When I awoke a little later feeling really sticky down in my crotch area, I decided that I needed to go in a take a shower. The warm water felt so good running down the front of me as it made its way down to the floor and then to the drain. I was relaxing with my head in the spray of the shower when I noticed that I wasn’t alone any longer. A pair of hands came around my stomach and cuddled me into her warm smooth body. As I wonder which one it was, I thought to my self, “It doesn’t make any difference, I love them both.”

It only took one touch from those full breasts to realize that it was my lovely wife that was joining me in the shower and as her hand went down to touch my cock I removed my head from the spray and leaned back into her nude body. I was in heaven just thinking about my new bride and wondered how I could ever not love this girl. She whispered into my ear, “Does it want to play some more?”

I smiled and answered, “I don’t know if I can do it anymore.” As I slowly turned around and took her into my arms I said, “But I can always try.” She smiled up at me with this wanting look on her face as I bent down to kiss her. As my lips met hers my hands were at her bare butt, grabbing her cheeks, pulling and separating them widely. She melted into my arms and opened her mouth to explore and be explored orally.

She was pressing her crotch into mind as she mashed her mouth into our kiss. She was trying to get me turned on but my flaccid cock would not respond yet so she backed away, took it into her hand and started to rub it back and forth. As she continued to pump it into a somewhat erect state I asked her, “Did you like playing with my sister’s cunt earlier.”

“Oh god yes,” she said picking up her pace with her hand. “Did you see me playing with her clit?”

“Yeah and with your own too,” I told her.

“Oh God Bobby, I hope you didn’t mind but I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself,” she said excitedly as she continued to pump on my cock. “I hope you don’t think of me as a slut or something but, seeing her riding on your cock like that, I thought that I could join in a little.”

As we revisited the events of earlier with my Little Bit and having her stroke my cock like she was, I started to get an erection again and I was amazed that I could still get it up. This wife of mine just wouldn’t let it go, not my cock but the entire sexual thing. I was thinking that I married a nymphomaniac or something but then I though, “So what’s wrong with that?”

“I was a little surprised, pleasantly surprised of your acceptance of bring my sister into our bed and watching us do it but I can honestly say that it was a giant turn on for me to watch you bring her and yourself off like that. I mean, that was any guy’s fantasy to watch their wife do it with another girl,” I explained.

This caused her to take it to another level with my cock as she kneeled down at my feet and grabbed my now erect cock and stuffed into her mouth. She took it all the way in, in one giant gulp. She opened her mouth and consumed my cock like it was nothing but as she closed her lips around it and began to suck, I thought that I was going to die it felt so good. I began to move my hips in response and then we heard the door open and the voice of my little sister.

“Are you guys doing it again?” she asked in a disbelieving tone.

Carol started to choke trying not to laugh as I gave Little Bit the biggest smile. She eased her way inside the shower stall, forcing Carol to stand once again as she pressed her little body against the two of us. It wasn’t as if she had any choice in the matter, three in the shower was just too much so I stepped out and made room for the two of them.

I could hear Little Bit say to Carol, “What did you do to me this evening while I was riding Bobby? I almost exploded it felt so good.”

Carol answered, “You liked that ugh. I just played with your love button that’s all. Did it do the trick by getting you off?”

“If you mean did it make me want to pee? The answer is yes, it really helped out a lot. I mean riding Bobby’s cock like that did it too but when you put your hand down there, well, that really made it great,” Little Bit explained to her.

I began to wonder what I had created here and what they would be like went I got back from being at sea for a year. “Now why did I have to think about that? I’ve only got a day left to be with them before I’ll have to take off, only a day.”

I continued to dry myself off when I suddenly noticed that there was no more conversation coming from the girls in the shower. I looked over through the translucent, foggy glass of the shower door and I saw one body. I took another look at it and determined that it was two bodies entwined in a passionate hug. I saw two arms from one person as they were roving all over the other’s back. By the fact that they were from the taller of the two, I assumed that they belonged to my wife. I got another boner watching them embrace so I settled back to watch the show.

I could see the image of my wife as she started to back away from the hug and reach up to Little Bit’s chest. I was mesmerized by the sight of her playing with my sister’s breasts, fussy as my sight was through the glass door, and I started to stroke my cock in a slow even rhythm as I watched the event playing out before me. She was rubbing them with the flat of her hand and Little Bit’s head was tilted backward in appreciation.

Suddenly, my sister stuck out her chest as she asked my wife, “I thought girls liked boys. Do you like girls too?”

Carol answered, “I like to touch you.” She continued to caress Little Bit’s boobies right on her nipples as she asked, “Do you like for me to touch you?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she answered hesitantly. “It feels different than when Bobby touched me. You seem to be a little bit more gentle or something. I guess I like it when you both touch me. It makes me feel good all over.”

Carol was bending down with her face right at Little Bit’s chest area and as she stuck out her tongue to lick her nipple, she added, “Well I’m glad you like it because I love touching and licking you all over.”

I watched as my wife started to lick and suck on my little sister’s tiny breasts as she kneeled down in front of her. I began to wonder if my wife, who I knew I loved very much now, was loving her just a little too much. She seemed awful receptive to bring Little Bit into our bed tonight and full of surprises as she coached her as I took her virginity. “But what’s wrong with that?” I thought. “As long as she loves it when we do it, so what if she likes girls also?”

While Carol was sucking on my sister’s nipples, she had moved her hand down to her crotch and I could see it go up to her junction and apply a little pressure to her opening. Little Bit cried out as she spread her legs to allow her exploration. Now her hand was going up and down into Little Bit’s crotch area and I assumed that she was entering her finger into the wet vagina of my sister. I suddenly realized that I was stroking my cock rapidly now and was hoping that I could see her climax soon.

Little Bit was starting to spread her knees out wide and lean in to Carol’s finger as her head came back and she let out a rather loud, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to pee again!” She obviously didn’t pee but expelled her juices all over Carol’s hand as she climaxed in a grand release of emotions. She quickly started coming down as Carol resumed her standing position in front of her and held her tightly in her arms. She was stroking her hair as she cradled her head in her arms, kissing the top of it gently. Little Bit was panting as she staggered forward into my wife’s embrace and then Carol said tenderly, “Marcie, I love making you feel good.”
I got up and left the room, my boner sticking straight out in the air. I settled down in our bed wondering what would happen when they came in from their shower together and only hoped that I could perform one more time.

They walked into the bedroom, Carol leading the way toweling off her back followed by my sister who wrapped the towel around her at the chest. Carol took one look at my stiff cock and stopped and grinned. Then coming right over to me, she said, “Now that’s a greeting that I love from my husband. Are you ready so soon?”

“I don’t know but it got all big so I guess I’ll give it a try Lover,” I said holding out my arms towards her. She walked over to the bed, climbed up on the knees and crawled up to my crotch. She didn’t take her eyes off of my hard on until she had straddled it. She took it by the staff and guided it into her opening as she settled down on it. As it started into her wet vagina, she closed her eyes and sigh a satisfying sigh. Little Bit was standing near the bed, gawking at the sight of Carol impaling herself on my cock and as it went all the way in, my sister started to pant out of her open mouth.

“Oh God Bobby,” Carol said seductively. “It feels so big in there. I wish I could put it in my mouth at the same time I’m riding it. Marcie, come here and get on Bobby’s face so I can kiss you while he’s fucking me. Is that alright there Stud?”

“I guess so if she wants to. I’ll do my part and eat her out like crazy,” I said.

“Marcie, you heard him. Now get your ass up there and ride his tongue,” Carol ordered.

Little Bit hesitated for just a moment and then, dropped her towel and crawled up on her knees to straddle my face, looking directly at Carol riding my cock. I separated her lips with my tongue and plunged it into her opening. She groaned in an unexpected yelp and spread her knees out wider as she settled down on my face. I lapped at her opening as her juices started to flow.

I could feel my wife’s pussy as she rode my cock like a wild woman, sliding it in and out the full length of my rock hard erection. She was loving every minute of it as she squeezed down hard with her vaginal walls. But in the mean time, my sister was writhing away as I licked her entire slit from one end to the other. Every time I hit her tiny little button, she would let out with a cry for more and scoot down and grind it into my teeth.

I was doing fine laying there with both of my girls doing all the work but as I was using my mouth on my sister and my cock on my wife, I started to feel that tingling deep in my loins and I knew that was my signal that my time was nearing its end. I raised my hips up into her plunging cunt as I pumped my cock as deep into her canal as it would go and I felt it hit all the way up into her cervix. She could feel it also and she screamed out, “OH YES BOBBY, I’M GOING TO CUM. I’M GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOU!”

Her screech sent chills through my body and I doubled my oral efforts on my sister’s pussy as I pursed my lips around her clit and suck for all I was worth. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she plunged her soaking little cunt down on my mouth and ground it in. She screamed again and let out with a flood of juices all over my chin. I lowered my mouth down to the source of the flood and opened it up to drink in the nectar of the goddess.

Carol was banging away at my rock hard cock as it swelled up ready to spew what was left of any fluids still in my balls. The liquid shot out of the end as it was buried deep inside of Carol’s demanding womb but I couldn’t hear her as she screamed. Little did I know that she had her tongue half way down my sister’s throat at that moment, kissing her madly at her lustful release. She came down rapidly, this being her third such time she had orgasm this evening, and fell into my sister arms. She quivered on my still buried cock but she didn’t realize it when it finally fell out. She was asleep before her head hit the bed and likewise for Little Bit. They both were spent totally and so was I.

The next morning, we awoke early because Carol had to go to work. She had missed several days of work right after we got married and in so doing, used up all of her sick time and her vacation time, so she had to work on my last day of leave or risk to chance of losing her job. Neither of us wanted to take that gamble so I told her that we would do something special on our last night together. I didn’t know what we were going to do but I had all day to decide.

Little Bit decided that she was sick that day and stayed home from school. She really wasn’t very sick but she just smiled and told me, “I wanted to see you today all by myself,” as she settled in to cuddle with me as Carol got ready for work. Carol came out of the bathroom and I grinned at her as she bent down to kiss me goodbye for the day. “Don’t you dare wear him out today Marcie. You get him today but he had better be ready for this evening or I’ll have your hide,” she said in a firm voice. Then she grinned again and walked out of the apartment.

I settled back into her cuddling little body and asked, “Well, what do have planned for today?”

“I just have something in mind that will take just a little time around noon, that’s all. So you had better get up and take a shower so we can have some breakfast. I’ll go fix it while you’re in the shower and then I’ll get cleaned up. Wear what you had on when you took me to the mall, okay?” she commanded. “Exactly like that day.” She gave me a sly smile and sped off towards the kitchen.

I went in to the bathroom to shave, shower and shit so when I came out to the kitchen wearing the same clothes that I had on a couple of weeks ago, I found her busy cooking eggs and bacon with a cup of coffee waiting for me to drink. She sat the plate in front of me and scurried off to take a shower of her own. It was a half hour to forty five minutes before I saw her make her appearance again and after one look, I realized that it was worth the wait.

She was wearing the dress that I had purchased for her that day in the mall and I guessed that that was not all she was wearing from that day. But the shear beauty of my little sister as she made her way into the living room where I had waited was breathtaking. She had washed her hair and was wearing it down. It was almost on fire with its radiance. Her perfect pale little shoulders glowed in the morning sun under her strapless sundress. The ties fastened delicately around her slender neckline as they performed their function of holding up the covering of her small but firm little breasts. The fine silky fabric almost clung to her bosom as it gave way to the softness of its flow. The color was tantalizingly obtuse, giving the viewer just a hint of the treasures that lie beneath the fabric as it stopped just above the knees in its fullness.

She stood by waiting, as if she was being inspected, and she really was after all, hoping for the compliment that surely was to come. But I had to form the words in my mouth but at that particular moment, they would not form. So I stood there with my mouth open, staring at the sight of my little sister, knowing full well that before this day ended, I would see every last inch of her totally nude. I finally said the only word that made any sense, “Wow!” I muttered.

It was 10:30 when we left the house. We had decided that we were going to go down to the lake and walk around and do some talking before I had to leave tomorrow. It was a small lake with a path surrounding it as it wound through some pastureland. It had several nice stands of trees with picnic tables scattered under them to have a picnic lunch so we packed a basket and a blanket to sit on and headed down the road towards this lovely destination.

I parked Mom’s old car in the parking lot and was amazed because we were the only car parked there. I took out the basket and draped the blanket over the top and we started walking. About half way around we spotted a nice little spot that was off the beaten trail so we headed over to it and I spread out the blanket. I had sat the basket down near the edge of the blanket and I finally got settle down on top of it so I decided to lie down and take a rest. Little Bit decided to walk a little more so she hopped off towards the lake as I laid on my back and peered up at the beautiful cloudless day.

I was day dreaming away, thinking about how different my leave had been for all of us when Little Bit came back near the blanket. I looked up to see her walk up to me and was shocked to be looking right up her skirt. She didn’t notice that I could see almost up to her junction as she wondered close and as she got closer, I saw all the way up to her new panties, the ones she had purchased from Victoria’s Secrets at the mall. I almost choked when I saw the thin material covering her pussy lips and the perfect “W” that they formed. I could make out both lips bunched together with the slit running down the middle very clearly because these panties had no double padded crotch in them. They were all made from the same, light beige and very thin material that you could actually see through. She looked down at my eyes and instantly noticed where I had been looking. She bunched her skirt up around her legs and she asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Just admiring the beautiful view that’s all,” I casually told her and smiled.

She dropped to knees and crawled over to me on all fours. The bodice of her dress fell away from her chest and there was a little sway noticeable from that area. She crawled past my head to turn around and lie down next to me but as she went by me, I extended my hand out and reached for her little bottom that was staring right at me. My hand found her junction and it slid up her legs the cradle her crotch.

She stopped all motion as she felt my hand resting on her entire crotch. My fingers were pointing towards the top of her slit and my palm was pressing on her opening. My first and third fingers were pressing on either side of her labia lips and my middle finger was running up and down her slit, prying the thin see thru fabric beneath it as it went deeper into her treasure trove.

She cried out in a contented little whimper as she dropped to her elbows and raised her butt up into the air. I was sliding my hand up and down her pussy now as I slowly made it to my knees. I came around behind her, grabbed on to her hips and placed my crotch right against her butt. I rotated my hips around and around simulating taking her in the rear as I extended my hand down to her chest area. Finding her breast under the upper part of her dress unencumbered and hanging there freely, I took one into my hand and squeezed it firmly as I continued to hump her rear end.

She moaned loudly when my hand squeezed her breast and she slowly moved her body down to where her head was resting on the blanket. Her little butt was sticking straight up in the air so I moved my other hand down to her panties and raised her dress up and over her hips. Now I was looking right into her panty covered opening so, grabbing them by the waistband, I started pulling them off of her butt.

She was excited but managed to ask, “Bobby, is there anyone around that can see us? Would you check?”

I looked around and saw no one so I took the opportunity to undo my fly and expose my hard cock to the fresh air. I came up behind her again and taking my cock in my hand, I guided it right up to her vaginal opening and pressed it into to it. She was wet with her fluids and kind of slippery but I still had my problems making it go into her. I pushed with my hips as she tried not to give any with her crotch but it would not go in to her pussy. Then I pushed it in as hard as I could and it broke thru and went all the way in.

She screamed out loud as my cock found its way deep inside of her womb. I could feel her tense up a little and then relax, accepting the fact that it was in and it didn’t hurt. In fact, I think she really started to enjoy it because she started rocking back and forth against my pressing hips. I was starting to feel my loins give me the signal that I was about to orgasm so I doubled my efforts and began to ram it in to her pussy with all my might. I felt it build and build and then it spattered out into her wet vagina, stream after stream of my cum that continued to fill her up. I started to deflate before she was ready and I left her a whimpering mass of unsatisfied nerve endings. She didn’t make it and now I felt terrible.

I rolled off of her and laid down on my back next to where she was kneeling. I looked up but her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily out of her open mouth. She slowly opened her eyes and saw me lying down next to her. She looked confused for a second and then she asked, “Are you through already?” I felt terrible as I caught out of the corner of my eye a little bit of cum seeping out of her hole and falling to the blanket. “I didn’t…I mean you finished…I ah…” she stammered.

“Little Bit,” I said taking her into my arms, “I’m so sorry to leave you like that. I surely didn’t intend to cum so fast. I just couldn’t control myself,” I offered in my defense. “I’m really sorry.”

She cuddled up into my arms as she pulled her dress down over her legs to cover her bare rear end. She didn’t say a word. She just lay there thinking, about what I didn’t know.

After awhile she sat up, grabbed her panties and pulled them on. When they arrived at her hips, she got up to her knees and returned them to cover her crotch. Then sitting back down on the blanket she asked, “Do you want something to eat?”

We ate the lunch we had brought and when we finished I suggested that we leave. She didn’t object but followed along with whatever I wanted to do so when we got back to the car, I told her, “Little Bit, I know that I left you flat, all turned on with nowhere to go. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to end so soon. But I promise you something, I promise that I will make you scream for me to stop before the day is done. You will be so tired by the time I get through with you that you won’t be able to move.”

She got this sheepish grin on her face and then asked, “What about Carol later tonight? I promised that I wouldn’t wear you out.” She scooted over and cuddled into my arm as I drove home but I had to make one stop before I arrived there. I turned into an Adult Store to go inside and buy something especially for my Little Bit.

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