or being dragged, their speech or groans seemed to be muffled as if like him the person was gagged.

Margaret was struggling with the girls who were trying to remove her panties from under her dress. With effort they accomplish their undertaking, one of the girls placed them onto her head and danced around her. Margaret was a very slim girl, no more than 125lbs in weight, it was very easy for the girls to lift her, after dragging her over to the bed her legs were spread wide exposing her pussy to all. The girls were amazed by its neatness; just a light fissure marked the spot.

“Get the baby oil!” One remarked, “At least aid her in some way, she’ll never take it without!” James was intrigued by the remark, wondering as to what they were up to now. He sensed struggling at his side, whatever was happening they were all making enough noise to wake the dead.

The commotion stopped abruptly, one of the girls had dipped her oiled finger up inside Margaret’s pussy. She mellowed immediately, the girl toyed with her drawing her finger in and out at a leisurely pace, and making sure the oil saturated her outer pussy lips. She tried a second finger if only to check her virginity. It was then that Margaret started to struggle again, two would be to much.

Three of the girls managed to get her into the interlocked cross legged yoga position, then lifted her over and above James’s body, his cock was still standing rampant, the girl with the baby oil rubbed her fingers along his cock once more then a little for Margaret.

“Nice and gentle now girls!” She informed her friends.

Gradually they lowered Margaret’s slim frame until they got the okay.

Oily fingers jiggled James cock until it was positioned just between Margaret’s pussy lips.

“Right, chocks away!” She laughed.

The girls let go of Margaret, immediately she sunk down onto James’s cock in one quick movement, she gave out a muffled scream, his thick shaft went straight through her hymen, it’s always been said the longer a girl hangs on to her virginity, the tougher the membrane became. And with the sound of the thud it must have been pretty thick. Even James jumped; not realising as to why there was so much pain the others had accepted him with no trouble. Margaret was literally in tears; the girls had to steady her as she’d tried to get purchase with her feet to lift herself off the huge cock, but the girls held her firmly.

“Come on then, you can do better than this, at least ride her, she’s all yours now!” A voice commented not using his name.

James was still suffering a virtually torn foreskin; it had been extremely painful to him. The girls eased Margaret up slightly allowing him room to take action, he sensed there denotation and started to lift and lower his hips, the soreness now disappeared to a degree, nevertheless, it was still quite painful to Margaret her hymen being dragged back and forth with his trusting, gradually she got accustomed to his movement’s.

“How’s this one for you my lad, right little tight pussy isn’t she?” The girl moved up toward Margaret’s ear. “Now you’re the same as the rest of us, you’ll be well and truly fucked by the time he’s finished with you, shame you’re not on the pill, that would be a bonus wouldn’t it, preggers on you’re first dip, still you enjoy him while you’ve the chance!”

Trouble was, it appeared that she was doing just that. The other girl’s watched in envy, either one would have like his first seed. But they’d all agreed that Margaret should have it, by the amount of time that he’d been fucked by all of them there should be a fair consignment pumped up her. He’d wanted to cum earlier but the girl’s held him back. They’d each love to see her pregnant the snotty bitch.

Margaret was working on her own now, the noises divulged that she was taking immense pleasure in her activities, as was James who was currently bucking up to her like buck rabbit. Margaret now had her knees each side of him, thrusting her body backwards and forwards meeting his strong thrusts. The girls could but watch, as her pussy was virtually pulled inside out; as it clung to the thick organ each time he withdrew. The moans that she was making could only mean she was having orgasms, sweat was dripping from her brow, being as her arms were still tied it was a laborious task for her to keep rocking to and fro.

The girls were amazed that she was captivating so much of James’s cock; it was no small entity, it was obvious to them that Margaret never identified that she could get her pregnant by her actions, she could easily have pulled herself off the mammoth cock, however, to her, her head in the clouds, it was an amazing sensation. Every effort went into her movements keeping up with her brother’s manly thrusts, she moaned at every full plunge, to see it; you’d consider her bottomless.

James was getting fatigued, the girls could tell, and by the noises he was making he was about to blow. Margaret continued her motions, but James as if by instinct he wanted depth, however, every time he tried to hold his cock deep, Margaret would draw herself off him. He gave out a low moan, his hips thrust upwards and held. The more Margaret tried to lift the more he pushed himself upwards. In the end his body just collapsed, but his seed was sown.

Margaret continued her thrusting; traces of the thick cum could now be seen along his thickened shaft, it even bubbled as she forced herself onto him. It was now more like a hydraulic action, as she sunk herself down on him; they’d be a loud fanny farts as the bubbles burst when his cum was forced back up inside her. Any other girl would have held herself, feeling the flow of cum as it pumped into her.

The girls knew so long as Margaret still pumped, the deeper his seed would go, they’d all hoped that she herself would aid to her own impregnation, with nowhere else to go the cum had to make headway toward her womb.

With his seed now blown, James was finding her motions uncomfortable. His cock started to wilt; which made it more painful, even with a full load of cum up her she was still tight.

Little did the girls realise that this was James’s very first load, he’d never as yet taken himself in hand, the experience was brand new to him, not saying that he won’t resort to such measures in the future. Neither of the girls could understand as to Margaret’s actions, what girl would miss the tenderness of hot cum being pumped up her, what a waste they’d considered?

Margaret realised now she was fucking a dead horse so to speak, pushing herself back onto his shaft she pulled herself upright, with his cock as deep as it could go inside her.

One of the girls moved up beside Margaret. “Well wasn’t that worth the effort?” She quizzed. Margaret nodded her head, as if in agreement. “Come on then off you come!” The girl stated gripping Margaret by the arm.

James’s cock flopped to one side once free of her pussy, traces of blood still along his shaft. Margaret was led back into the room to which they’d initially left her, placing her back into the chair after her panties were replaced.

James’s cock looked somewhat sore from the innings it had taken, one of the girls bathed it with soft damp tissue. “Enjoyable was it James?” She quizzed. James gave a low moan, nodding his head at the same time. “You’ll be getting more of this in the near future I’m sure of that!” She smiled to herself, as she continued to dab his cock. “We do look a mite sore; but that will soon go!”

The girls were pleased with themselves, James’s had fucked each of them whom he’d not as to a clue to whom they were, and Margaret had been belittled, now being one of the girls so to speak. No longer could she be so adamant of her status, but best of all, neither Margaret or James had realised that their sibling had fucked them, even though they’d enjoyed each other.

Each were taken back to where they’d been hijacked shortly afterwards still lightly tied so that they could soon release themselves before making their ways back home. James was the first, his mother looked at him as he came in the door. “You look a bit of a mess if you don’t mind me saying so, what have you been up to?”

Needless to say he’d not thought of checking his attire before entering the house. He was to some extent in disarray he’d never realised; his mind was somewhere else.

“Rugby, had a game of rugby with some of the boy’s; I’d better get cleaned up.

James headed for the bathroom.

Margaret knew she couldn’t go for the front door when she got home, didn’t want to be seen, so she made for the back door, then straight up to her bedroom. She’d never felt so sticky in her life, when she removed her panties they were a really in a mess; plastered in white goo. She didn’t know whom the girls were that had kidnapped her, but her taste of sex was grand, she’d never have thought it. Grabbing her clean clothes she made for the bathroom, as luck would have it James had finished and was in his own bedroom.

When James got dressed he couldn’t believe as to how swollen his cock was, putting his hand down he rubbed it, that strange feeling came back, and soon it was rising to the occasion the sensation was good. His thoughts went back to the girls, especially the one that he cum up, Christ that was a good feeling; it was almost as all of his body had rushed to his cock. Still one had told him they’d be more, but why couldn’t they have revealed themselves, especially the one at the end.

“What have you done to you’re wrists” Margaret’s mother asked, as she sat down at the table, noting what looked like burn marks. She’d not detected that James had the same; his wrists were now covered with his shirtsleeves.

“Possibly from the cord on the curtains, I couldn’t get them to draw!” Margaret lied, trying to conceal her hands under the table.

It wasn’t until the next morning that there was a problem. Their mother was quite taken aback. Being a Monday it was washday when she’d stripped the beds. First it was James, he’d had his first wet dream, more than likely dreaming about the day before, he’s sheets were stuck together; but when she’d got to Margaret’s bed; the bottom sheet was nothing but a mass of snail marks where she’d not ridded herself of James’s load the afternoon before.


2006-12-02 03:09:00
I beleive there was no rape.
They were willing.
So its not really rape.

Overall Pretty Good.10/10


2006-05-27 21:04:20
the wording is cute, but i've read to of your works with that 'cute' writing. mix it up. also, stop spending all your time using the thesarous so you can use words like snigger and fix the grammar. interesting story, though.


2005-07-14 02:53:30
DAM hot as hell i cant wate tell thay start fucking each other!


2005-05-19 21:22:28
this story was hot...please write more


2005-04-22 16:07:16
I couldn't see any spelling mistakes! but them I'm English too.

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