For all of you who know my work, this is another series about the inappropriate love between two people which turns into lust. As with most of my stories, this starts slowly with tantalizing scenes and scenarios and builds throughout the series into, I hope, a very gratifying conclusion or at least stopping point to judge whether the comments and readership merit further story expansion. If you don’t like this type of long story and want more action immediately, then there are many such writers on this site. But if you like a good build up to a good story, well I try real hard to satisfy those yearnings. Enjoy my latest, “Home on Leave” about the love of a brother for his younger sister and how things got out of hand while he was home on leave from the Navy.
The telephone poles zipped by the window, telling me that I was getting closer to home with every mile passed. I was riding on the Greyhound from San Diego to southern Montana where I was born and brought up and now I was heading that way for the first time in a while. I’m a Squid, a nickname for someone in the Navy, and I’ve been away for better than a year now. I haven’t been out to sea yet since I’ve been training but that is all about to come to an end. I’ve got orders to ship out in a month, right after I get off leave.

I went to college after I graduated from high school and, although I got good grades and everything, I soon realized that the world of academia wasn’t for me so a decided to join the Navy. I’ve been training in electronics for about a year and will see just how well they trained me in a month or so. In the mean time, I’m riding home on this here bus and can hardly wait until it gets there.

I had to start the trip wearing my uniform to get the Serviceman’s Discount but there was nothing on the ticket that said that I had to arrive wearing it, so at the first stop, I look my carry on bag with me into the bathroom and changed my clothes into civies. I came out and the driver gave me the once over as he smiled and said, “Got someone meetin’ ya’, huh?”

I just smiled back at him and answered, “Yes Sir.”

Scrunching down in my seat and turning my head to the window for support, I did manage to catch a little shut eye on the way but I wished that I had forgone that little luxury because I had a stiff neck when I awoke. “Oh shit,” I thought to myself, “I didn’t want to meet her with a crick in my neck. Oh well, she won’t mind.”

I tried to sleep that evening but I was restless and sitting upright in the seat like that plus the fact that I had slept that afternoon didn’t help my insomnia much either. I would watch the glow off of the poles fade into the darkness as they flew by me. I tried to doze a little but it was to no avail. My mind wondered to my life, my sisters and the time when my parents died in the car accident. It was five years ago in December and it all seemed like it was yesterday.

My older sister took my younger one in to raise her as her own but “Little Bit” didn’t really know her sister Jan. You see, Marcie, I call her “Little Bit” because she is such a little bit of a girl, was Mom’s mistake, as she would always refer to her as, because both Jan and I were so much older than she was. I am eight years older and Jan is thirteen years older and that makes a lot of difference when you’re only seven years old and your parents are taken away from you. It was and still is hard on my younger sister and I miss her so much.

We finally turned onto I-90 as the sun rose in the east and we headed right into it as we made our way east towards my destination. It had been a long two day journey that could have been made in a few hours if I had chosen to fly. But, instead of flying, I choose to send the majority of my pay checks home to help out with the expenses of a twelve year old sister and this was all I could afford. Maybe Jan will have a better paying job by now.

As we turned north off of I-90 and headed up to my town, I got a sudden rush of energy just thinking about the three weeks that I had before me. For one thing, I was hoping to try to rekindle any possibility of a romantic relationship with Carol down at the bank. We were classmates back in high school but never really dated or anything, in fact, we had just started dating when it was time for me to leave for the Navy. We wrote some and I kind of like her but we just need some time to see what develops. And anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve been with a girl, I probably would make a fool out of myself before I got to first base.

I looked out the window as we pulled to the stop and saw my sister Jan, puffing on a cigarette as she waited. “I thought she had quit that fowl habit, she told me she had. She must have lied to me again,” I thought to myself. My older sister was now about 25, single and worked as a waitress at the local greasy spoon during the day and she slung drinks at the bar on the weekends. But her full time job was looking for a husband, the richer the better.

I looked up when I got off of the bus, just in time to catch my sister eye. She was smiling at me as I walked over to greet her and had put a fresh stick of gum in her mouth.

“Hey Jan,” I said to her, showing her more affection than I should. Jan had not accepted motherhood that well and kind of resented my joining the Navy and leaving her with Marcie. I think it cramped her style a little, hell it cramped her style a lot but Marcie is her sister after all, and she never stopped informing me of that fact.

She walked up and gave me a hug around the neck and asked, “Nice trip?”

I wrinkled my nose and told her, “Not necessarily,” and took my bag and put it in the car. We started home without saying much else until she commented, “Marcie will glad to see you. You know me and Carl are going away for the weekend so you will have her to yourself.” Carl was Jan’s latest target for a husband and I could have told her that there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell she would ever get him. He wasn’t the marrying kind. All he wanted from Jan he got for free so why should he bother. He was no different than every other guy Jan brought home to spend the night with, they all used her until they got tired of her and moved on, leaving her looking for another guy she could get her hooks into.

The real problem, as I saw it anyway, was that it gave my poor younger sister a terrible home life. What she needed at this time was a stable home and that was nothing that Jan could give her. Instead, Little Bit got exposed to a steady stream of short term relationships, one after another, and who knows what she saw and thought. It wasn’t stable and in wasn’t healthy. But when I left for the Navy, I left any room that I had to criticize with my departure so I didn’t say anything.

We arrived at the house my parents left my sisters and I. It wasn’t much to begin with, but with five years of abuse with no maintenance under its belt, it was starting to look pretty shabby at the edges. I kept my opinions to myself as I walked into my old room and put my things down on the floor.

It was 3:00 in the afternoon and that meant that my Little Bit should be home from school pretty soon and I couldn’t wait to see her. She was now twelve and in the seventh grade. The last time I saw her she was a tomboy’s tomboy. Her blonde ponytail flying behind her as she ran circles around any boy who would dare to race her, she could out climb, out jump, and out wrestle any boy her own age and they all knew it. She was my Little Bit and I loved her for being her.

At exactly 3:30, the front door slammed shut and I heard the running of shoes down the hall towards my room. I turned just in time to see this blur take off and jump into my arms and heard her squeal with excitement. “Bobby oh Bobby, I’ve miss you so much.”

I flung my arms out wide and caught her up within my embrace and squeezed her as tight as I dared. My eyes were closed tight and I felt all of the love she had for me come through her tight grip around my neck. She was squeezing me with all of her might as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She continued to squeeze me with her legs and arms as I reached down with my hands to cradle her by the butt. It was then that I realized that she was wearing a skirt.

I removed my hands from her butt as she slid down the front of me. She looked up into my eyes with the gleeful twinkle and said, “Oh Bobby, I can’t believe it is really you. I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here and it finally has.”

I walked her back out into the kitchen but she wouldn’t let go of my arm. She was holding on so tight as if she never wanted to let it go again for fear that I might take off. I explained to her again that I could only stay here for three weeks and she said that she understood, but that didn’t make any difference with her grip on me.

Jan had left for her weekend with Carl a while ago so it was just the two of us alone in our house. I asked her about school, about her home life and about Jan. She told me that every thing was fine except that she didn’t like Carl very well. I asked why and she told me that she didn’t know but something in the way that he looked at her made her feel uneasy. He was always smiling at her and yelling at Jan. This raised a few questions in my mind but I didn’t want to seem concerned in front of Little Bit, so I just smiled and changed the subject.

I took her out to catch a burger and fries in the car that Jan had left for us to use. It was Mom’s car when they died and I wondered if the oil had been changed in the year since I changed it last. I’d have to check it out tomorrow but I was getting tired tonight so I drove us home. It was almost dark but it was a Friday night so I told Little Bit that we would watch a movie on TV if she ran into her room and got her pajamas on. She squealed and ran off to her room. She emerged in a minute or two, pulling a tee shirt over her head as she rejoined me in front of the TV.

I turned on the movie and settled down with a coke to watch it with my Little Bit sitting right beside me. I had changed into some sweat pants and a tee shirt to get comfortable while Marcie was in her room so we both felt warm and cuddly as the movie began. It was a monster thriller and before long, Little Bit was sitting on my lap with her knees pulled up to her chest. She was so intent and frightened by what was happening on the screen that she was biting on the top of her tee shirt at the neck opening and sometimes, she even was closing her eyes during the real scary parts.

As she began to squirm around on my lap, her boney little bottom would pry itself down into my lap and put pressure on my penis. The first time I felt it, I just moved her off of it and continued watching the movie but on the second time, it started to twitch and jerk a little as it pressed back up into her boney butt. My eyes started to notice that my Little Bit had grown up a lot during the last year since I have seen her. She was starting to stick out a little in front and I caught myself looking down her tee shirt through her neck opening, hoping to see just what she had down there.

What was I doing anyway? This was my little sister, my Little Bit that I was goggling, not some San Diego whore. I mean, I never even thought about paying for it during my year down there, well, that’s not true, I did think about it a lot, but I never did anything about it. I just dreamed about it and jerked off a lot. But now I’m trying to look down my sister’s shirt to see her little boobies, what kind of a pervert am I anyway?

But then she bent over a little and there they were, in full view, sticking right out there in front of my eyes. They were the beginning of two nice small breasts. They protruded out from her chest a good two inches or so and she had nice small little nipples that were now very soft and suckable. My God, what’s happening to me?

She must have felt the twitch because she suddenly turned around and over her shoulder asked, “Bobby, what are you doing down in your lap? You keep poking me with your thingy.”

“I’m sorry Little Bit. Watch the movie now,” I told her, moving her off of my semi-hard dick.

We settled down and I tried my hardest to concentrate on what was happening on the TV screen and about the time I picked up the story line again, Marcie drew up her knees to her chest and placed her feet right on top of my lap. My thoughts went immediately back to my problem under my little sister’s butt and it jerked again. She just giggled and scooted her butt down into its movement.

I tried to hide it but she wouldn’t let it go. Every time it would start to relax, she would wiggle or push down into it and make it jerk a little and then she would giggle. She was having fun playing this little game with me but I didn’t think it was a bit funny. I decided that I would go on the offensive and “teach her a lesson”. So I slowly moved my hand to her knees and started rubbing my hand all over them. She stiffened up a little but then relaxed and spread her knees out. My gosh, was my sister inviting my hand to explore her down between her legs?

I tried to keep control over my hand, I really did, but it acted like it had a mind of its own. First it was rubbing just on her knees and then it was just on her inner knees. Pretty soon I had my hand down about half way on her thigh and then, just as I was about to move it further down on her leg, the movie came to the end and she sat back up and dropped her legs back down. She turned to me and looked me right in the eyes and then she smiled. It was a devilish smile, one that left me searching for its meaning. Marcie suddenly scooted off of my lap and sat down on the couch beside of me. She swung her legs up on the seat towards me, spread her legs out into the Indian sitting position and shoved her big toe into my face.

“I think I’ve got a sticker in my toe. Can you look and see?” she asked nonchalantly.

I looked but all I saw was the crotch of her cotton panties that were staring right back at me. I swallowed hard and diverted my eyes to her toe. I looked hard but couldn’t see anything. “I don’t see anything, Little Bit,” I said after a moment.

“Oh, okay,” she said closing her legs back together. I caught a glance of her looking up at my eyes to see if I was looking at her crotch. You know that they were and she smiled just a little.

I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 10:45 and I had had a long day, at least I used that as an excuse to get my butt out of there. I don’t know where I lost control but somewhere I certainly did. So I told Little Bit that I was tired and was going to go to bed. She got a grin on her face and said that she was too.

I walked her to her room and tucked her into bed but the look on her face told me she was disappointed. She didn’t say a word but after I gave her a kiss on the cheek, I walked out and turned off the light and heard a big sigh from her bed. I walked to my room, grabbed a Kleenex and took it to bed with me. I hoped that Little Bit went right to sleep and didn’t hear the squeaking of the bed in my room.

I had a fitful night’s sleep, even though I used my best method to get rid of insomnia, whacking off, I still had little rest and awful dreams. I guess it was my guilty conscious for lusting over my little sister or something like that because I usually sleep like a log, especially after relieving myself, but usually didn’t help me out this night.

I must have finally fallen asleep sometime in the wee hours of the morning because I was really out of it when I was drug back to earth by the strangest sensation. At first I thought that I was dreaming. I had a real boner and was getting the heck stimulated out of it and I was feeling so good. I was just getting ready to cum in my dream when I opened my eyes to my sister.

She was lying beside me with her leg slung over my hip and her calf was right on my crotch. She was still wearing her night clothes and her panty covered crotch was pressed up against my hip. When she saw me open my eyes, she smiled and said in a cheerful voice, “Hi there Big Brother. Do you like the way I woke you up?”

I was shocked into reality as I became fully awake. Her words made little sense to my ears. All I knew was that my little sister was rubbing her leg on my engorged cock like she had done this many times in the past. I instinctively pushed her off roughly and yelled at her, “What I the hell do you think you are doing? No I don’t like the way you woke me up now get the hell out of here!”

I was enraged by her actions as I tried to get a grip on myself. The look on her face was one of horror and of fright. I had never yelled at Little Bit before, not ever, and now she didn’t know what to make of it. Her eyes welled up and over flowed down her cheeks as she ran to the door. Suddenly, I realized what I said and felt like shit. “Little Bit, I’m sorry. Come on back please? Oh please can you ever forgive me, Little Bit? Oh please come back here and give me a big hug. I’m sorry, really I am.”

She stopped at the door, her tears flowing down her cheeks and turned around and walked slowly back to the bed. She sat down on the edge as I grabbed her into my arms and gave her the biggest hug ever. I held her there in my arms for minutes with her crying and me feeling like shit. I yelled at my little sister, but she startled me out of my sleep. She startled me be rubbing her leg on my cock! “What the hell is going on around here anyway?” I thought.

Feeling like my composure was in check and her tears were under control also, I posed the obvious question, “Little Bit, why did you wake me up in that way?”

“I thought you would like it. Carl always likes it when Jan does that to him. I’ve heard him tell her that he likes it. Why didn’t you like it, Bobby? Your thingy liked it I know because it got all big and everything,” she explained.

“You’ve seen your sister do that to with Carl? What else have you seen them do? How often do they do it? Where do they do it?” I asked these questions as fast as they came into my mind.

“I don’t know,” she whined as the tears started to flow again. “I just saw them in Jan’s bedroom one morning when I got up to go to school. Her door was open a little and I heard them in there making noise so I stopped and looked in and I saw her on top of Carl and she was rubbing herself on his thingy, that’s all.”

“Oh Little Bit,” I said giving her another big hug. “You shouldn’t peek into anyone else’s bedroom should you?”

“No, I know that, but they do it all over the place, on the couch, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. I can’t stay in my room all the time can I?”

“No,” I said reassuring her with my hug. “Well, I love you for being so honest,” I told her and then I said something else. “And really, I liked the way you woke me up this morning, even if I didn’t show it.” I was horrified at what came out of my mouth. I didn’t mean it, well, yes I did. But I didn’t want to encourage her. Well, yes I did. What am I thinking? What did I say? Can I take it back?

She scooted over to me on the bed and lay down beside me, looking into my eyes, trying to see what I was really thinking, I guess. As I slowly took her into my arms and started to cuddle her by pulling her into my hip, she slung her leg back on top of my crotch and pressed her junction into me warmly. I couldn’t help myself, she was willing and, God help me, so was I.

I lay there, holding her tight to my side. I could feel her warm little body snuggling up into my embrace and I wondered what was happening to me. One moment I’m watching a movie with my little sister and the next I’m trying to reach down between her legs. My gosh, am I a pervert or what? Now I’m laying here in my bed with her tight against me, contemplating, contemplating doing things to her that are perverted, disgusting and awful and why am I breathing so heavily. Why am I trembling with anticipation?

My hand was rubbing on her back, through her tee shirt as I continued to run the battle over and over in my mind. For the longest time I just lay there, rubbing on her back, thinking. My next move would be decisive. It would be either the death of this whole thing or it would be the beginning. Oh my God, which way would it go? Do I have enough strength to stop it?

Suddenly I felt the pressure of her knee as she scooted it right into my crotch and against my erection. “Oh no, she’s moving herself to make greater contact with me,” I thought. “Now what am I going to do?”

My hand went down to her hip and then to her butt cheek and pulled it into my leg. “I am going to hell. I am failing in every way in my battle to stop this. My God, I don’t want this, but I can’t help myself it feels so good, so right. Please forgive me Little Bit but I’ve got to touch you.”

I slid my hand under her tee shirt and caressed her panty covered butt, gently touching it, over and over, rotating it on her whole cheek. My hand would stop and squeeze her a little and pull it tight so that her crotch would press into my thigh and hip area. Breathing became harder for me so I began to pant a little through my open mouth as I thought, “My God I want to touch her all over. But I’ve got to take it slow, I can’t rush it. I’ve just got to see how it goes.”

My hand began to slowly caress higher on her back, off of her panties and onto the skin of her lower back. She did not resist in any way but kind of scooted into my hip a little more. I wondered if she really was receptive to touching her or was it my imagination of wanting her to give me a sign, but I really felt her crotch press firmly into my hip and I though a heard a little sigh escape from her lips. I continued to go higher and higher with my touch and I bunched up her tee shirt as I went. Finally my hand reached her back and as I pressed her into my side, she scooted over to where she was straddling me with her legs. We were at that point of making a decision, a very big decision and I didn’t know which way I would vote.

I moved my other hand up under her tee shirt and began to give her a full, two handed massage on her back, pushing them higher onto her shoulders to give her the whole effect. Her shirt rode up on her back and pulled up in front until she looked up at me and asked, “Jan wasn’t wearing anything on her top and I could see her boobies. They are bigger than mine are. Do you really want to see what I’ve got? There’s not much there to see.”

I was shocked by this question and I search desperately for an answer. “Hell yes,” I thought. But then I hesitated for a second, letting my conscious get its word in. But I ignored it as I was too far gone to listen so I said in a husky voice, “Okay, yeah I guess so.”

She raised her arms, giving me the freedom and permission to take it off of her and as I slowly pulled it over her shoulders and then her arms, she clamped her arms down trapping her shirt on her chest. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was frightened. I slid my hand up and grabbed the shirt and slowly pulled it off of her. I saw her tiny little breasts for the first time. They were puffy little protrusions that gave one the feeling of things to come. Her nipples were small, hard and erect and they begged to be handled. She was sitting up looking into my eyes, waiting for my reaction. As I continued to stare visually at her budding little boobies, she became self conscious and moved her arm back up in an attempt to hide herself from my inspection. I looked up at her, smiled and gently took her arm and placed it down at her side.

“I told you they were kind of small,” she said sheepishly.

“They are perfect for someone your age,” I reassured her. Then I though, “For someone your age, my gosh you’re only twelve years old, what am I doing?”

My cock was as hard as it could be. It was lying down under my sweat pants but pushing out and up between her legs. She suddenly started rubbing back and forth with her hips, causing her crotch to make contact with it as it strained to find its way out. I was going wild with desire as my hands found her little breasts, one for each hand and gently closed down on them. She raised her chin and closed her eyes as she took in a deep breath and then ground her pussy into my erection. She was moaning softly as I was massaging her breasts with my hands and started to raise my hips into her movement.

What was I doing? My God, this is Little Bit, my kid sister! But as I argued with myself, I felt the urge well up from my loins and I grabbed her by the back with my arms and pulled her back down into a big embrace. I raised my hips up skyward just as I spewed my cum all over the inside of my sweat pants. I was wild with emotion as I continued to spill my essence out of my hard cock buried next her crotch. Over and over I shot my sperm out into my sweats, jerking and convulsing madly as I came into her pressure until I finally started to subside. Finally it stopped and I started to deflate.

She was breathing heavily into my ear as she lay there on my chest. I caressed her butt that I hadn’t realized I was gripping and started caressing her back. I slowly returned to my normal breathing pattern when she raised her head and propped herself up with both hands. She looked into my eyes with a confused, questioning look on her face.

“What just happened?” she asked innocently.

“Something wonderful,” I said in a dreamy voice, “something very wonderful and something that shouldn’t have happened.”

She looked totally confused now so I explained. “Little Bit, we shouldn’t have done that. I mean it was wonderful but, well, it shouldn’t have happened. You are my little sister and I’m your big brother. We can’t be doing things like that. It’s not right, it’s not legal. My gosh, if anyone ever found out what we just did, I could be thrown in jail forever.”

The look on her face was one of horror. “I won’t tell, I promise I won’t!” she shrieked. “It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I pushed you into doing it. It was all my fault!”

I pulled her into my arms again, back onto my chest as I tried to think. Really, what did we do that could be found out anyway. I just rubbed her back, looked at her boobies and got excited and shot my wad into my sweats. No one was hurt and there was no evidence. I took a deep breath and told her, “Little Bit, we can’t ever do that again.”

She didn’t say a word but just kept her head down on my chest. I don’t know what she was thinking but I vowed right then and there that this type of activity would never happen again. But God, it felt so good!

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