She stopped and turned around to face me in front of the bed. My arms went around her and drew her into my body and my hands roamed down to her rear end. I didn’t feel any underwear under her pajamas, neither panties nor a bra, so when I squeezed her butt through her pajamas, I was squeezing her bare flesh. It felt so firm and nice that I had to feel it all over again.

As I continue to squeeze and massage her buttocks, she was pressing her pussy into my crotch as she started grinding away, trying to mash it into my now hardening cock. My hands went up the inside of her pajama top to her bare back and then roamed around to her front and her waiting breasts. There they took each into its palm and fondled, caressed and massaged them into submission. She let a small moan that escape from her mouth as she fought for her breath in between kissing me.

She broke away to allow my hands to remove her top over her head and as I stood there studying her beautiful breasts, she let her hands go down to my fly and start to remove my trouser. I stood silently as she stripped me of my clothing and then pushed me back onto the bed. I was laying flat on my back with my legs hanging over the bed from my knees down as she kneeled down and worker her way between them. She looked up into my eyes, smiled and lowered her mouth down to my cock and took it between her lips.

Her mouth felt like velvet as she began to suck it in and out of her mouth. She was using her saliva as lubricant and she slid it in deep until it came to rest on the back of her tongue. She sucked hard and eased it back out until just the head remained in her mouth. She repeated this process over and over until I was about ready to explode from desire. I had to move her upward before it was too late.

I sat up and pulled down the bottoms of her pajamas and then grabbed her by the arms and pulled her on top of me where she settled right on my crotch area. The look on her face was one of lustfulness as she was breathing heavily through her open mouth. I inserted both of my hands down in between her thighs and grabbed her by the butt and pulled her forward until she was resting on top of my face. I stuck out my tongue and inserted it between her hair covered labia lips and tasted the nectar of the goddesses. She went wild with passion and began rocking and moaning herself into a state of ecstasy. As she rocked her wet pussy into my tongue, she built herself into a near frenzied state.

She was close to orgasm as she jumped off of my mouth and settled back down on my crotch. Raising herself up and placing my rock hard shaft directly at her opening, she lowered her wet vagina back down onto it and gave out a welcoming growl. It slid in all the way until she was sitting on my abdomen with my cock buried to the hilt inside of her. She stopped to a second to gather her composure and then she lifted herself back up until just the head was left buried in her pussy.

I looked down and saw her lips stretch around my cock as it came up and then it disappeared back into the confines of her juicy cavern. She was nearing her limit as far as emotions were concerned so her actions became much more frantic as she rode it up and down with purpose. Her breathing was labored now as she began panting with desire and then she tightened up her facial expressions into a ball and stopped breathing entirely. She pressed down with her pussy, grinding and writhing around on it unmercifully until she could hold it no longer and then with all of her strength, she threw herself into a wild orgasmic release.


I was shooting my cum into her open pussy and was rising up with every thrust down of her hips. I couldn’t believe how much I came in her, it must have been gallons, but as I started coming down she was shaking with emotion and babbling something about loving me more than life itself. I was starting to feel the same thoughts but, try as I might, I couldn’t vocalize them out of my mouth.

We lay just like we had finished our love making with her knees beside my hips and my cock buried in her pussy. Although it was deflating rapidly, the warmth and wetness of her vagina still felt unbelievably wonderful as it slowly went in and out. But after a few outs, it would no long go in and fell out and slipped over onto my abdomen all wet and gooey. We rested again in total bliss as I started to realize that I was falling in love with this girl.

After recuperating from our ordeal, we just stayed there in her bed chatting about how great it was going to be when we could stay just as we were forever. We wouldn’t have to worry about anything except each other and how each other felt. I liked the sound of that and, I think, so did she. But it was time for me to leave so I got up out of bed, got dressed and told her goodnight.

We had decided to get our marriage license tomorrow and see if the judge could perform the ceremony the same day. If so, we would be married by this time tomorrow and we needed to tell people we cared about of our plans. I hated to do it but I left her to call her parents and I walked home to tell my sisters. It was going to be hard on Little Bit I feared and really did want to wait.

I found them just getting ready to head to their bedrooms for the evening but they both waited at my insistence in the living room. They were sitting on the couch when I told them and Carol and I were going to get marry right away and that I was going to move in with her a soon as I could. I didn’t mention anything about her being potentially pregnant, I thought there would be time for that little bit of information later on. Jan was ecstatic hearing the news while, as I feared, Little Bit was shocked.

“Where is Carol going to live while you’re on the ship,” Jan asked excitedly.

“She will stay here in her apartment for now,” I answered her question. Carol and I had already worked that out so I was telling them the truth.

“Oh my gosh,” exclaimed Jan all excited. “I’ve some news of my own to tell you both and I never mentioned it because I didn’t know how I could work it out, but Carl has asked me to move to California with him. He’s got a job out there and he starts in a week. I’m so excited, I’ve got to call him right now,” she screamed and headed to her room with her phone in her hand.

The look on Little Bit’s face was one of shock and discomfort. You could read her mind. She was thinking, “What about me? Where am I going to live?” Her whole world was turned upside down in one evening and she didn’t know how to react.

“Come here, Little Bit,” I held out my arms to comfort her. She scooted over to me and began crying. “I know this is a shock,” I began, “but this is a shock for me too. Carol and I didn’t plan to get married, really, it’s just that, ah, well, to tell you the truth, she thinks she’s pregnant and I’m the father. We’ll know for sure Thursday but she thinks that she definitely is.”

A shocked look came over her face as she asked, “So soon? Have you been with her before you got home?”

“No,” I tried to explain, “it’s just something that I guess I wanted, I don’t know Little Bit. Carol is a great girl and I think I love her. I don’t know what I think actually, but I want to make things right with her and if she is pregnant and I’m the father then I want this kid to know who his father is. Am I making any sense at all?”

She thought for the longest time ad then answered, “Yes Bobby, you’re making perfect sense. But where am I going to live? Am I going to go with Jan and Carl?”

I thought for a second and then said, “No, you’re going to stay right here with Carol. She will need some help being pregnant and all and when it’s time for the baby to come, you will be very important to her.”

“Does she know about this?” she asked.

“Not yet but I know she will agree,” I said definitely, but deep down, I was really hoping.

It seemed that Jan also had some other news that we was not sharing with her siblings and that was that she had a standing offer to purchase our parents house. So in a matter of days, Jan moved out with Carl to California, Carol and I got married and by the way, she missed her period so we knew that she was pregnant, and Little Bit moved in with the Newly Weds in their one bedroom apartment and with ten days to go on my leave. Nothing rushed about us.

Carol and I did have a weekend together alone. We stayed in the apartment all weekend and never got out of bed except to clean up and to eat. We made mad passionate love for the entire weekend and when she went back to work on the following Monday, she was walking kind of funny but with a big broad smile on her face.

Monday was the day that Little Bit moved in with us and she had to take the couch as her bed. She wasn’t very excited about that but I told her that after I left, she could come in and share the big bed with Carol. Carol was cool with the idea in fact she was cool with all of the changes we were making these days. She even was making a great effort to become friends with my little sister.

Little Bit was standoffish to begin with not knowing what her role was in this new family structure. She had to sleep out on the couch and had to take turns in the single bathroom but when she started her period that seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. Talking about a little bitch, boy I wondered if she would ever come out of her mood. Carol was a big help keeping her calmed down and actually Little Bit seemed to garner a little respect for my new bride. She even started referring to her as her “sister” and not just Carol. I liked the transformation a lot and I know Carol did too.

Time seemed to fly by for all of us. I met with the investment guy at the bank on investing Little Bit’s and my shares of the sale of the house. It was a substantial bit of money and Marcie’s share alone would more than cover her college expenses plus living costs for four years. My share was invested to cover any unexpected costs due to the baby and to allow us to have a very nice nest egg for when I got out of the service.

Little Bit was busy in school and Carol with her work and with doctors appointments was busier than she should have been but she was radiant in her pregnancy and everyone knew it instantly when they saw her. Of course it was much too early to be showing yet but that unmistakable glow of a pregnant woman gave everyone the idea.

But as the time for me to leave drew nearer, my mood began to change and not for the better. I liked my new life with my bride and I only wished that I didn’t have to go back to the Navy. Little Bit had really adjusted well to the changes in her life and was actually liking Carol as a new friend. Finally it was two days before I had to head back and I was very unhappy with the whole idea.

Carol and I had just finished making love and I was louder than I normally am and Little Bit came into the room to complain about the noise.

“Don’t you two ever think about anyone else except yourselves?” she asked in a sleepy tone that brought out a chuckle from Carol and me.

“I sorry Little Bit,” I said trying not to laugh at her pitiful expression on her face and in her body language. “But I’m going to be out of here in two days and we need to make the most out of the little bit of time we have left.”

“Well besides keeping me awake all night, listening to you two makes me horny as hell so please keep it down okay?” she said. You could have knocked both Carol and I over with a feather hearing those words come out of Little Bit’s mouth.

“What did you say?” I asked in shock.

“You heard me,” she said but with a tiny smile starting to show on her face.

I looked at Carol as she was looking at me and then we both smiled at the same time. I had told Carol all about my attraction to my sister before we got married. That was one of the stipulations, there was to be no secrets in our marriage, so I told her everything. I confessed to our time at the park, at home and in my bed. I told her that I had never violated her but that I wanted to very much. She asked me if Marcie wanted it too and I told her that I didn’t know for sure but that I thought she did. So it wasn’t a great shock to my new bride when I said, “Well, do you want to join us?”

She made a hesitant stride for the bed but was stopped by me saying, “Hey, hey, hey stop right there. No one gets into this bed unless they are naked. Carol is naked, I am naked and if you want to join us then you must be naked also.”

A looked of shock came over her face as she glanced over at Carol scrounged up under the covers. Carol gave her as look that said, “You heard him so don’t look at me.” Little Bit had to make a decision and she had to make it in a hurry. Her hands went slowly down to the hem of her night shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

She wasn’t shy about undressing in front of me, she had done that before, but to disrobe in front of another girl, my wife who had a terrific body to boot, well that was intimating. She was blushing as it went over her head and found its way down to the floor but she turned a bright color of red when it came time to remove her panties. She hesitated for a second as we both looked on with anticipation and then she slowly started pulling them down and off of her delicate little body.

The sight of my precious little sister’s naked body sent chills down my spine and I think it even affected Carol. She opened her mouth a little at the first sight of Little Bit as she stood back up next to the bed. Little Bit looked at us sheepishly as she stood there waiting to be invited under the covers and then as I pulled the cover off, she crawled in next to me and pulled the blanket up to her chin.

She was shivering a little, not from being cold but from being so nervous and afraid. I told her to get between us in the middle and she scooted over the top of me and lay flat on her back with her arms covering her chest. She was scared as she could be but was so anxious to see what would happen next.

Carol broke the silence by saying to her, “Are you a little nervous Marcie? Don’t be there’s nothing to be nervous about really. Your brother is very gentle and I’m here to make sure that he is.”

She grinned a nervous smile but did not move her arms from clutching her chest. I took one and moved it off to her side and then the other. She looked over at me with fear showing in her eyes but I just smiled a reassuring smile. I then rolled over to kiss her right on the lips and it was the worst kiss that I ever had. She was so stiff and rigid that it was like kissing a board so I asked her, “What’s wrong Little Bit? I thought you wanted this. I know you were enthused when you bought that dress in the mall. You knew back then that I had this planned. So what’s the deal?”

“Well, look at Carol and then look at me. Now tell me which one of us do you really prefer?” she stated bluntly. “My gosh, she’s so beautiful and look at her body. She has all the right curves and then look at me. I’ve got nothing!”

“Marcie, I’m a little older than you are, too. I once looked like you only a little flatter up top than you are. For your age, you have a wonderful body, one that I think your brother would like to see and touch,” she explained.

“Do you really think that I have a nice body?” Little Bit asked.

“I sure do. Now let’s take a look at it up close,” Carol said, stripping down the covers.

Little Bit let go of the covers reluctantly but she did let them slide off of naked body and as Carol pulled it over her feet she instinctively brought her hands up to cover her tiny little breasts. I looked into her eyes as I pulled her hands back to her sides and then Carol did something very unexpected. She pulled the covers off of her own body, shifted to her side and bent over and kissed Little Bit right on the lips.

Little Bit recoiled at first touch but Carol kept up with her tender lips and soon Little Bit was kissing her back. My mouth must have been wide open but my cock began to twitch and soon Carol came off of her kiss and Little Bit opened her eyes and let out the breath that she had been holding. Then she turned to Carol and gave her a big smile and then turned back on to her back. She looked over at me and announced, “I think I’m ready now.”

I gave her a reassuring smile as I began to move my hand up to caress her tiny little breasts. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little and took in a deep breath and as I touched her fleshy globe, she inhaled even further through her open lips. She bit down on her lower lip as I caught a glance into Carol’s eyes. They were transfixed on my caressing hand as she also was breathing through open lips. My cock twitched again as it continued to grow. Now I was in heaven with my two girls, just the way I wanted it to be forever.

Her nipple on which I was concentrating my attention was taught, firm and pointy under her blown wrinkly areola. As my finger tip passed over it, it would twitch just a little from the slight yet stimulating caress. She was breathing harder now and I would guess that it was about to get harder still. I started to switch to the other one but found it being stimulated by my panting wife. I looked over at her and realized that she was genuinely turned on by caressing my little sister’s little breast. “My God,” I thought, “this could get interesting.”

I gave the nipple I was touching a little pinch and move my caress down to her stomach. There I explored her navel with my finger and finding the bottom of it, I ran it around and around until she groaned again for me to continue. And that is what I intended to do, move my touch downward over her abdomen onto her pubic area and achieving that goal, continued down until my hand was resting right on her labia lips. She let out a loud groan announcing to both of us that I had hit my target. She wiggled a little from her desire as she spread out her legs, inviting me into her treasured opening.

Finding it between her legs, down in the junction, I applied a little pressure onto her lips and soon they separated from the lubricant of her juices and it slid in just a little, up to the first knuckle of my finger. She raised her chest in appreciation of satisfying her desires as she opened her mouth and gasped. Carol moved off of her breast and started her caressing touch on her tummy. She was rubbing her hand over Little Bit’s twitching muscles as she looked down at my finger and where it was inserted. Carol licked her lips at the sight and closed her eyes as she moaned just a little. With her free hand, she reached down between her own legs and applied her soft touch to an area that needed touching and then she seemed lost in a world of her own.

I pushed my finger up her little slit, separating her two sparsely covered hair lined lips until it came to rest on her hooded knob. She jerked her hips down into the bed as a reaction to my touch. Her eyes were tightly closed as she made a face and let out a yelp. But when I touched it again, she just pushed up with her hips as she rubbed it into my touch. Over and over we did this dance until I felt that she was getting more than ready to finish what I had started.

“Little Bit, are you ready?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she managed to say.

“Okay, then come up on top of me and spread your legs out wide,” I instructed. “Straddle my hips with your legs so that I can put it into your pussy.”

As I was giving these instructions, Carol was on her knees right beside Little Bit, giving her encouragement, directions and explanations. “Rise up a little Marcie so you can fit his cock in your opening. Now you will feel it as he presses it against your hymen, you know your “cherry”. It will hurt for a second or two but he has to break through that membrane that is in there before it starts feeling real good. Now slip it up your opening, your vagina. You control how far and how fast you can take it in. Go slowly, that’s it push it in real slowly.”

I could tell that it was going to be a tight fit because she had just started to impale herself down on my rock hard, straight cock and she was stretching her lips so wide that I could feel every muscle spasm that she had. It was incredible just how tight it was and to think of how far she had to stretch it still to accept my cock turned my appreciation for womanhood to a new level. My God, it was like a small latex glove being stretched out over a very large hand.

The look on her face told the tale of her experience to this point. It was a contorted look, one that only emphasized just how tight her canal was and it went in further and further, her expression became one of pain not pleasure.

“Ouch oh ouch it’s starting to hurt,” she said to anyone who would listen.

“Stop for a second Marcie Honey, don’t press it in anymore Sweetheart,” Carol whispered to her with affection. “Take it easy until the pain subsides.”

She stopped her descent on my pole and rested there for a moment. Finally Carol told her, “Now you are pressing right at the hymen because it hurts so much so when you’re ready you’ve got to press through it and tear the membrane away from the side of your vagina. It will feel like your pulling a Band-Aid off of a cut or something. It will string like hell for just a second but it will start feeling so much better after it’s through.”

Little Bit took a deep breath and then plunged down upon my cock as she let out a scream from the pain. “That’s it Marcie Honey,” encouraged Carol, “you made it through, now rest a second and catch your breath.”

I saw tears start to form as I looked into her eyes but the look in her face was one of determination. She took a deep breath and slowly proceeded to press onward until she had it all the way in her pussy. She was stretched beyond belief and the look in her eyes told me she was full. Then she started to rise up and dispel it from its hiding place and I saw a trace of blood that covered my cock combined with her juices. I knew that it had hurt but now I was going to make sure the rest was enjoyable for my Little Bit.

Carol had moved directly behind my sister and was fondling Little Bit’s breasts as she cooed in her ear. “Now it will feel real good Marcie Honey. I want to make it feel good for you so I will stay right here and stimulate your little boobies.”

Little Bit was starting to rock away on my erection as I continued to press my hips up into her crotch and her pussy. Her juices were flowing out of her hole as it caked on my rod sliding in and out of her. She was starting to get very excited and ram down hard with her bottom. I could hear the sloshing of my cock forcing the juices from her tight vagina and then I saw Carol stick her hand down between Little Bit’s legs to start to play with her clitoris. This sent her into a wild fitful buildup as I strained to keep up with her. She was tensing up her muscles all over and she was breathing very erratically. As she strained to keep pace with her up and downs, her in and out became spastic and irregular. I knew that she was near and so was I.

Her face was contorted and her breathing was irregular as she continued to build. She started to whimper and then cry out. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she kept repeating in an ever increasingly higher tone and tenor. “Oh Bobby, oh my gosh Bobby, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. She was pounding down on my groin area with her pussy. It was tightly squeezed the walls around my pumping erection until it started to shoot.

The first rope splashed out of it and landed deep within her tight hot womb causing her to scream even louder as she was squeezing down on it for all she was worth. She could feel the sensation of my cock pumping gallons of my hot cum into her and she relished those feels by grinding her pussy even harder on my pumping cock. Carol was opened mouthed as she witnessed our exchange of bodily fluids and our true lust for each other that we were sharing. Her finger was frantically rubbing the little node of my sister until finally Little Bit had to physically grab her hand to make her stop. What I didn’t notice was Carol’s other finger as it was rubbing herself into an equally strong orgasm.

All of us finally came down and collapsed into a bug pile of quivering naked bodies; all sweaty, covered in our own fluids and others, totally exhausted. I was spent as I lay there on the bottom of the pile with my two favorite girls lying on top of me. They were my wife and my Little Bit and I could, for the first time admit that I loved both of them.

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