Later that morning, we had gotten dressed for the day, casual was in order, and we went out for breakfast and a trip to the park. Little Bit was happily bouncing around in the car and I was worriedly wondering what I was going to do. Would I really do the things that I wanted to do to my younger sister or would I get control over my mind? I truly didn’t know at that point if anything would happen but I was desperately afraid that it would.

We ate our breakfast and then decided to go to our favorite park just like always and run and play and be carefree. We arrived and as I parked the car, she opened her door and ran as fast as her two long legs would carry her to the old jungle gym bars, her favorite. I watch as she ran over to them and noticed the shape of her legs, her lean little body and her budding figure, just starting to develop. She was wearing some soccer style shorts, a tee shirt and sneakers and as I watched, my cock started to twitch just thinking of her and her innocence. I suddenly was looking forward to being with her today.

As I followed her over to the gym she had climbed up on it and perched herself on the very top medal rung. Sitting there on her throne, smiling down on me she said, “Come here and let me show you something.”

I walked under the structure of connected pipes until I was standing directly under her position. She was just a little over head high sitting on the rung with her back to me. Her butt was hanging over the bar and her shorts were wide open to my view. I could see her panties covering her squished buttocks and then she fell backward, catching the bar with the crook of her knees as she swung down in an upside down position. Her knees were apart and her arms fell down over her head towards the ground. What I saw next almost stopped my heart from beating.

Her tee shirt proved that Newton’s Law of Gravity was true once again as it fell away down to her chin, exposing her bra covered breasts to anyone who happened to be looking. Fortunately I was the only one there and I was staring. Besides exposing her chest to me, she had also exposed her crotch. The flimsy little soccer shorts that were made wide at the legs and of the lightest of materials, fell down to her hips exposing her panty covered crotch to my gaze, except for the thin line of material that was caught up in at the junction of her legs. I don’t know if it was planned or not but it took her a second or two to try and pull everything back into its proper place.

Pulling herself back into a sitting position, she said, “Oh my that was kind of embarrassing. Did you get a good look?”

Her cheeks were a little red, either from all of the blood running to them or from embarrassment I wasn’t certain but as I looked into those eyes, I detected just a hint of shyness. My heart started to pound in my chest and I started to shake just a little inside my body as she once again slid back down into the hanging position. I reached up and tried to give her some assistance in righting herself on the bar but she said, “I like to hang like this. Don’t you like it too?”

I murmured something like “Yeah” or something else profound and then I slowly moved my hands from assisting her to caressing her. I reached out and glided my finger tips over her thigh right where her panties started. I moved them up towards her knees and then back down towards her junction. Halting them there, just where the skin stopped and the material started, I had to make my decision. It was now or never, if I continued I was going all the way. If I stopped now, maybe I could save my soul.

Suddenly, she made the decision for me by grabbing the leg of her shorts and pushing it upward to cover up her crotch. Her other hand went down to her tee shirt and pulled it back up into some semblance of where it belonged. This time when she felt my hands giving her aid in righting herself, she didn’t resist. As she sat there on the top rung of the gym, she looked kind of flustered as she asked for my help getting down. I walked around to the other side of where she was sitting and reached up with my hands to give her my assistance. This time she bent forward to accept it as I placed my hands on her hips. She fell into my grip and as I held on to her shorts, she slid down causing them to bunch up under my hands. They went all the way up to her waist again and I was standing there with my hands full of her panties.

I let go of the material but didn’t remove my touch from her hips. I curled my fingers under her elastic around the leg holes as she breathed in sharply. She looked up into my eyes with a questioning look in them. It was as if she was asking “What are we doing?” I ran my fingers in the leg holes around to the back side and released them both at her crotch. She didn’t say a word she just looked into my eyes with this inquisitive stare.

I brought my hands around to the front on her waist band as I looked deep into her eyes and then I smiled. I said to her softly, “Yes, I got a good look.”

She turned a bright shade of red and lowered her eyes. She was still silent so I asked, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Again she continued to blush as she raised her head a little, looked up with her eyes and replied, “Yeah, I guess so.”

I took her by the hand as we headed for the path that led to an open field where usually there was as pick up football game or soccer game being played. But today there was neither. In fact, there wasn’t anyone running and playing like there usually was. We had the whole field to ourselves. Suddenly Marcie burst out of my grip and went running off across the field turning cart wheel after cart wheel. I got a big grin on my face and raced after her, turning a few of my own.

As I approached the position where she had stopped her tumbling, I noticed that she was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed in front of her, so plopped down right there and smiled into her eyes. She giggled back and then began to pick some blades of grass and threw them into the air. I reached my hand in front of where she had her legs crossed and plucked a few blades myself. Then very slowly and very deliberately, a touched my fingers on her inner thigh and ran it up to her crotch area. She watched as my finger approached its destination and just before it got there, she sprung up to her feet and said, “Watch me walk on my hands, Bobby.”

I felt the pang of being rejected but it soon passed when she asked me to catch her legs with my hands and walk along with her. As her feet came up to my hands, she deliberately spread them apart exposing her crotch to my eyes once again. My heart started to race as the shorts found their way down to her waist exposing her panty covered crotch to my eyes. But this time one of the leg holes was scrunched up into her crack and my eyes were treated to a full cheek being exposed.

I rested her legs against my chest and ran my hands down onto her legs. She stiffened up but did not object until I reached down to just above her crotch. She tucked her hands under her and rolled away from me and landed on her rear end facing away. She reached down and pulled her panties back to where they felt comfortable but other than that, she didn’t move.

I walked slowly around until I was standing directly in front of her. I looked down and she slowly looked up into my eyes. A look of confusion came over her face as she asked, “Bobby, I don’t get it. You say that what I did this morning was wrong and that we weren’t going to do anything like it again. Then you try to touch me down there every time you can. I don’t get it. Do you want to touch me or are we not going to do anything like that?”

I knew right away that I had been giving conflicting signals to her and just how unfair I had been. I was wrong and I knew it. I started to stammer my reply but it didn’t come out the way that I wanted it to. I had to make the decision. What did I want? God help me decide. Then I asked, “What do you want me to do?”

She looked disturbed by my question and looked away. She bit her lip as she looked up into the sky as she answered, “I don’t know what I want. I know how it feels when you rub up against me down there and I know that I like to feel good. But you said that it is wrong for a brother and sister to play around like that and I, well, I ah…I don’t know.”

I sat down on the ground in front of her and gently took her into my arms. I gave her a hug and said, almost under my breath, “Oh Little Bit, it’s all my fault. You see, I’m having a lot of trouble knowing what to do also. Every time I look at you I want to touch you all over. You are so beautiful, so absolutely adorable that I can’t keep these thoughts out of my mind. But yes it is wrong, very wrong and that’s why I’m giving you mixed messages. I don’t know what to do. I want to but I’m afraid, afraid that I won’t be able to stop.”

She thought for a long moment and then she said, “Bobby, I’m afraid too. I want you to touch me anywhere you want to. I want to be close to you and I want you to love me always. But I’m afraid that if I ask you to touch me, to love me, you won’t want to. You will think that I’m just wrong and won’t want to see me ever again.” Saying these last words, she broke down into tears and threw herself against my chest.

I held her close for awhile and then got her up to her feet and we walked back to the car, we’d had enough for this day. We were silent all the way home and when we got there, she went to her room and didn’t come out the rest of the day. I messed around the house, doing some over do maintenance and finished up in time to take a shower and fix some dinner.

While standing under the spray of the shower, I thought a heard to door open. I didn’t react like I noticed but I was sure that Little Bit was in the bathroom with me. I turned my body away from the spray and keeping my head in the water I opened my eyes just a little and peered out through the clear, yet steamy glass of the shower door. I couldn’t tell for sure but I thought I saw a young girl make her way to the doorway and exit the bathroom. I chuckled to my self and continued with my shower.

Returning to the kitchen, I decided to order some pizza instead of cooking something so I placed our order and went to Little Bit’s room. Speaking through her door, I told her what we were having for dinner and that it would be here in about a half hour. I turned and went back into the living room and turned on the TV when I heard the bathroom door close and the shower turned on. I hesitated a couple minutes and then I went to the bathroom, slowly opened the door and looked in. There, under the spraying water was the naked body of my sister with her back towards me. She was washing her hair and I didn’t think that she had heard me come in.

I watched for a moment and then decided to announce my presents so I said out loud, “Little Bit, I just wanted to let you know that the pizza should be here in about 15 minutes or so, so when you get through taking your shower, you should come on out to eat.”

She froze under the spraying water. She clutched her arms around her chest as she softly answered, “Okay.”

I could plainly see her butt cheeks being squeezed tightly together as she stood motionless. I said to her, “Since you’re washing your hair, why don’t you bring your brush and hairdryer out when you come and I’ll brush and dry it for you after we eat.”

“Okay,” was her only response and then I exited the room leaving her to her shower. As I walked all the way back to the living room I couldn’t get the image of her naked body standing there under the shower out of my mind. “God, I’ve got to see her. I’ve got to touch her. I’m going to do both this very evening,” I vowed to myself.

I opened the door for the pizza delivery guy and took the pie to the kitchen. Setting it down on the counter, I decided to quickly go to my room to strip down to my skivvies in preparation for this evening’s activities I hoped would occur. I will tell her that my skivvies were what I usually sleep in if she asks. As I came out of my room, Little Bit came out of hers and we stopped and stared at each other for a brief second.

She was wearing a plain white night gown. It appeared to be made out of cotton material and it hung over her shoulders by two straps, about a half of an inch wide. It was loose fitting and it covered her legs down to about mid thigh. I allowed her to lead the way into the kitchen and as she walked before me, I could see her panties showing through her night gown as it got caught up on her little butt. As she walked, she pulled it down to its full length but never looked back to see if I was looking.

We took our pizza back out into the living room to watch a little TV but were soon bored with watching it so I suggested that she come sit at my feet and allow me to brush and dry her hair. She agreed and was soon sitting on the floor in front of where I was sitting on the couch. As I brushed the tangles out of her hair she was trying not to cry out in pain. I finally could run the brush through her wet hair without finding any tangles and proceeded to use the hair dryer to dry it. After about ten minutes or so, I turned off the dryer and brushed her one more time.

“Did you see everything that you wanted to see in the bathroom this evening?” I asked her suddenly, setting down the dryer.

She didn’t answer at first she just looked out in surprise. Finally she said, “I guess.”

“Do you want to get a better view of it?” I surprised her again with my question.

I could tell that she was blushing from the color on her neck. She didn’t answer at all but let out a deep sigh and allowed her head to fall back into my lap. As she made contact with my semi-hard cock, her breath got caught in her throat and she gasped just a little. Then she closed her eyes and pressed her head back into my crotch. My cock immediately sprang into action with a twitch that I had no doubt that she felt.

She moved both hands up to her shoulders and ran them up my thighs along her neck. I almost died it felt so good, so I slowly lowered my hands down the front of her night gown to her breast area and squeezed them both tenderly. She moaned slightly and scooted her hands under my shorts until they couldn’t reach any further but they almost touched what she was hoping to touch.

I whispered to her, “Little Bit, I want to touch you all over. I want to teach you many things. I’m not going to tell you that it is wrong. I’m not going to stop once I start. I want you and I’m going to have you, unless you stop me right now. Do you want this a badly as I do? If your answer is yes then say so quickly because I can’t wait much longer. Is it yes or is it no?”

She waited a long, long time to answer and when she did it was more of a squeak than word. “Yes,” she said in a barely audible voice. “Yes I want you too.”

My heart racing when I heard these words so I stood up, bent over to picked her up into my arms and carried her into my room. The bed light shown brightly as I flipped the switch into the “on” position and carried her over to my bed to lay her down. Her trim little legs were fully exposed and I could barely see the crotch of her panties staring back at my sight line. She looked up at me hesitantly, a little fearful of what was to happen next but anxious for it to begin. Her eyes grew bigger as I placed my hands on my shorts and moved them down over my hips.

My hard erection sprang free of my shorts as they passed over my crotch. My dark patch of pubic hair blended down onto my legs and up around my navel as the curly mass made its début to my sister’s eyes. They were opened wide as they saw for the first time an erect penis of a man and this man just happen to be her brother. A little gasp escaped her lips as she grasp the size of my stiff cock sticking straight out at her and I detected a little fear in those eyes.

I dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them and slowly walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. I thought it best to explain to her exactly where I was about to touch her and what I was going to do. But first I needed some information from my sister and I knew that the answers would be embarrassing for her.

“Little Bit, I need to know some things about your body so I won’t hurt you in any way okay?” I gently asked.
“Okay,” she responded.

I took a deep breath before I asked the first question. “Have you started menstruating yet?”

She looked shocked and started to blush immediately. She looked down and then into my eyes as she slowly and very quietly answered, “Yes.”

“When was the last time you had your period?”

“When I started or when I finished?” she asked back.

“Either, I can do the math,” I stated flatly.

“I finished about ten days ago,” she answered.

“No, this is very important. There can be no “about” here. Exactly, to the day, when did you finish with your period?” I asked again with more urgency to the question.

She though for a moment as she counted in her head, “Let’s see, I’m very regular so my next period should start on the 25th so that means I started on the 27th last month. Why all of the days? What difference does it make when I start that?”

I added to today and realized that now is not the time to try intercourse with my sister. What am I saying? My God am I calculating when a good time to fuck my little sister would be? Oh God I’m so sick! But my math did pay off and I realized that just maybe before I left she would have had another period and she would be safe. My heart soared to new heights as my soul sunk to new depths. Can I go through with this?

I was satisfied that I wouldn’t be having intercourse with Little Bit until I felt assured that I wouldn’t get her pregnant. God that was the last thing I ever wanted for my little sister. So I decided not to ask the other obvious questions until intercourse was more imminent. I only hoped that this option would be available to us later on.

My attention went to my next move and that was to touch and caress the lovely body of my little sister, my Little Bit. But as I looked into her eyes all I saw was fear and apprehension. Her body language screamed out that she was petrified so I smiled gently and told her to relax.

“Is it going to hurt very much?” she asked through trembling lips.

I chuckled to myself and said, “Oh Little Bit, no I’m not going to hurt you at all. In fact it will feel good, real good. I’m not going to put it in you this time. I’m just going to touch you like this morning, okay? I may not even put it in you at all.”

I tried to be reassuring in my comments but I think that I confused her more than relieved her fears. She looked puzzled as she crinkled up her nose for a second and then asked, “Why not? Don’t you want to put it in me? I want you to.”

“Well Little Bit I want to but not at this time. I want to but…” I started to say, but I didn’t want to go in to all of my reasons for not wanting to perform intercourse with her so I added finally, “well, I have my reasons and they are not because I don’t want to, okay?”

I didn’t want to explain that I didn’t want to use a condom because it diminished the feeling for both of us or that I had to wait until just after her period had ended to be safe against pregnancy or that I didn’t want to trust my own feelings that I could pull out in time if we did it now. I just wanted her to relax now and enjoy my caressing touch.

I asked her to trust me and she said that she would and then I asked her to roll onto her tummy so I could give her a good back massage. She smiled as she complied and I straddled the back of her knees with my rock hard cock pointing right at her butt crack and moved her night gown up to expose her bare back to my touch. I took a deep breath as I touched her there on her back as I started to massage her tight little muscles.

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