I began my massage of her back at her shoulders and then ran my touch down to her waist, digging deeply into the muscles next to her spine. Then I would reverse the direction of my massage and proceed back up until I was rubbing her on her shoulders. I would stop and squeeze and dig when I found a knot but generally I would keep my hands in motion all of the time.

As I worked over my Little Bit’s back, my growing cock found her crack and started exerting its presents by rubbing up her butt crack. She would occasionally respond with a push back with her butt as she swooned under the pressure of my hands. I had moved the night gown up on her back so I was massaging the bare skin. On one of the passes upward, I pushed her gown over her head so she was lying on the front of it but it was for all intent and purposes off of her body completely.

Now my hands went down to her little rear end as I started rubbing on her butt. I was really kneading them hard, working into her hip joints with my thumbs, causing her to groan with pain, not with pleasure. I would rub her cheeks through her panties around and around, pulling them apart and stretching her little rose bud and her vagina open with every rotation. She began to squirm and I detected the fresh scent of female juices.

I moved my touch down to her hamstrings and then to her calves. As I lowered my hands, I lowered my seat until I was sitting next to her feet. When I finally got that far down, I ran my hands up the outside of her legs up to her hips and there, pulling her towards me, a raised her hips up until she was on her knees with her butt sticking straight up in the air. I grabbed one knee and moved it over until they were spread out wide. She still had her head on the bed but her little butt was looking right at me. I quit breathing for a second or two as I looked on with my eyes wide open.

She was so beautiful lying there in that position, begging me to touch her right in her junction. I moved my fingers in between her legs and ran them around with a gentle caressing touch up to where they came together. She jerked as she felt my touch down there and she let out a loud cry of pleasure. I could feel a little moisture right at the point where her opening was under the crotch of her panties so I knew that I was turning her on. She wiggled her hips a little bit as she waved them in the air and when I poked her right in her wet spot, she clamped down on her muscles and gasped.

“Do you like that?” I asked a rhetorical question. She obviously did but I needed to hear her answer so I asked again, “Does that feel good?”

“Uh huh,” she said in a squeaky high pitched voice.

I moved my entire hand to her crotch and gripped it in my palm and pressed it into her lips. While there, I began probing with my finger tips and thumb, trying to separate her lips and push her panties up into the entrance of her opening. She was breathing very hard through her open mouth and an occasional groan, moan or cry would find its way out. She was enjoying my massage as much as I was so I removed my hand and rolled her over.

She continued to close her eyes as she lay flat on her back. Her night gown got hung up on one of her arms but I pulled it free and then sat back to marvel at the view. Her light brown hair splayed out around her head giving almost a halo affect. Her beautiful face was calm and loose, completely wrinkle free, her soft trim body lay there naked from the waist up and her white cotton panties clung to her pussy as the last vestibule of modesty, all giving a hint of an angelic sacrifice before the phallic God of destruction. A pang of guilt came over me as I watched but then she opened her eyes and gave me permissive smile.

I lowered my head down to hers and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. It was the first kiss on the mouth that I had given her and she recoiled from it at first. But she soon received it warmly and actually started kissing me back. I opened my mouth just a little and she followed suit. I let the tip of my tongue venture out to touch her lips as she let it into her open mouth. As I explored the inner most reaches of her now open lips, she started reciprocating willingly as her mouth opened widely to my own and her tongue started fencing against mine. We became more and more stimulated as we continued our linguistic assault.

Her eyes were tightly closed when I withdrew from our kiss and moved my face down to her budding breast. They were so perfectly firm yet so soft and tender to my touch that I had to taste and suckle them in my mouth. I told her what I was doing just before I placed one between my lips and she inhaled sharply at the sensation. She melted into my face as she rose up into my sucking on her little sentinel and then let out her breath in a loud sigh of release. She grabbed my face as I gobbled up her breasts and guided it from one to the other. My tongue was flicking over each little, rock hard nipple in between sucking on them with my lips and I would occasionally nibble on them with my teeth. She was moaning regularly now at the attention I was giving them as she muttered softly, “Oh Bobby that feels so good.”

I released them from my oral stimulation and sat up a little to look down at her panties, the last thing in between my view of her Holy Grail. I slid my hand down on her tummy, over her tight abdomen to her waist band and finally down to her crotch. She jerked away and closed her legs tightly from my hand as she writhed from my touch. It was so stimulating that she just couldn’t take it all at once. I removed my hand and waited for her to settle down and then went back to the waist band of her panties. I ran my finger tip along the elastic around her waist for a moment or two and then I inserted it under it and repeated my movement a couple more times.

“I’m going to touch you now,” I whispered to her as I slowly moved my hand down under her panties to stop right on her fine pubic hairs. She jerked a little and groaned out loud but soon settled back down as she spread her thighs and gave me permission to explore. I pushed my hand down to the bottom of her crotch area and began to rotate my finger on her opening. She groaned again as I made a circle right on top of it with my finger tip. Around and around it went, constantly pressing inward with its probing insistence. Her lips slid open a little and I found the entrance to her vagina all wet and inviting. God I wanted to plunge it into her but I instead removed it from temptation and slid it upward to find her hooded node.

I discovered it hiding under a flap of skin that Mother Nature had provided for just such occasions but when I touched it she arched her back and moved my finger off of it. I looked up into her face and she had it all screwed up like a she was making a funny face for a picture. She threw open her eyes as she looked down at me and said loudly, “Oh my gosh, Bobby, you make me feel like I’ve got to pee or something. I’m all tingly down there and everything. I got this sudden urge to do something, oh Bobby, it feels so good!”

“Let’s take these things off, okay,” I told her. She didn’t answer but just raised her hips to allow me to remove them. As they made their way down over her growing patch of light brown pubic hair, I got my first view of heaven. I could see her labia lips under her sparsely growing hair that looked like a clam shell tightly fighting off all intruders. Her hair grew delicately down between her legs to where her juices where coming from but ventured not far above the end of her slit towards her tummy. It covered just to the edge of either protruding puffy lip and the longest hair couldn’t measure over ¾ of an inch in length straighten out. All in all her pubic area looked delicious and I had to find out just how it tasted.

I pulled them free of her feet and retraced my hand up the inner side of her leg. She let her legs open slightly and I got up to her thighs she turned her head slightly to one side and let out a loud moan of approval. But instead of placing my hand on her delicate treasure, I moved my body in between her legs, opening them up to my upper torso. I lowered my head and face down to her navel and stuck out my tongue to explore its confines. She jerked away as it found its bottom and I continued to lick it clean. I was stimulating all over her tummy as she gave out little tremors of her muscles that covered her abdomen and then I lowered myself down even further until I was staring right into her crotch.

“I’m going to taste you now. Don’t be surprised when you feel me using my mouth down there,” I warned her calmly and softly. I placed both of her legs on top of my shoulders and lowered my face down to her pubic area and then I kissed her right on her labia lips. She shuttered at my touch but seemed not to be too surprised. She was holding her breath and had been for quite some time now, so I brought a loud exhale when I placed my tongue down at her opening and pressed in between her lips. Her breath came out when she screamed, “Oh God, Bobby, oh my God!”, but she quickly took another deep breath in.

I got my first taste of her virginal juices and I knew that I was in heaven. They tasted so fresh and sweet that I would be perfectly content to never taste another woman ever again if I could only stay right where I was for the rest of the night. I lapped at her again and again as she moved under my tongue. She was getting very excited feeling my oral assault for the first time and I hadn’t even run my tongue where I wanted it yet. I was just getting started and she was nearing the end. I had to taste her every where, I had to have her explode in my mouth.

Grabbing her by her legs while burying my face between them, I rolled with her onto my back with her landing on top of me straddling my tongue still inserted between her lips. She was free to move about on my mouth so she was taking advantage of this freedom. She was grinding her crotch down on my mouth as I inserted my tongue as far as it would reach up her vagina. She was going crazy rubbing her sensitive area on my mouth and teeth as she started to build into if not her first it was her greatest orgasm ever. She was riding my mouth like a wild horse, humping and grinding away at it, building, building until she could build it no further. All of a sudden she froze like a stone. She wasn’t moving, she wasn’t breathing, she was building. She became like a statue and then she let loose.

“AHHHH GOOOOD!” she cried out at the top of her lungs. “OH GOD, OH GOD!” she cried out in ecstasy. “OH BOBBY, WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME? OH MY GOD!”

She was thrashing around on my face, grinding away with her pussy, trying to find something she that didn’t know anything about. She was enthralled in a mammoth orgasm, her first of this magnitude of her young life. She was lost in its rapture, in its overwhelming explosiveness of emotions. She was lost in its beauty, in its totality and as she came down from her release, she slumped down into its marvelous afterglow.

She rolled off of my face and was lying beside of me. She had closed her legs around her arm as she silently shook herself into slumber. I looked at her with lust in my heart but with a new found love for my sister, a love that will always remain above the love of an ordinary brother for an ordinary sister and yet it was a love, a wanting and need that bordered on insanity. I wanted her more than ever and, God help me, I had to have her, but not now, but in time.

I waited patiently as she slept off her love hangover. I silently hoped that she would need a little more of “The Dog that Bit Her” because I still had this roaring problem down between my legs and I knew of only one way the rid myself of it. But as I waited for her to recover and hoped, I knew that I was smitten by her charms and that I would surely go to hell.

She finally awoke and as she came back to life, she stretched out her legs and looked over into my eyes. She smiled a satisfied smile and then reached up with her face and gave me a grateful kiss on my lips. I kissed her back lightly and took her into my arms to cuddle her with all of my love. She scooted her crotch into my hip once again and purred her contentment.

“Does it always feel that great?” she asked in a dreamy voice.

“Was that your first time, your first real orgasm?” I asked in return.

“Well, when I saw Jan and Carl doing it in her room, I had this feeling down there and I just had to touch it and, well, I kept it up until I got this funny feeling all over and, well, I guess I kind of made myself pee or something. It felt real good but nothing like what you made me feel like,” she explained. “What happened to me anyway?”

“You had an orgasm, your first I would say,” I surmised.

“Well, I had a feeling like that when I saw Jan and Carl that evening in her bedroom but it sure didn’t feel anything like this,” she said.

“Little Bit, you are growing up,” I added jokingly.

She looked sheepishly down at her naked body and then grinned and said, “Yeah I am, aren’t I.”

She threw her leg across my crotch area and I moved my arm around her shoulder and rested my hand on her naked little hip. After a moment, she looked at me, grinned and came up on me, straddling my stomach with her legs. She bent down and gave me a kiss right on the mouth and ground her crotch into my abdomen.

She was rubbing herself on my mid-section and was grinning at me like a Chasseur Cat. I was starting to get hard again so she moved over my cock with her pussy and ground it into me like crazy. I went wild with desire, since I had not cum yet, and flung my arms around my little sister and pulled her down on me.
She was breathing harder now as my hands went to her butt and pulled it into my hard rod. She squealed with delight and pressed it into me harder. I was mad with lust and ready to resume my oral assault on her pussy, so I put my arms in between her legs and raised them up bringing her directly on top of my face.

“Oh my gosh,” she squealed feeling my mouth start to move into her wet pussy. “Oh God, Bobby, oh yes it feels so good. You always make me feel so good!”

As my tongue went to work on her vagina, she was spreading out her legs and ramming her cunt down into my mouth. She was rocking back and forth, grinding her hot little pussy deep into my mouth. Then I switched my tongue up her slit and flicked it upon her precious little node. She came alive with desire and she threw back her head and howled her excitement.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, YES!!!” she screamed as she built back up to near orgasmic tension. I threw her off of my face and down on my cock once again and placed my stiff cock right into her slit. The head of it was rubbing up against her clitoris and the staff was running in her wet slit. I was about to let it fly but I took care not to let any of my cum anywhere near her opening. She started to tense up as she ran it through her open lips. I felt my loins explode as it started shooting towards her breasts in a massive release.

One stream after another got trapped between our two bodies as I erupted with my semen all over her tummy. She felt my cock as it jerked its way into its orgasm and that seemed to send her over the top. She threw out her chest, opened her mouth and cried out, “OH BOBBY YOU’RE MAKING ME DO IT AGAIN! OH GOD YES, OH GOD, OH GOD!”

I pumped the lasts of my stored up sperm up into her stomach and mine. There was cum every where as she slowly came down from her second orgasm of the evening. She was whimpering just a little as she rolled off of me and she kept saying something about the mess that I caused. I was too exhausted to worry about any mess as I fought to catch my breath. We both rested for awhile, basking in the delicious afterglow of a wonderful release.

I awoke first and went into the bathroom to get a wash cloth to clean up with. After wiping the drying cum from my body, I brought a fresh warm cloth back into my room and laid it on Little Bit’s side. She turned and looked at the wash cloth and then at me. She smiled at me and said, “Oh Bobby, I love you. I love what you do me. I love the way you make me feel. I love…” she let her voice trail off to nothing as she grabbed the warm cloth and started cleaning herself up.

She slept the entire night in my arms; safe, warm and cuddling into my side. I felt satisfied but I started feeling guilty. “You’re not going to start second guessing yourself, Bobby,” I told myself. “You wanted this and now you’ve got it so there is no going back. Yeah, no going back.” With those thoughts firmly entrenched in my mind, I finally drifted off to sleep and slept the rest of the night.

I awoke first the next morning sporting my usual woody. Little Bit was still asleep on her side with her butt towards me. I thought, “What the hell. I’ll give her something nice to wake up to.” I scooted over to her sleeping body, lying there totally nude beside of me, and pushed my cock right between her legs at her junction. She groaned when it went against her warm pussy but as soon as she realized what was happening, she opened up her legs and allowed the intruder room to roam. I sighed a very satisfied sigh and whispered into her ear, “Good morning Little Bit, sleep well?”
She yawned and stretched out her legs, taking care to keep my cock firmly tucked between her legs, as she smiled over her shoulder and said in a sleepy voice, “Good morning Bobby. I like the way you wake me up. It feels so big, like its ready to go again.” She pushed her rear end back into my cock as she purred a little.

“I thought that you might,” I told her, sliding it back and forth into her slit.

“Oh yes,” she sighed as she started her rhythmic rocking in and out. She was arching her back in an attempt to make greater contact as she slowly became awake and aware. She suddenly tilted her hips up into my thrust and got it caught in her vagina. It started to go into her opening an inch or two but I instantly pulled it out.

“Whoa there Little Bit. Not down there just yet. Don’t you remember that I can’t put it there right now?” I exclaimed.

“I know, it just went in there by mistake,” she lied trying to cover up her desire.

“I think that we should go in a take a shower and get cleaned up before we have breakfast. What do you say?” I suggested.

She grinned and threw back the covers as she got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. “I’ve got to pee,” she announced, indicating that she wanted her privacy. I followed her in and turned on the water to let it warm up. She sat down on the toilet and I heard the not too familiar sound of a girl relieving herself and so I turned around to watch as she bent forward at the waist and squirted it out of her pussy. She saw me watching her and grinned in my direction, blushing a little. She wiped her butt, turned around and flushed the toilet and skipped over to the shower where I was standing.

“Your turn,” she said defiantly.

I walked over to the john and unloaded my deposit of piss into the porcelain pot. She was looking on intently, watching as it came out of my cock in a forceful stream. When I finished, she just smiled and stepped into the shower. I followed her in and took her into my arms and gave her a nice big hug.

I could feel her naked body as it rubbed up against mine. Her little breasts were poking into my lower chest and her tight tummy was crushing into my cock. It must have been uncomfortable for her to be stabbed by my still hard cock. But she didn’t object or turn away from its protrusion. I guess it was the same as having her firm little breasts poke into my stomach. I didn’t mind at all.

I held her tightly for a few more seconds and then I told her to turn around so I could wash her back. She complied with my wishes as I grabbed a wash cloth and started to scrub her back. I washed off between her shoulder blades and down to her waist and then her legs and finally her little rear end, taking great care to rub it in between her junction. I was mesmerized by the sight of my little sister’s butt so I took the opportunity to admire and wash it fully between her legs.

I took the cloth into my hand and started rubbing it right on her tight little lips. She sighed and stuck her butt out to meet the stimulus of the rough cloth. With the other hand I started feeling her breasts and squeezing it into submission. She was starting to get rather excited as she verbalized her enjoyment.

After what seemed like only a second or two, she stepped away from me, turned around and reaching out her hand, grabbing my cock. She studied it briefly and asked, “Do you want me to wash it?”

I smiled down at her and answered, “I sure do, Little Bit, I sure do.”

She cradled it softly within her hand and started to rub it back and forth. I slowly threw back my head as I felt it strain to its fullness. I was in heaven as she reached for the wash cloth and started to wash my fully erect hard on with the touch of a goddess. As she was applying an ample amount of soap to the wash cloth she spread it liberally all over my man hood as it continued to grow until I started feeling the desire that all men want. Her hand was going up and down on it, squeezing it occasionally as she tried to “clean” it but what she was really doing was jacking me off. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand it but it felt so good that I let her continue.

Suddenly it jerked and swelled and then erupted into a spitting orgasm that spewed cum all over my Little Bit’s hand, arm and chest as she continued to pump the very life from it. I had thrown back my head and closed my eyes as I relished in the sensation that she had caused me to experience. It jerked again and again until it had spewed out most of my sperm all over her until the last little dribble oozed out of my opening at the tip of my cock. I let out a sigh as her hand came to a stop and my knees suddenly felt awful weak.

I looked down at her and chuckled at her condition. There were drops of white gooey globs all over the front of her but she had a smile on her face.

“Wow,” was all I could muster.

“Double wow,” she said with a smile. “That was so neat watching you spit your stuff out like that. It just spit and spit all over the place. Look at me!”

I reached out and hugged her, I didn’t care if she had my cum all over her or not, I had to show just how much I loved her right then. I held her for the longest time and then turned her around so she could stand directly in the spray and washed my juices from her body. I didn’t care any longer as what I felt or whether I should be doing this to her or not. At that moment, all I cared about was holding her just like I was forever.

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I am loving this story. My brother is 2 yrs older than me. When we were kids he used to touch me all the time. I loved it. We would play games and he would let his friends play with me too. There was never any penetration though. I wonder how different my life would be if there was. By the time we were in our teens it all stopped though.

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;; JJ

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