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It was the middle of the winter and mom had gone on vacation. It was just me and my step dad now. Dan, my step dad and I had gotten along pretty well. We liked each other there was no fighting so things were pretty peaceful. Im Adam, Im 16 years old. I have a great body since I play football, volleyball and lacrosse. I have blue eyes, brown blonde hair. I hit puberty pretty early so I was more mature than the guys. My legs were hairier, I started getting a full stubble at 14. Id also been a hit for the ladies. I got my first blowjob at 13 and almost had sex at 15 but she chickened out. I would consider my self bi since I had experimented with some of the guys before. Like jerking off together.
But this story is about me and Dan. Dan was in his 30s and had a better body than me. He was tall, muscular and was a good looking man.
One morning, I was getting ready for school and I thought he had left for work already. I went downstairs to the bathroom naked to take a shower. Well he was in the kitchen and I froze when he saw me. He was standing behind the fridge door so I only saw his upper body.
Listen, he said, were both men here, we like to be nude and let everything free, its only natural. I have no problem with you doing it.
He shut the door and I saw him nude. Like I said before, im bi so I don’t mind seeing anything but fuck, his cock was huge. Even limp, it had to be at least 7 inches and 4 inches thick.
So keep all that in mind, I have to get to work, would you like a ride? He asked.
Sure id like to ride you… A ride to school !
He laughed and said ok. I quickly showered and got dressed.
The school day was pretty normal, I had gym and we showered. I quietly showered and thought about this morning. I heard the guys laughing and some sloshing of water. I started to get hard so I finished the shower and got dressed. I went home after because practice was canceled.
I got home and my step dad was already home. I walked in the door to find him naked, taking a nap on the couch. It was a Friday and I decided to take my own nap.
I woke up at 6 and heard my step dad in the kitchen making dinner. I took my nap nude and went down stairs nude. I found him with just a apron on. He brought the food over and we both ate quickly.
Dan, do you have any lube or baby oil. Im hard as a rock and havent jerked off in days.
Yeah, let me clean off the table. Go to my room.
I walked into his room and his clothes were laying on the bed. I picked up his underwear which were nice grey briefs and I had a urge to inhale. Intoxicating. I laid down and waited. He came in and laid next to me.
He opened the draw and pulled out a big ass bottle of astroglide. He opened it and put some in his hand and reached for my cock. By the way my cock is a good 8 inches and 3 inches thick. He lubed up my cock and started pounding away. I took the bottle and lubed up his cock. It was like holding a giant meat rod. I jerked him off. We were jerking each other for a good 10 minutes when he said with soft moans coming out, I.. Want… you.. In… Me.
Of course I was willing to do it. I got up, lubed some more and slowly slide my meat into his hairy hungry hole. I shoved it in and started pounding away. My balls slapped against his ass and we were both screaming and moaning.
Im gonna cum uhhh! My cock got hotter and throbbed. I let out one last moan and I shot my man juice in him. He had already came all over the bed. I shot at least 6 ropes of my white cum in him. We laid next to each other and embraced. We laid in cum lube and sweat. He whispered, Tomorrows Saturday, wake up early and we both fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up and Dan was gone, there was cum all over the bed. I went to the master bathroom to take a bath because the bathtub was so big. I walked in with my morning wood and some lube hoping for a relaxing beat off. I turned the water on and let It warm up.
After a while I got in. I heard Dan in the other room taking off the sheets. I lubed up and started wanking. My balls slapped against my fist and I started moaning like crazy. Dan came in and very seductively said, need a hand? He took of his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. As he pulled them down I noticed the huge bulge in his tighty whities. He stripped down to his underwear and rubbed his cock. He went over to the shower and started it up and said bring that cock over here. I got up and walked to the shower. We both walked in.
He kissed me hard and rubbed my back and grabbed my ass. I grabbed his ass back. It was getting so steamy in the shower I was so horny and I noticed his dick was throbbing. I got down on my news and starting sucking his big veiny dick. He took my head and started to face fuck me. I caressed his balls and soon he stopped me and said he didn’t want to cum yet.
I laid down on the floor of the shower and he lubed up his cock, Are you ready, he asked me.
I said yeah and he slid it in slowly at first and than shoved his cock. I yelped out from pain but after it was pure pleasure. He started pounding and soon I just started to enjoy the huge cock in my ass. I restarted to jerk my cock when Dan took a hold of it and gave me a hand job. It had to be the best one I ever got. He knew how to handle a mans cock and soon I came all over his hand and my body. I felt him tense up and told him to cum in me. I couldn’t wait for his man juices to be shot up my ass. After another minute he started breathing fast and came. I felt warm cum shoot up my ass. After he finished up, he pulled out and my ass was sore. He laid next to me and we decided to go to the bathtub. We laid in the bathtub and I soon fell asleep on his chest.
* Part two soon!*

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2011-12-20 18:31:57
Great story. Cant wait for part 2

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