We got out of the shower after cleaning my cum off of her for the second time and proceeded to our rooms to get dressed and deciding what to do for the day. As I passed Little Bit’s room and looked in, she was opening her dresser draws and digging out a fresh pair of panties. That caught my attention so I stopped to see what I could see. She selected a pair and as she turned around to put them on her naked little body, she glanced up and saw me standing there watching. She turned instantly red in the face as she covered herself out of habit and smiled a big smile.

“What are you doing?” she asked through her embarrassment.

“I watching you get dressed,” I said to her nonchalantly.

“I though all you liked was taking my clothes off,” she said teasingly.

“That too, but I really enjoy watching you put your clothes on. Do you mind if I stand here while you dress?” I asked earnestly.

“Suit yourself,” she answered, bending down and stepping into her panties.

My eyes watched her as she pulled then up to her crotch and then, looking directly into my eyes, she pulled them over her pussy and snapped her waistband with her fingers.

“All through,” she said with a tantalizing grin on her face. She turned around to find a bra to put on and as she pulled one out of the drawer, I got this wild idea.

“Little Bit?” I asked, interrupting her activity with her bra. “Why don’t you not wear a bra today, at least until Jan comes home? I would like that. Maybe we can go into town and do some shopping or something”

She looked at me with a disbelieving look on her face, thinking about my request. “You want to take me shopping without wearing a bra?” she asked slowly. Then she turned back to the drawer and replaced her bra in it and pushed it shut. She turned around again and asked in a husky voice, “What do you want me to wear then?” and grinned.

My knees got all weak at the thought of what my sister had just asked so I replied, “Let’s see what my choices are.”

I casually walked over to her closet, well as casually as you can be totally naked and starting to swell down below, and looked at her wardrobe hanging there. I looked and inspected every garment that she owned but I found nothing that caught my eye. She was standing in front of me pulling out her clothes, asking if this or that would work. I was looking for something sexy, something that would show off her young budding body yet be demure enough to accentuate her shyness. There just wasn’t anything that I thought would do the trick so as she continued to pull out clothes, I thought of something else to satisfy my cravings.

I slowly asked her if she had a low cut top and a pair of jeans that were too tight. She thought for a second and then went back to her dresser and opened the bottom drawer. She pulled out a white sleeveless tank top to show me. It was made out of Rayon and was real silky and soft, looking very clingy. It would do nicely and then she opened the middle drawer and pull out some white leotards. “Perfect!” I thought to my self. I smiled a seductive smile at my Little Bit and she started to turn red in the face. I walked over to her and gave her a big kiss as my cock became inflated once again.

I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her around to look it the mirror over the dresser. She was looking into my eyes at first but as I slowly moved my hands down to fondle her breasts, her eyes grew wide as they followed them to their resting place. I gave her firm little breasts a gentle squeeze, being careful not to apply too much pressure with my hands. After giving each one their due attention and moved my hands down to her panties and started the long trek down to her junction. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

I applied my finger right in between her legs and scooped it into her opening and I started to pressure her vagina and then I had a better idea. I softly suggested into her ear, “Why not take off your panties and just wear these leotards instead.

A look of shock came over her face as she asked, “You want me to wear those without any underwear?” She thought for a second and then a seductive smile found her mouth and she slowly pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Grabbing the white flimsy leggings that were so tight she could barely fit into them, she struggled to pull them up and into place. They clung to her lower torso like a latex glove over an oversized hand and when they were finally on, I stopped to look at her and my heart skipped a beat.

It looked as though they were painted on. Her legs, her butt and her crotch were perfectly showcased under the thin white stretchy material and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she turned an instant shade of red. She crossed her legs and raised her arm to cover her little breasts as she turned her chin downward. All I could do was to stare and to drool.

I did manage to whisper, “You look unbelievable,” and that brought out an even greater shade of red to her cheeks. I asked her to put on the top so I could get the entire affect of my tantalizing little sister in her sexy outfit. She pulled the top over her head and smoothed it out over her breast area and then dropped her hands to let me admire her work. The top was as tight on her as the leotards were and the image was truly awesome. Her little nipples were standing out from her firm breasts like small pebbles in a crystal clear stream. Her indented navel shown clearly through her top and then the eye went down to her soft little patch of pubic hair that she was growing between her legs. And speaking of her legs, their athletic shape was emphasized greatly by the tightness of her leggings.

After my appraisal, there was only one thing that I would add and that was a skirt or shorts and a jacket to cover up her upper and lower body because I had planned to take her out in public and I didn’t want to expose her to the looks and comments of others. This outfit was just for my eyes only and I wanted to keep it that way.

We decided on a plaid Celtic styled skirt and a green jacket to round off her ensemble and looking at her in the mirror, it seemed to be the perfect combination. It certainly did hide all of her charms from the eye of the public but I knew what treasures lay under their façade. She then turned to me and asked, “What are you going to wear? Can I dress you too?”

I shrugged my shoulder and led her to my room to get dressed. The first thing that she indicated was that I was not to wear any underwear either. She looked through my limited ward rope and picked out some baggy slacks that I had brought along in case I needed to dress up for an occasion. She picked out a long sleeve silk shirt that I wore with the sleeves rolled up and the top button undone exposing the hair on my chest. As I walked into the living room after I dressed, I was amazed and a little turned on by my cock rubbing freely against my trousers. I wondered how this was going to work out in public with my little sister right next to me, knowing what she looked like underneath her clothes. “Oh well, this is going to be interesting,” I thought.

We left for town with no real destination in mind. It was a Sunday and we wanted to shop. What did I want to shop for anyway? Did I just want to walk around with this beauty by my side or did I really want to shop for anything in particular? “I know,” I thought. “I wanted to find just the right thing for Little Bit to wear and, even though I liked what we picked out, I think that I can afford a new outfit for her to wear the next time we go out, maybe after she has had her period. Whoa there, Bobby ol’ boy, you’re thinking way too far ahead of your self. But it would be a turn on to see what she would pick out just in case.”

“Let’s go to the mall and do some shopping,” I suggested.

A grin came over her face as she readily agreed.

“I want you to pick out something that is just for me, something that is sexy, kind of revealing but that you can wear out in pubic. You know something special just for me,” I suggested.

Now she was blushing through her grin as she gave my arm a big hug with her shoulder and the side of her face. She stayed that way until we got to the mall and I suggested that she scoot over to her side of the car for appearances sake.

It was hard to walk around the mall not being able to hold my sister’s hand or to put my arm around her shoulders. It felt natural to want to do so, but something kept nagging me not to. Suddenly, I spotted our neighbor walking towards us and she recognized me instantly. She stopped and talked for quite a while and when she said goodbye, I whispered to Little Bit, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

She just shrugged her shoulders and looked up into my eyes as if to say, “I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m having a great time with my big brother.”

We stopped at a small boutique that carried “Petite Clothing for the Younger Lady” and looked at each other, grinned and went on in. The sales lady was a younger looking girl, maybe still in high school, and she met us and asked if she could be of any assistance. I said that my sister was shopping for something special for a private affair and that she would like to look around.

“What type of affair is this?” she asked and I thought Little Bit was going to choke.

“It is a casual dinner but in can’t be too formal, more of a fancy casual affair,” I said.

“I think that I have just the thing,” she suggested with a smile on her face. “Would you like to come with me and we can do some shopping,” she said, grabbing Little Bit’s hand and with a big smile on her face. “I’m Susan, what’s your name?” she asked walking away into the store.

I took that as her way of saying that I was no longer needed so I decided to just sit down and wait. Pretty soon I caught a glimpse of Little Bit following Susan, loaded with clothes, heading back to the dressing room. “She isn’t going to stay in the dressing room with her is she?” I thought in a panic. But soon I saw Susan make her reappearance out of the dressing room and pull the curtain shut.

I watched from my vantage point in the store, the legs of my Little Bit from the calves down. I saw her step out of her plaid skirt and put on a dress over her leotards. The memory of the sight of her standing in front of the mirror with just her leggings on and her little pussy pressed into the confines of the tight see thru fabric made my cock start to twitch. I tried to think of other things but that image kept popping into my mind. I looked away from her legs, trying to rid myself of that memory and then Susan came back to the dressing room to see how she was doing.

It must not have pleased my sister because the next thing I knew she was removing the garment from her feet. Then she tried on another with the same reaction on my part. My imagination was going wild and my cock was starting to stick out through my excitement. “I have to get control,” I thought to myself.

After several outfits were tried on and dismissed, I saw her hands pull down on her leotards as she removed them totally off of her feet. My heart skipped a beat because I knew that she was standing behind the curtain in the nude. I could visualize her perfect little body, her beautiful breasts, her magnificent crotch and her shapely legs, standing there complete unclothed and I moaned a little through my open mouth. It was only a couple of brief seconds when she threw back the curtain and stepped out to show me what she was wearing.

It was a light little yellow and white sundress that gathered at her neck line with two thin straps that tied around her neck. It also gathered at her waistline with elastic but it had a white belt to accent her tiny little waist. It flowed down over her slim hips and ended just above her knees. The biggest turn on for me was the thought and knowledge that she had nothing on under it whatsoever. My thought must have shown on my face because when she came out and saw my expression, she smiled and blushed and twirled around, raising the hem line up about a foot or more. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a big smile and went back into the room to change once again.

I was dry mouthed and hot around the neck as Susan came over and asked me if Marcie had shown me anything yet. I looked up at her and stammered something about, “I think she might have decided on one.”
I looked down at Little Bit’s legs as she was pulling her leggings back up over her body and stepping back into her skirt. I was relieved on one hand but terribly disappointed on the other. Shortly after, I saw Little Bit emerge from the dressing room carrying the dress in her arms. She walked over to me smiling and said that this was the one.

After paying for the new dress, we walked out of the store and I was trying to gather my composure back when she whispered to me, “I think that I need to buy some new panties also. I think I’m leaking a little down there and it’s kind of embarrassing.”

I turned her into Victoria’s Secrets and handed her a twenty and said, “Go for it,” and walked over and sat on the bench to wait. While I was sitting there, I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

“Bobby? My gosh it is you, welcome home.”

I turned to the voice and saw it was Carol from the bank. I got up and realized that I was sporting a slight bulge in my trousers so I quickly reached over and gave her I big hug and sat down again.

“Carol, how are you? I just got into town this weekend and was going to give you a call tomorrow,” I said. It wasn’t a lie because that was my original plan that is before I got distracted by my younger sister.

“Well, I was just doing some shopping and saw you sitting here in front of, ah Victoria’s Secret?” she asked hesitantly.

“I’m waiting for my kid sister. She inside doing some shopping and I’m sitting here waiting for her,” I stammered. About that time out walked Little Bit. Her broad grin turned into a big frown as she saw me talking to a rather attractive girl and it was apparent that we knew each other.

“Oh there you are. Carol this is my little sister, Marcie. Marcie this is Carol, a friend from high school that I just met,” I stammered an introduction.

“Please to meet you Marcie,” Carol chimed in.

Little Bit graciously shook Carol’s hand as she smiled this fake smile to me. I thought that I there was some explaining to do but after I told Carol goodbye.

But Carol would have nothing of it and suggested that we go for lunch tomorrow and that she would buy. I couldn’t think of a good excuse not to accept so I did, much to the chagrin from my little sister.

“Okay then,” Carol said, grinning from ear to ear. “Tomorrow at the café across from the bank, we’ll see you then.” She turned and walked away swing her hips showing off her assists.

I looked at Little Bit and she was glaring at me. “We need to talk,” I said and headed for the exit with my sister in tow.

We got to the car and once inside I turned to her and said, “Little Bit, you are upset aren’t you? You’re upset because I was talking to a girl that I’ve known for many years and have written to several times during that last year. I know that this shopping trip was to be just between us but I don’t have control over everything. I had plans to take Carol out on a date and I still might do that. It’s not that I don’t want to be with you, it’s because I have to go about my life in a normal manner. Don’t you see Little Bit, we can’t just change the way we normally act. We just can’t.”
She was deep in thought over this new idea that I had presented to her. You could tell that she didn’t like the idea of me seeing another girl but soon she was receptive to the thought at least. “When are we going to be alone again?” she asked almost in a whisper.

“Well, we will be alone most of the afternoon. What time does Jan usually get back from her time with Carl?” I asked.

“Sometimes she doesn’t get home until the evening. Other times she comes home in the afternoon. You never can tell for sure. She always comes in by the evening though,” she answered.

“Then we will have the afternoon to ourselves, just you and me, all alone,” I said with a smile.

We drove home in silence as Little Bit thought about our arrangement. As I pulled up and stopped the car, she asked suddenly, “Can you teach me how to give a BJ?”

“A BJ like in Blow Job?” I asked in disbelief.

“I guess so,” she answered. “One of my friends in school brags about giving her boyfriend a BJ and that he really likes it. I’ve never asked what BJ stands for but I guess it stands for Blow Job, what else could it be?”

“Little Bit, a Blow Job is putting my cock into your mouth and you sucking on it,” I explained. “It’s called giving oral sex to a guy and it is very intimate. Could I teach you how to give me a Blow Job? Of course I could but the question is do you really want to learn to give one?”

She thought again about my question and then answered, “Yeah I think so.”

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself in for?” I asked with surprise.

“No I guess I don’t but if it will make you feel good then I want to try,” she said with assurance.

“Oh I have no doubt that it will make me feel good, real good,” I told her.

“Okay then, let’s go in and do it,” she said with a smile on her face.

I opened the door for her as she walked into the house. She stopped and inquired, “Where do you want to do this BJ thing anyway?”

“How about my room,” I said leading her by the hand.

I stopped at my bed and turned to face her with my back to the bed. I gently took her into my arms and gave her a big hug and said to her, “I really want to warn you about what we are doing, I mean if it goes how I think it will go then you will get a mouth full of my sperm. Are you ready for that?”

She looked a little frighten by the thought of me shooting into her mouth but she was determined to go through with it so she said, “If it makes you feel good than yes, I’m ready.”

I directed her to kneel down in front of me and to unfasten my trouser. As she accomplished this small task, my now rock hard cock came flying out of its confines to stare directly right at her nose. She looked at it for a second with her big eyes and then asked, “What do I do first?”

I was suddenly so turned on by the thought of my Little Bit actually sucking my cock that it started jerking uncontrollably. I had to settle down if I was going to do this right; after all, she did ask me to teach her how do something very special and I didn’t want to screw it up. So I took a deep breath and began.

“You will want to lubricate it as much as you can,” I instructed. “Your saliva will do nicely so you will want to lick it all over the head and the shaft. Get your tongue really wet and lick all over my cock.”

She hesitated but for a second and then she stuck out her tongue out and began to lick on my erection. It felt so good, so soft that it jerked right as she was licking it. She drew away and asked, “Why does it jump around like that?”

“Because it likes it when you touch it with your tongue,” I explained.

“Oh good, I thought maybe I was hurting it or something,” she commented as she continued to run her tongue all over and under the shaft, applying her spit along the way. She ran her tongue around on the head and even placed the tip of it right on its hole and again it jerked a little from this sensation.

“Now wet your lips and place them over the head and take it into your mouth. That’s it, now close your lips on it and suck as you slide it out of your mouth,” I continued. “Oh that feels great now do it again but this time, take it further in your mouth, that’s right and close your lips and suck on it as it comes out. Can you feel the skin slide over the hardness of the shaft? Just like that, oh Little Bit you’re doing it just right,” I said with encouragement.

She was taking it into her small little mouth and sucking it like a pro and I was loving every minute of it. “Take it in further, as far as you can,” I found myself saying. I was humping her face as she took it in, forcing it to go in further and further. Suddenly she started to gag as it struck the back of her throat. She opened her mouth and withdrew from her sucking but after she cleaned the flam from her throat, she opened it back up and dove back down on my hard erection. “My God, my Little Bit is doing a great job of sucking my cock.”

I started to feel the urge build deep in my loins and decided that I wanted this to continue for a while so I placed my hand on her chin and removed my hips from her face. She opened her eyes and I could tell that they had watered up from gagging on my cock so when I told her to stand up and remove her skirt and jacket, she immediately wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

“Are we through give you a BJ?” she asked in a coughing voice.

“No Little Bit, but I want to get into the action too,” I told her. She removed her jacket and was pulling the zipper down on her skirt as I started fondling her firm little breasts. Her nipples were so hard and firm that they were sticking straight out under her tank top and were begging for my attention.

I sat down on the bed and opened my mouth to take each one into it and hungrily ate at the little pebbles. She moaned as she received my oral assault as my finger went down between her legs and started rubbing on her pussy lips. With my free hand I felt for her bare skin under her top and finally finding it, I began to remove it from her body. It was tightly clinging to her chest but I wrenched it over her head and threw it to the floor.

I was sucking, licking and tenderly biting on her hard breast nipples as both of my hand were working on getting her leggings off. I fought it down to her hips to where her pubic hair was barely visible and then she backed away and got them down and off of her legs. I pulled her now nude body down on top of me as I lay down on my back and then I told her, “Get up and move your head down to my cock again and let me eat your pussy.”

She didn’t grasp what I was saying so all she did was go down on my cock again. I told her again, “Little Bit, put your head down between my legs and let me do the same thing with you.”

Again she thought about what I wanted so I picked her up, spun her around so that she was sitting on my face and all she had to do was bend over and put my cock into her mouth. She saw this now and gratefully complied with my direction. I felt her take my cock into her warmth of her open mouth as she picked off where she had ended a few moments ago. I greedily spread her lips wide apart with my tongue and began to chew on her clitoris with avenges. She cried out through her sucking as she ground down with her hips, forcing her pussy into my hungry mouth. She was starting to become wild with anticipation as she continued to gag herself on my raging hard on, all the while I was orally ravaging her desperate clitoris with my lips.

I could feel her building and building and I knew that my own climax was imminent. So I pressed my hips up into her eager mouth as I pulled her by the butt down into my mouth and shot my first jet deep into her sucking mouth. As I did, she erupted into a gigantic orgasm that raised her emotional level to all new heights. She was screaming out in a muffled cry as she continued to swallow my cock spewing juices into her mouth and down her throat but there was just too much for her to take and by the third rope, she was gagging and pulling off of my cock as it continued to squirt all over her face.

She couldn’t mind because she was in the thralls of the biggest orgasm of her young tender life and as she squeezed the last little bit out of it, she let out one last cry of surrender and rolled off of my mouth to curl up into a quivering ball of flesh and nerve endings and finally started to come down.

We laid there on the bed for what seemed like hours until I awoke and looked down at my little sister who was breathing normally as she slumbered. I scooted my head down to meet hers and gently gave her a kiss.
“We had better get up and get dressed,” I suggested. “We don’t know when Jan will come home and I don’t think either of us want to be discovered like this.”

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